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  1. I got my Pfizer. No bad side effects.
  2. Uh, Terence, that's not a UFO. That's the moon and Dennis humming loudly.
  3. Sounds like a bad porno name.
  4. Discuss the police coming straight from the overgound.
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  6. @neutralempty A little bat!
  7. Rob Zombie enjoys corpses.
  8. Yeah, he will probably be a historical figure in some capacity due to his influence. I suspect he is one of the first of many in a wave.
  9. I don't have a problem with her being a dragon. But I would definitely lead a campaign to avoid large instances of this. Cause I don't want most chicks in the dating pool to look like that. You see?
  10. @Leo Gura You should make it your goal to become one of these entities after you die so that you can continue from hyperspace.
  11. Now this is what I call MEAN GREEN.
  12. Surveillance states can be misused.
  13. It's actually pretty equal for me.
  14. So I am an INTeFiJ, except I'm also pretty Fe. What I meant was that when I took the test before, I'd get INTJ. Now I get INFJ.
  15. Are your experiences when possessed completely consistent with his reported experiences of taking you over? And have you tried empirically verifying this?
  16. have been only singular,fertility%2C sexual development and behavior.
  17. I don't even need to explain why this is a bad idea.
  18. Got my vaccine and my behavior has not changed. So much for the Bill Gates brainwashing. \/
  19. @Leo Gura You have a book about astral projection and a book by Daniel Ingram. If you are interested in that, Daniel Ingram (friend of Frank Yang) has some cool techniques, even if you are usually not interested in aliens and spirits and other external things. There is also an obnoxious guy on the Carlos Castaneda subreddit named Dan who has full-blown trips eyes open with no drugs by just sitting and blankly staring in a pitch black room for hours at a time, although I don't advise interacting with him because his understandings of metaphysics and the purpose of spirituality are really bad.
  20. I changed from an INTJ to an INFJ.
  21. Quite interesting. Leo probably thinks it's like the hippie psychics who questioned that he was God and had no direct experience of what spirituality is actually about. Crowley has a concept called "crossing the Abyss" which means ego death or "completing the Great Work" which means enlightenment. He did meditation, yoga, breakthwork, and psychedelics. "Love is the Law" means Love = Reality. He gets a bad rap because he was an aristocratic elitist, abrasive, and was addicted to the heroin he was prescribed for asthma. He also had a spooky reputation among the Christian fundamentalists in England (this was the 1800s/1900s), so he played up Satanic demonic evil stuff to troll people basically. He kinda was a cult leader. Imagine but with a ranking system where you have to memorize certain rituals to advance in rank. This guy Austin Osman Spare didn't like that and also didn't like Crowley's gay flirtations. @Leo Gura Magic/witchcraft is a good blind spot for you to investigate as a self-actualization element. I only know one person who's achieved complete knockout nonduality through "ceremonial magic" like Crowley, but this here is good advice regarding self-improvement. Genesis (good friend of Terence McKenna and Timothy Leary and Alexander Shulgin) here is self-actualization taken to its extreme (even though they are quite overweight and abused ketamine). Genesis borrowed an idea from Austin Osman Spare which is the orgasm ritual technique: social conditioning shuts down when you cum, so you can set intentions better.
  22. Stupid delusional unconscious people that think they are smarter than me make me want to fix or change them, but they won't have it. I need to commit to let go of this.