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  1. You are both highlighting the relative nature of mental health as a framework as well as how spiritual forces were actually behind what society deemed problematic. I agree with both of you.
  2. An awakening with ego also present can be much more pleasant than an experience which is more impersonal. It speaks to the story you’ve just lived. It satisfies that. It explains that. It breaks the limitations of that. If both awakenings were of the same intensity, I’d prefer to awaken in this reality due to the emotional significance of your human life. You living that specific incarnation was not a mistake.
  3. I experienced flu-like symptoms for 24-36 hours after my second Pfizer shot. Nothing too big. It beats having significant lung damage from COVID by quite a large margin.
  4. Madness is another name for variety.
  5. That’s amazing, to be honest. Schizophrenia is usually quite difficult to overcome. I’ve heard about the link between schizophrenia and marijuana several times before. Glad to hear how much you’ve been able to improve.
  6. I’ve found contemplation with the foundation of experience with psychedelics to be more beneficial for me than meditation with that same foundation. Contemplation has led to many palpable nondual states for me. Meditation can feel like you’re going against the current of the mind. Contemplation can feel like you’re going with that current. Also, is it really getting teased if you bust? 😂
  7. Good video. The ego and what to do with it might be one of the single most confusing concepts introduced on the path to Truth.
  8. This seems to be stemming mostly from dualistic value judgments. The most logical solutions for resolving this to me would be to either find a way to change how you judge/value “mundane” life, find a way to stop making as many value judgments, or create the foundation to experience things that do truly interest you in this life according to your current value judgment structure. Combining these three approaches will probably yield the best results.
  9. The topic of mental illness and how it relates to has come more to the surface in a couple threads recently, and it was suggested that a thread dedicated to this discussion be created for the discussion to continue as another thread’s initial focus was derailed by this topic. Conditions which would warrant a “Yes” response to the poll include but are not limited to: PTSD, major depressive disorder, anxiety, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, borderline personality disorder, psychosis, eating disorders, serious addiction, etc. If you’re here, you should be familiar with the forum’s guidelines. This is not a place to treat mental illness or seek treatment. Potentially all spiritual practices and techniques with any degree of efficacy in raising consciousness can contribute negatively to the mental health and stability of certain individuals if certain circumstances are in place. Depending on what the poll reveals, I may be coming forward with more information describing the nature of why this happens, why these individuals may be drawn to, and safe practices for dealing with at-risk individuals who might come here seeking guidance. If you wish to share details about your own story relating to mental illness & personal development or spirituality in this thread, feel free, but please remember this is not a place for treating such conditions and suggestions relating to treatment should remain minimal if not simply nonexistent entirely. Edit: Here are some interesting findings. Highly intelligent people appear to have a significantly stronger correlation with mental illness. Openness (a value and ultimately more-so a personality trait) tends to be much higher in those with psychotic mental illness than the general population. This value/trait is championed here for being crucial to this work. These are not the only contributing factors, but many people who could be expected to become deeply involved with also are likely to have history of mental illness. In many cases, this work and content can have a positive effect on mental health if the right approach is taken. Many come in the attempt to transcend suffering, or their current spiritual attunement might be naturally high due to internal mechanisms related to transitioning from suffering to bliss. Intelligence & mental illness Personality traits & mental illness
  10. Watch this video, and it will transform your social consciousness if you listen to your heart. Edit: if it’s unclear, watch it through the lens of the African American struggle in stage orange America. Even when success is reached, there are usually many people they know involved in criminal activities or violent situations.
  11. Leo is critical of overly-biased science. If you listened to his content regarding science enough, you’d know that he is not anti-science. This science he’s talking about is in almost all cases corrupted by an over-attachment to the materialist paradigm. One of Leo’s goals is to inspire a positive change in science.
  12. Enlightenment is realizing you’re the entire movie not that your previously identified character is powerless. You aren’t watching a movie happen to you. You are doing all that happens and are all that happens.
  13. @Rohit Kuna I get all of that. I was trying to explain that I understand the potential for all possible manifestations exists within the present moment, but I was saying that the word “exist” to me is talking about what is actually present. The potential for all other manifestations exists right now, but the current manifestations which you witness right now in the present moment are all that there is beyond just potential. Existence is always in the present. Everything in the present is all that exists. This doesn’t mean the potential for anything else isn’t still held in the present. I’m pretty sure you get what I’m talking about based on your response. The language around this can just be tricky. I was mainly just trying to get you to use the word exist in a more technical way. Nothing’s wrong really with your insights at all.
  14. This is good, but the only adjustment I would make is to say that what exists is here and now. This can potentially change in any way, but this does not mean everything exists simultaneously. At least that’s how I see it