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  1. Try swapping bad emotions with some new emotions when i got anxiety i swapped it with aggression it helps to see that we create every emotion in our body
  2. @Leo Gura yeah i confuse it with being a doormat and a weak man...i dont know how to be strong and be compassionate its like one or the other...
  3. @Leo Gura all this compassion high values etc. we learn doesnt really work irl its ruthless even stage red playground its a zoo just by driving for 5 minutes you can see how all behave and if you are stage green or emotional compassionate etc you get crushed...
  4. @Nahm i think i misunderstood your post so idk what to say 😂
  5. If i understood correctly there is no conflict between spirituality and ordinary life...if there is any then its just you havent lived authenticly or its ego mehanism to push you of the path saying see if there is no ego me you cant function in real world..
  6. Read dating relationships books and practice what they say its not different from any other skill...and there are tons of girls on the streets if you didnt notice
  7. @Peo Self inquiry/observing present moment the most + kriya+shamanic breathing+normal meditation
  8. Ill just save you your life span dont even bother if you tried already and they didnt listen you are just wasting time to grow yourself
  9. Its a personal choice what works best for you
  10. Yes you can but it depends on your previous pratices
  11. @Shin There is no bs here we are talking about truth it will hurt you will be tested its no different from anything else just that you cant lie..its like a fight you can talk shit but truth will be out on the day of the fight...
  12. @Shin peacful awakening? Pls there is no such things only really rare cases before you get awakened you will wish to kill yourself and feel like horseshit..dont seek that it will come...