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  1. After how productive and committed I've been over the years? For some people this place is just somewhere on the internet to waste time. For me this was the place I would rest at in between hard hours of personal growth and spiritual purging and going after the Truth in a story of life - with a burning desire to get everything I need and want out of life, and to discover every facet of the Truth possible. Is there really anything counterproductive, truly disruptive, that I've said - even if it appears humorous or trollish? I'm just trying to get my friend Carl to send something on thiscat, because, you know, he already contacted me with a fake account. I just want his real one, for the sake of transparency and real friendship. EDIT: I would keep this a private matter between him and me, but, you know, I can't DM people because of various business policies meant to keep the structure of the forum healthy and stable.
  2. @Carl-Richard Gimme your thiscat username now. I'm losing patience bro. We could enact great things, immense works, you and I. I sent you something, to a fellow named "odoncrack", but obviously you didn't receive it. So I need your correct username to actually send it to you.
  3. @Carl-Richard Oh Carl, you silly goose. You really thought you could fool me with that fake account? I can smell a fake account a mile away. Next time, try using a better pseudonym. Maybe something like 'Carl The Top G' would have been more convincing. Now, give me your real account or suffer the consequences.
  4. I could get you more cool pictures from the internet iyw
  5. But Leo, what about trans-women that look and act completely identical to biological women, except for the sex organs??
  6. Okay, I think my my main problem with your thinking here is that you give too much credence to conservative tendencies and human biology like male-female, when human beings ultimately are destined for radical change, mentally, physically, emotionally, BIOLOGICALLY overall. So society will have to accommodate that change, not the other way around. Ask if being biased against homo-trans-whatever societies is based out of fear or Love. What if it was more in alignment with Love to destroy what you're trying to preserve?
  7. Homosexuality and heterosexuality in a society are just an asymmetry that needs to be balanced.
  8. You have my blessing, my children.
  9. @Leo Gura Your argument is paranoia about depopulation of first-world countries, and trans people having ego / identity problems, and homosexuality not being natural? Pretty weak argument, my friend.
  10. @Leo Gura Well, the main problem is that you're comparing something like gay or trans sexuality to cancer, which isn't really a fair comparison. With the maladaptivity thing, who's to say that humans are meant to be stuck with the nuclear family until the end of time? I don't think the human body or the human mind or human social structure became "complete" as soon as standard male-female marriage dynamics were invented. And with depopulation, sure that could be a problem, but separating sex from reproduction seems like a certainty. People want sex, not reproduction. So sex is going to get more and more reproduction-less, as that becomes viable for civilization.
  11. @Leo Gura
  12. Hypochondriasis, paranoia, anxiety, ontological insecurity.
  13. Lions in the wilderness are affected by chemicals? Chemtrails? Evidence. Yes, the idea makes sense, but you have to prove it, not just intuit it. "Of course changes are happening from chemicals in the water, and LGBT is a change - so LGBT is caused by chemical differences!" Well, you still need to prove how that's true. And if it was true, you'd have to prove that it's bad.
  14. Surely depression, anxiety, suicide, and dozens of other problems have existed for millennia? Same with homosexuality. If there are increases for these things, I could think of numerous sociological and techno-behavioral changes that are more likely to be responsible than environment chemistry. Transgenderism is around now because there are the proper technology and acceptance for it, not because those tendencies never existed. I have proof it’s based on Jungian archetypes, whereas you have no proof it comes from poison. ADD is annoying when I’m trying to do something with someone who has it that requires a semblance of attention, but it’s over-exaggerated in a lot of ways. Namely, academic success is taken to mean function in society. I’ve already beaten you on the topic of conversion therapy for autism. So you have nothing left.