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  1. There’s a ring of people all called at the same time, from the dragons that emerge from the shadows of the inside of our ears.
  2. Have you never heard of homeless people possessing powers? I’m from Portland, Oregon.
  3. A photon is also a part of the space time continuum and is a wave at it’s core.
  4. It’s easy to go psychotic in search of them, not impossible though to grab glimpses.
  5. Memories of a memory of ground shattering happenings? Sure I remember it vividly Psychedelics do alter reality too though in a LOA way. Very strongly.
  6. Yes. Mostly out of the corner of your eye. With enough emotional maturity it shows closer and closer in front of you.
  7. Fear is a wave that can be inhibited, brain chemistry and genetics play a roll in how active your brain is, if you’re on drugs you’ll get a lot more activity. Not everyone can get the same activity though.
  8. My flashlight, a sewing needle, a bag of chips, a pair of gloves, an oil burner, and a bag of drugs twice and a bag of weed. I’m sure there were other small times and items I forgot about. my goal is to materialize a lightsaber or a superconductor, possibly any finished or parts of future/other planetary technology.
  9. The drug for physical manifestations of objects is methamphetamine with absolute focus and concentration. Leo says there’s no physical reality but there’s quite obviously a play place to touch around. I’ve personally directly manifested a handful of items. I’ve never integrated methamphetamine with psychedelics but I could imagine a much stronger result.
  10. Focus, love, synchronicity, active brain chemistry, practical entanglement all breeds it Edit: what’s stopping it? Fear.
  11. I was a pack a day smoker for 4ish years, one day as I was delirious from quitting meth (a moderate user of about a year and half), laughing to myself maniacally, I realized how stupid it was and felt my life falling apart connected to smoking. I haven’t smoked for about a year and a half and still just really don’t want a cigarette, I’ll get a craving for it if I wiff a familiar good one but it’s not rational enough I act on it. I quit meth and cigarettes at the same time so I already knew what it was to crave something and abstain from it. Cigarettes are supposed to be harder to quit than heroin or something like that my family says. I realized I didn’t want the dependency on nicotine to control my life anymore. I wanted my life back where I wasn’t chained to being outside in whatever climate if I didn’t feel like it. Biggest set back is not looking cool but everyone knows it’s better for your body not to smoke, it shows restraint on an obvious topic of healthy or not healthy. You don’t need to be a toxicity farm with your breath. cigarettes have their place in mental wellness but that doesn’t mean you need to align with those things if you really don’t want to. When you’re done you realize just how stANKy it is.
  12. Also to be said that the cap locks might have been a bit much but any experience with a dragon is not to be overlooked in my book.