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  1. Thanks!! That might also be why i sleep so well. I lay my head down and almost instantly fall asleep.
  2. I agree. Sex is healthy and normal. I dont think for a second it damages the brain. And if you have had sex what is the pleasure of watching porn?
  3. Sex is a natural human activity. I cant imagine it causing brain damage.
  4. If its a sudden headache try standing on your head for a few minutes and get blood in there. Ok, yall might be laughing but it works for me.
  5. I will give it a try, thanks.
  6. average girl demeaning? Thats a slap in the face to an awful lot of girls.
  7. Thats awesome!! Glad you are feeling better. With my jogs and laying in the sun i think i get plenty of vit D!!
  8. I have num 1 and 2 covered but i do need work on self-esteem. When a realtionship fails i think its all me.
  9. But a tall beauty. I guess you need a basketball player!!
  10. Sick? Whats wrong? Its odd you mention it, but i sleep with my head propped up too, and i dream all night it seems.
  11. Do the best with what you have!! Im 5'4 and would love to be 5'7.
  12. You should worry more about love and not so much about looks. Ive been with a few "hot" guys and there was nothing attractive about them after a few encounters.