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  1. Problem here is that hes very kind 😄
  2. @crab12 It all depends in the state of conciousness you are in altruistic behaviour could come or not you still value nice things but you dont depend on them like others...
  3. @crab12 Enlightement is not end of your life you still live like before i dont know where do you got the idea that you dont need money etc. Its the same but will lot less suffering...
  4. We are not equal in a physical sense that is a delusion
  5. Its in the breath shallow breathing and breathing with your chest causes low tone breathing through zhe diaphgram(belly breathing) give youmore power
  6. @laurel emotion is what it is... anger etc is learned behaviour(mental construct) focus on feeling and letting go of emotions or using it for (e)motion...
  7. Preatty much what average unconcious person is
  8. @Raptorsin7 Have a who gives a fuck attitude for end goal(detachment from the outcome) To enter the zone 1.Motivation (your involment) have an effort that is optimal to the situation not more not less 2.Focus-concentrating on the moment here helps mindfulness meditation 3.Self confidence-you cant build confidence you can only believe in yourself and build skill 4.Not caring if you make a mistake
  9. @Raptorsin7 Looking for yourself is the single most important thing to do to understand who you are looking for sufferer is good but with that you will just find 1 thing about enlightement
  10. Im infj too well i dont have any advice beside understanding more how relationship works,start putting yourself first you are important too,and do alot of spiritual want everything to be in harmony but watch out which situation is suited for that,which situation is right for you to make it harmonious...
  11. @Leo Gura do you know a root cause of not being assertive?
  12. @Preety_India Omg so there are degrees to narcissism hes the worst in the category...what you just described is classic example what people with that personality disorder do...when you get emotionally attached you are done for long glad you escaped because what is missing is that they make you depande on them for survival...whatch out next time for signs of guys being too good to be true then all of a sudden everything shifts they start blaming criticizing you for everything,angry all the time,controling every step you take then ignore you for punishment as if you did something wrong but they got hurt in some way...they are really insecure and cant live wothout extarnal validation,and feeding of your energy... im telling you all this because there is a big chance you get attracted to same guy again.... Also look into codependency you probably have something like that just assuming...
  13. @Preety_India Good for you! Im impressed you did it so quickly...otherwise they are good at making things so it seems really good then its horrible and then they make it good(idk but they are master at that) you get stuck in that cycle..
  14. @Preety_India isnt this narcissist you are dealing with it just sound like he controling and criticize all the small things?
  15. @Leo Gura i have problems with that one day i come to a degree where i see that i was not even born(i become everything) another day i come into the void and another is ego with no mind other is i struggle to even think you get the point i dont know how to stay in highest degree where you are happy with no reason...