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  1. "Warnings" are not warnings they are instant suspensions.
  2. what is your method and duration?
  3. Related Essay, Jeff Foster
  4. You have discovered that the spiritual sphere you have visited is leading toward narcissism. You can live like that and not worry about it. Or you can seek out a spiritual method that is compassion oriented and people that represent and do it well, not just speak it If you focus on caring about certain people, even if you fake it for a while It will eventually expand and come back to you. but it can't be only an intellectual process. It needs a physical element.
  5. yes but I'm not going to get into specifics. Some trips were interesting but I don't thing they rendered all books on philosophy obsolete
  6. That's not being fair. It's your biased opinion that Leo is beyond anything contemporary spiritual schools have produced or talk about. You are referring to, That is primary videos. That means we should be able to look at a transcript of a given video and determine that what was said is " beyond anything contemporary spiritual schools have produced or talk about." So put something on the table other than an entire video. Let's look at a 10 minute section of a video, give the time markers
  7. I ask for evidence when someone says they know more about consciousness than someone else because they take particular psychedelics. Having an experience does not mean you know something above the details of that experience. If someone smokes opium or takes a trip Machu Picchu and another person hasn't they can't claim to be more knowledgeable in a general sense. They had an experience taking one chemical that the other person didn't have. That doesn't mean they are more conscious. It means they had an experience that the other person didn't have.
  8. It doesn't matter what sticks or not If someone has a trip on a psychedelic then what they say when in that state should reveal something about consciousnesses that has not been revealed before Leo said his latest awakening revealed "I am a miracle" "You are a miracle" and "existence is a miracle" and that a miracle is defined as something that defies the laws of physics. So this is the evidence that psychedelics reveal something about consciousnesses that other methods don't, that the laws of physics have been disproved? So what has been proved on the positive. Does a person have to take a psychedelic to believe that science is invalid? We can't find mystics or religious who might say that without the psychedelics Where is the super incredible knowledge other than take this or that particular chemical and have this particular experience? People say you need "direct experience". Direct experience of what? Experience of something they have no ability to understand? "Everything is imaginary" is that the ultimate truth? So of what use is it to say that and how is that some unique thing no one has every said before? Consciousness is experience, we have direct experience all the time. In the video Leo compares psychedelics to rendering everything gurus teach and books to be obsolete, the comparison is made over and over again that these experiences are like knowledge in books but this knowledge is the correct knowledge. But if it's not about "knowledge" and it's just an experience to have why even mention books or philosophy? So experience is what renders these things obsolete? What experience? That someone had a feeling of "oneness" on psychedelic and they think it's a deeper feeling of oneness than mediators get? This is my advice. Leo is not the only person to have taken a psychedelic. So set up a live event on youtube. - yes live and dangerous-no nets Leo and four other people trip masters on 5 Meo having a discussion. This should blow away your Sadhgurus at Harvard, your Einsteins, your Sam Harris' , your Rupert Spiras' , your Eckhart Tolles, etc etc Set up some chairs, drop the tabs, bring in the psychonauts and teach humanity the true truths instead of hiding out home talking to camera
  9. Cognitive scientist Don Hoffman takes us deep into his research suggesting we're attacking the problem backwards. The implications may challenge all you know about our place in reality. Take the Red Pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes... In this extended interview we dive into the Interface Theory of Perception (how evolution hides the truth about reality in favor of a dumbed down "user interface" that only shows us "fitness payoffs" that help us survive), the "Hard Problem of Consciousness" and how we simply have no idea how consciousness could emerge from physical matter, the non-dual theory of Conscious Realism (how reality is really a social network of "conscious agents" and our perceptions are simply the interface by which we exchange experience with other agents), the math behind conscious agent theory, implications for artificial intelligence (AI), psychedelics, spirituality, and much, much more. August 2013
  10. Mod if possible please move topic to Meditation, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Spirituality thanks, mistakenly posted here
  11. Leo says in his latest video "Miracle Awakening" that "I am a miracle" "You are a miracle" and "existence is a miracle" and he says that one year doing psychedelics is equivalent to 20 years meditating. So if he's been doing it for 6 years his awareness must be equivalent to 120 years meditating. So where is the unique knowledge coming out of this? He keeps saying that psychedelics are 20x more powerful than meditating. Where is the evidence of this? "I am a miracle" "You are a miracle" and "existence is a miracle" . This is nice but it doesn't sound so unique and amazing. Give me an example of something written while tripping on 5 Meo or another psychedelic that is unique that has some usefulness other than sounding like some mystical paradox, interesting of no use mindbenders like "Everything I say is lie including this statement". You can get high and listen to a piece of music and it sounds like the greatest thing you ever heard. Then when you come down off of it and listen again you realize you had accidentally been listing to Justin Beiber. Where are the great books written while tripping on LSD replacing the great works of philosophy or great spiritual books? You don't need to have a permanent awakening. Just take the drug go into the high state of consciousness and write it down. Several trips and you will have a classic. People have had millions of trips on LSD. People have been taking mushrooms and peyote and Ayawasca for hundreds or thousands of years. So where are the symphonies greater than Bach and Beethoven? Where is the Bhagavad Gita, The Bible, the Tao Te Ching? The Picassos and Leonardos? The Stephen Hawkings, The Buddhas ?? Where is the stuff better or as good as that that? You don't need 40 years of meditating. Just take 5-Meo and while you are in that super high conscious state start reciting your spiritual wisdom and record it, or take out your sheet music paper and write a symphony or discover some long unsolved math problem Where is the gift to the world other than - take this this thing- and feel this way - ? I am not against exploring psychedelics I am against being constantly being told it's better Stop saying it's better, show it's better Go into your state of betterness and manifest something out of it instead of just saying the state is better You say taking a chemical produces a superior state of consciousness. That means brain surgery might be able to to the same thing and make it permanent. But first let's see what can be accomplished while in such a state other than being paralyzed by awe to see if it's worth artificially altering the brain permanently.