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  1. @Gili Trawangan Interesting story. It seems like you went through a lot of sh*t and came out the other end a lot stronger. My biggest fear is fear of extreme pain. But not just any kind of pain. I mean pain of getting brutally tortured by some Mexican drug cartel. Lol. That's my worst nightmare ever. It has made non-duality kinda traumatic for me..God is definetely not all rainbows and butterflies. In fact the level of pain/suffering we can experience is ridiculous. I guess this shows how much God is willing to take. It shows how fearless is God. Despite all the extreme pain, i have faith in God's infinite intelligence. I know the pain will eventually end. God is fearless but not stupid.
  2. @Roy I can relate a LOT with what you are saying. I also love going out in Nature away from people as much as possible. The more conscious you become, the more you realize the insanity of modern man. And the absurdity of it all.
  3. @Osaid I get a similar experience to that when meditating. There are moments where i am not aware of anything in particular and there are also zero thoughts. All i know at that point is that i am aware. I can't even say that i am aware of awareness itself. I am just aware. It's very peaceful.
  4. @Leo Gura Why do some teachers put an emphasis on being aware of Consciousness without any objects? Should someone when meditating try to be aware of consciousness itself without any objects and generally ignore objects?
  5. @Moksha There is this distinction created by many gurus between Consciousness and whatever Consciousness is Conscious of. And they are trying to point the student towards consciousness without objects.
  6. Many spiritual teachers such as Rupert Spira talk about being aware of being aware. Or being aware of Awareness itself. I have been meditating for years now. And my mind becomes really still. I feel that i am aware of awareness itself. But sometimes i even doubt that Awareness exists by itself. Maybe i am just aware of the absence of sounds.. I am definitely aware but not aware of something in particular. Leo has said in this video that there is not even Consciousness. There is only being. But on another video about Neti Neti he kinda has different positions... Does pure awareness/consciousness without objects exist? I have considered the possibility that only whatever we experience exist (sights, sounds etc) and maybe we don't need any awareness to be aware of these things. Also the problem is that you can never be aware of awareness because it is non-objective.
  7. What i've come to realize so far is that Sam Harris, hate, love, judgement etc are all parts of God's mind. They only exist because its the content of God's mind. It has more to do with what this mind imagines rather than infinity i believe. Therefore God loves to judge , love to rape , love all these dreams and nigthmares. This reality we experience reveals the mind of God. It is an infinitely intelligent mind which loves drama.
  8. @mysticalninja Yes the situation is really really bad. I remember meeting a 12 year old boy few years ago. And he was watching on the phone another scumbag-rapper who was taking drugs, making tons of money and fucking prostitutes. Lol. That's what many kids get brainwashed with in this modern age. I hope in the future more people will want to be monks , philosophers, gurus and scientists. I really hate this materialistic culture of wealthy idiots who have no idea how much suffering they are causing to the bottom of the pyramid. I believe that if i was to give some of these fools a strong psychedelic and make them introspect with a visualization exercise on the damage they are causing to others, they would be puking for hours. They would feel sick with themselves. Most of them just need a rude awakening because they live in a fantasy land. Unfortunately most of them take cocaine, steroids and pills. Not psychedelics. And they never introspect. The only thing they introspect about is how to make more money.
  9. The benefits are that you have the chance to understand better what you're dealing with. But the drawback is that you can get stuck on these artificial labels. I know many people who suffer from OCD and they believe it is chronic & that they are doomed. This is not true at all. It's a dogma that many people hold. Hasn't been proven. And there are tons of people who have recovered from OCD and other mental illnesses. Sometimes It's helpful to see mental illnesses as something you do. And not something you have. Many times poor mental health habits lead to mental illnesses like anxiety disorders and etc. I don't have experience with other diagnoses such as bipolar or schizophrenia which are more serious. Mental illnesses are very misunderstood. There is still very little knowledge about all these illnesses. It's shocking how little we know.
  10. When your life is shitty and you have tons of problems it is easy to want to avoid all of that shit. I can relate. My life is far from perfect and i face many challenges. Life is not easy for the majority of people. That's the bottom line. But i am always positive and hopeful that things can get better. Focus on creating a better life. As your life becomes richer you'll want to avoid it less and less. It's not a quick fix solution. I can totally relate with this issue. This is why sleep is my favorite thing ever. I fucking love sleep. Its the best escape for me.
  11. @Leo Gura We have to play this social game. I understand. If you are too authentic and real it is dangerous.
  12. @Leo Gura Yes but why are you letting this fear get in the way??
  13. @Leo Gura The sad thing is that kids grow up with idiots like stevewilldoit and a bunch of other fools as idols. They really believe that this is what life is really about. The situation is really bad. I think Stage Orange is reaching its limits. Money has became God nowadays.
  14. I don't know if this issue has been discussed here. But apparently this stage Orange devil (stevewilldoit) who has a massive & ridiculous following on YouTube is exploiting his power to influence 13 years old kids to gamble on an offshore shady gamble game company. This is really ridiculous and shows the problems of capitalism and stage Orange mentality. I feel disgusted to the bones right now. Coffeezilla has exposed this fool for good. Check this out. This is insane. The level of corruption these idiots have is without shame. I am really concerned about the kids who will become addicted to these stupid a$$ games..WOW .... Just wow