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  1. @Swagala what strain did you smoke?
  2. I also see 11:11 alot, but don't know what it means.
  3. "non duality wars not allowed here" Both Leo and winter Knight should be banned. 😉
  4. @Zorka since there is no control, "everything is looking at you" as it is you. The illusory self would align with reality once it gives up the control itself. All that would be left is love with the capital L. 🙏
  5. Rip Joe, the forum would miss your journal posts. 🕵️
  6. Good boy is aware of it. 🙏
  7. Spend more time in the nature alone.
  8. Do you think it is possible for an individual with ocd, bipolar disorder and addiction attain enlightenment? I mean addiction and lower neurotic behaviour run in their genes.
  9. Nice to see Joe back in form and sharing with us all these valuable insights consistently 🤯