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  1. This is real. I have experienced this. It goes hand in hand with denial too. Psychologists are full of crap. Trust your experience. These morons gaslight you. Scientists make all sorts of stupid unscientific claims all the time. 20 - 30 years ago all neuroscientists believed that your brain cannot change after a certain age. It was even written in books if I am not wrong. Now we know better. Aka neuroplasticity. It reminds me of those scientists who claim that you can't remember anything before you were 4 years old or something like that. Total crap. (Although it has some truth to it). Few years ago I had the craziest trip of my life with 2 tabs of LSD. I completelty lost touch with reality after a certain point and did something very inappropriate and embarrassing. Then I went to sleep. The next day I had some memories of the event but because what I did was so embarrassing I convinced myself that it was just a dream. I really believed that it was just a dream. And pushed it aside. Didn't think about it twice. Then few weeks later when I took mushrooms the repressed memory came into the surface and I began crying. It was too painful.. Definitely many things can 'hide' from your conscious mind for years even. It's a trick of the mind. A deception so you don't end up killing yourself. Your mind is constantly blocking and putting aside things you can't handle.
  2. @Kksd74628 There are many things to think about that can greatly improve your life. Thinking is important for survival. There is no one to think.
  3. @Kksd74628 I don't know about that. What i am striving for is a Perfect Balance. You don't wanna be engaging with thinking all the time and get stuck at system 1. It becomes dysfunctional and you end up a conceptual zombie. But also you don't wanna stop using your mind. Its rare to find an individual who has the skill to go back and forth between thinking and not thinking.
  4. @Gesundheit2 Very concise & explanatory. 😂
  5. @Preety_India I wouldn't call someone dumb for any mistake. I would only call someone dumb if they keep making the same mistake over and over again. (Have done that too lol). An Ancient Greek philosopher had a saying that basically if you make the same mistake twice you are not wise. Of course when you get burned by a mistake you really want to learn from it and avoid repeating it. So it's very normal to rethink what went wrong. I've made some pretty stupid mistakes also. You are not alone. You are brave for admitting. The other people aren't a lot smarter than you. They just hide their bs better than you.
  6. This is one of the most important videos I've ever watched in my entire life. Everyone should know about system 1 and system 2. Really eye opening. With this knowledge meditation becomes effortless also because you finally understand which system you are using. I wish I knew this when I was 6 years old. I've had many aha moments watching this multiple times over the last few months.
  7. Hey I can relate a lot with what you are saying. You've had some bad experiences that negatively affected your self esteem. From my perspective there are no dumb people. There is only intelligence. Like there is only height. Some may have more or less of it. The lack of intelligence is a comparison. So yeah we all lack intelligence too. You are intelligent. The dumb comes when you compare with others. Dont do that. Elon Musk is way more intelligent than me in certain aspects . So what? There is always gonna be someone smarter. What you are doing now is an OCD compulsion. You are seeking reassurance. You want to control and get rid of this fear you have about being dumb. This only teaches the brain to be even more afraid. Stop checking and controlling . It's a compulsion and very bad for your mental health. You won't get the relief you want. You will just freak yourself out more. Accept your limitations and shortcomings. Leo is never gonna bench press 300 pounds. I will never become a math prodigy. And that's OK. Also 'intelligent' people make foolish mistakes all the time. We are all fools to different degrees. What you are going through is very understandable. Who wants to be dumb? Everyone wants to be the intelligent one. But the ego must be put aside. Recognise your strengths and weaknesses. I am terrible at math but I have incredible memory. We can't have it all. Look at Elon Musk. He is more like a robot with autism . Find me someone who has the full package. It doesn't exist. There are certain trade offs.
  8. @IAmAtomical The goal is just to be present and not distracted by your active conscious mind. Meditation is not purely concentration. Meditation is a practice of being.. If that makes any sense.. You can concentrate on an object but you do it so you don't get distracted by thoughts. Once you are an advanced meditator you no longer need an object to focus. You just be and its effortless. At this stage for me meditation is both concentration and being or relaxation. I focus on the breath and then I just relax my attention and I am just being without concentrating anywhere specifically. When I don't focus on the breath my awareness is placed everywhere we might say. Noticing thoughts is OK. Engaging with the thoughts is not OK.
  9. Bullshittery everywhere. I didn't expect from robots to be full of shit though...
  10. @Vincent S That's not true. There are levels to this. There are levels to pain. It gets pretty gnarly. I don't think a plant suffers that much. Or at all.
  11. @Scholar I just don't like excruciating pain. I am caught in a bind. I know about other animals suffering a lot but its usually not that prolonged. In the hands of a human you can suffer more than Christ. An animal doesn't enjoy causing pain and is not that intelligent. Whether I want or not I am made to have this aversion to pain. Even if you gave me 10 billion dollars right now I would not accept to go through what Kiki Kamarena went through. So yes I am very much human. But human is part of God.
  12. @roopepa It's just the only possibility. The only way anything could ever exist. It makes absolutely perfect sense. When you experience it you have no doubts left any more. Materialism is seen as pure stupidity. It's infinite because it goes on forever. It contains finite parts like me and you. But you are never gonna end. You have an infinite number of lives still left. There is no contradiction there. Oneness means you are everything. Therefore you find yourself getting tortured or typing this comment. You have infinite experiences ahead of you.
  13. @roopepa No. This is not a philosophy. I have become Infinite. That's what God is. It's the only possibility. It's the only thing that makes sense when you experience it. God is everything. Everything is infinity. When you experience it, it's hard to even believe it but Its undeniable. You can switch from being a human to being absolute everything at once. After that experience you are never the same again. If I hadn't personally experienced this I would never believe Leo. Not even in 10000 years You can't imagine stuff like that. It's the ultimate experience of my life. Nothing can compare. That was the most total awakening of my life.
  14. @roopepa Just the mere fact that i will experience these sorts of things one day is enough to make me super interested and curious. Also it's my biggest fear ever. I don't care about death. I actually embrace it. What i am absolutely petrified by is excruciating levels of pain. Pain that is unimaginable. That's what I really fear. After watching Leo's video about the consequences of Oneness I got really really shook. But I got shook way before that. When I took 2 tabs of LSD 4 years ago and I became everything.. Then it hit me.. 'oh shit I am also all the car accidents, all the murders, etc'. That caused me a deep existential terror that I've never felt before. Up until then I was super naive and thought of God only as all the positives. Money, fame, sex, success etc. Lol. That's not the full picture though. I can't say 'oh one day I will get tortured. Now let me return to playing video games and acting like nothing happened'. No!! I can't do that. My mind doesn't work like that. I am really attention to detail focused and kinda ocd. If I am gonna get butchered my mind wants to have an idea how it will feel. I want to come to terms with it. I don't obsess over this anymore. But it's always in the back of my mind. I have this curiosity how bad would it actually be. I don't understand how other people have not paid attention to this and keep living like they're in denial about all of this horrific stuff. I am glad I have faced this. Now it doesn't bother me as much. Still though it is something truly terrifying... Basically my mind is trying to come to terms with it. I feel that this fear is holding me from fully becoming God every time I trip deep. If I conquer this fear then I am no longer a human.