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  1. This is a common effect, my sleep need is decreasing too and I haven't been doing it as long as you.
  2. LOA works like literal magick when your consciousness is high enough. If it doesn't for you guys perphaps you should meditate more and talk less.
  3. Also don't listen to the people saying shaktipath doesn't work, they don't know what they are talking about and never even tried it.
  4. Tbh you're doing well but you should work harder. More meditation and more work toward money/women. Maybe read The Art of Seduction, that is a solid book.
  5. What would Dumbledore do? Well I think unitive people can have any profession as long as they can do it in a consciouss manner (they want to provide great value and make good money for it, but do not care if they don't make that much money anymore). Also if they didn't want to work, they would just stop working - Eckhart Tolle for example became homeless for a while.
  6. My friends literally get drunk much faster because I am in a meditative state which increases their LOC automatically. It was pretty weird when it happened.
  7. I didn't feel anything with the python version to be honest. I will try manifesting something else than psychadelics with it.
  8. The internet version somehow gave me a mild weed high, going to try the python version later to see if it is truly doing it.
  9. Do you have any plans on exploring magick more seriously? Are you planning another meditation retreat?
  10. Which technique do you use?
  11. Learn sex magick, I wish I had learned that sooner.
  12. Do not take it as me devaluing your experience, it does sound legit from the way you speak.
  13. What helped me was a multi day fast for some reason.
  14. Also have a rest day every week, where you don't do anything. (Basically Sabbath)
  15. An important distinction to make would be to see if I said intellect will get you here or I haven't. The intellect has to be extremely sharp before it can be transcended.