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  1. I just realised my environment is my body. I tried being more loving with people the last few days (after a long phase of frustration) and saw how much love I got in return. Then it occured to me that the love I was looking for isn't found outside. It's inside me, reflected by the world. The environment changes like my body when it heals a wound and it does so with intelligence. But like scratching a scab, the world turns dark when I'm corrupting it with dark thoughts. Hope this makes sense.
  2. It's going to sting even more if it doesn't work out. This shouldn't hold you back though if the two of you have unconditional love for each other and you're 100% sure you're not co-dependant... I don't know the details of your situation or whether she feels the same way. Is it going to be what's best for her long term?
  3. Has he ever pointed out one of your blind spots?
  4. Fucking sad to see you roasting the guy who's forum you use to develop yourselves.
  5. Sure? Because I sometimes also get the feeling he assumes you guys are dumb
  6. @Cocolove Hey dude, I'm sorry about your break up. It sucks. You can't grow on your own while still hoping to get back together in the future. If you really want to reach your full potential you need to get rid of Oneitis as this keeps you from developing yourself freely. Getting back together with an ex is never a good idea...there's a reason you two broke up instead of working out a way to grow together. Who doesn't?
  7. Same. I think people underestimate how well the app gets to know you based on your swiping. If you're acting needy you get needy in return.
  8. @John Paul These two videos have helped me. Basically, put yourself in as many social situations as possible, but start slow and give yourself a lot of time. You can always take one baby step towards more interaction from your current standpoint. Hairdressers are good to practice with.
  9. @Leo Gura There's been a number of US-citizens who came here for assistance according to this organisation: But I understand you need this in your own country.
  10. We already have it for people too, though technically it's assisted suicide. It's illegal to euthanize another person (mercy killing). It's gotta be done by your own hand basically.
  11. What you essentially are has no attributes to it. This is God. What you think of as you is simply your experience (thoughts, emotions, senses, stories). This is your POV and it appears to/in that one thing. Mine appears in the same place, but your view must filter out mine, else you wouldn't identify as a human.
  12. Which is why we need to get out of our heads with women