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  1. Or maybe I have actually tried mediating at __ time and compared it with simple sleep deprivation - remember how I wrote that I get more insights when sleep deprived? How about comparing it yourself and then arriving to a conclusion.
  2. If he has benefited from meditating so early, it might be because when you wake up without a full night of sleep you are usually tired enough to have a pretty still mind but awake enough to meditate for a bit. I do sometimes get better insights if I'm sleep deprived. And the specific time is probably just magical thinking.
  3. The reason classic magick works is because it subtly forces you to decide that it'll work. Read Advanced magick for beginners by Alan Chapman. "...subtly forces you to decide that it'll work" You will be limited by your state of consciousness - but even ordinary states can easily cause serious changes to reality.
  4. Read Advanced magick for beginners by Alan Chapman. It's basically one of the only new books (there are some older authors that are awesome too, but it is often written in a very obscure way) that offer genuine understanding of this type of phenomena. Obviously, Dispenza's stuff will work too but why wouldn't you go all out?
  5. The best way to find the answer to that is to contemplate what exactly (if any) is the difference between dreams and reality? (Also do lots of dream work, so you actually get a feel for them)
  6. If you want a certificate then you haven't figured out your life purpose yet.
  7. Well, I know that mine definitely was connected to experimenting with nofap. I guess it's just "use it or lose it". Just like you'd have to slowly introduce foods again if you fasted for a few days. Not very scientific, I know but I bet I'm not the only one who's experienced something similar.
  8. I think POIS might've been caused BY the celibacy. I'd say that if you gradually increase your ejaculation frequency for a few months it might solve it.
  9. It's either Kundalini syndrome or dark night of the soul. Others have adviced you for Kundalini syndrome but I highly recommend reading contemplative fitness by Kenneth Folk (it's free) and making sure whether it's Kundalini syndrome or dark night. If it's the dark night of the soul the best advice would be to actually meditate MORE than normally since you'd be on the verge of Satori. If it's Kundalini syndrome then don't listen to this advice.
  10. Yeah, there has to be a lsd blotter on the finger.
  11. Consciousness gainz. Even better if you skip food & water completely for the first 3 days (no refeeding at night).
  12. Spiral dynamics shouldnt be used as a map for consciousness development but as a map for ego development (which is connected to consciousness development, but it is not the same). Hence why someone who is stage purple CAN be way more conscious than a stage orange person. But they will definitely misinterpret many of their spiritual experiences because of lower cognitive capacity (cognitive development is a part of spiral dynamics). eg. young Jesus performing miracles (killing and ressurecting people with siddhis) during his childhood was obviously lower than stage blue but still extremely conscious
  13. It would probably strengthen it a bit.
  14. Yeah, it is worth it. I have a different e reader and it is awesome.