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  1. beautifullll fking response. Pure gold<3 I also agree with @Charlotte , validate her feelings. It's okay to want those things. Don't make her wrong for wanting those things (she's already doing that to herself). Make it okay. Give her the missing experience. She deserves those things. The longing she has isn't coming from nowhere. It's coming from somewhere (pain; the lack of it). Love heals pain. This is something she can't even give to herself so she is stuck and she literally needs you. Give her what she needs. Satiate her. And help her out of the war she has with herself.
  2. Of course, my love. I hope your day was as beautiful as your soul ?
  3. @Preety_India
  4. Daniel, my Dear, I honor you on this day. Your birthday. In so doing may I write this poem for you: Eons ago, in the moment of Now, you emerged into your Glory– a Star is Born! Curated to the Star that you are, you shine so brightly, Brilliance (your middle name), and in that form, you greeted us all. As only an angel can do. Today you walk upon this Earth. Still, you shine. And brighten our day. Embracing all who come your way. Eternal love with my soul brother.
  5. For anyone following this thread or interested in how beliefs filter your consciousness, this video really helped me:
  6. I’ve heard that you can’t actually take energy from someone or something but can only influence them to inhibit their own source of energy/block it. So maybe you caused her to start thinking negatively or you were a trigger for her or something.
  7. Damn. That’s interesting.
  8. @WelcometoReality But doesn’t beliefs alter the way you see reality too? @Waken a thought you keep thinking, yes. But subconsciously too, which makes it so tricky to identify.
  9. Oh of course! Identification is much more than a belief, although it might come from one. I like the description of psychosomatic misunderstanding. Which elicits, as you say, a whole actual experience. ?
  10. @UnbornTao @RendHeaven @RMQualtrough @gettoefl I like these, thanks guys! @Gesundheit2 I'll check this out. Thank you!
  11. Hmm, this is very profound. So, could you say then that a belief is an interpretation of direct experience? But could never be the case/True because an interpretation is never actually the unspoken thing happening in direct experience but a symbolic representation of it? Lol! I realize I’m over-complicating but I feel that’s how to make sense of what’s actually happening with 'belief'. Okay, yes. So that speaks to the inevitable falsity of any belief. Because nature is unknown, if you think you know something, you're automatically distancing yourself from Truth. Hm... everything is itself. hehehe. The ego has suchhhhh a hard time with this– at least mine does. It's almost painful. How can we help the mind cope with this? Is coping even the answer or just to allow the meaning-making to happen. My mind hurts so bad trying to know what cannot be known even though I know you can't know it. I like this. Loving and guiding your tool instead of having the tool guide you. I feel like we fall into the trap of being guided by beliefs when we identify with them.
  12. @RickyFitts How lovely.
  13. Okay this is weird but I think my mom psychic attacks me when I make her upset, lol!! It’s something I noticed before and it happened again this week after an arguement. It’s an experience I can’t really describe and don’t even know much about but it’s the only explanation I could come to after reflecting on the experience— just soooooo mentally painful, oh my god. But when it happened I shifted my focus entirely and intensely (feels more accurate to say I shifted my consciousness) to something that would completely take me to another place where my mom couldn’t mentally or emotionally exist. In this case, it was on my fascination with a guy (my mom does not exist there, lol!). And because it was so fascinating to me, my mind just wanted to go further into that and not toward the energy that was sucking at me mentally from my mom. So essentially you have to guide your mind toward something powerful enough to override Fear and keep you out of that state. The times it happened to me I was able to intuitively suspect who it was coming from (my mom) even when one of those times it was completely out of the blue (not post-arguement). I feel this could be the case with most females, at least. I think it helps to know where it’s coming from to know where (away) to go. But even if you don’t know, putting your consciousness into another reality where there is no negativity but pure positive focus/intention/love should help if you do it all of the way. Think about wanting to mentally go away from a nightmare or scary movie. You can’t get away from it if your attention is still on it out of fear. You have to totally and completely put your attention toward Love which means out of any state of Fear. It takes bravery to take your eyes off of something that is attacking you. But it is a bravery that will save you.