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  1. I’ve been doing heart & crown chakra work, meditating, working on psychic capabilities with the focus being clairsentience, listening to new videos, going over the ancient texts again, practicing jhanas, tons of contemplation, really spent a lot of time getting into Buddhism, working on bhakti, karma, jnana, and as a result raja yoga, done a handful of surprisingly effective spells/Magick, and used THC as a psychedelic among plenty of smaller things. THC has become incredibly potent for me after starting with traditional psychedelics. It now works as a way to produce more intense experiences into new territories of consciousness on a regular basis without the drawbacks of using serotonergic psychedelics. It can take me to or even beyond the expected strength of experience from heroic dose trips on other psychedelics sometimes. These experiences happen both with and without THC, but it is a potent and rather reliable catalyst. This all took me much further than I could have expected honestly. Nothing can prepare you.
  2. Psychedelics helped activate my crown chakra and other more subtle chakras such as the forehead chakra focused on power. That one really gave me the self confidence upgrade necessary to deal with divine and profane forces. Crown chakra development was my main goal a few months into this year and sped up my progress a lot. It taught me I could have awakenings without psychedelics or meditation. Learn to control your chakras, develop your ability to access jhanas, and then take psychedelics and being well beyond Buddha is possible for you in my opinion. You’ve got a lot of advantages in 2021.
  3. The most important and lasting enlightenment experience I had was all about understanding rather than an emotion. Of course it still felt good emotionally, but seeing through the illusion of enlightenment so fully that your ability to have ever gained or lost it is satisfying in its own right. It’s right under your nose. I think people giving only positive responses are probably in the honeymoon stage of enlightenment if we’re to compare it to relationships. It can get incredibly nihilistic and horrendous when contemplated and experienced deeper. Questions such as “when does it end?” or “is there ever truly a break?” become concerning once you’ve gone into the territory where love becomes too intense and now is a negative feature of experience.
  4. I loved to lay in bed and listen to this Tao Te Ching audiobook when I had issues with doership and the ego.
  5. Sounds like a pretty strong experience. There’s plenty more though. Keep going.
  6. Waking up to God isn’t the issue. It’s waking up to God then being able to consciously bring any recollection of that back without being damaged that I’m talking about. It’s not that a human can’t escape the human box. I’m concerned with fitting something inherently more than human back into a human box. That’s the part which isn’t pretty.
  7. I used to think in a very similar way. I still agree with most of what you’ve said, but just be careful with psychedelics or any spiritual techniques. They might make you unstable at times, and only you can know if that trade off is worth it.
  8. It’s far different than God Consciousness and is not cessation either. There can’t be multiple levels to true cessation. The only things you can say are deeper still have to be in the realm of experience. The difference is cessation is seen as just one level which is not at the top of the scale but only in the middle or maybe even close to the bottom. Human systems cannot experience much more without being completely fried. I’m certain of that at least. Who knows how much could actually be known in the perfect conditions without human limitations? This was orders of magnitude more powerful than the cessations from my perspective.
  9. The highest examples I’ve seen had to do with peak Divinity as Self in 1st person and the angelic origins/interactions within all things. This has taken me a few weeks to come back from. Awakenings this deep can be really dangerous for mental health. It’s just a peak experience you might say, but cessation is as far as how we judge it against other experiences in memory too. It’s all up to our arbitrary interpretations. It just felt subjectively much deeper to me than cessation, and my cessation experiences were much deeper than most people describe theirs to be.
  10. They are trying to get people to realize either Self (Universal Self)/God or No Self. Both can be helpful for liberation.
  11. Why are you assuming their must be a being?
  12. There is just an edge of a present moment as a self, but even this edge can stop. Nothing lasts forever. Everything is change in an infinitely complicated way as far as the eye can see and in fact much further. Everything is Buddha. Nothing is Buddha.
  13. These aren’t proofs. They are more accurately called assumptions to start from, which could be true or false. There is no proof inherent in any of what is written here.
  14. It made me lose priority for the normal things in my life. Awakening became the main focus. I lost a lot of friends and business relationships due to waking up. My life is better, but there are plenty of costs.
  15. Can you know the difference between an electronic device that is asleep and one that has no power? That’s how I see the difference. There is an experience of cessation because your in consciousness identity has experience wrapping around it which inform you what it was like, and the Buddha said it was the highest temporary state according to many interpretations. It is also the clearest insight into what is beyond temporary states that you can experience in the eyes of many. I still say that what I’m having is unlike any other person’s life. No one else is honestly first-person to me. I have absolutely no ground to go on that there’s anything but my present moment experience. And that’s a scary thing because my present moment experience might as well be thought of as better than any God mode Buddha you can imagine. If that’s what’s running shit, I’m scared. It’s ruthlessly beautiful. Who knows if you live or stop existing forever. What’s the difference between nibbana for 1 second and being “in” it forever? I realized there was no time there immediately when I came back. It’s pretty raw to “experience” true gaps like you’re being sucked into alternate dimensions on fucking Star Trek a few times while you’re driving. It’s an epistemic nightmare. No one should be acting too much like we actually understand this shit. If it’s not the deepest thing out there, then why did so many skilled Buddhists who could experience samadhi in meditation quite quickly think this was the highest there was?