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  1. I am a moderator now. I am telling any user not to post Bon Iver content on this forum. For reasons that should be obvious to anyone who knows about the content he creates and what he promotes. Leo posts pornography here occasionally. Every once in a while there's a "big a$$ and kitties" thread, if I remember correctly. And religious/political propaganda is posted all the time in relation to world events. So this just seems to be a very loose guideline. He does not make "pro-pedophilia propaganda". That's just conservatively prudish, ignorant, closed-minded statement. The only problem there is with him is the shallowness and antispiritual nature of it, but that song was fucking entertaining, which is why it should be allowed in the entertainment section. If anything mrgirl makes thot art. You're thought art, and mrgirl is better at both thinking and art than you, and you have the need to degrade him by calling him pro-pedophilia and unshareable on a place as sacred as the Actualized forum. Weren't you defending Mr. Beast on the forum like 7 months ago? Saying he's a great guy, and the only people that have a right to criticize him are people that donate more to charity than him? You're not being very charitable to Truth. Didn't say it made you a fool or anything. Just posted it here for convenience really. But it does just make you one, single, solitary, singular, individual person shutting down a thread because you specifically, individually, singularly, singly, personally don't like it---even though it's not against the forum rules at all. So suppose this does, in fact, make you a narcissist. Try not using the pronouns I, Me, Mine, My, and Myself for like a year. Then maybe you won't be so delusional, trying to defend yourself. You're asking me to reflect on your intentions, not mine. I don't even know what you're talking about even more. What a grotesque flagrant misinterpretation of what I said. Why don't I send @Leo Gura images of you flirting with an AI version of him "Leonardo DiGurio" on former forum user @thisintegrated / @thisintegral / @nitramadas's discord? BECAUSE I AM THE TRICKSTER MOUSE MAN.
  2. @Thought Art "don't post mrgirl here" is something that only applies to Danioover in sections outside the entertainment section. There is absolutely no justification for locking the post. I elect administrator @Leo Gura to do something about this wanton abuse of moderator rights to serve somebody's baseless bias and whims against something I shared, which was indeed entertainting, for the entertainment section.
  3. @Leo Gura Any tips? You talk about this a lot. Especially using the word "fool".
  4. This is interesting, but I still know beauty is pretty acceptable. Were you raised as a Christian? That might be affecting your conception of God. But if you mean it as total ego annihilation + the Divine working through you, being you, accepting you then I agree with you.
  5. I don't think fat people should be ashamed of it. I don't think they should accept being fat either. Shame is self-suppressing, uncomfortable, gross negativity that comes from you being constrained to a particular frame of reality or experience of reality. The best way to escape your reality being more limited than you want it to be is alter your consciousness and perception.
  6. Leo dedicated his whole life to Truth and then did a bunch of stuff that gave him actually unusual states of consciousness and insights. Everything I said about Sadhguru is totally true. His "wisdom" is like the McDonalds equivalent of wisdom, so don't know why it's so important to you.
  7. @Anon212 No, a lot of people got convinced by garbage like Autobiography of a Yogi or Sadhguru's nonsense, so they really ended up thinking breaking the laws of physics with superpowers is common in India with all these famous yogis, when it's extremely rare. Sadhguru can't do that. He's literally just a guy that grew a beard, put on a robe, and started talking about Hinduism to make money from the population of India and YouTube.
  8. Yes, he has such good business acumen he got himself all over YouTube getting interviewed by famous people, even though he has no genetic awakening or extensive meditation at all. He literally just became a yogi for money.
  9. You have to see where the perspective is. It's not a genetic thing. It's a fundamental nature of how all entities and objects in consciousness work and are connected. But I'll propose a simple experiment for you. You have me (or better yet one of your spiritually gifted friends from in real life) transmit or download knowledge to you while you're on a psychedelic. It could be an image they send. The way I would do it would be to have you stare at a blank sheet of paper and watch for any text to appear on it. Because the automatic reading processes in your brain are pretty developed from reading lots of books, reading and writing on the forum and blog, your business work, navigating the internet and the rest of society, you are a "reader". So I could transmit to you specific words, and you would have to report what you see and have me confirm or have me tell you what the words are and have you confirm. It also reminds me of a story Daniel Ingram told of when he was on a meditation retreat, he drew an amber pentagram in the air, and some guy said, "You just drew an amber pentagram." Even though there was no way he could have known the color, since Daniel had not told anybody about it. So a basic experiment would be having somebody in the room with you to draw stuff for you, and you would have to see what color the stuff is. There was also the two times Daniel Ingram telekinetically moved a candle flame that hadn't been moving all day, by shooting it with energy. And there was a time he was drawing pentagrams using different wands in an area that had birds. When he got to a specific wand, his "fire wand" that has a ruby core (rubies have a pyramidal structure), a triangle for fire symbolism, and two fire elemental spirit salamanders carved and started drawing, the birds in the area got scared, drew their attention to him, and started divebombing him. He moved on to another wand, and all was well.
  10. I believe that's something you say because it sounds true or sounds cool or sounds interesting, but it doesn't make any sense. You just read his autobiography and heard he tried to become enlightened Buddha-style under a tree and had bugs crawling on him. And he talked about his God-Realizations. It should also be known that God-Realization will not necessarily give you psychic powers or vice versa, so there are different axes of spiritual giftedness that only have very abstract connection to one another. Like you could have a voodoo sorcerer placing curses on people and giving them cancer, who doesn't know anything about God. But you could have a Hindu yogi who's studied all the philosophy of God and had all the classic enlightenment experiences of God, who's never learned to influence or manipulate reality at all. Yet they're both "spiritual".
  11. I'm not talking about random new age people or Ramana Marhashi, who as I understand it was just some typical Indian meditator guy who liked hanging out in dirt under trees. Imagine if children had psychic healing as a course starting in preschool or elementary school, being taught how to heal each other and make each other feel better or good using conscious intent. And then throughout middle and high school they get more intensive and elaborate instruction.