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  1. This is all an add on to the first 8 years of your life, where you formed wounds that later abuse just makes it bigger until it splits open...This coupled with emotional part(shadow work) can make it work...This is all my theory not scientific or anything (only the 8 years of childhood that formed the foundation for trauma by how emotions were treated by parents/society)... 1.Losing trust in yourself-slowly you not realize that the constant abuse ,lets say from gaslighting,from shaming,verbal abuse, you start to start seeing your own thinking/feeling/action as worthless, thinking all i need to do to avoid the abuse is supress my thinking/feeling then everything is fine. 2. Its like everything you do is ends up wrong and againts you... Since probably your deep thinker/unique indovidual and way you see the world is completely different from others,everything if you truly express yourself comes of as wrong could also be part of losing trust in yourself. 3.Losing ability to defend yourself. The more abuse is frequent, the more you defend, then you see it makes it worse ,lets say if you grew up with a narcissit he will make you pay for going againts his thoughts with silent treatment,everything being said is false and turned againts you, so you learn to not defend your position in the future it goes hand in hand with point 1. 3.Forming codependency(feeling and thinking something is wrong with me) At this point you start to feel like somethings wrong with you (almost all the time )and you need to fix yourself but this also makes things worse by seeing yourself more and more as someone thats broken and needs fixing(but its necessery first step). Depending on your self image and how you see yourself on the past experience(of the abuse) mind turns to defining you based on that, how world(could be a group of friends as your world)treated you thats how you see yourself and now you feel stuck in that world, where you dont have self belief to think different than how world saw you. Fixating on valuing other people thinking and opinions over your own,now outside world is in the drivers seat on how you will think and feel.(expecially in social or pressure situation its amplified/fear of conflict). 4.The more you lost the trust in yourself the more lower the self belief and confidence is the more it generates negative downrowd spiral From point 3 everything goes down Because of point 5. 5.Constant inner conflict emerges where you are batteling againts yourself all the time ,rejecting yourself because of abuse where you saw you your thinking and feeling is worthless,because its shut down every time making you create an inner contract(outside world didnt harm you you saying ill never voice my opinion and interpeting the abuse made it all possible)saying my thinking doesnt matter i cant voice it so every time you want to speak up in front of people social anxiety comes to stop you because you have that contract.... 6.Losing your individuality because of codependency Constantly being lost,confused cant find the way out of the problem because you lost the ability of original thinking and knowing whats best for you(plus inner conflict) so every part of life suffers leaving you with more suffering and depression fueling the old wound... Cant find place in the world. Well this all sounds "bad"... this is my theory and experinece and how i saw it.When i saw the pattern it i started to regain my personal power with trusting my own thinking and feelings to be completely valid and has huge value for me,thats in my opinion is the start of recovering yourself and everything else that piled on that core problem that started the domino effect(losing your trust/your defence/your thinking/living in a world defined by abuse experience.. hope it helps...
  2. @Leo Gura So thats the guy you were mentioning in the older videos crazy stuff...
  3. Narcissist usually cant see that hes a problem and would refuse to go to therapy.Which means you are not lost cause,i have a belief that narcissism cant be cured completely but that could be a bs. What i recommend is a book "Completion process" by Teal Swan, since narcissism is mostly trauma based so that could be a good place to look.
  4. @Something Funny Im not tough,im what i eat, a pussy
  5. @Something Funny Yeah women dont want to date women
  6. So bleeding once a month,mood swings,fixing your make up/ hair every day for hours,low self esteem/ obsessing with weight etc. Still jelous?
  7. They think tf, because how can you like her when you dont know her basically...
  8. Leave something for us humans pls 🙏😉
  9. Creating competition whit yourself to not focus on others ..
  10. Pay for what is the queastion?
  11. @koyadr3 Now we know why its impossible..
  12. @HMD You discussed with her 😅pls dont do that ever,trying to negotiate attraction ouch.
  13. Are you willing to pay for coaching or just feel sorry for yourself?
  14. @DefinitelyNotARobot It just goes on and on,there is no end to it,its just so obvious when experienced.Conciousness is so large that you dont even go ask if its there something larger 😆.