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  1. I am attracted to bitchy girls, and I think a large amount of guys are as well. That's not necessarily the same thing as moody, but I don't think it's bad to not be cheery and cartoonily happy all the time.
  2. You don't need Peter Steele levels of height to attract girls. I'm 6'1 now, but I remember back when I was a 5'7 falling in love with those tall 5'9 girls. Now it is very rare for me to find a girl taller than me.
  3. Makes sense. Also, clearing worked.
  4. This is photoshopped obviously. It's hilarious though.
  5. Fire kasina gets intense. Daniel M. Ingram said he accessed DMT-like states after a few weeks of it.
  6. The physical transformations Vaush has gone under are just astonishing.
  7. He is not wrong. If Vaush was a mass murderer and rapist, his political takes on YouTube would remain accurate and insightful.