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  1. Black mirror and Mr. Robot. 👍
  2. He tried to quit a benzo class drug cold turkey, so it was bound to make his life miserable. Benzos are the hardest drug to quit as the withdrawals are insane.
  3. @TrynaBeTurquoise ye
  4. From my own personal experience , cutting flouride completely for an year gave me no health or spiritual benefits. My oral health was meh and I had to get two fillings done, but I am not a flosser.
  5. @TrynaBeTurquoise They also said that Hitler used to poison his prisoners with flouride. 😂 Not sure about pineal gland, but cutting flouride from water and tooth paste would give you a dozen cavities.
  6. @Pras by applying mindfulness and being in the moment. Uncertainty is just ego's survival mechanism and future events are just thought stories in the mind. Easier said than done, but daily practice makes it much easier.
  7. @Preetom @Shin @Joseph Maynor These Good boys are ☠️ as well
  8. @krockerman that love would wear off in a few years and you would want to jump to another dream with another beautiful girl. Conditional, finite love would never fulfil you.
  9. @apparentlynoselfindeed. I use them for an hour before going to sleep and it makes me feel relaxed in the morning.
  10. Even enlightened individuals have some ego. Does Love completely dissolve the ego?
  11. Chakras are real I think, back in 2016 I tried opening the 3rd eye just for fun. The experience was pretty scary, and the pressure in the 3rd eye region was too much to handle. Had this Feeling of something kicking and pushing me off the bed every night. Try this daily to open your 3rd eye(use at your own risk ) :- - 1 hour of chanting a mantra meditation - 30 minutes of 6 3 6 3 breathing. - 1 hour of 3rd eye binaural beats in the night. - intermittent fasting with distilled water.
  12. I also see 11:11 alot, but don't know what it means.