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  1. @Aakash @Aakash it's only two points. Good boy has got 8 points and is still alive, so no need to worry yet.
  2. I am on 4 months of no fap and it definitely makes a difference in lower anxiety and extra energy. 💪
  3. @SoonHei good boy should not chase enlightenment. Just do the practices and it would come to you when the time is right.
  4. I agree with Joe. Politics is a very tricky subject and should only be dealt with stage yellow and above for personal development.
  5. There is no way out of wage slavery for most people obviously. In my opinion one can not be enlightened while on wage slavery.
  6. @Western Buddha ewww. Good boy almost puked after reading your post. Stay strong my friend. 💪
  7. @Rilles good boy should stop being a cheap ass and buy this one next time:-
  8. Is good boy coral?
  9. @SQAAD one year is not enough, you need a decade of work to get any type of self mastery.✊
  10. @AudibleLocket good boy needs to do it on weekdays too to get enlightened. 🙏
  11. Yay..❤️❤️❤️ Thread is full of Infinite love again. Happy family
  12. Joseph and Nahm are good boys. Infinite love ❤️❤️❤️
  13. @SoonHei ye. Channeling still in progress ❤️❤️. Infinite love
  14. @Shin they need to reach turquoise to get full enlightenment (the one that Leo talks about even after getting enlightened). Until then they are just good boys.