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  1. Apparently PsychedSubstance has been suffering from some very mild low Testosterone symptoms that may have been caused by his Kratom abuse over the years. He is not considering stopping the Kratom because that would him make him miserable & unproductive for weeks. He checked his testosterone levels and they were all within the ''normal'' range, although to the very low side. He is now injecting testosterone prescribed by his doctor. These doctors are really funny because some will prescribe you with testosterone while others won't even if you give them the same blood tests. Anyways the problem i have with this is the following : I think he is just creating another problem to solve a problem. His problem is probably the Kratom and not the low T. He is influencing other people with the mentality ''if i have low T, then i guess i need to inject some testosterone''. And i believe he hasn't thought through for all the possible consequences and pitfalls especially when he is much older. I have been involved with steroids and powerlifting and i have experience with this new trend of trt. Basically trt (testosterone replacement therapy) is very new. We don't even 100 year old studies on this stuff. We don't know how it can affect your prostate and etc when you are old. This new trend i am talking about is this myth that if you are over 40 or have low T, then immediately you should do yourself a favor and inject oil to your buttocks for the rest of your life. Maybe you have seen some doctors from trt clinics advising you this kind of stuff because they profit from this. This is absurd. Of course there are many people who would benefit from injecting testosterone BUT i see more and more people taking it for no good reason like PsychedSubstance.
  2. I still haven't read the book but i want to in the near future. From the videos i've watched about The Law of One it definitely has a lot of truth and wisdom in it. Very good content overall. A lot better than i ever expected. Aaron Abke talks a lot about the Law of One. I like his content. He is a cool dude with Pure Intentions overall.
  3. A friend of mine believes that God creates with randomness. Imagine God like an infinitely intelligent painter who just throws a bunch of colors randomly and creates this way. Personally i don't buy this. But i don't know for sure either. This is a good question actually. @Leo Gura What do you think about this?
  4. @iboughtleosbooklist Nice post! It made me feel better :-) Despite all the difficulties my life has been pretty good so far i can say. I like this quote from Srikumar Rao ''I am ok, i have always been ok, and i'll always be ok''.
  5. @mp22 I don't believe these experienced are caused by preparing yourself or somehow brainwashing yourself. I know for a fact that i have become Infinite. I have become infinity. This was a direct experience. As real as whatever i'm experiencing right now.
  6. I deal with the confusion part also. I guess it's part of the process.
  7. @Flyboy Yes you made some good points. I try to avoid projecting myself into the future. But still the understanding/knowing that you are God can be frightening at times. It can be a hard pill to shallow.
  8. @mp22 Mostly yes. I've had some awakenings sober too.
  9. @mp22 Yes but Leo being wrong about this flies out of the window when i am having the non-dual mystical awakenings.
  10. @Flyboy Maybe it is not suffering for God but sure it is for me.
  11. @Nahm Yes but that still doesn't escape me from experiencing Everything and all those gore videos i've watched. Non duality is not a conjecture.
  12. @Nahm Why you say that it can't be inevitable?
  13. @nistake Yes but Leo says ''You will Experience EVERYTHING.''