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  1. I relate to this a lot. I have no clue how to get to some of those peak states again. They are so unique that much of it is reliant on luck.
  2. Pretty much this. It’s going to take a retreat-style amount of meditation all strung together to get a taste of awakening for most people.
  3. This is about exactly how it’s gone for me also. I haven’t done it for an extended period on retreat which is where its power truly lies, but it definitely is an effective way of getting into jhana. It’s the easiest technique for that I’ve found.
  4. Calories are literally measuring the energetic aspect of food. The calorie model doesn’t focus on micronutrients, so why is your criticism of it that it doesn’t track micronutrients? That’s not the intention behind that model. Of course micronutrients are important. No one is saying otherwise. Anxiety is going to be triggered more when someone isn’t eating enough. You’re far more likely to be operating in a sympathetic nervous system mode while underfed. Consuming caffeine has nothing to do with calories.
  5. The calorie model of looking at nutrition has a lot of value. You’re just quantifying energy. Obviously chilling at home requires less energy. It is more nuanced than a simple number though. Online calculators will give a decent ball park, but the only way to accurately know your metabolic rate is to track everything meticulously and do calculations based of the weight change that occurs. Some people will have drastically different metabolic rates than those common numbers you mentioned or what online calculators will spit out.
  6. @hyruga surrender is an amazing approach 👍 I had this come up on my Facebook memories from this day in 2019 which was a cool synchronicity to see. It’s in the intro of the original Spiral Dynamics book.
  7. Reflecting on how my life has gone, one of the most stable and clear messages I can’t ignore is that life will continue to supply challenges and things that are not always desired. Facing this reality with resistance is a source of much discontent, but the exact same realistic circumstances can be embraced in a way which allows life to take its course without the unnecessary fight against the process.
  8. @Javfly33 There’s a free and high quality book all about fire kasina if you follow that link. Fire kasina is a meditation where you use a candle flame or other weak light source as the focus object of your meditation for usually at least several minutes before closing your eyes to change the focus object to the small after-burn image in your field of vision. Think of any time you’ve stared at the sun for a moment. This is the kind of image we’re talking about. Focusing on this can produce really strong concentrated states in meditation and plenty of people who do it on retreat can create a sort of waking dreamlike reality once their concentration has been built up enough. “Psychic” phenomena and other mystical stuff can come quite easily from this technique compared to many others. There are a number of other forms of kasina which entail creating images with the eyes closed, but fire kasina is a bit unique in how quickly and easily you can start to work with an image with eyes closed.
  9. Honing your understanding while in deep meditative states is a great idea. Fear, aversion, clinging, egoic tendencies, and plenty of other stuff will be reduced allowing you to really get to the core of whatever understanding you’re trying to improve.
  10. The observed and observer are essentially identical. Seeing yourself as the observer is an important step in the path but not the end. It’s good that you’re starting to see this more for yourself. This reminds me of something Daniel Ingram wrote: ”1) the total and final elimination of any sense that there is anything called “attention” or “awareness” that is different from, separate from, or unrelated to bare phenomena; 2) the perfect direct comprehension of all sensations in the entire field where and as they are by themselves, as perception and the sensations are the same thing, so the parity between perception and reality is perfectly one to one at all times, meaning that the question of parity is actually completely eliminated perceptually, as there are just sensations;”
  11. My thoughts would be to try more visual forms of meditation like this, especially after cultivating a lot of stability in attention through another form of meditation or even just use the visual meditation the whole time. Fire kasina could be a good one to try as the flame as well as the point and images after closing your eyes will fluctuate similar to how the white dot does. It seems like you might have a greater ability to focus on visual objects in meditation if you’ve noticed this experience was above the rest or near the top of your list. That hyper-focused state can induce a lot of interesting and enjoyable stuff. Your description lines up quite a bit with what I’ve heard of the second jhana. Intense pīti (joy/bliss) is the defining characteristic of the second jhana. The time altering effects seem to be coming from the intense focus and stabilized attention which allows your mind, ego, body, etc. to melt away into the background of your experience or even disappear entirely. This would be my guess of what’s at work here although I haven’t experienced an exact copy of what you describe. It also is going to probably be easier to recreate this while in more fluid and relaxed states similar to the come down of a trip. If you find yourself in a strong mystical state, trying out a visual form of meditation at that point in time might give you a good chance at revisiting this or at least a version of it. The important thing is to find a way to get back to that single pointedness in mind/attention/focus. This is basically the essence of samadhi and strong “concentration”.
  12. It sounds like you got to some deep territory and enjoyed yourself. Nice work 👍
  13. It sounds like you’re trying to solve a problem that isn’t there currently. If you can’t find any negative self talk, there probably is little to no negative self talk. It is pretty obvious in most cases. You will also feel it pull your state down rather significantly when it takes place. Another thing to consider is negative thought as a whole. How often do you paint a picture with your thoughts that is making the moment less enjoyable than it can be? “It’s cold” or “this food doesn’t taste too good” can amplify suffering sometimes as much as “I’m a piece of shit” will.
  14. I was gonna come in here and downplay the significance of this, but seeing it’s Andrew Yang changes that for me. He’s the only presidential candidate I’ve liked in years. Sounds like a cool experience for you
  15. I’ve done the exact opposite and shared sources to plenty of people, and I’ve found that the chance someone makes any progress at all is low. Most people don’t stand a chance. The biggest limiting factor is that they won’t even have the interest to stick with anything long enough for it to work. I’ve stopped sharing anything at all about awakening to people in my normal life because it’s a giant waste of time that leaves you misunderstood and them likely more stuck in their bias than before.