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  1. @Strangeloop you kissed her on a cheek 🤣 cmon man
  2. @Recursoinominado Best sources?
  3. @PurpleTree Ill give you analogy...let say you are thirsty for drink and you havent drink for long time you are desperate needy to drink it when you see drink you start salivating grabbing spilling that drink looking weak lets say..and now picture that you are a little bit thirsty and you act normal take sips it makes you feel good nothing spectacular but you want to drink it its the same thing with women 😆 in both cases you want one thing but act completely opposite
  4. @Beginner Mind @Ibgdrgnxxv nice tnx for reply
  5. What are your goals with spirituality what you are trying to acomplishe? What drives you?
  6. You need a good mechanical aligment while sitting you must sit on the bones of the pelvis and your pelvis must be thucked under your spine so everything is straight your shoulders must be open(clavicar bones open on each side) squeez your glutes it will help with that and your abs best to learn this laying down on the floor first... Lower back pain comes from sitting with overextension and back could be straight but it doesnt matter if pelvis is not in right place
  7. I want evrything to be honest😅
  8. I think if you work on dissolving your ego life will become great without a doubt
  9. When you die you will be present as i amness thats not an illusion thats only thing there is But you is nowhere to be find tho 😅
  10. You are not controling anything there is basically no you there thats the whole spiritul game
  11. @Leo Gura So i figured out that every logical statement cant be true because you need another logical statement to prove its validity so we come into strange loop territory which science cant understand and logical people who use logic as absolute?
  12. @March try giving him full attention for few minutes i mean full presence he will feel validated and stop being needy
  13. They are probably not familiar with them and if you can do it natural way then why bother using substance and they think its really easy to awaken peac of cake...