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  1. I never made women a point of reference , just want to find a place where I can find stage green girls. You go to church to find stage blue chicks, a bar to find stage orange chicks, but where do I go to hunt the stage green ones? Village would be a good place maybe?
  2. I am too shy to disclose it. πŸ™ˆ
  3. @TheBeachBionic after looking at the picture that you sent, I can honestly tell that you are not ugly at all, additionally you don't need others confirmation to validate your body or face. Check this girl and how she carries herself out after being called the ugliest woman in the earth by hundreds and thousands of people on YouTube.
  4. I am so excited with the legalization of weed, going to buy some Grand Daddy purple tonight legally and smoke it in front of my garage. πŸ‘Š
  5. As a bipolar and an addict, I can totally relate with your problem. I have suicidal thoughts at least once a week and it can be extremely tough to calm down the inner voice. In June I was standing right at the edge of a lake at 3 in the night, ready to jump and end all the misery. My eyes were closed and it felt terrifying yet peaceful at the same time. It was like my whole life was playing in front of me, this character and all the stories, experiences that it brought. It was just too hard for me to visualize the pain and sorrow the ending of this character and its body would bring to my family, few close friends who were always there during the good or bad times. I just could not do it, just could not. But I don't get scared from death anymore, it can't be worse than what we go through everyday, and the things we do to mask it for a short term. Everything is indeed a big pile of bullshit.
  6. I had a double cheese burger combo and mchicken sandwich for dinner. πŸ˜‹ Cheat day ☠️
  7. Try 2 tspon Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water 4x a day. Poor posture can also put strain on the lower stomach.
  8. My favourite benefit is the burst of testosterone and 24/7 boner. Makes you feel like a sex god. 😈
  9. My Life is cool as hell 😎.
  10. All UFC fanboy chimps just watch this video. When khabib was thrashing McGregor he asked him to repeat the shit he said to him at the press conference, and he replied "it's only business". Yes! said by the spiritually minded woo woo fighter by himself,who you guys think are more developed than the people on this forum. Stage yellow thinking my as* .hehehehehe.
  11. Dang! Never knew 40 times 3 years old virgin existed on planet earth. πŸ‘»
  12. I misred the title "meeting with a 122 year old virgin". Lol
  13. Extreme open minded is required to see the beauty in my hand, it's pure consciousness and infinity love.πŸ˜‹
  14. My hand is full of shit 😷
  15. I thought Maya was some hot chick😍. My bad, it makes sense now.