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  1. How do you distinguish between Truth and Delusion while sober & also while tripping.
  2. How Do You Distinguish Truth from Delusion when Tripping on Psychedelics? When i am tripping everything feels so real and truthful but afterwards i start questioning many things and also oberve some delusions. This has made me doubtful about the psychedelic spiritual path . Any insights would be highly appreciated.
  3. This was actually my 2nd day in a row taking mushrooms so i decided to take a large dose (75g). Made a tea out of it and added sugar & lemon. I wanted to find out an answer about something that happened in the past but i can't quite clearly remember it. While tripping i got an answer but afterwards i began questioning that answer and ended up in the same of place of not knowing as before. That sucked! While tripping i got in a dual state of awareness. My body became indistinct from my desktop, my chair, the walls and the entire room. That was cool. Also i felt like i am Leo, i am Actualized.org , i am Newton, I am Einstein , i am Hawking & everybody else who ever lived. I can't tell now if this was a delusion or had any "reality" behind it. Also i felt like i have access to infinite intelligence & that is inevitable that i will suffer. Furthermore i became quite delusional entertaining some crazy ideas which are not true..Like that everyone else knows secretly that i am God and this is all a play... Maybe i couldn't distinguish my thoughts from reality while tripping. Anyways it was a great experience. But at this point i don't know if i can trust mushrooms anymore.. I have used them several times before. Sometimes i feel like they get me connected to Truth and othertimes i feel like they connect me to utter Delusion. I'm kinda dissapointed to be bonest as much as i love shrooms.
  4. Hello everyone. Everytime i take a large dose of magic truffles i throw them up. Can't hold them in my stomach. How can i make a tea out of them? Which is the simplest , easiest way? -Thank you!!
  5. What is the universal perspective and how does it look like? Does it have any aversions, desires, preferences, etc? Or is it more like neutral?
  6. After watching Leo's last blog video i got extremely confused to be honest... He said that all desires are perfectly good and normal (i agree) and that we deny & reject many of our desires for social survival reasons. But is that "wrong" anyways? I have many desires. Even desires to kill people. What "should" i do with those kind of desires? Deny them , Accept them or even engage in them? I need a solid advice about this.
  7. A materialistic critique of Leo was saying that 5-meo dmt is a poison and therefore Leo is poisoning himself. Is 5-meo dmt actually a poison?? I definetely wanna try it no matter what. Can't get my hands around it yet though.
  8. Let's say that i become infinitely conscious. I become God and have access to all my deepest imagination. Still i can't be imagining anything i want .... I can't imagine my parents or the world out of existence. I am trapped to obey the physical laws of this earth. I can't imagine anything i want. My imagination is limited to this stupid human form and this earth. I can be imagining all sorts of things like that i am flying but Nobody else will actually see me fly. I can imagine that i kill from distance another person but that actually won't happen other than in my own mind.
  9. Ok so if i'm imagining that im dead then also simultaneously i must be imagining that i am the griefing mother and friends. I can see how God could do that simultaneously since it's one dream. BUT there are other instances where you might be imagining that spiders are crawling under your skin. In this case ONLY you will be IMAGINING this stuff BUT nobody else around you will see the spiders. Does that prove that there is some distinction between Actual Reality vs Fantasy/Delusion?
  10. @iTommy Yes but at one part Martin Ball says: "The ego confuses it other than itself." I don't understand what he means . Seems like a contradiction to me.
  11. Ok so i was listening to Martin Ball the other day. He was asked if parallel worlds and various deities that people experience while tripping are true or not. His response was something like that: "It's all projection & ego stuff. But it is NOT your imagination. It's GOD's imagination. The ego confuses it other than itself" Ok so WTF is that supposed to mean? Is it my imagination or God's imagination after all? And isn't it everything God's imagination after all? Isn't physical reality God's imagination? I'm super confused. Please help me out.
  12. Day 42: Today i was super super horny and bored...So i pulled out my d**k & begun stroking it w/ slow motions initially and faster & faster afterwards. Right before the climax i stopped so i don't ejaculate and ruin my nofap objective. Almost had an accident at one point so i will think twice before doing this again lol.
  13. NO it does NOT count as relapse of course. Unless you pull your dick and start jerking it off then it's NOT a relapse no matter what anyone else says/claims. Wet dreams are perfectly fine and normal unless you are looking to develop some pathologies. Your body needs to release excess sperm somehow. Chill man.
  14. Day 40: Sexual urges, sexual cravings have SIGNIFICANTLY SUBSIDED. I'm kind surprised to be honest BUT still i am expecting to be super horny in the following days. I have trust/belief in the PROCESS . I know that the human body is so intelligent that it will figure out different ways to acclimate . If my body wants to release excess sperm then it will figure out a way to do it. So i am expecting a wet dream in the following days also. I am not repressing anything. I am just transcending/reprogramming my chimp body & mind. We will see how it all goes. In case i quit i will let you know guys. If it wasn't for this journal to keep be accountable i would already have quit... Other than that i am feeling good. I was out for some drinks with female friends 1 hour ago. Made them laugh and have a good time. I decided to never drink alcohol again though. It's not for me anymore. LETS GO!!!!!!!!