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  1. Tests test your strenght and what are you made of if you pass them then she will feel more comfortable to surrend to you to lead like shin said...
  2. You should realize that story you are telling yourself is causing your emotions,trying to fix the story never works because story is not real
  3. Every guy likes to see a beautiful girl but that doesnt mean he would like to be with her over his girl if she cares about her....him saying that girl was hotter is a stupid move and calling you a victim its seems to me hes a control freak, behaviourwhere he lowers your value to increas his,if you see more of that its a red flag and it can work only on a girl with poor self-esteem only... you starting to blame yourself for your looks or your behaviour thinking you are wrong in some way but the other guy is wrong just speculating here
  4. How do you do this without catching a cold or something...and like@ShugendoRa said what benefits are there ?
  5. Are you trying to be old you,new you (authentic you)or no you(that queastions) will give you an answer...
  6. Something came out of nothing and is also nothing...something like a hologram
  7. There could not be a great relationship if you dont have happy life, that comes from life purpose..purpose and relationships complete eachother
  8. Belief is what creates miracles you could drink water with salt every day and believe it will cure you and it will cure you...
  9. @Hugo Ferraro it doesnt happen anywhere its uncovered when you realize that your mind makes stories all the time about yourself and reality and its not real you have to see that reality and mind created reality is 2 different things...
  10. Non duality is not a paradigm it "happens" when is realization of illusion vs reality..
  11. understanding-experience-repetition...
  12. Hands down self inquiry helps best if its done every day..but keep meditation and shamanic breathing works good but self inquiry when you are trying tofigure out who you are in the present moment is best i found...
  13. Problem is lack of vision for your life what inspire you what motivates you what do you enjoy i have this pointless thing also because why struggle when it doesnt make you happy well do things you love but expect also that it will suck and thats the place you will grow in those things you love....
  14. @Sahil Pandit really? I heared you can come back i always had some crazy lucid dreams in one i was a serial killer 😂 how would you interpet that?
  15. @Sahil Pandit how does lucid dreaming show you part of your psyche exactly how do you interpet it correctly