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  1. let us know what you find!! I would love it if you made a thread on it with your findings and contemplations related to PTSD! I think it would be super helpful for those of us with ptsd.
  2. @RickyFitts Glad you find it useful Ricky
  3. Dissociation. Dissociation ranges on a scale from 'dozing off' or 'zoning out' all the way to complete dissociation from experience like a 'black out' you get when you reach a certain level of drunk.
  4. On 10/22/2021 at 6:27 AM, aetheroar said: The emotion is like solidity in the’s connected to a dualistic mindset about the emotion which is in the form of a belief system in the mind. On 10/22/2021 at 6:27 AM, aetheroar said: Imagine the emotional system as a sort of AI machine that primes the body with hormones that correspond to whatever one believes the emotion means. On 10/22/2021 at 6:27 AM, aetheroar said: The way out is to recognize the emotions are a complete non-duality, that they are simply energy moving in its various flavors, and maintain mindfulness during the experience so that the original mindset can be overwritten.
  5. - Suppressed emotions are contractions; energetic held-ness. - When you continuously suppress an emotion it becomes 'a part of you'; a part of your 'personality' (energetic vibration); when you resist an emotion you're resisting yourself, rejecting yourself. - Rejection leads to hate. Self-rejection leads to self-hate. It is also self-abandonment.
  6. Cover emotions Hate: Rejection, Hurt Anger: Powerlessness, Entrapment, Fear Rage: Helplessness, Rejection, Hurt Sadness: Disappointment, Hurt Desperation: Despair Numbness: Shock, Confusion
  7. Love is bringing something in (union). Fear is pushing something away (rejection). Shame is pushing yourself away (internal fragmentation).
  8. I actually recently took up interest in a wall— his emptiness is peaceful to me. It’s actually really healing for me to have someone there without anything inside of them; no intention, no control, no manipulation. Find a girl who has been controlled, manipulated, and abused by men. She’ll fall in love with you, I promise. You could also find someone who has a lot of energy and needs someone to let it all out on. Like a chatterbox type of person that just needs somebody to listen. Your empty presence will be healing for this type of person as well. You have something to offer by having nothing to offer, trust me. It’s incredibly healing for someone like me, for instance. You just have to find them— a kind of symbiotic relationship where opposites emerge. If someone is getting mad at you for having nothing to say, it’s because they also have nothing to say and it’s triggering for them to have to come up with saying something. If you find someone who has endless things to say, that won’t happen. In fact, you just receiving them will be heaven for them. They’ll love you, they’ll come to need you. You’re needed. You’re rare. In the best way. I’m telling you.
  9. Sorry @Blackhawk! Yes we will take it somewhere else. I can see how it’s saddening to see when you feel disconnected.
  10. hehehe. Wow, that is amazing. Quite beautiful actually. But I get not recommending it. It's like instead of going up you go all the way down (a place most people will never touch) and then you come out the other end, haha. Suffering turned to bliss, as you say. Mh, yes. It is a lot of effort. What does resistance feel like to you? I get that in the body it feels like tension and tightness. But what goes on in your mind in the moments of resistance? This is something I'm trying to get a grasp on myself. Because my mind runs so fast and through so many different things it's like I get lost and so become disconnected and confused. It's like a searching for answers instead of letting the body tell you the answers/what it needs.
  11. Woah, how interesting! Yeah, it's kind of weird how something shifts and you don't know what or how. And because you don't know what or how it seems like it was not your doing– kind of a peculiar feeling. Do you think this was an emotional transmutation? Following a release of resistance?
  12. 4 years ago.. Wow, I'm very sorry this has been such a long journey for you. I can't imagine the pain but yet strength you must have undergone to get to today. Sending you cosmic love and good fortune.🌹