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  1. I want to invite everyone to the idea of including your ego in your spiritual practice rather than demonizing it. As we know, any act of demonization, judgment, ridicule, separation, or 'choosing', is not oneness. It is not God. And it is not Love. As soon as you judge something or choose against something you are right back into operating out of devilry, no matter how 'God like' you try to position it or excuse it. And yes this includes ridiculing, separating from, choosing against, or judging the ego and any emotion that comes with it. I believe @Leo Gura is the perfect example of embracing both Ego and God in his work. Leo speaks completely out of his ego. We can hear it in his tone of voice. We have also heard him talk about this 'problem' he has of 'arrogance' in his speech in other episodes. Yet, when he is doing one of his videos he has the FULL FORCE of the universe behind him. Why is this so? It is because he is ALSO operating out of God, out of complete and total Love. In other words, he is operating from a place of BOTH ego and god. This is how he is a conscious creator. How he brings life and intelligence into the world from both a higher place (spontaneous insight, dialogue, love) and also a place of ego (his preexisting knowledge, egotism, outline, studies, etc.). The combination of these two is what gives us the beautiful character and uniqueness of 'Leo' that we all love. I obviously don't know Leo's process of shooting and how his extemporaneous speaking is really accomplished. So this may be wrong in his case but it still offers a great example of how and why to include BOTH your ego and stillness, presence, GOD, into your work. When you are creating you are inevitably operating from a place of motion and therefore from a place of ego. However, if you are in the 'flow' you are also operating from a place of God/Love. I obviously am not advocating for those reading this to go out and run rampant with their ego. I believe Leo's audience is much smarter than this. All that I am suggesting is not to guilt yourself out of operating from a place of ego. The Ego is a beautiful creation. It is why and how we are able to exist in this world. Through the intelligence that we all have from Leo, we do not have to worry about losing our integrity. Everything we do is out of love and the awareness we have all gained through this journey means we have sprouted out of a place of ignorance. Everyone in this forum is probably wise enough to allow themselves to feel and operate out of a place of ego without dismissing, disregarding, and forgetting about the amazing place we have all met which is Love ❤️ INCLUDE YOUR EGO. God is unconditional inclusion. God is Expansion. Expand your consciousness to hold space for both, for all. This is your call for expansion. Note: this is not about 'the middle way'. I do not want anyone reading this to confuse what I am saying with the middle way. The middle way is limiting and feels wrong because it feels like resistance. What I am talking about is different. I am talking about expanding your sense of self to include both simultaneously. This is stretching yourself towards limits you have not yet reached. It is not limiting yourself to find 'balance' or the 'the middle way'.
  2. @Leo Gura I am so happy you made this. I get sucked into JP's illusion and it makes me question my own experiences and knowledge. So this 'reactionary content' @Derek White speaks of, is extremely beneficial. It goes a long way for me. So thank you!!! I love your work.
  3. Have you heard of AND consciousness? I believe the answer to reconcile polarities is to acknowledge that you need both. You always need the other end of a duality to sustain the one aspect of a duality. For instance, using your example of stillness (meditation) and movement (creation, sex, money, etc.) you need to include both. You can NOT side with one and split your consciousness into two. Instead, you need to expand your consciousness to hold space for both. If you focus on stillness, you are not creating. This is what being alive is for. Life is meant for you to consciously create. However, if you create– and especially if you create out of your ego– you allow yourself to get lost in the movement; you will forget the force of stillness that can feed your creation. Right now you are being called to expand your consciousness to include the polarities you are struggling to "choose" between. You do not need to choose anything. Do not limit your desires, ever. Do not split your consciousness. You need to unify the two. This is what 'oneness' is. You need to go into this desire to include both. This is your moment for expansion.
  4. I think taking on another identity might work. But this new identity is not your identity- your truth– who you are. And the only way to discover who you really really are– or Absolute Truth– is to unify your pure, authentic, smaller identity first. So, a better way to approach this would be to work through your fears and anxieties. Do the work and when you come out the other end you will be stronger. Where did this tendency come from? Have your authentic feelings and emotions been invalidated in the past? Do you not have self-trust? It's hard to know and seems impossible to cure but learning as much as you can about it and opening your perspective may help. For instance, your problem is that you are taking too much responsibility for how other people feel. Some people in the world take absolutely no responsibility for how other people feel. You may be jealous of these people, but don't be. That approach is wrong too. To your tendency– taking too much responsibility for how other people feel– essentially what you are doing is pre-determining how others feel and think. In other words, you are robbing the other person of their free will to decide what to do with their own thoughts and emotions. Since accommodating yourself constantly to others might indicate you as a thoughtful and kind person, this perspective may help because it aligns with your tendency to put others first. So, put other people first by allowing them the free will to think or feel however they want, independent of your anxieties. This will also allow you the freedom to act authentically. Win-win
  5. Thank all of you guys for your advice. I get lost in resources so these recommendations help a lot. I will definitely check each of them out.
  6. I have chronic sensitivity towards others and their feelings. For instance, just today I was at Trader Joes. I noticed before that this Trader Joes always has a rotating staff, or at least a very big one. I never see the same people in there consistently. I thought one time, "Hm. You know what, I always see new workers when I'm here." Yet today, I saw a guy two days in a row, so when he said, "Hey! Did I see you yesterday?" at the cash register I said, "Yes!", and I told him about my thoughts of never seeing the same people in there twice. Immediatly after I said that, I felt as if I offended his coworker next to him. What if I had seen him before and didn't recognize it and now I had just said that? I now have chronic anxiety/anxiousnesses, overthinking, guilt, regret, etc. This happens often and I'm needing to get to the bottom of my chronic overthinking, chronic over-analyzing and hypersensitvity. I'm super careful and nuerotic of the words I use constantly because I know how much weight they could carry and what they could imply. But this overthinking and anxiousness is driving me mad! Even though I've had it my entire life. I was thinking this problem might stem from some sort of self-obsession– why do I believe I have influence over other's feelings? Yet, I feel this way even if it's not me saying or doing anything. If it's someone I am with that is acting in a way I feel would offend someone or make them feel humilated or guilty I have the same reaction. I understand its good to have empathy but I feel like this is an extreme level of mindfulness/consideration and it drives my mind right into paranoia. Also, I don't think this comes from a past experience of hurt, at least not one I can remember! I did fine in school socially and always surrounded myself with friends who were more mature than that. Any advice?
  7. I've been feeling a weird sensation in my forehead. I remember Joseph Campbell talking about this area in the series The Power of Myth. I'm not sure if Campbell elaborated on what this means. If I am feeling this sensation during contemplation, is that to say my contemplation is leading me in the right direction?
  8. Thank you @Nightwise for writing out this post. My mind has been going through this example you gave and I believe this will help.
  9. Do we just pick whichever narrative we're feeling that day? And then come back after the day and write down the ways is was not true? Do we ever write down the ways in which it was true?
  10. When the mind starts to turn everything upside down, I know that is it doing its devilry.
  11. Happy Birthday Leo! You are an inspiration to us all. A true creative genius! Your work is incredible, beyond words. So grateful for it. Thank you!!!
  12. The creator is a joker because it made the most obvious thing, impossible to understand.
  13. Incredible! Thank you!!
  14. @Preety_India Ahh, I see. This makes sense! Thank you so much!