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  1. I wish Christianity wasn't the only (or almost only ;-) ) path with a respawn button haha.
  2. Musicians are just yogis with a full mind who got spiritual growth too fast and material growth too slow ;-ú
  3. Good old fashioned virtue. Of course, applied to the modern age.
  4. If I do too much of a morning routine I will never get to work ;-).
  5. Lol. Slow down a bit. Take a break. Set a strict period without drugs. At least a month. Then switch to something other than ketamine. Anything can mean anything in a certain state.
  6. I haven´t tried that combination yet but combining a LSA microdose with some modafinil works well. Especially if you learn to lean into with an all-day practice of mindfulness. After that it might become a bit too strong to be useful but you can tailor it to make every moment of the day meditative. It is very useful. Tailoring it to not be overwhelming is the hard part.
  7. Psychedelics "just" give you extremely high levels of abstractions. Tailoring them to be usable in environments created by (mostly) sober people takes time.
  8. Actually modafinil helps with all that (well, at least in combination with concentration meditation - 1 to 3 (or more) hours of it per day). Your concentration is also what makes it possible to keep a train of thought. Which you need for both creative and technical subjects. We all lose the train of thought many, many times a day. And you actually aren´t there when you lose your train of thought.
  9. Kinda sounds like how I feel if I code high :D. Except I am very slow in that state. And the code usually turns out well!
  10. Gotta use affirmations to produce infinitely self repeating affirmations in your mind :DD Learn to do that sober. If subliminals work for you, then you might be able to do it that way. That is something you can do sober and then learn how it interacts with psychedelics. Normally it would drain the clarity of mind you got through meditation, but you can also use the clarity you get from tripping.