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  1. Live 6 months in extreme depersonalization/derealization and you would be convinced of living in a dream world. Timwould go by so fast that it won't exist, memories won't make sense as you would be confused if it happened or not, sense of yourself would not exist, emotions would not be felt at all. Life is indeed a dream, and I love that dream episode.
  2. I am always down for fun stuff. Let's do it 😈
  3. Makes sense. No wonder people spend decades and fail to get enlightened. It's tough for people with a weak heart and strong ego. Not impossible though.
  4. This one works best for me. It relaxes me before going to sleep and creates a powerful energy in my pineal gland area.
  5. Can a person really die of a heart attack from ego death? There are people with weak heart and strong ego.
  6. Thats awesome. Chicks can use your hand as an electronic vibrator, you can even charge them like $10 a session. 🤓
  7. Bang chicks day and night, I am planning to become male gigolo. 🤓
  8. Do Kegel in the future.
  9. None. Just keep posting on this forum and you would move forward. Lol
  10. Have rich parents 😁
  11. Don't call 911 now, they would think you are a terrorist and throw you in jail.
  12. Simply breakup with her and start banging hot girls every weekend. You are attached to her which is the cause of your suffering man.