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  1. @zeroISinfinity Why? I can say that Love is Everything has meaning. Seems more true to me in my direct experience. Meaning clearly exists for anyone with a subjective experience. We can't deny that. Love itself is a meaning because It means something.
  2. @Matt8800 @Matt8800 How is everything meaningless objectively when all we have is subjectivity?
  3. Your statement in your Understanding Meaning, Purpose & Value video is that Everything is Meaningless & Pointless & that all meaning is relative & a conceptual construct. If Everything is Meaningless then why do we talk about Love, Intelligence, Beauty. Aren't all these just meanings? If Everything has no Purpose then why do you say in your What is the Point of Life video that God wants/desires to know itself? That is a purpose! I understand how all meanings are relative but i don't understand why they are conceptual constructs. Sometimes they are conceptual constructs but other times they are not. For example an apple means tasty food for me. It makes me fool good. That's the meaning of an apple for me. This is a fact, a relative truth not just a conceptual construct. An apple is not meaningless to me. I am not projecting the meaning that an apple is tasty. This is just the truth for me in my direct experience. Even when we say that something doesn't have any meaning that's still a meaning. It means that it has no meaning. So everything means something for a living creature. What do you mean by saying that things are meaningless? I don't get it. I'm confused...
  4. Check this video out. He is a high quality source (for me). He talks about ghosts getting stuck & past lifes etc. Doesn't all this contradict non-duality? Past lifes implies Individual Souls/Selfs but Leo talks about One Self, The Self. I am very confused.
  5. God didn't create anything willingly from a position of free will. That's what i mean.It just happened or you can say it was just there forever. Not even God knows how he did it. It's not like he planned & designed it before he actually created it. And that's the most scary part . God had no choice but to exist. At the same time though he doesn't exist. It's kinda depressing from my current limited egoic perspective. This is what i can recall from my 2 tabs LSD experience two years ago. Maybe i am wrong/deluded. Anyways it was such a mindfuck. Infinity is such a scary thing...And the negative thing about it is that it is inevitable. Anyone has a similar experience?
  6. Leo hasn't addresed this. What happens if you actively visualize the worst case scenario that you fear the most happening in your life in order to overcome the fear. I found this technique to have helped me a lot. For example i visualize myself on the streets as a retarded person suffering & in massive pain. Then after a while it doesn't seem that bad. I also visualize the death part. Only thing is now i am afraid of manifesting my fears lol. Can this happen?
  7. Why do i fear losing my hand? Because i will lose a part of myself. But why do i fear losing a part of myself? Because i think that will create suffering and misery to me. Why am i afraid of death? Because i will lose everything. But why do i fear losing everything? Because i don't know what death is and i fear the possibility after i die things will be worse. Why am i afraid of losing my youth? Because i think that will create enormous suffering in my life. So all fear boils down to fear of suffering. I don't care about losing my self as long as i don't suffer. As long as i am happy i am ok with losing anything. Maybe other people are different though. Would love some feeback.
  8. After watching Leo's last video about Fear i got extremely confused. First of all it seems that Leo implies that visualization of fear is not enough to overcome fear & you need to create some identity level change alongside. But from my personal experience Behavior Change Alone Creates Identity Level Change. For example as someone who suffers from OCD , after few months of cutting compulsions my Anxiety greatly diminished & i believe my identity changed as well in the process. I no longer react to anxiety with compulsions & have learned to accept uncertainty. (Still though i have tons of work to do). Just after couple of days of practicing fear visualization (i imagine and live through the worst case scenario) i noticed some changes & i am mind-blown by this information. It is what i needed my entire life. How to create identity level change? What is the process? - Thank you.
  9. I don't like Richard Dawkins because he is as dogmatic as an Islamist terrorist. Anyways he claims that Greed & Competition Motivate Human Nature in his book the Selfish Gene. Is that true? And even if it is true, is there a way maybe we can transcend this & replace it with Love & Compassion? We are in need of some Evolution i think and maybe have to let go of Greed in the future for the best of all living beings.
  10. Go to 27:43. Radhanath Swami is asked to give his opinion about Psychedelics. He replied: My opinion is that if Radhanath hasn't done psychedelics then his opinion on the subject isn't worth much . What do you guys think?? My observation is that almost all people act as they know things which they have 0 experience with. Including celibacy, psychedelics, etc. We're self-biased monkeys. We act as we know things which we don't really know.
  11. I personally know people who live without sex for years & they are ok. They are almost as ok as people who engage in sex. Both those groups are starved dogs. Who does get enough sex nowadays? Even Dan Bilzerian doesn't get enough sex. The more you have sex, the more you wanna have sex. Like an addiction & you suffer. You don't have sex? You still suffer because of the desire. So it's about which sh*t sandwitch are you willing to eat. I am just tasting a new flavor now.
  12. @ajasatya So far yes. We will see how it goes.
  13. @Leo Gura Possible/Impossible is a duality. What about people who are asexual? Saying that only advanced yogis can transcend the need for sex & that it is impossible for others is your self-bias. I don't expect to tame my sexual desires. It seems impossible to be honest. Nor do i think any yogi has tamed his sexual desires. They just acclimate to it. But it is possible (i assume) to live a happy & content life without engaging in sex. Having sex just creates more suffering (for me) just because it produces more attachment & clinging. Not having sex still causes suffering but over time it becomes easier & easier. Have you remained celibate (no sex, nofap) for any long period of time? If yes how did you feel. Of course you would feel horny, but even when you are having sex you still feel horny. Lol.