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  1. I think I will be moving to a big city then, a warm city is one I'm partial to, then we will be able to practice our skills at pickup. The reason being there will be many potential partners to interact with.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum, we are all friendly and caring here.
  3. If Jesus died at 33, it looks like everyone in heaven will be forever 33. That's really the special year.
  4. I agree that it is important to be friends with guys who are good with girls and to learn from them. Then once your mind has examples at what good game looks like, then you can go apply it in the field. Then the results are being good with girls becoming a reality.
  5. @Leo Gura I'm with you on that one brother. And the cost for the Disney plus subscription is just so high to pay.
  6. That's a pretty good piece of statistics there. If you're running a small business you're looking hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars. The big companies are looking for the billions of dollars, they have just gotten so good at business at this point that the millions of dollars look like dimes to them. The billions of dollars they can use to build assets and equity. For a small business millions is the goal really, it's definitely worth putting the goalposts there for the small business I think.
  7. @Leo Gura I agree actualized.org is not a Cult. It is a sacred school of enlightenment. And it must be cherished by the eons of the universe.
  8. I think the objective is suppression of Hamas military assets. Doing SEAD operations and ground defense operations can certainly limit the amount of assault on Israeli civilians. I would think that special forces and jet fighters can infiltrate the Hamas military and make quick elimination of the threat. If you use strike fighters and escort fighters this could be over really quick. Israel has air defense platforms.
  9. I actually feel like if women ruled the world, everything would be a lot more enjoyable to look at. It's kind of like if my wife ruled the house as opposed to a random dude. Women are lenient than men, so if women ruled the world it would be more about community than it would be about military as it is when men rule it.
  10. @Leo Gura Lol, bite the buddhist bro. Let's do this. Done and dust em. ???
  11. Exactly, it's really hard to do negotiations with a leader of a nation who is actively involved in a war with another nation. He literally ignored all negotiations with the United nations and pushed his country into war with Ukraine. In his mind war is the best option to help his country even though you and I wouldn't see it that way. That's how he sees it.
  12. @Leo Gura Got boys in Russia who would take anyone to the gulag at a moment's notice. Really makes me happy we live in the west where things are a lot more liberal and safe. Finland is a pretty liberal country, so that's why they're happier there than they would be in Russia. I agree man, being liberal and pushing consciousness forward and creativity forward is the real dream come true.
  13. @Leo Gura Definitely a lot of new theories coming up for real man.
  14. @Leo Gura Good job on transcending your consciousness Leo. That's one of my goals in life is to learn more about consciousness in life. I've learned a little bit about it, but definitely not to the extent that you have. You can definitely see that a lot of people don't know much about how consciousness works. Thank you for what you do man, I really appreciate it.