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  1. I am in a similar position but not a game artist yet. I finished art school over 2 years ago and ever since I have been facing difficulty in choosing an area to specialize in with arts for income generation out of fear that the time investment would eventually go down the drain with A.I slowly taking over most of it. I am currently just doing arts as a hobby and not for living. But couldn't this just a matter of time? and eventually it will catch up to replace 95% of artists out there and leaving only art directors to oversee the work?
  2. @Nivsch a very well-known page that shows in-ground footage is an Instagram page called Eye On Palestine.
  3. Enough with spreading this comparison because it has nothing in common with the Israel-Palestine conflict. It's completely different thing when the conflict is over land and one side keeps stealing more territories.
  4. That's a good documentary on the topic, with testimonies by both sides.
  5. Here's a book by an Israeli historian.
  6. "All our choices were made to reflect and confront us in the present, not to say look what they did then, rather what we do now. "Our film shows where dehumanization leads at its worst. It's shaped all of our past and present." The movie's plot: Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss and his wife Hedwig strive to build a dream life for their family in a house and garden beside the camp... Sounds familiar?
  7. Canadian government will resume funding to United Nations relief agency for Palestinians: source Hopefully, some good news in the horizon. Like in this case, public opinion and independent media that pushes for scrutiny can sometimes save lives.
  8. It's not out of spite, it's an attempt to raise awareness regarding what's happening and stop it or at least decrease its severity. We're privileged to live in a time that has independent media that can scrutinize dangerous propaganda that has repeatedly been guilty of starting endless wars. Furthermore, what's shared here is only a small fraction of the graphic in-ground media a lot of people have been exposed to on a daily basis for the past 5 months. We all know not all Israelis support blocking aid and not all IDF soldiers commit war crimes, the problem with that 5% you mentioned is that it signals a systematic problem in the Israeli gov because it continues to allow it. That 5% in a month will turn into 50% and become the standard if it's not stopped; instead, it's praised by gov officials like Ben Gvir's comment and his support for the Flour Massacre. Narratives change because of introduction of new information. The Israeli gov hasn't presented any new actions or proposals to make Pro-Palestinian people change their pre-narrative. If anything, it has confirmed the most extreme narrative out there which is the genocidal and ethnic cleansing intent. On the other hand, some Pro-Israeli people are still stuck in Oct 7 narrative and regardless of how much new information they are being presented with in regards to what's taking place in Gaza, they still support this war.
  9. Human rights organizations are also spreading lies? Are you referring to the flour massacre? the link I shared is a different war crime, and it's not even the first time just look up Rachel Corrie. As for the the flour massacre 112 were killed by gunshot and even if some were killed due to the crowd that's still Israel's fault because they are deliberately starving a population.
  10.,-says-Euro-Med-Monitor Israeli tanks have deliberately run over dozens of Palestinian civilians alive
  11. Without having a moral legitimacy such strategies don't work long term. Israel has officially set itself up as an enemy for billions of people around the world. Remember that impermanence is the only truth and power dynamics sooner or later will change.
  12. Sadly it was very effective. Just look around and you will see most people are literally numb to the fact that there is an ongoing genocide and starvation happening to an entire civilian population yet choose to remain mentally stuck in October 7th.
  13. Aaron Bushnell's friend talks about him
  14. Former IDF intelligence member masquerading as a journalist in New York Times, Is anyone surprised?