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  1. Being a man means self mastery > comfiness. Bcause self mastery is not comfortable. Nothing wrong with comfiness, everything has its place. Is understanding easier with self mastery? Why? I think it might be independent as long as you have created an environment (environment includes your level of consciousness) where you can contemplate enough. I will continue this contemplation later when I have more time, but I am starting to get some interesting insights.
  2. My family has been in the same situation. I won't go into details. Take the inheritance. Delayed grief is normal. You will grief when and if it's right for you. I think delayed grief is a normal survival defense mechanism.
  3. Well, if you have mental health problems then stick with eg. breath counting or other similar concentration techniques. Those can be extremely helpful. Even relatively high doses are something you might be able to handle and still receive mainly benefits. I'd keep Vipassana to a minimum in your case since that will make mental health issues worse before it makes them better.
  4. You can build up your imagination so much that you can create a realistic alligator in your room than you can completely see, travel to realms that are completely realistic with their own rules without sleeping or draw stuff in the air that other people who do a similiar practice in similiar doses can see and tell you information that you didnt tell them and they have no way of knowing it, Also you can make yourself have hyperreal dreams about things you want to happen and they will then happen in this reality. Do a multiweek kasina retreat where you spend all day doing it. Learn basic magick. Have fun.
  5. Understanding, integrity, courage, sensible charitability, never falsely brag. Overplaying / underplaying your achievements is poison .. which comes down to being able to see that your emotions are not yourself. I'm not talking about suppressing them, just being the witness. A real man is prone to no self insight, being successful with women, making a nice living, being well read, .... (Having those things doesn't guarantee being a man, since he may have sacrificed his integrity to get there) And honest about areas where he sucks.
  6. Yeah, I have been taking like 3 - 10 cloves of garlic with honey once every few months or so when I feel like something is going wrong or when I am sick and it makes a big difference. It also seems to reset tolerance to substances. Not completely, but noticeably.
  7. Breakthrough doses need integration time. Smaller doses can be used multiple times a week. And they get stronger overtime as your understanding increases. If you feel like you're going off the rails then slow down.
  8. If you spend as much time tripping as meditating the tripping will have way greater effect on baseline than the meditation. You should still meditate though. There are some things that are easier to get with meditation than any other way (cessation, which lead to a perma no self state).
  9. You should learn about concurrent periodization. Try to get a copy of naturally enhanced. You will be surprised with how fast it's possible to progress even when you're very advanced, without any genetic talent or chemical help.
  10. Personal record. Any small increase counts, since you're supposed to have them every workout. a) until first serious plateus it's basically free gains (2plate bench, 3 plate squat, 4 plate deadlift - if you're going with classical lifts) b) after that changing it up slightly is enough to almost never get stuck.
  11. A compound one. The only important is that whenever you hit a plateau with an exercise you change it up to a very similar variant that is only slightly different. You should have at least a few in the bag. Over time you'll learn how to find your weak spots.. That way you never plateu, because exercises carryover. You should hit a small PR every exercise / every time you lift. Doesn't matter if it's reps or weight.
  12. Nah, the indoctrination integrates the perspectives before. If the one indoctrinating you is truly the stage. So you learn the lessons before faster. But it will temporarily crumble when you hit a wall based on lower stages not yet integrated (for example when you want to do spirituality full time but you need money first and having a lot of money requires a lot of discipline in most cases). So in that case to get back to green you'd solve orange through blue and then you'd be able to do a lot more of higher stage stuff. Maybe before you were able to do it because of living with parents. The model is interlinked with Maslow's hierarchy but different and more complex.
  13. I mean, there are people take it from a well / spring. There are maps of the purest water sources online. But that would be going way overboard-paranoid-hippie with it. Reverse osmosis is the middle ground.
  14. Mainstream Buddhism beats mainstream Christianity. Christianity teaches object / subject collapse too. Subject / object collapse is always about the three characteristics, even if the three characteristics are not talked about in the same words. Every tradition has a magick aspect. It's just that modern Christian magick sucks. Buddhist magick is based on heavy concentration-vizualization techniques.
  15. I mean the mystical core of Christianity goes extremely deep too. It's about finding the first cause. And they have pretty good contemplation techniques. Some of the historical Christian mystics were likely God realized sober. Of course the Church stuff is 99% nonsense.