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  1. I've realized some types are so incompatible they're not even worth talking to. I used to think ESFJs are one of the worst types, but I'm actually relatively compatible with them as they can somewhat understand me. If I say I'm gonna watch anime, they're not confused nor completely disinterested. They're capable of understanding the concept of entertainment (Si), and how work/family/status isn't all there is to life (Se). I was talking to an ENFJ, and it made me realize how ugly of a personality some people can have. There are good people in every type, but.. my god.. Se3-Ti4, or Se3-Fi4 women are like..🤢🤢 Just my own observations. Don't take it too seriously.
  2. Bored, so here's a journal. Journals seem to be the trending thing these days?‍♂️ If you're reading this (..why??) feel free to ask questions or anything you want. I guess I'm looking for excuses to procrastinate meditation??
  3. It's all the same thing in the end, so a distinction isn't strictly necessary. It's only useful when talking about practicalities. A peak experience on drugs is the same thing you seek through spiritual growth. The goal of spirituality is to live in an acid trip 24/7, and taking drugs is good for that. How do you grow spiritually? You have experiences that shape your thinking, and that's what drugs do. Integration happens from repeated exposure and acceptance of experience, drugs simply increase the rate at which you're exposed to experiences. Perhaps you meant that Leo seems to have a good awareness of reality, yet doesn't seem very loving/spiritual like Sadhguru? I think that's mostly just personality/culture and lack of integration. The most spiritual, awake, loving person can be an asshole stock trader or whatever. The reason Sadhguru seems so happy and loving isn't because he's "spiritual" or "advanced", he's just a random eccentric guy from an extremely ESFx culture. What's your point exactly? That Leo should focus more on spiritual growth rather than psychonautics? Or that most of the psychonauts/INxJs on the forum haven't integrated anything? There isn't really any direct way of doing spiritual work. If you're living life then that's as spiritual as it gets. Taking a shit is as spiritual as meditating, doing self enquiry, or doing chakra work. You can't really isolate "spirituality", only random "non-spiritual" stuff like drugs, or anything really. But besides general "experiences", drugs are one of the few "meta" things you can focus on, so spiritual communities sometimes make that their focal point. How else can people talk about spirituality? Talking about their fears/feelings? Talking about yoga? Well all that is fine, but drugs and altered-state-of-consciousness experiences that can provide God-level insights are a more direct and interesting way to explore and discuss spirituality.
  4. Putin is a crazy, senile old fool, as can be seen in his decision to blow up the pipe. vs Putin blew up the pipe so noone gets the idea to try to overthrow him and seek international recognition / legitimacy by offering Europe to turn NS1 back on. That's the difference between Fi and Ti. With the second one, where is the Fi? Go ahead and find it for me. Night and day difference, idk how you still struggle with it.
  5. He makes an emotionally charged assertion, and then remembers he has to sound impartial and so often turns it into a question the last second. "They're sham referendums that how you see them?" "So in their minds it's okay to blow up the west if they don't share these wonderful values?" He tries to mock Russia because it goes against his Fi. He uses language in a way which communicates his own views. With every talking point of his he tries to reach some emotional conclusion. He expects his Fi to be validated after each questions "so the Russians are bad, yes?" "so Putin is stupid, yes?". Even when talking about strategy or facts, it's always about getting to some emotional conclusion. An INTP or something would be much more interested in the strategy itself, or the possible outcomes, or the specific weapons used, or the details in logistics. An ISFP is just interested in knowing how to feel about the situation (Fi), who's winning (FiSe), and who will or should win (Ni). And yeah, he's funny cause SFs aren't expected to be so direct. ISFPs are hard for most people to understand. They don't really fall into any basic category. Too cold and selfish to be a feeler, but too warm and caring to be an intellectual.
  6. Infinity contains everything. Our reality is stable as we have no awareness within anything that's not stable enough to exist. But even within a stable reality there should be some sort of collisions and interactions with other-dimensional elements. I already know an answer to this, but only within a couple of models. Wondering if there are other perspectives.
  7. From what I've gathered, they're basically the same thing. Turquoise, or whatever's the highest stage you can imagine, is most easily summed up as awareness, and awareness is essentially love, as if you're unable to love something you've not come to the full awareness of what that thing is. It's also an evolutionarily necessity as only nothing exists without love. So really all stage descriptions and all models are unnecessary if you can simply somehow measure love, as that should tell you everything. I had this idea as I've noticed that the most impressive people seem to love everyone the most easily and quickly; and also judge the least—due to empathy and understanding on multiple levels. But maybe willingness/ability to love isn't the same as depth of love, which may be a better benchmark here.
  8. So I manifested a new gf, and all it took was like a day. Got everything I could've possibly wanted, but now that I got it the excitement maybe has worn off just a little. It seems no matter what I manifest it's never enough. I'm wondering if I'll ever be satisfied in a relationship. I manifested money with zero effort. Manifested a literal 10/10 model fwb, and all that's left is to manifest a car, for which the process has already begun without any input from myself. The fact that I'm generating my own reality couldn't be any more obvious. I've even manifested the awareness to answer all my own questions. I already know my own future and how it'll feel. It feels so good, so euphoric knowing how perfect everything is, yet also so lacking in fulfilment and satisfaction as it's all within arm's reach but just not quite.
