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  1. 1.5h concentration meditation (breath counting etc) without back support. After a few days of it, you should notice a difference in your sleep need.
  2. If you're gonna take it anyway, I suggest you build up to it. Maybe a small dose of LSD and slowly build to one tab. Then when you're very familiar with LSD you can try DMT. At a small dose of course.
  3. Meditation after weed is awesome. Try a guided meditation, it will blow your mind.
  4. Are you tired during the day? Some people just sleep every other day, because they simply can't bring themselves to sleep more.
  5. I mean ... there are other ways to reset your dopamine sensitivity lol. It obviously works but doing a 2 day fast every week or two seems way more favorable to me.
  6. Try to understand the sensation you're focusing on. It may help you to think about the three characteristics a few times during the session / observe the three characteristics while you watch the sensation.
  7. https://youtu.be/iR1jzExZ9T0 Green with a bit of yellow.
  8. Yeah it would likely work. Idk about about mexico but my country (Czech Republic) has a pretty good standard of living and the average salary here is 1 - 1.5k USD / month. So probably consider a European country where people have lower salaries but the same standard of living. It probably wouldn't work in Germany because they have higher salaries (probably similar to the US).
  9. I was in a similar situation when I drank a lot of coffee. Switching to tea for my caffeine boost worked great. In my case it might've had something to do with consuming 200 - 500mg l-theanine every day without pausing though.
  10. Because you're doing consciousness work.
  11. Take some modafinil and work on your business after you come back from work... It won't be easy (10 - 16 hours of work daily), but it will be worth it...
  12. Some auditory hallucinations / insane dreams / first time I had astral projection was probably caused by sleep deprivation. Btw are you tired during the day? Some people just need less sleep..
  13. I had insomnia, thankfully I managed to sleep for a few hours everyday but it was horrific, I couldn't complete shit for school etc. And basically only fell asleep when it was the worst time to do so. Microsleep in school etc.
  14. If you want I can get you to astral project in a week. Will that make you a fool or a liar?