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  1. "The grass is really greener." I don't think I understood what that really meant when I first heard this!
  2. "There is a major difference between having a fat ass and being a fatass." --AtheisticNonduality
  3. Pfizer. First shot was minor fatigue. Second shot was moderate fatigue.
  4. Intelligence helps you get there, but I think average intelligence people can train to understand stuff like SD yellow.
  5. It's because good English and vague allusions to infectologists gives the illusion that he is making a rational cogent argument rather than just being dogmatic and whiny. @impulse9
  6. Anyone who thinks Vaush is evil needs to die on a gulag.
  7. Define "degenerate."
  8. Ew.
  9. Or perhaps it is like a balloon drifting too high into the sky that needs a stone hung from it to go back down to the world.
  10. I could see this having some issues, like music that's aggressive being labelled Red or music that vaguely references New Age stuff as being Turquoise.
  11. Stage Beige does not belong here.
  12. Cause heroin reduces your appetite and your libido.