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  1. The origin of existence is happening right here and now for no one.
  2. You’ve done great with those base needs and accomplishments, but there is a whole world you have yet to discover. Recommending spiritual teachers is sort of doomed to fail to some degree because this is an internal and intuitive process to awaken. You will likely cycle through many lower-tier teachings before being ready for the intermediate and higher tiers. Here are some resources and teachers I recommend: Seeing that Frees by Rob Burbea Leo’s videos High dose psychedelic experiences once building up in dosing slowly I’ve found the most powerful teachings through various Buddhist schools with Theravada being most appealing due to the degree of phenomenological precision in their descriptions and Mahayana Buddhism as a runner-up, but this is my preference. Yours might very well be different.
  3. Awaken deeper than Leo along a certain axis of development, and it will forever be impossible to see him as an authority above you. You may still see him as an authority when it comes to his forte, but you will not be able to see him as this next-level person or being above your own capabilities. At the end of the day, you are the process of experience seeming to occur, and no egoic structure, including your own, can supersede the power and potential of that apparent process.
  4. There is no such thing as spirituality without “altered” states. To be even more clear, there is no human existence without “altered” states. There is nothing virtuous or desirable about the “lower” normal states of consciousness humans tend to inhabit when living in an unexamined way. The whole path of spirituality is a hunt to find what the real “unaltered” state actually is. This is essentially a fusion between the childlike freedom, wonder, and flow that we all experienced to some degree or another with the conditioned, egoic, and responsibility-focused adult life we are all naturally pulled to at some point. Eventually one finds through the path that experience has always been and always will be somehow the same process on a structural level, but the viewing of what the structure of experience is becomes more and more refined through the repeated exposure to a wide array of apparently different experiential configurations.
  5. This thread is an example of wasting life 🙂
  6. Your life already reflects the intelligence of God.
  7. People often put in solitary confinement are about as low conscious as they come, and they likely have no knowledge of the practices which might awaken someone. It’s not much of a surprise that these people aren’t known for awakening.
  8. It’s a bit odd you say you’ve put concentration & mindfulness on hold. They will likely only help you achieve your desire to realize God faster and potentially in a deeper way.
  9. No Souls Primary Focus: Whatever the Tao does, it does Lessons To Learn: Learning lessons doesn’t fundamentally change anything Key Characteristics: Too unique to fit into a box of common characteristics In actuality, there is no real thing such as a soul beyond stories as credible as those from myths and legends. A soul is like Bigfoot. You can find as much proof as you need to believe in it, but it still is nowhere to be found in the actual nanosecond moment where the actual sensations of experience occur. A soul is a storyline that you create on the fly for something that never happened that obscures What Is actually “happening” “now”.
  10. Try out many techniques and stick with the ones you enjoy most and that are giving you results. The most important thing is the consistency of practice. The amount of hours put into meditation determine most of how the results will go regardless of which technique is used. This is why picking an enjoyable technique is so important — you’ll be more willing to put tons of hours into something enjoyable.
  11. I know you ask to be detailed, but my answer is pretty simple. Spend it with her enjoying as many moments as you can. Do the hobbies or activities you both like to do. Focus the time around things that raise both her emotional state and yours to a “higher frequency”. This is all to say — make the time spent together an overall positive experience to the best of your ability. I’m sorry that you’re having to see her go, but realize that your maturity to see the value in spending time with her now is a great thing. I wish you the best during this trying time. With Love, Brandon 🙂
  12. I think the OP has run into some misconceptions of Buddhism by paying too much attention to low-quality modern “Buddhists”. He even says “Suffering is a distraction from Truth.” Which certainly resonates with my perspective. If that statement is true, wouldn’t eradicating your personal suffering make it easier to pursue Truth, since then there would no longer be that large distraction? 🙂 If any of you reading this are honest with yourselves, you can admit that you still likely have some degree of suffering, and the states brought about by this suffering are usually not as “high-conscious” as states without suffering tend to be. The truth is that trying to pursue Truth while in low-conscious states of mind, brought about by personal storylines and unhelpful ways of viewing pain and “negative” circumstances (exactly what Buddhism tries to solve), is bound to be sub-par or simply fail altogether.
  13. Well this video I made at the time describes that state as well as deeper ones in what you’ll see is a pretty authentic way How I Experienced Back-to-Back Cessations Through Bhakti & Love (instead of meditating)