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  1. Seems entirely arbitrary. And the fact that the creator of this measurement system sat down and judged all of these people and works he only had tertiary knowledge of says to me he might have been a little dim. Lots and lots of projection of ideals.
  2. Your role playing is cute 🥰 Alas, definitively not enlightenment. Consider setting aside some time to contemplate this.
  3. Something or someone wrote those words in an attempt to communicate with something or another… If anyone sees and understands these words, please have a wonderful day.
  4. Maybe he’ll one day wake up to his own self deception and slowly build disdain for the deceptive ideation of others and what it does to innocent listeners. or maybe he’ll see past all of that and have a good laugh and a cup of tea. who knows. let’s ask who. Who has aids.
  5. Man engages with his imagination and experiences a near death experience, angels, spirits and the soul of the earth. All while believing they don’t exist… After years of neurotic self deprivation and drug abuse. He then proceeds to describe his ordinary reality using spirituality charged words and concepts to further define these experiences. However, he was too confused to recognize it as imagination because he was excited about the mystery and relief these visions provided his mental suffering. Same old story.
  6. I recall reading of a practice: you were to raise the toungue to the roof of the mouth and slowly cut the little thing stopped it from going back further. when it’s cut, you can stick your tongue into the hole going into the upper throat. This allows you to breathe all of your air into the mind and fill your mouth with brain nectar that heals all sorts of things and provides you with illuminating wisdom. but it is just saliva pooling in the mouth. I mean, I probably misunderstood it for how absurd it seemed. But I also have a 4th grade reading compression so I imagine I understood just fine. It’s a lot like ancient Chinese medicine. And dietary advice. Did what you read about it make sense?
  7. I suppose I’ll have to take your word for it
  8. If you do convert, be ready to follow the rules and guidance laid upon you. Otherwise, it’s the fire for you. The book is very direct about this.
  9. I got it from cultural upbringing. (Consider the trinity as One) Since Jesus, The Spirit and The Father are God and the Bible is centered on those teachings, it’s the word of God. But whatever, I was just sharing an anecdote that was held in my local churches. I don’t hold such views. Jesus had nothing to do with writing the Bible anyways and I doubt any quotes are attributable to that guy. I’ve read the Qur’an myself. Almost twice now. I get a lot out of it. But I’m not planning to hold any faith besides faith itself. Everything else is a tool and teaching for strengthening it. (Not to disrespect anyone else’s beliefs, I simply hold too much doubt in picking sides or a singular path.) @Someone hereSomething that really stands out to me: The teachings of the Qur’an are an offshoot of Catholicism and Christianity. But done in a way meant to speak to that group using their own words and angels as messengers. Which… In my opinion, was an attempt at manipulating the audience. Not sure about this, but It wasn’t God that brought Muhammad the teachings, it was the Angel Gabriel. I think that’s actually mentioned in “The Cow”. The Angel Michael is also mentioned shortly after. Characters which at the time, were unique to the Catholic/Jewish/Christian establishment, right? Or did they originate elsewhere?
  10. @Someone hereThe Christian Bible was said to be the same. By small groups… But was pushed as hard fact for a long time. (Literal word of God) Al-Fatiha, The first chapter of the Qu’ran seems like a table of contents, basic instructions and descriptions. Was there something specific about it that made you bring it up? I found Al-Baqara (2) to be a lot more interesting. So many threats and challenges!