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  1. A good man knows who he is and who he is not. He trusts his intentions. He places himself neither above nor below others. Serving them is the same as serving himself. He lives unconditionally and unapologetically. His value is realized within, and is unswayed by people's opinions. His work flows from him like the rain of a ready cloud. His rest returns the rain into the sky. He is not magnified by life, nor is he diminished by death.
  2. Realizing transience in yourself and everything else in the cosmos messes with the deepest constructs of your mind. I have gone through periods where this realization sinks in, and my mind recoils in self-defense. It feels like being consumed by a vertigo vortex. You realize this is just a response of the psyche, which is deeply programmed for survival. Centering your attention within, beyond the clamor of feelings and thoughts, restores equilibrium. Meditation has helped enormously, to the point it is no longer a problem. You can realize this with every other entity. Seeing beyond the illusion of transience to the same ultimate nature in all beings dissolves apparent boundaries. There is only love, which is another word for seamless being. It is profoundly beautiful.
  3. If you are exactly where you should be, why would you want to "pursue something new"? Enlightenment reveals that there are no shoulds or should nots. There is nothing to pursue, or to avoid. The desperate attempt to do so only leads you from yourself. When the light of your ultimate nature is unleashed, it supernovas, banishing apparent boundaries and revealing the same you in every being. You emerge from the cave and see clearly that the cosmos is a phenomenal playground, which can only be fully enjoyed when you are free from the shackles of yourself. These are not poetic platitudes. They are a map, pointing to the territory. They are trying to show you the incomprehensible being that is within, waiting to be realized. When it is, life goes deeply beyond sitting on your ass and blissing out. Every ticking moment of apparent time is too precious to waste in a voracious desire to perpetually "realize more". Here's an exercise that may help. If an oncologist told you that you have terminal pancreatic cancer, and will die in 30 days, what would you do differently than you are doing now? Take that realization and live it. It's not just a hypothetical thought experiment. Make the most of this moment now. Some day it will be your last, and the adventure of the dream will end.
  4. Enlightenment liberates you to lucidly live the dream. Creativity, intelligence, and love pour through you and elevate every experience, whether it is farming tomatoes or researching quantum mechanics. Life is less about choosing the right thing to do, and more about honoring the moment regardless of what you do. You may feel guided in a certain direction, but whatever you do will be meaningful because you are entirely present and grateful for it. You see the miracle that the cosmos is. If you are bored or dismiss life as an empty illusion unworthy of your attention, these are telltale signs you aren’t enlightened.
  5. That it worries you proves you aren’t a narcissist 😌
  6. Enlightenment is so rare, and life so short, why would you jump off just as the wave crests? The dissolving of the wave will come soon enough. If you are fortunate enough to realize your ultimate nature, celebrate the peak state of surfing the cosmos as long as you can, before returning to the ocean of yourself.
  7. 🙏Realizing that you are not caught in a tidal storm of fears and desires, but can sink below the surface into the serenity of yourself, is ultimate freedom. You learn to let go, even of the remorse that you didn't see this earlier and could have avoided so much suffering for yourself and others. Regrets are replaced by profound humility and gratitude. You see that even this submission is an egoic act, which perpetuates the illusion of separation, but allow it anyway in order to continue celebrating the dream. You treasure this so deeply that you clearly see the shenanigans of the ego which fooled you for so long, including its attempt to take credit for this state, as if it had anything to do with it.
  8. The surest sign a person isn't enlightened is any "should" behavior. When I started losing my identity, my biggest fear was that in the process I would lose morality. If everything in the cosmos is an illusion, wouldn't that include rules about how a person should behave? Then I realized that the light within which is your ultimate nature is inherently divine. It is unconditional love. By living in alignment with yourself, you are beyond the need for shoulds.
  9. I scored 8, which according to the graph just means I'm old
  10. It's called righteous indignation And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves.
  11. The more enlightened you are, the less you judge the experiences of life. You realize that judgment creates dualities of good and evil, and is the source of suffering. Life itself is an incredible gift in a cosmos that is almost entirely devoid of it. The energy of even an insult is as spectacular as a supernova. What else in the universe can claim to have experienced it? You don’t have to be a slave to the judgmental mind. Why not let the energy of the experience pass through you and cherish the phenomenal rush? Soon enough, you will be dead and beyond the lessons life has offered you. Honor each experience without labeling it, and you will be free to love and live unconditionally.
  12. @Leo Gura I agree. Spiritual seekers sometimes believe that if they can just realize the right insight (no-self, the sameness of all beings, etc.) their lives will magically be transformed and they will no longer suffer. It doesn't work like that. Awakening is not about pursuing insights. It is aligning your awareness with your ultimate nature. When that happens, it's like Indiana Jones placing the Staff of Ra in the direct path of the sun: The light floods through you, and it dissolves you into divinity. Enlightenment is about developing the capacity to remain aligned, so the light continuously flows, regardless of the apparent storm clouds looming on the horizon.
  13. When someone asks a question like, "Am I creating the person (or the version of the person) answering to this post or did and does the person already exist independently from me?" it is important to clarify what is meant by "I". If you are referring to the person that wrote this post, of course you didn't create everyone else in the universe. Believing that is classic solipsism. If you are referring to your ultimate nature as God/Consciousness/Brahman, you created everyone in the cosmos including the person writing your post. Then again, the same is true for the ultimate nature of every other entity. My ultimate nature is identical to yours, but our avatars are entirely different. We appear as separate waves, but are the same ocean.
  14. We agree that insights aren't enough for enlightenment. The work of deconstructing the personality, with its highly charged aversions and desires, still has to be done. I don't underestimate psychedelics. I feel they have a place in spiritual development, for people that aren't precluded from using them for health reasons (psychotic disorders, manic bipolar disorder, etc.). However, I don't feel they are necessary for enlightenment. When you have awoken, it is less about chasing insights than about developing the humility and integrity to stay awake. The ravenous desire for deeper insights can actually become an attachment that hinders spiritual growth.