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  1. @SQAAD Probably the greatest merger between Darwinism and intelligent (self-)design would be Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
  2. @JarretFold I don't agree with your taste here!
  3. I know! Even Leo visited his profile.
  4. It's like the "Boston Strong" phrase from after the marathon bombing. It's a statement of camaraderie over a shared event of national history, like watching thousands of people get murdered on live TV.
  5. Sit laus Domino Leoni, hujus culti sapientissimo conditori.
  6. The only reasonable criticism of "transgenderism" I can see is that there is a serious difference between a woman that was raised as a girl in a society that treats her a certain way and who's gone through all the biological experiences of being women like menstruation and living in a female body that is at risk of objectification and, on the other hand, a trans woman that would be raised as a male in a society some might view as still male-dominated, would have all of the experiences of a male, all the biology of a male, and then have a decision to adopt certain feminine traits (like stereotypical female appearance and feminine behavior and identification with being a woman). This could be seen as something completely different and detached from the biological women to the point where it has to be its own category. And then on the other hand, because society is moving toward greater freedom, why couldn't someone be a woman if they wanted to be, or if they really were on a mental or "spiritual" level? Any reduction of that to mental illness or lack of self-acceptance is ignorant to the point of stupidity. Being that free-minded is not mental illness; it's hyper-sanity. It's not lack of self-acceptance; it's complete self-acceptance to where they have to be themselves even in a society that would not approve. Something like self-definition to the degree of having "the wrong chromosomes" while still becoming and acting as a woman is a pure level of independent thought, in some way.
  7. @thisintegrated You should read The Prince by Machiavelli.
  8. I suppose ENTP being so low is explainable by the example of @thisintegrated's illiteracy. No, around half the ENTPs I know are basically retarded. The ideal list has INTJs and ENTJs as "objectively superior" because they're the most likely to have the proper intellect or Machiavellianism to govern over systems, and INTPs also are good at analysis. Then the more artistic types like INFPs and ENFPs dominate the other side.
  9. @rnd I know a few people that died from the little flue. How do you model that in your view? I do not know anyone who experienced harm from the inoculation against the virus, the virus which has killed over a million people in the US alone. @Leo Gura Don't lock the thread. Give him some time.
  10. @thisintegrated Produce a hierarchy of types so that I may critique it. EDIT: Like tiers.
  11. @thisintegrated What to make of MBTI egalitarianism, like sensors actually aren't stupid and all types are equal . . .
  12. @Someone here Socrates had an inner voice that guided him.
  13. You've probably heard of Socrates' daemon. Perhaps that is the "schizophrenia" here.
  14. 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