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  1. @How to be wise In a general sense it was a meditative process that got me there not so much innately the activity itself.
  2. Weeks of thinking of exactly what I want
  3. I recently in 2019 connected with Zack Galifinakis via force Skype, over hemp connections of US currencies. What do I do?
  4. There’s a ring of people all called at the same time, from the dragons that emerge from the shadows of the inside of our ears.
  5. Have you never heard of homeless people possessing powers? I’m from Portland, Oregon.
  6. A photon is also a part of the space time continuum and is a wave at it’s core.
  7. Something I loved from science. We are getting there, this could go in the environment section I suppose.
  8. Super conductors expel electromagnetic waves (gravity) that results in the levitation of super cooled materials synthesized in labs. If the right combination and material code is broken for atmospheric temperatures you have the material that could theoretically make a space ship or UFO float and fly. Earlier this year we had a break through in the form of a super high pressure hydrogen and sulfur composition that works at around (-70C). The usual super conductivity in the most sophisticated cryogenic labs is 133 kelvin or (-140C). https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-02895-0
  9. 🙊 true, I was in hope of the slightest chance I could come across another soul who had also done such things, my outward goal isn’t that other people join but I guess I was looking for encouragement subliminally.
  10. It’s easy to go psychotic in search of them, not impossible though to grab glimpses.
  11. LOA is a given practice all on accident at all times, all I was expressing was the process I came across for teleportation of objects/creation from the astral plane by non physical means of stuff appearing “from nothing”. I’ve experienced physical manifestations of objects before and was sharing because I have an existential crisis that if I die with that information humanity would be at a great loss. There’s lots of ways to spin the idea with words but what I mean is stuff to appear magically, to show up without someone bringing it, to show up through conjuration. I don’t say magic because I’ve learned the politically correct term is magick because “magic” Is a trick with sleight of hand. And I believe my process to be rooted in science and educated guesses. Yes I did do that where holes appeared as I focused on a leaf. That was one of my earlier breakthroughs before I had physically manifested or teleported items. I bare the truth from my personal journey. They’re true stories from my life and practical theories that I followed for my success in paranormal. Thanks for keeping my health at heart.
  12. Word, I don’t have trouble concentrating, I just see a moral grey area around it again despite that I’ve had my life ripped apart by it before because I was irresponsible with it. I guess I’ve just been looking for some kind of moral high ground because of the regular occurrence of such a controlled paranormal activity. Which I may never get rid of because that’s how addictive substances work. Veganawake suggested I just continue with my life, but the ideas linger within me as a way out of my current situation that could revolutionize science if applied correctly and safely. Thanks for the advice, I’ve stayed on the upside. I just love sharing my spectacular stories of being somewhat of a real “force sensitive” person, which is childish in essence, but it’s healthy to have your head in the clouds at least a little bit no? And I don’t want to glorify the use of those drugs, but the evidence of the application for some of their use is jaw dropping. In a way I was depressed and using, but I was also living life to it’s fullest without fear and truly experiencing bliss. It was like the most real dream, be it a nightmare on the come down but none the less still a dream to enjoy.
  13. Memories of a memory of ground shattering happenings? Sure I remember it vividly Psychedelics do alter reality too though in a LOA way. Very strongly.