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  1. @Danioover9000 I heard now that tulpas or beings can help you astral project is that the case?
  2. @Danioover9000 Tnx that was fascinated by this stuff can you ask her how other people can encounter similar "ghosts" and does she sees other beings around mybe your guardian angel(people say everyone has one)...
  3. That manipulative behaviour on another cosmic can you be in a relationship where there is no normal communication big red flag
  4. @Extreme Z7 can you summarize what is about?
  5. @Zorka Because you can see it,there is no brain there is only a godhead in that moment
  6. You can believe or do it yourself when i had full blown enlightement experience i couldnt believe that its real and that its so amazing ...
  7. @Michael569 Yeah best thing to do is find for yourself
  8. @Michael569 I did everybody says something different about what masculine man is...
  9. @Leo Gura whats real masculinity in your opinion?
  10. After watching the new video and starting to see my own self biases and selfishness i had a change and its like an add on....i started to see the change of seeing the world through different eyes i started to have the same interest in everything there was no something better than the other, there was no something above something its the same and i create stories that create the reasons for why that thing is good for (me) or better it became so clear...i had profound stories about the shift and now its like i was always in this state of can clearly see when you do things for yourself (being sneaky) or doing for others but you do it because of your self interest and this new shift where you see that what you do.. you should do for whole existence your new step should take the consideration for whole thing because there is no more important things everything is equaly important...
  11. Priorities,focus,minimizing distractions...
  12. 2 people who are complete alone without the need of one another isnt that best scenario? Isnt relationships sharing eachothers happiness and giving, adding it to already "complete" life..
  13. There must be some grounding techniques to put your energy back to normal...