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  1. I hate that i see this old man everywhere on my youtube feed even though i try to avoid watching his content like the plague. I know what he is all about by now. I don't need his advice. The energy he exudes is kinda funny and neurotic. I can't describe it. But you can clearly see a neurotic not very high consciousness coming from this guy. He is stuck in some sort of mechanical very predictable pattern in his minda, hard to explain. The videos below are just a good demonstration of the ridiculous nature of his content. Stupid & unexperienced people take him very seriously like he is some philosopher of a great capacity and give him all their authority. People act like he is some great revolutionary thinker that will push humanity ahead, meanwhile he got famous because of conflict and drama, and heavily capitalized on that to make a forture by spreading an ideology to 20year old males. The old man acts like he knows how to suffer through life even though he was addicted on medications. He gives advice on how to suffer through life, meanwhile he himself can't cope with life and needs medications.This is funny. He is full of crap and i am tired of this culture shoving him to my throat everyday Just because someone is a professor doesn't tell you much about how full of crap they are. There are greater thinkers than this guy who are not even academics. He is a cancer for the human and this current culture. His content does more harm than good in my opinion. It promotes bigotry in a more intellectual sneaky scientific way. It creates division and separation.
  2. @Leo Gura I like this arguement. Makes sense. But an additional somewhat contradictory arguement , is that females evolved to choose males who would give them gifts of food. But back in those days there was never such a massive resources inequality that there is today. For the majority of human history the inequality of resources was not extreme, especially before agriculture. So your claim is reasonable. Men with hunting skills were also very high status before agriculture.
  3. @Carl-Richard There is nothing outside of 'phenomenal' consciousness. And even if it is, you don't know actually know about such thing. You have no evidence about it. That is the issue right there with materialism. It assumes things which are not consciousness. This assumption is not based on any direct experience but rather on a fantasy. ''Scientific training is a very specific conditioning of the mind''
  4. @Carl-Richard How can you ever possibly know if a gene has thoughts or not? How can you even know if anything else has consciousness besides yourself to begin with?
  5. @JoeVolcano I think this is what Leo is suggesting aswell. He gave a top down explanation of the Universe in his States of Consciousness video. It makes some sense.
  6. @DocWatts Yes i agree with that. But today's science would have you to believe otherwise. Scientists are skeptical of everything, except their atheistic materialism.
  7. @Carl-Richard Yes All is God. I would be too naive too believe in some God that sits outside all of this. And i have several mystical experiences at this point , that make it impossible to do so. This is just another quote from the evolutionary psychology book i am currently reading. They strip away the intelligence, the consciousness behind of it all which i find very amusing and very disturing at the same time. They jump into metaphysical conlcusions that are not based on any 'solid' 'evidence'. How can this scientist know whether or not there is any intentonality behind all of this? I find it very arrogant and disrespectful to my intelligence.
  8. @Dryas Richard Wolff makes some very good points . He promotes a kind of arrangement between the employers and employees and a more democratic process. He is not all or nothing in his approach. He doesn't want one person to decide what 300 billion dollars are going to do (Elon Musk). He wants more people to have the power to decide what to do with that money and not let the whims of the few affect the lives of the many. Who decides if the money should be spent on Mars or on bettering the conditions on this planet first? You have a very socially inept person (Musk) affecting huge societal issues. Capitalism in its current form is not sustainable forever. Its going to collapse as a system sooner or later.
  9. @Carl-Richard I know very little about Creationism. That could have been debunked. But Intelligent Design has not been debunked. It has been called Blind luck.
  10. @something_else I am not claiming to be super high conscious. I just said that Consciousness is my #1 value. But this does not mean that i demonize sex or other things. Its all Consciousness in the end. Yes you are right about the mind playing games. I am not trying to demonize all this stuff. I want to understand it better. There are facets of life that i find very unpleasant and disturbing. Kinda like Leo's video about Truth and how Truth can very hard to shallow.
  11. @Leo Gura Yes i agree with that. It's tricky though with all these 'scientific' explanations from evolutionary psychology and etc. They create a sort of illusion like you understand more than you do.
  12. @Leo Gura No. Some people don't do 'anything' for money. Maybe you are over exaggerating or i am interpreting something else.
  13. @Carl-Richard That is my point too or at least partially. I don't believe in randomness. 'Apparent' randomness exists though for sure. If we are here by chance/randomness then this implies reality is not intelligent and therefore we should not even be talking about the word 'God' anymore. God is made redundant, if its all originated by some blind luck, that somehow happened. Intelligence means that everything has intention behind it. An engineer builds a house with clear intentions and doesn't leave anything at chance. Darwin wanted to answer the question. ''How is it possible that there are all these creatures who look like they were pefectly designed to fit their environment with such intelligence and beauty?'' Then he observed natural selection and created his theory. But still he did not answer the original question. Evolution tries to imply that there is no intention behind evolution. That is all dumb mechanical luck. That is the problem right there. When you explain something, you have the illusion that you've explained the whole thing. Evolution hasn't explained what is the underlying force that could allow such marvellous things to happen. Blind luck is the only explanation because God cannot be proven and is not suitable to their worldview. I find it funny how there are so many things that work so incredibly well without a single glitch and still the intelligence behind of it all is never acknowledged. It just baffles me..
  14. @Leo Gura I have this theory in my head.. I think women who were born with lack of money, seek money like crazy when they grow up. I see this pattern all the time. Its like they have a knee jerk reaction against lack of money and they are willing to do anything to get money.
  15. @Leo Gura This seems to contradict your initial post where you talked about how important status is. Resources and/or the properties that lead to acquisition of resources seem to be very important for women and clearly demostrated by the story i posted and other similar examples. If the old man in the story gave a card which said ''garbage collector'' , the woman wouldn't probably call him. Thats the harsh reality. It's not the only thing that matters though for sure. I recognize that there are many other attributes that women want like kindness, attentiveness, good health, intelligence, etc. I have come across many women who mostly care about wealth. I don't know what type of women you happen to meet and in what area. But there is some truth behind women chasing money for sure. I have experienced this and seen it too many times. I have also watched interviews of prostitutes who talk about how important money is for them. Some claim they care more about money than love, like the woman below.