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  1. The pain of derealization/depersonalization can lead to Solipsism Syndrome, and it just ego backlash. I think Leo has a video on that.
  2. Vaush was funny when he said Atheism Is Unstoppable was stopped. He's been stopped for like the sixth time now.
  3. Conservatives are smart because smartness is absolute.
  4. It is not vandalism to tear down racist statues; it is vandalism for the government to put them there in the first place. Filming, naming, and shaming racists is not bad either. People reserve the right to not hire racist dirtbags. The left and right both "censor public discourse", so this is a very straw-manny and hypocritical complaint.
  5. He has a lot of Orange, but I don't think the core messages were fake.
  6. That guy is insane. Seems to be more Blue than Red, but he's definitely not solid Blue. Reminds me of this:
  7. The physical world has very real implications, such as viruses and masks and laws of physics that you and your friends have imagined. You are not in any state to un-imagine them, or you wouldn't be here. @DrewNows
  8. @DrewNows
  9. Same. I am an ego, and I am 100% sure other egos exist. I just want to hear his ideas on this besides "solipsists are wrong because there is no self to be alone."
  10. When I commit myself to enlightenment and orient myself from the physical world and toward base substrate consciousness, I will still enjoy the artistic genius of anger and darkness by idealistic people flailing at lower stages of development. Quite simply, it is interesting and necessary for people to do so, and I say anybody that doesn't support it is a buffoon that doesn't like results.