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  1. @Princess Arabia Well thats all fine then, it matches my original teachable moment, where i said that the level of your thinking is creating your situations which sounds super basic to you probably,but im sure only a handful stop and look at how to elevate the level of thinking vs looking at her body that creates your choices.Like the level of thinking shifts circumstances around you.
  2. @TheGod Okay cool its tough to explain stuff since we not on same page i personally wouldnt move to another country for a woman because if you are not lucky dont be surprise they use you for your money because you coming from that mindframe... @Princess Arabia Game is being upfront hes actually always saying what he thinks based on who he is as a man,one of few with real game and my second source of learning it.
  3. @TheGod Because you need to learn game so you dont need to move to Latin America...
  4. @TheGod Let me try again 1:30 is game
  5. @TheGod this is game if you had it you would know what it means.
  6. Love when you guys throw word game and not know what it is 😅
  7. You approach as many as you wish, game is not approaching women and that's where growth is,dates etc. is just refining your expression...
  8. @Rishabh R No because you want me to tell you everything is going to be alright,well it wont you failed the test you care more about how i make you feel than what message im telling you beneath that.Why you think it will be okay? You can accept being what you are. Not everyone is going to make it but it could be you if you stop pity yourself and seek some serious help aka investment of money,sweat,pain...otherwise im lying to you like all the fake feel good type of self help advice. Poor me i cant get a girlfriend nobody cares you either go become a man or stay who you are not this ohh ill take a moment to understand you make you feel better does nothing time passes and you end up just in same place as you were.
  9. @Rishabh R You are hoping and pitying yourself+ cant listen to the words someone tell you that its necessary so you stop giving a f.So answer is no if you stay like this.
  10. @Thought Art I told you not to reply to me i dont have time for surface level thinkers...
  11. @bebotalk giving you warning points every time you attack woman on here only if they started first.To surface level thinkers im not for women or againts im looking things very nuanced with little self bias.
  12. @Ishanga That's how i see it they look to be spiritual,wise etc. But they are dominated by the hard discipline of their culture,see how they treat the english guy,how they dont accept nothing outside their bubble its all red-blue they gonna kill or kill themselves if you touch their ways. I admire the code they worship but it would be more advanced if they all have their own code on top of some general code accepting of different ways then they would probably went to orange but im speculating here... Only 10 episodes sucks tho...
  13. @Schizophonia If he keeps it up with my pleasure @Thought Art I dont know how to express things to naive boy like you so i dont hurt your feelings, only nonsense is me keep talking to you for this long,this i can admit i silly as f...dont talk to me again ill feel dirty to need to reply to you.
  14. @Razard86 Now i clearly dont understand people why tf does it matter if they were girls or boys fucked up individual is fucked up individual.I got gums put in my hair by girls why does it matter if its a girl,so if a black person does something bad now all blacks are bad what a bs ,humans are next level.
  15. @Thought Art I knew it you symphatize with him because deep down you feel the same,she can post if this guy can hate its not your forum fare is fare. @Schizophonia I didnt get anything you are saying 😅