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  1. "The grass is really greener." I don't think I understood what that really meant when I first heard this!
  2. "There is a major difference between having a fat ass and being a fatass." --AtheisticNonduality
  3. Pfizer. First shot was minor fatigue. Second shot was moderate fatigue.
  4. @mandyjw @Gesundheit2 Girls rule, boys are mules.
  5. why u orange bro
  6. I'm 6'2 and 200 pounds and aggressive enough to call you out on your nonsense, so I don't really see your point.
  7. Intelligence helps you get there, but I think average intelligence people can train to understand stuff like SD yellow.
  8. It's because good English and vague allusions to infectologists gives the illusion that he is making a rational cogent argument rather than just being dogmatic and whiny. @impulse9
  9. Anyone who thinks Vaush is evil needs to die on a gulag.
  10. Define "degenerate."
  11. Ew.
  12. Or perhaps it is like a balloon drifting too high into the sky that needs a stone hung from it to go back down to the world.
  13. I could see this having some issues, like music that's aggressive being labelled Red or music that vaguely references New Age stuff as being Turquoise.