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  1. Chances are that something is labeled as pain is not being accepted as completely as it could be.
  2. And the examples I gave are some of the highest conscious altered states that a decent number of people have reached. The chance that someone reaches either of those states with a low level of awareness is incredibly, incredibly low.
  3. He had a pretty epic tearing up in the Outrageous Experiments in Consciousness video. Hands down one of my all-time favorite videos from Leo.
  4. Just smoke some weed man. Holy fuck 😂
  5. Two “common” states in spiritual practice in which no voluntary human action is possible by the very definition of the states themselves are the formless realm/jhana often called neither perception nor non-perception and cessation/fruition/nirodha samapatti. There are plenty of other states in which functioning at the human level is impossible, but these are good to use as examples as there are thousands of people in the modern day who have reached these states. The Buddha saw nirodha samapatti as being the highest temporary attainment which goes to show that viewing states distinct from regular human functioning as the highest is likely not uncommon in those who reach such states.
  6. I have a friend who found a lot of benefit using the various cacti psychedelics to overcome much of his anxiety which stems from Asperger’s. He seemed to swear by them.
  7. To someone who is not threatened by the experience, it would almost always be subjectively viewed as “higher” in some way or another. This is of course just a relative comparison and does not mean it is “actually” higher. It could be equally valid in my opinion to view typical human experience as the altered state and some of those states as being something closer to an unaltered state although these concepts are superfluous at the end of the day.
  8. He talks about this in the video quite extensively…
  9. There are certainly states in which there is nothing “human” or even slightly recognizable to the human sphere of experience left. There is no functioning whatsoever capable in these sort of states.
  10. If you don’t think something is Love, you’re thinking of relative love not the Absolute Love which is more the framework of reality than a partial preferred bit of content within consciousness.
  11. I’m 17 minutes in. Loving it so far. With the ketamine video and this, it actually feels worthwhile to listen to Leo’s content again.
  12. Bill Burr = 🐐
  13. I think clearly legal sourcing should be allowed while anything blatantly illegal should not be allowed. It also might be a good idea to not allow sourcing for more toxic substances such as datura. What I’m picturing is there could be a megathread for some of the main substances involved and places to purchase them legally. For example, I know 5-MeO is not illegal in Canada, but it was not easy to find a place where someone could buy it there if they intended to travel to do it. In this case, maybe a forum member from there could list some places where it could be purchased legally.