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  1. @James123 Of course there is Infinity. I have experienced Absolute Infinity. WoW. Most mindblowing thing ever to experience.
  2. @Nahm i I believe that he is not spot on correct bc psychedelics help you understand Consciousness better than any other method.
  3. In this video Rupert claims that psychedelics do not get you any closer to your true nature because they just produce objective experiences. If you are interested in yourself all you have to do is to take the thought 'I' and go to its referend. He also claims that there are no degrees of awareness. Also he admitts that he has never taken psychedelics. He seems to have a bias against psychedelics.
  4. @Gesundheit I believe that you can come to peace even with illness.
  5. @Nahm Yes it is an assumption and a projection but it's a true one. It is based on direct experience , after seeing how other people view the world.
  6. @Waken If this is the case then ok, i'm fine. If i as God have decided to experience all of this and i am not just a victim of the circumstancec then that sounds good. But it seems like God is inevitable and that God didn't even choose all of this. It's like it couldn't be any other way.
  7. @Someone here What do you mean by saying that reality is indifferent? Maybe these abstract questions do have an answer. How do you know that they don't?
  8. @Javfly33 Yes i agree with you but didn't Leo say that God has no control?? If God has no control then he cannot stop imagining all of this..
  9. @Moksha Sometimes i wish that there was no creation at all. This would save us a LOT of hustle and unecessary suffering. Now i feel like i am forever stuck in the mind of a God that i have no control over. Great!
  10. Why does an All-Loving and Infinitely Intelligent God allow this?? Can i get a good explanation for this?? Even if you say that God is Self-Less and doesn't care what happens to 'it' that still doesn't solve anything. Because i don't experience being God and Self-Less at this moment. Nor do most people. Most people experience being a limited selfish creature. That creates a huge problem for us. All this clearly shows a God who doesn't care at all. A pure psychopath. Maybe God is Selfless and doesn't care. But me and most other people are not selfless. And nothing can be done about this. This a mistake in the design of God. Yes from my selfish perspective. But then again the selfish pespective is the one most people experience.
  11. Ok, so basically i've been watching 5-meo-dmt trip reports on YouTube and while many trip reports come to the same conclusions as Leo Gura, there are others which don't seem to get a genuine experience of Absolute Truth. How come is that? I don't get it. For example, in this video, both Joe Rogan and his guest took 5-meo BUT didn't realise/understand God. That's evident when you hear Joe Rogan say: ''we are in a Universal stew of particles". That is clearly a materialist position.
  12. Does God care about our well-being or doesn't? What does God care about ultimately? To me, it seems like God cares about our well-being because of how intelligently and perfect everything is. From the air we breath, from our nervous system, emotional system . The Sun that keeps us alive , plants, animals etc. Isn't all that a sign that God ultimatetely cares about its Creation?