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  1. 1) How old are you? 2) Who's idea was it for you to see a psychologist? You or your parents' ? 3) What was the goal supposed to be? Was it for the psychologist to help you accept all your feelings of homosexuality and homosexual behavior or was the goal to get you to stop having homosexual feelings and doing homosexual behavior?
  2. You can become enlightened by choice rather than mediating or taking a psychedelic and expecting it to come to you but it's not an easy choice to make because you have to start living it and many people don't really want everything that comes with it just what they select out of it
  3. He's talking about Leo's type of love it's completely different
  4. It's not a joke you decide you are enlightened and the you act enlightened it's a choice they don't tell you that in the manual meanwhile the next guy is mediation in a cave for six hours a day in Thailand getting bitten by mosquitoes wondering why he's still not enlightened remember nonduality ? > no distinction there is no distinction between being "getting" enlightened and choosing to be enlightened the "getting" part was the illusion You choose it But people don't want to give up everything, their attachments and especially their security It's not like actualization where you first establish your basic survival needs that type of safety net will not test you No, in fact the most profound enlightenment is often in the middle of a disaster or struggle where your survival may be insecure That may not happen but security is not guaranteed then you may suddenly break out laughing.. ha ha ha But if you do this in the U.S. or if you do it somewhere else each place will have it's unique conditions and response or lack of So after you are enlightened to you give up meditation? no, that has it's place as well, look at the leaf of an oak two hours have passed
  5. biden bad man, bad aaaaahhhh, hit bad man with club mAn BAd hit with club, hurt bad man china man bad more hit, hit aaaahhhhh
  6. Sadhguru said he knews nothing about meditation or metaphysics, he was a businessman and he sat on a hill one day he says he was not a meditator he become spontaneously enlightened Eckhart Tolle at the age of 29, after having suffered from long periods of depression says he experienced an "inner transformation". He said> I couldn’t live with myself any longer. And in this a question arose without an answer: who is the ‘I’ that cannot live with the self? What is the self? I felt drawn into a void! I didn’t know at the time that what really happened was the mind-made self, with its heaviness, its problems, that lives between the unsatisfying past and the fearful future, collapsed. It dissolved. The next morning I woke up and everything was so peaceful. The peace was there because there was no self. Just a sense of presence or "beingness," just observing and watching So if this is true meditation is not required to become enlightened. Neither are psychedelics (but try to even think of a few people who are regraded as enlightened and did it by psychedelics) However one can't rely on these spontaneous events to occur out of nowhere either. There is no standard or way of testing to see if someone is enlightened so being enlightened is a matter of claiming you're enlightened and other people thinking you are, if not, acting enlightened and people claiming you are enlightened So how can one become enlightened? Answer: Just say you are or act in a way that people will assume you are enlightened. And the mores you act this way and the more you will be regarded as enlightened. You could act differently in private but the more you do that the more chance you being exposed as hypocritical So to begin this process you study the behavior of other people regarded to be enlightened closely and imitate what they say and do but you don't imitate ant one person word for word, you take for here and there and mix it together and put your own touch to it You have to give up your attachments and bad habits so you do as much as possible. Once you do this for a while you adapt more and more to it and you speak to people on spiritual topics and how they can improve their lives. Then the good karma comes back and people help you and sometimes give you things. This is how you become enlightened. It's a lifestyle choice You make a choice "I am going to live the way a enlightened person lives and in doing so I am enlightened" and you don't look back that's how it's done. Sitting in meditation is good for settling the mind but alone it doesn't make you enlightened. You have to choose to be enlightened. But people can see what it is to live like this and they say they want to become enlightened but they actually fear living this way. So they sit and they sit for hours and years hoping that this fear will go away and something all of the sudden something will hit them and make them want to become enlightened with their full being. But that is not going to happen, You have to make the choice in your default state not during meditation. So if you stop wanting to become enlightened is that when it comes? No, it doesn't come from a burning desire to become enlightened or somehow come to you when you don't cling to the idea. It comes about by choosing to live this was and then doing it So you say that sounds easy. Why doesn't everybody do it? It is because once you do it people will question you, you may have been living quietly but now people question everything you say and try to make you into a fraud. You may have to be poor for a while or you may not But all that goes with it. It is part of the choice
  7. THIS IS HOW I THINK THE ARREST SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED He had been arrested 9 times before and was already in car but then complaining about claustrophobia and he had just come out of a own car. He was saying he could't breathe the whole time before he was even on the ground. So all of that can be ignored because everybody is saying I can't breath now while getting arrested. (it's a different matter when you have the person pinned on the ground or doing something that could affect the breathing- but that situation came later on the ground) Then after they were having trouble getting him into the car he said he wanted to lie on the ground, they put him on the ground. I think that then they should have not touched him for a while while he was on the ground like 5 minutes, not said anything and see what he would do. Then after 5 minutes tell him he's going in the car hes' being arrested. if he still refused to get in the car you have 4 officers grab his legs and force him in that car (but no punching) If they still felt they couldn't get him in and shut the door call a police van and walk him into a police van. It's easy at that point Put your knee on his neck ? No, never So you're saying why add the expense of bringing in a van? Because if you don't bad things happen people get killed, the department gets sued for millions and protesters burn 20 buildings to the ground. So tell the person, you are being arrested no matter what. You can go in a van or if you are worried about your breathing we'll bring an ambulance you can get extra oxygen but if you take the ambulance you will be strapped in. . Take your pick So then you bring in a van or ambulance and the situation is done and there doesn't have to be nation wide protests.
  8. you could be a squirrel in a human's body everybody has spirit animal
  9. June 11 interview George Floyd and Derek Chauvin "bumped heads" while working at nightclub, former coworker says. He says Derek Chauvin was mad about a payment amount he got from the club. It seems peculiar to me that when you watch the body cam video taken of George Floyd he never acts like he knew Chauvin. And it is also peculiar how George Floyd acts like they are going to kill him but he had been arrested 9 times. Does this all sound consistent? No
  10. Please stick to the topic, Trump's plan to lower prescription drug costs, including importing FDA-approved drugs from other countries like Canada. And this other remark where he talks about unknown middle men who are super wealthy and involved in these prescription drug sales. I doubt he has no idea on who is involved in the transactions
  11. what is your opinion of Derek Chauvin's intent ? 1) Kill George Floyd 2) Put his knee on George Floyd's neck until he passed out , (knowing that using a neck restraint to render someone unconscious was permitted and in the training manual at the time) 3) Immobilize George Floyd until he agreed to go in the car