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  1. Thank you Anton. You are a good boy šŸ‘
  2. High fat(good) low carb diet is dope.
  3. @Paul92 ye. I have tried pills numerous times, it is a pussy method and does not seem to work. Enjoy your new life. šŸ¤ø
  4. It's a straight forward method. If you are having problems in insertion, then ask your girlfriend to do it for you. šŸ„’ Anything to attain nirvana baby.
  5. Enjoy the ego backlash while it lasts. Soon there won't be any ego if you continue to walk on the path. šŸ’€
  6. Leo is a 5 Meo dmt enlightened good boy.
  7. Good boy leaving for the second time in the last two months. šŸ–ļø
  8. Fine, don't be a yogi. You are a good, wise boy.
  9. Also do some deep(belly) breathing exercises.
  10. @SunnyNewDay so true. That's why yogis spend their entire lives in caves. Evil World won't let you pursue the path for too long.
  11. Nofap is the key bro.