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  1. Yes and more you socialize and get better at it you will find people and not everyone has to be high concious in beggining
  2. Understand that hes where hes at in his development the more you do the less you hate and more you come to peace with it.If you cant see it then you lack the understanding
  3. First one was 5 hours felt like 1:30 h this will feel like 2 :30 h 🤓
  4. Dont try 5-meo as a first psychadelic go with something less powerful..and if you are neurotic you should go with really low doses to avoid bad trips ...someone looking over you is good but if they are experienced... Edit: i see you have panic attack then i would postpone psychadelics and work on basic psychology only if you are working with someone in professional setting go with psychadelics Taking 5meo (i assume never taken) would be a horrible experience in your state(i had panic attacks)
  5. The thing is this, you dont need to get into a relatinship and be bothered by all of that stuff, if you can attract girls like you say you can, why avoid that experience? im sure you can squeez few hours for it and say upfront you are not looking for relationship.. And still working on everything else Problem is thinking too much about it and that it affects your other stuff(posting about this says you are bothered and asking for validation if its ok which girls dont like 😅)...but if you are not getting attached and you go have fun and get experience your 27 year self will be grateful because it will take you that more work...
  6. Wheres university 😅
  7. I can only say that if it was reverse,that i had a gf that she has a friend she slept with and they still contact eachother regulary i would leave ....
  8. @blackchair thats like opposite of strong 😅
  9. Why didnt you think to be happy for her? it seems that this relationship is like competition or something... Why are you friends with her? Isnt that a terrible position to be? You have your own journey and pace of development mybe shes at 100% already and you are at 10%... Edit:can you point me to detox sources im interested ?
  10. Yeah in my vocabulariy i replaced temperature with energy and would add that you should give yourself temperature thats when you cant have bad night out, knowing what triggers it inside you...
  11. At some point we all have to do this better sooner than later...
  12. You have a deeper need for deeper things and i found the more deep you go you start to appreciete even "small" "deluded" things people do...
  13. I feel you man... you just need one great experience with some people to destroy this belief that there are no people for gets better from there...there are literally millions people for you but you hold yourself to meet them while you think you dont...start seeking people in new places...
  14. @Javfly33 but he said that you have to be real selfish to burn through it to become selfless worst thing you can do is being selfless when you are not up for it...its like selfish /self love then selfless/love for all....
  15. @Javfly33 No.. being bad is also sometimes good its all about timing and right situations its about being integrated being good,bad and all grey in between....