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  1. That's some interesting psychological stuff, but Nahm is still annoying.
  2. He beat Trump in the 2020 debates. Also there's this:
  3. Why can't Leo be a cross-breed? That's the unreliability of the system, that you could possibly have mixed types, like equal Ni/Ti, equal Te/Ne, equal Fi/Si, and equal Se/Fe. If that is indeed possible: thisintegrated might dispute it. I've been watching a lot of WWII-set movies lately about the fighting, the Holocaust, documentaries about fascism/communism / Hitler/Stalin (recommend some good war movies if you can). Maybe you don't find the Sound of Music respectable, but this scene makes me cry, singing the Austrian nationalist song while the Nazis have taken over the country and they're being forced to flee..
  4. That's not the kind of thing to be taken literally.
  5. The actor Depp based the character off an ENTP he knew named Al Jourgensen.
  6. Boring af
  7. You made a spinoff of The Journal over there . . . Leo mass-banning the old mods:
  8. Mandy.
  9. Have any of you guys ever killed the Ender Dragon without cheats before?
  10. Video games are mostly a waste of time. 3D movies are nauseating.
  11. Yes, I don't.
  12. @thisintegrated I don't see the practicality. I'm gonna have to side with the sensors on this one. Now the song's not just about the Christian God or earth-visiting aliens; it's about deep AI and the practicalities of the "Metaverse".
  13. what is meta verse