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  1. I dont know if that's universal human thing, but you think that we are all stupid and dont know nothing(tone in writing),without context of knowing who we are or you do, i dont know if you can read that... I dont mind this but i dont get the type of info that hits me oh snap i need to think about this...(only once)
  2. @fabgerYou are a rare independent thinker 👍
  3. Figuring out who you are and building upon it otherwise no growth possible... You should know yourself like nerd knows the computer
  4. Here is a big self deception going on where being self absorbed is confused with what actually being self absorbed is still being influenced by outside world that shape who you are thats why it doesnt feel good solution is actually being self absorbed where you are the creator of your world you live in(which you think you are already) its a deep problem where actually you becoming so self sufficient with yourself that looking at the world from your perceptions... That means you need to do everything for yourself all thinking,relationship with yourself made for yourself,all beliefs just yours etc. Nobody can help you with this thats the irony if someone can help you then that person becomes another problem... You have to be absolute authority that rules over yourself then you wont have problem with outside world and you can accept others and not fight them.. Wanted to ignore this thread but when i can see to help i cant help it to as you wish...
  5. @Hero in progress if masturbation stops you from having best life then i dont know what to say... You cant be strong if things outside of you determins it... Edit:better than that is having discipline to not argue which i didnt follow now 😅
  6. @Hero in progress No fap is used to attract women i dont know for what reasons you think its done(not spiritual ofc)... And what does masturbation has to do with being yourself and chill i wont bother have a nice day
  7. @Hero in progress okay but here is a premise that if you dont touch yourself you will attract women which is hilarious,if thats whats the reason why someone doesnt have women in his life...same as looks and money and anything that mind likes to attach itself outside of himself to avoid looking and operating from within...even having bunch of women you will masturbate from time to time...thats like saying to an athlete if you drink coca-cola you wont win, sugar is the reason why you are bad at your sport something like that never been good with examples...
  8. @Hero in progress you dont know who and how no fap is founded 👍
  9. @Hero in progress Alexander Rhodes is a lady's man now it all makes sense..
  10. @decentralized im not talking on behalf of leo but hes saying how things are and with that comes the ruthlesness of survival that has no care for human emotions...
  11. @StarStruck I dont know but mindset is what impacts you,you said that you dont find older women attractive that mindset put you to behave certen way you saying younger are hot put you automatically in behaviour before approach or talking to them...
  12. @Eyowey Its tough to see in you because you jump from like 2 different people in posts sometimes really on the left and sometimes on the right(in my mind)
  13. @no_name theres something wrong with you, so ill leave you be im not taking you serious anymore something happened to you and im sorry on behalf of that..