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  1. @Windappreciator Google has helped me a lot lol US bills us just for walking in
  2. There are great dentists at the border of San Diego, I remember when I was there, there were people that were from LA driving just to get dental work done for half the price, great nice people. The only issue would be that It's in TJ, kinda dangerous on paper but had zero problems, just don't flash wealth and go on the weekends, and your good (: Also Moda is legal there so if you ever vacation there, you have cheap moda nearby, (cheap in terms of USD) @Leo Gura @Leo Gura
  3. @Leo Gura I went to Mexico instead for braces, ended up costing 1.5k total in multiple payments. Instead of the 3.5k plus more for other dental work, they said I need. Went cheaper and didn't regret it.
  4. Wanted to give yall my results after 1 year of doing Leo's Lifepurpose Course After doing a lot of the inner work and outer tangible work, The life purpose course really gives you a clear sign for you to take control of your life. It's like a road map to your goal/vision based on your OWN answers to the questions and coursework you did. Keep in mind the Life Purpose Course doesn't teach you a concrete skill to make create more value in the world. After finishing the course, my main take away was this 1) My work ethic is POOR 2) I NEED to learn business, like sales, marketing, as well as my service. I joined a business mastermind that I wouldn't have been able to pull the trigger and commit if it wasn't for this course that guided me to take the correct action. Just hit my first 2.5k month and everything keeps moving great, I can hit my first 5-10k month! Never would I have thought this was possible. Leo's Life Purpose course is easily worth the 350$. It should be taught in every middle school tbh. My Fav Quotes - Where focus goes energy flows- Tony Robbins The harder you work, the harder you sweat, the luckier you get - Felix Dennis You need to stop whining and blaming, and you take full responsibility for your life, you don’t have the luxury of complaining - Leo Gura Trust yourself, break some rules, don't be afraid to fail, ignore the naysayers, work like hell, and give something back - Arnold Schwarzenegger
  5. Student of Todd Ex RSD instructor in Las Vegas Student of Eli Wilde (Tony robbins ex-top salesmen ) Took Bootcamps with RSD Derek Follow the same principles of actualized.org (:
  6. @flowboy Not a good place to post personal field reports in my opinion. everyone here is still just an internet ghost.
  7. @Opo yeah pickup will always always have alot of orange since thats how its marketed.
  8. Hey there friend. I don't think this place is ready for field reports (;@flowboy
  9. One of the more ethical dating coaches out there ?? Stage yellow\green type thinking
  10. @ivankiss here's some Motivation
  11. I put a lot of thought into it and used a few of the examples from the forum. Hope you guys enjoy this short video.
  12. Warning, this is tough to watch. Google RackaRacka flex I warned you
  13. Keep in mind this is the most brutal version of a red and orange combo I've seen yet. I don't want to share the link. If you have a strong stomach go ahead but I advise you not to google it if you arent used to seeing the most unhealthy versions stage red and orange. Still wanna see it? well, I warned you. . . . Google RackaRacka flex. good luck. if it's even still up.