  9. Already had that. I think it's good to try to find balance between our love lives and sex lives. Unhealthy for one to dominate completely. I only really do long distance relationships so that totally doesn't apply to me, lol. I did, but it's pointless. lol, I'm not without my lower chakras. I've just been ignoring them for a while. You're advising to transcend sex. Not sure that's a good idea. As humans, we shouldn't try to reshape our nature and live only in our heads. Yeah.. that's basically my perspective. If monogamy is so great, why not have multiple monogamies? I think the only real argument against polygamy is that humans are very limited in their capacity for love, and so resources are best spent on a single person as it will result in a deeper, more fulfilling bond. But I do think that perhaps sex should be separated from love. Men are evolved to need not only love but also sex, so limiting yourself to one sex partner is unnatural. That's pretty much how I've approached this. But I always come back to the same person in the end. 1. For humans monogamy is likely more natural, but it's a more recent evolutionary adaptation. Monogamy is egoistic and selfish, as you're trying to ensure the propagation of your own genes, so it's something only an advanced species like humans would intentionally engage in. If we were stupid animals we would be polygamous, but we're not. 2. With deep love it's possible to actually only be attracted to your one partner as all others pale in comparison without the love component. tfw very high libido.
  10. Deepest insight so far: It's always seemed weird to me how peanut butter works with certain kinds of burgers. Especially bacon burgers. Of course, you won't ever find a peanut butter burger at McDonald's, or anywhere really, but if you're a NeSi you must've tried it at some point. It's either amazing or awful, but why would it ever work? It can't! It makes no sense!! But that is until.. you realize that sesame seeds are amazing on buns, and what can you make with sesame seeds? Tanihi!!!!! Which is basically the same thing as peanut butter, just with sesame instead of peanut butter. I theorize that tahini is actually more versatile than peanut butter and will compliment almost every kind of burger. Haven't tried this myself yet as I don't even remember what tahini tastes like and haven't looked for it properly in the house. I knew there was a reason Tahuti showed up! Might not have realized this if it wasn't for him. Did I really just fukin manifest Tahuti to improve my burgers?
  11. Was just telling gf about God. omg I feel God's love. omg. omg. This is really starting to trigger the God state. Why tf is @thisintegrated so advanced. This is weird. It's so beautiful, but not human. I don't know what to think of this. No human does this. Feels unnatural, but only from a certain perspective. From the comfortable illusion of being human, of having a life. What's the point of Leo's Yellow videos? That's all he's uploading lately. I don't even watch them. I see little point in anything other than God/Turquoise content. I've realized why I want to help others awaken even though they're not real. Or did I🤔 How did I do this? Haven't eaten in a while and am actually, mostly, sober. Why have I been trying to lower my awareness and doing dumb stuff like talking to girls lately🤔 Maybe I've been trying to find balance, but it seems stupid now. Awareness is all that matters. WTF why does it feels so good to wake up?!? How did I forget!!! Leo's wrong about needing drugs and about the limits of meditation. He hasn't gone anywhere near deep enough in meditation. Likely never will. Be ambitious enough to completely surpass Leo beyond anything he will ever achieve. He's a limited aspect of you, don't limit yourself to just his achievements in awakening. I need to meditate harder.
  12. Dogma. But I understand Leo and he's probably right, but the thing is his presentation style is more aligned with INTJ.
  13. Did he proclaim this as an absolute truth or was he talking about some theories he thought were interesting?
  14. Me whenever I say Leo's not an INTP.
  15. Hey! Bear pics are supposed to summon @AtheisticNonduality I was gonna ask for an update on the book. Also the mystery behind @Tahuti has, apparently, been solved.
  16. I know someone here likes tahini😏
  17. Yep, peanut butter, basically. I think I have some actually.
  18. Goths are Green and Orange. Which is precisely why I say it's a Green thing to view siddhis and stuff as anything special. They're not, they're just tools and perspectives. You see the occult as something special, you likely believe magic rituals or summoning lucifer are in some way different to the law of attraction, but they're not. The Green perspective may be more fun, but it's naiive. Tahini exposed!!😳😱
  19. Nah you're definitely Green. Everything you said is Green mysticism without any of the deeper Yellow/Turquoise understanding which removes the mysticism from mystic ideas. Everything about kundalini, prana, soul travel, siddhis, etc. Greens love stuff like siddhi as it sounds cool, Yellows just integrate it all and don't treat any one concept as anything special.
  20. lmao, good point.
  21. Good mod😌 This journal is like a #General channel on a Discord server. Not every idea needs its own thread. In fact, having discussion be divided into hundreds of threads only splits up the community. A central channel is what was missing on the forum, as I told Leo, but he's not a Ne user ..hence the existence of this journal😌 "Journaly" journals are really an INFP thing. This kind of journal is not. (Edit, @Carl-Richard) Fi users have a need to masturbate to their own thoughts and feelings, to admire their own inner-world. Fe users like ENxP don't have this need, and value the reactions of others too much to see much point in writing walls of text hidden away in a journal.