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  1. @Yeah Yeah you are the fool here lol you dont even see it... @somegirl you are basically afraid of rejection best way is to let him know directly like btw at this time of life im looking for something more serious so i wanna see where this goes let me know what you think about this?.. Now that he had sex ,you will know 100% if hes into you like that or not if he has any hesitation then hes not and its okay it just shows if you are meant to be or not,no wasting time...
  2. Game is not about woman game is about the man his own universe and creation you do it for yourself not a woman... When you stop gaming you stop your growth basically... For your situation you should have told her at the beggining you will date multiple woman and see if shes okay with that if not move on... But if you have game(im not talking about manipulating pick up game) you will have woman wanna be with you even tho there are multiple ones...
  3. How does selfishness ruin you life exactly?
  4. Your inner game is bad because you talk weak to yourself simple as that focusing on IOIS,rejection,woman 3 typical strikes and killer of you!
  5. @Medhansh Can you workout be in intense pysichal exercise?
  6. @Federico del pueblo Yeah he should ask him when hes asking him to come over why do you love me so much?
  7. It depends what works for you i used it before in sports and really helps but its toxic and burns you out now i pace myself and work on me and gradually make it harder and harder.. Feels good to know im the driver not others in what im doing...
  8. @Medhansh You legend! That was epic! Still go complain you cant focus on school and life when 2 chiwawas following you around and barking in your ear...
  9. @Aleister Crowleyy Men dont care about other men...
  10. @Medhansh Beware verbal abuse is even worse than physicall when it accumilates through the days and months!
  11. @IamYou half truth that wont lead to absolute truth and you hitting wall over and over again 😅
  12. What if there is no author but only article being made?
  13. Carry papper spray or some defense weapon so when he attacks you can defend yourself treat this like life or death situation which is! trauma can ruin your life if you dont plan to awaken or heal it for more than a decade!
  14. Its possible for the one who believes 🤓
  15. @Someone here there you go yes! thats Game and reason you cant get laid 😅