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  1. Truth is always there. But if you are not aware of it– and thus, are only aware of Truth as it is coated by deception– then you are living out of a false self (a coated version of the Truth). Or, as Leo would call it, self-deception. No?
  2. What are you guys' thoughts on the interplay between personal and spiritual development? I know there are books on it– like Integral Psychology by Ken Wilber, or, Toward a Psychology of Awakening by John Welwood. But, what is your guys' experience? Do you feel like developing personally leans into spiritual growth and spiritual realization leans into personal growth? Because my experience lately tells me that they are completely seperate. For instance, after realizing no-self, I feel like any 'personal development' is just the development of a false self. I also feel like because this false self is so far from the nature of pure being (of one's true nature), that any realization of pure being (of one's true nature) can't even touch the negative behavioral patterns, mechanisms, fears, and anxieties of the false self because the false self doesn't even exist. Kind of hard to explain, hopefully, you guys get what I mean. Just wanting to know everyone's experience, thoughts, opinions, around this
  3. @Holygrail my feelings exactly
  4. @OBEler well yeah, by comparison definitely. haha
  5. Not since they banned LSD use for psychotherapy in the 70s. Pretty sure somatic therapy was an effort to produce similar effects. Or at least holotropic breathwork was! A psychotherapist who used LSD for therapeutic use was so upset by the ban he started holotropic breathwork to mimic its effects on the body + healing. You should try it out! You can watch Leo's episode on shamanic breathwork to get a feel.
  6. I haven’t tried somatic therapy myself but I’ve been thinking about it. I just have heard so many good things about it from so many people—experts even. Seems like the best option for deep, integrative, trauma healing.
  7. No, can you elaborate?
  8. oooo this is goood! Thank you. @RickyFitts thank you! I'll check it out. Yeah it's not a bad feeling it's just so intense it can be kind of scary
  9. How do you guys feel about Bernardo's writing style? I don't think I'm a fan. Too bad, he has such great writing topics.
  10. @RickyFitts I do actually!
  11. Sometimes people feel really good about something in the moment and initiate. But then when the time comes they get nervous, anxious, and it's 10x more hard to put themselves out of their comfort zone. Is she introverted? I would seek more understanding from her before you do any devilish act.
  12. Maybe.. I feel like I have problems with self-expression sometimes in the moment as I freeze up. So maybe this is holding back the emotion from being fully expressed when I'm around others. But it still happens when I'm alone. But then maybeI still hold back when I'm alone. Idk, I don't feel like it's shame or guilt. But I think you're right, there is definitely something there blocking the emotion from being expressed. Maybe I should just scream because that's what it makes me feel like I need to do. haha
  13. I feel like I get overwhelmed by excitement. I don't have a specific instance, but every time I get excited about something it kind of feels like anxiousness. Maybe it's actually anxiousness but I am positively mistaking it for excitement. haha. What do you guys do when you have this kind of feeling? I don't want to suppress any emotions; yet, with this emotion, because it is so intense I can feel myself suppressing it a smidge. Should I just let the feeling consume me? I wonder what its triggered by– my idea right now is that it is triggered by excitement, joy, love, etc.
  14. It means that reincarnation is not what you think it is.