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  1. Tnx to all who are trying to help
  2. That was her test its what test do test your strenght and if she sees that you are weak she will gradually lose interest you should answer in playful way like it doesnt bother you like i love my feelings get hurt by someone i dont even like yet in playful way...i know it hurts...dont escalate touch wait her for her invitation that touching is okay...enligement work and self development will decreas it or you will get used to it...
  3. @non_nothing yeah thats another trick of the devil sneaky sneaky ego is a lie everything is a lie it has to be accepted and see it for what it is otherwise its a denial of what is thats what being concious means understanding of whats actually true here in the moment....all this was denial of truth reaction@i am I AM i can compare when i was depressed with this depression its not that heavy
  4. @non_nothing because all this time you try to grow and do something and its just a fake fasade there is no growth and no nothing
  5. @Shin there is no mind just the space that i see i am @molosku noone there is no purpose thats why its dull@Blissout there is no suffering @AlwaysBeNice you can be depressed but you dont suffer i had wonderful enlightement experiences but thats not a real thing
  6. When you are fully enlightened you realize there is nothing to do,nothing to be,no goals no growth,no nothing and even nothing is happening its just silence and whatever happens it didnt happen if there is no mind to say something happened... game is over and you just stand there dead just watching....there is no point in this post even i just felt sharing it....
  7. You got a good list in everything is bulllshit video
  8. @Outer Not just reputation he said also about this...we discussed it weeks ago...
  9. Ill be Leos lawyer here he already said this thing is adressed so no more asking about this stuff thank for hearing
  10. @Marinus im glad you like it @Charlotte we dont need anything but friendships are not made out of need but for enrichmentof life and making eachother better and give love to give ourselves to others so others can do the same my thoughts tho..and idk mybe you made it like a joke comment
  11. You cant get quality girlfriend if you are not on your purpose so its both
  12. @Marinus If you say you know yourself very well then you know which people you like because likes attracts likes so you should be doing things you like then you watch in the room intuitevly who is the best match surround yourself with doesnt matter what you do if its authentic that way you weed out people you dont need...good exercise would be to put on a paper 2 colloms and imagine your best qualities and worst you want in a friend then you will have alot things and put the top 10 best and worst qualities it will help you to focus on people you looking for be specific its like you are looking for your gf or it was pure luck in way you find her
  13. The bottom line is if you are not interested in others they wont be interested in you or you have to be charismatic or in right circumstances where people come to you so you can see if they are for you...