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  1. Sorry I haven't been getting back to anybody! my comments have been broken and nothing was allowing me to chat
  2. <33 thank you for the warm welcome!! I like how broad your request was, makes my readings much more simpler and up to interpretation like its supposed to be! I enjoy doing these So, Current energy status, and spiritual side vs reality (not sure how to phrase it) ill start with the first one....Current Energy Status! Answer? - Four of Cups (Reversed), The Chariot, The Sun....Explanation? Four of Cups (Reversed) - novelty, new direction, change ~~ The Chariot - war, triumph, vengance ~~ The Sun - contentment, fortune... my opinion? I believe that you;ve just renewed your energy? Whether that be you cleansed, you focused on yourself, or you have a newly stable connection with yourself! This seems to be going good, but i believe you may have had a hard time obtaining it? but i think you've definitely benefitted by it! NOW FOR THE COMPLICATED ONE- to focus on the spiritual or material world? I'll be doing sort of a different fashion of this...i'd like to ask for assistance to the deity's i work with, and ill see what indication I get....Answers? Six of Pentacles, Two of Cups, Five of Pentacles (Reversed)....Explanation? Two of Cups - love, passion, friendship, unity, concord ~~ Six of Pentacles - presents, gifts, equality, justice, prosperity ~~ Five of Pentacles (Reversed) - Disorder, Chaos, Ruin, discord... my opinion? this was quite difficult to interpret as its a very broad question, but this is just my opinion....I believe you shouldn't focus on one of the other...there seems to be an equality happening when you can incorporate both of them into your daily life..... they seem to compliment each other in your case, and things csn run in disorder if you differ them from each other too much it seems, but this is just my opinion!!
  3. I was excited when reading this one, I've been dying to do a reading on luck! Thank you for the encouragement on me doing this I'm surprised with the results of this one, considering its the first luck reading I've done and they all came out as "face" cards...cards that dont go into the category of cups, swords, rods or pentacles. I suppose you can say they're similar to the kings, queens, jacks, and aces/jokers of a regular card deck. So, how is the luck outlook? May not be entirely accurate, these are just for outlooks as I've stated before Answer? The Fool, The Magician (Reversed), and the Hierophant.....Explanation? The Fool - mania, extravagance, delirium ~~ The Magician (Reversed) - disgrace, disquiet, mental disease ~~ The Hierophant - alliance, mercy, goodness, inspiration. My opinion? I think you have good luck...that seems simple but again, i THINK. It seems to be that you're someone that trusts themselves, and if you do, please continue to do that, for the Magician, if right-side up means skill, diplomacy, self-confidence, creativity. skill is the one that stands out most to me. It seems you have a lot of skill in making decisions or being able to predict what's happening next, but i could be very wrong, but i believe this because the hierophant back this idea up with mercy and goodness with inspiration. similar to art, you need some sort of skill or knowledge and inspiration. but you need to be different, which is the fool with extravagance and delirium- it doesn't mean its a negative thing. I'd say continue trusting yourself, you're in a very good grayzone it seems, its in your hands
  5. Hello, it's me again So I'm in a dilemma and looking for opinions...what do buttons symbolize? like...the buttons on your clothing. not on game controllers and stuff lol I've been finding buttons everywhere, and not just coincidentally, as if its trying to tell me something. I've found several in the span of 48 hours compared to months....could this mean something? I'm a very spiritual person, so I understand if there's a logical answer but I'm also curious about more... undetermined, symbolic answers :0
  6. You won't believe how excited I got realizing someone else replied to this lmao. I'm taking three separate readings for those questions, so I'm sorry if this reply comes a bit late! What Should I be working on right now? Answer- Two of Swords (Reversed), The Sun, Seven of Pentacles (Reversed)...Explanation? Two of Swords (Reversed) - Imposture, falsehood, duplicity, disloyalty ~~ The Sun - contentment, fortune and marriage ~~ Seven of Pentacles (Reversed) - Anxiety regarding money, failure in business. My opinion? I, personally, I don't know any details, but it seems to do a lot with a finance situation or the value in a relationship, but this shouldn't be taken negatively. The cards seem to be indicating something about a disruption, something may be possibly be disturbing these things, but it doesn't mean you can't change this, considering the right-side up of the swords and pentacles means courage, tenderness and affection, intimacy, barter and success, meaning these are definitely reversible! Am I making the right decisions? Answer - Ten of Pentacles, Two of Swords (again Reversed..) and Five of Swords (Reversed)....Explanation? Ten of Pentacles - Gain riches, home, family ~~ Two of Swords (Reversed) was mentioned before, surprised it came back ~~ Five of Swords (Reversed) - revocation, dishonor, loss. My Opinion? You seem to be making the right choices, but I think you may be second guessing yourself a little too much. This is more personal, but I know various INTP's, every time they second guess themselves rather than listening to their gut, something goes wrong, so that's a heads up How do I make it so the future I want becomes a reality? Answer - Queen of Swords, Nine of Cups, Nine of Pentacles Reversed....Explanation? Queen of Swords? -sterility, mourning, separation ~~ Nine of Cups -contentment, good future, physical well-being, victory, success, satisfaction ~~ Nine of Pentacles (Reversed) - deception. My Opinion? I think something might be going on, someone either left, wronged you, or something happened even with yourself you can't seem to shake, it might be bothering you. I suggest trying to resolve this, for the Cups card grants you the gift of positivity if this is succeeded, I think. But I wouldn't suggest letting this get to you, or letting it happen again as if something never happened, because that's when Swords comes in, deception. Please just be cautious I hope this was alright and easy to understand! I'm so sorry I took so long!
  7. I swear I'm no harm to you, I have no harmful intentions here thank you for the warm welcome though!
  8. This is absolutely phenomenal! This seems like a beautiful experience with an entity....does she have a name?? also can you say hi to her for me if you have the time and energy? this is quite a curious topic! I'm intrigued!
  9. Hello! I'm new to the forum, I was introduced to the forum by someone else on here, and I've finally decided to post! I'm a little nervous posting this, but I'm offering free tarot readings if anyone's interested in them! They're not supposed to be serious, but could definitely be a good outlook on things in my opinion! If you're interested in receiving a reading, you could leave a comment answering these questions so I have a better time connecting to you for your reading! -Your personality type (I'd like to know the way you behave and communicate) -Physical Appearance (Not necessary! No photo either! I'd just like to be able to visualize who I'm reading) -What you'd like me to do a reading on! I can do love, future events (like game turnouts for people who play sports), luck, or your energy status (like how clear minded you are) Please don't be shy to reply to this!! If you have any questions outside of tarot, I'm willing to answer them! I'm pretty strong in all metaphysical topics.