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  1. The answer to this is it depends upon why and how you are playing video games. Video games are a little different from other forms of entertainment as sometimes it presents actual ways to grow. But at the same time it is still entertainment, and designed to keep you in flow state such as gambling is. Are you playing video games for real growth or fake growth(rank) Are you playing video games to escape from reality? The thing with video games is that it tends to not provide any happiness in the long-term. Once people are addicted to it, they feel like they are not in control of their own lives at that point if they have other desires in life that they want to pursue instead. Ultimately I have no idea about what you should do
  2. Hello, i've read some of your journals and I think this article could be helpful Also I think you do need to cry, and let out your emotions. But also don't go overboard with letting it out, maybe set a couple of days a week to allow yourself to live
  3. Introducing consistent difficult exercise. So i've found that my soft consistent exercise does not provide me with a satisfying benefit. I'm going to try to cycle between different workouts to allow for my muscles to heal if my legs are tired for example. Running - hard Arm workout - pushups,ect. -medium ab workout - easy --------- Need to get back into meditation -------- 20mins- 1hour of strong determination sitting every morning or at 5:00pm. Now I can see that the goals I have here are pretty difficult in my schedule and truthfully we are depending on our willpower to get it done. I find that my willpower isn't that shit. So we'll see how it goes.
  4. Someone just posted this vid on this forum. I think I'm going to approach exercise this way. Approach exercise from a long-term perspective. A sustainable choice of exercise. I already have a somewhat sustainable workout routine. Where I just walk at night. I would like to make it more sustainable. The benefits of taking a walk at night are just horrendous for me. I tend to be more productive and have more self-control due to relaxing the following day. Helps me detach from life and ground me in reality. Away from all the rules of school and shit. I allow my brain to explore new ideas, and can start looking at my life from a big picture perspective causing me to have lots and lots of insights Helps me fall asleep as soon as I hit my bed.(if I don't go for a walk and I haven't exercised the entire day, I just lay in my bed for hours and hours) So I would need to set a chain of habits or create an environment that pushes me to go for a walk. one weird strategy is to just open my window wide open. This causes all the outside air to come in, removing the change/willpower required to go for a walk on days that I don't want to. Put on socks(removes resistance towards putting on shoes.) Buy 1 pair of shoes only for walking. spend atleast 30mins inside at my desk doing experiential learning. Which includes lots of failure, and hopefully willpower. So that I can be tired mentally.
  5. The most important thing to planning about my health is that I can actually do what I say I'm going to do. the beginning (note i'm not an expert on this stuff and therefore the stuff i'm writing could be wrong. If you know anything that is incorrect please tell me. ) the thing that made fasting so helpful for me was due to the fact that I was in ketosis. During that time the body stops receiving energy from food/glucose/carbohydrates because nothing is coming in, my starts producing something called ketones which is produced by converting my body fat into energy. Essentially your body starts to eat itself. Keytones are a natural fuel for your body that cannot be found through eating other things. However; it is the perfect fuel for your body. It was made specifically for you. If there's a smart drug out there, ketosis is the way to get it. My focus narrowed down by an unbelievable amount, it's the most focused i've ever been in my entire life. Glucose mainly comes from the carbs in your diet, including sugars and starchy foods like bread, pasta and vegetables(ok?).-may need more research How to get into keytosis? increase exercise - uses your glucose. stop eating. Track your carb intake. This helps to ensure you eat 20–50g increase your intake of high-quality fats. Aim to get at least 70% of your calories from healthy fats, such as nuts, nut butter, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, avocados, meats, eggs, and fatty fish like salmon. Try intermittent fasting. Use a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) supplement. Cons of keytosis Keytosis does appear to have some cons to it, since a lot of the articles had it contained within. But essentially if i'm not careful with the diet, it may not work. I will probably work more on this. What am I going to do? well, since I fasted for 2 days, and I was dreaming about sushi, burgers, and fries. I think I will allow myself to eat unhealthy one time. But I think i'll start with coffee, I put brown sugar into my coffee. How about we switch to tea? How about we reduce the amount of sugar in our coffee? Also fasting seems to be very natural for me. So we could do more of that. If it doesn't seem to be sustainable I could try to add a breakfeast in there. Order keytone testing strips so I can know more accurately what is going on in my body.
  6. hello, I'm currently on day 2/3 of my fast where I only drink water and tea. I have noticed some incredible benefits to my concentration and makes me realize how important eating healthy food is for my life purpose. Now I would like to spend some time learning, then teaching (through this journal) about things like diets and exercising. Introduction so a bit about my health habits. For most of my life i've never really been unhealthy, nor have I been healthy. I exercise a little bit. I eat junk food sometimes, my diet contains things like white rice which is supposedly not good for you.
  7. pain will never go away