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  1. Enlightenment is not an experience. It is what remains when everything is lost. If enlightenment had any characteristics to it, it couldn’t remain throughout any possible state.
  2. It can be a useful illusion to play around with.
  3. Allow yourself to share the deepest insights with those who are ready to hear them. I’ve basically given up trying to help too much here because most don’t even have stream entry and aren’t eager to improve. Sometimes it’s better to only teach a few or even only yourself if no one is mature enough.
  4. Existence and nonexistence are two sides of the same coin. Both are right.
  5. There’s nothing that is permanent. Nothingness is a fine bundle of sensations, but it is a temporary experience and illusion nonetheless.
  6. Just because there is knowing before and after cessation does not mean there is knowing in a cessation. Even samadhi is separate from watching. It’s commonly referred to as neither perception nor nonperception.
  7. There is no watching in cessation.
  8. Even watching can stop. It’s not permanent. Nothing is permanent.
  9. No this is not a post about harming myself. It’s specifically about insight from the 9th Jhana. Death is perfectly real. You’re just something beyond life and death.
  10. You don’t understand the relationship between existence and nonexistence which is making it impossible for you to perceive this specific bundle of sensations for what it really is. I tried to give a helpful response. If you don’t care for it and me trying to share what I’ve come to understand, I can just move on from the thread. No point in debating.
  11. Just because it’s all you doesn’t make it less real. It makes it more significant.
  12. It’s all you. It’s all the same thing. If you’re experiencing your emotions, they are there. You can experience someone else’s emotions too, but they only exist if you are experiencing them. If it isn’t sensed right now, it’s less than nothing.
  13. There is no possibility for the best life until one has become death.
  14. Feeding people with relative illusions is precisely what is making suffering persist. Morality is identity, judgment, and exclusion. Clinging onto this is what leads to most immoral actions. Morality leaves no space for Love but gives a flimsy love in its place. Insight turns hell from threatening to ultimately illuminating.