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  1. Fiding out that you is a fiction a thought and everything else is pure being
  2. @d0ornokey yeah tell them and if yoi feel they still do it keep your safe distance from them
  3. You just need alot more experience with people,girls,things you love and especially the spirituality where you will feel true love that will bring you to tears idk if you can try psychadelics they could show you love but atleast wait until you are 18
  4. Friends dont talk behinde eachothers backs those people are just acquaintances
  5. I struggle with this also because we always change if we are on a self-actualization can you know how to be authentic when every situation force you to act like you should you are not going to curse in church cant be a certen way all the time(i cant) so i came to conclusion that real you is behinde what you value,like withouth doubt(even though you dont know the reason) you stop lying to yourself about yourself and be spontanious(not thinking too much) thats all i got still cant figure out...
  6. @Leo Gura like @moon777light my knowledge about politic is weak are there any books or sources that could prepare us for that videos?
  7. There are alot of perspectives dont stuck in one life is disvovery creation etc..and self inquiry show you life is just as it is (no added labels) you are life....
  8. Killing the ego is nice word for cant kill it but you will not be his slave it will serve you...
  9. You guys think enlightened people are some perfect beings that shouldnt be this or that they are humans and they can get mad irritated and unclear but they wont stay in that for long and they will notice it...and they can change in behaviour that doesnt mean nothing hes enlightened 100% and if you are close to seeing your own self you can see that his words are clear...
  10. Thats what everybody has but isnt aware of it
  11. Both
  12. @Anna1Something i always did being aware that im God 😂 thats all that is anyways
  13. @Anna1 im speaking from direct experience and they choose those words nicely im not following it like a sheep but tnx though
  14. Depends on from where it is coming for but compassion is something you dont have to think its something you have naturally...