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  1. Probably just some hypnagogic imagery. Unless he meditated his way to some psychadelic realm... Which is possible with concentration.
  2. Maybe on the last day to make sure you don't break the fast. They will definitely be stronger than normally, so take that into account.
  3. Frank Yang says his sleep need dramatically reduced after stream entry (first level of classical enlightenment), so that might be something worth looking into.
  4. If you get serious about your health, you can. It takes a few years of constantly studying & experimenting on yourself. Try out both alternative medicine, classical medicine and the stuff in between. Try taking multiple adaptogens per day. (For example rhodiola in the morning, ashwagandha before sleep, gotu kola & Brahmi during the day). Try mega dosing vitamin d3. Try bee pollen. Try different kinds of detoxes. There's a lot of things outside conventional medicine.
  5. It's because you're more aware of other states of consciousness (sleep, OBE etc.) because of the practices you do while awake. Mindfulness while awake increases mindfulness while asleep. It has probably happened before but you weren't aware of it. If you want to experience it more often read "The Phase" and follow it word for word. Also, OBEs, LDs etc. are easier when you wake up from sleep first...
  6. Concentration practice. Start small and work you way up. I heard body scanning works the best for people with adhd. Body scanning is Vipassana + concentration, not pure concentration so be ready for the dark night of the soul in a couple of years... Find a guided body scanning Vipassana meditation on YouTube for a quick start and stick to the guided one until you're confident with your own abilities. If the guided meditation is too long, then start at breath counting and build up the time you can spend sitting that way...
  7. Yes. A good place to start training it is the application Dual n back on Google Play, concentration practice every morning and reading intellectual books.
  8. For me, when I make serious spiritual progress a lot of my destructive habits disappear... I can still get drunk, high etc.. it's just that when I walk past a tobbaco store there's no "pull", unlike in the past where not buying anything wasn't an option.
  9. For the easy siddhis - the occult. (Imagination training * concentration training) For the insane, reality shattering stuff - probably what Leo says, I don't have enough experience with that. As he says - you can verify it by using the methods he recommended. (Obviously use the same methods, if you want to know whether he's right)
  10. Or just go and develop some of the easier siddhis like astral travel (it takes about a week to have your first ap if you do it right). Or use affirmations while in a concentrated state and then try to tell yourself there's not something to it. If you really want to master siddhis you'd have to devote your life to it... The siddhis that are easy to develop won't allow you to turn water into wine, obviously...
  11. Obviously stop him. Absolute is the relative.
  12. Never had that happen. Although I do have experience with similar freaky stuff.
  13. Being shallow is ok. It wouldn't be wise to force yourself to skip the shallow part of your life... Which is basically integral theory..
  14. Complete what you started. If you can't be present while listening to a boring lecture you aren't that advanced when it comes to meditation. If you were at least an intermediate meditator you would gladly listen to the lecture.