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  1. @Holykael OP, I think about thinking sometimes.
  2. Have you checked out reports on Erowid?
  3. What’s the most common benefits people walk away from a retreat like that with? Is there a secret goal people tend to have? Like a peak experience, a life change, etc.?
  4. Wow, you’ve got a powerful imagination. Grats!
  5. Commenting on God is really odd. It’s a subjective term used to characterize the absolute. How can something that is absolute be held subjectively? Is that just one characteristic of absolutism?
  6. I don’t think the people commenting here have ever trained? A lot of learning happens on the bag, through instruction or repetition. You can learn the basics of striking, body control, momentum, mechanics, etc. and practice them all… Solo, with YouTube and a bag or even just thin air. You’re not going to develop a fighters toughness or response times, but you’ll know your body and how to use it.
  7. I had a hard time coming around after that guy killed himself after going deep on 5-MeO. Drugs are pedaled around here with zero moderation by teens and college aged young adults and it’s wholly irresponsible. But that’s freedom I guess. Free speech = 1st question “Can someone help me with enlightenment?” Response ”go smoke 5-MeO DMT or you won’t know shit”
  8. This is an interesting dichotomy to me. On one hand, there is absolutely no room for intellect if you’re awakened to absolute unity and presence. It just simply doesn’t get used or thought of because you’re always in flow. On the other hand, there’s no such thing as awakening without intellect. The concept of awakening is an entirely intellectual experience and pathway to self knowledge. Even the insights and epiphanies that ultimately shut you up is “instantly” intellectually delivered. Everything you’ve ever experienced or done was likely processed with intellect. Denying that to me is just ignorance or willfully lying about it because it’s natural to process experience with the mind. That being said, your post-awakened self is not driven by the intellect. Or at least is done in a more indirect way. I’d argue that once awakening happens, you’re finally free to start winding down the overused and abused intellect. But not before.
  9. This is such a childish and gate keeping thing to say. It’s the ultimate cop-out for “If it doesn’t fit with my ideas, it’s wrong… But I don’t have a better answer.”
  10. One does not simply become God. One is God. Unity is permanent and separation is an illusion. No matter where you find yourself in the journey of becoming and unbecoming within this dream, you’re still what you are.
  11. This is useless and circular. “has nothing to do with” ”yet is contained within” Being contained within means it is part of. Science is just another aspect of the infinite which is used to describe and articulate itself. Biased scientific thinking limits possibility, science itself does not.
  12. You will surely die and there is no depth. Only the illusion of depth.
  13. Cute when used metaphorically or with humor Absolute delusion when taken seriously
  14. You don’t know me at all. Alas, you’re probably correct.