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  1. I remember in one of your old videos that you were trying to design a new computer mouse Don't know why I just saw it and thought of you, Keep up the good work love your videos, you've helped me help myself from you which is me ?, just thanks, hope everything is going well @Leo Gura ?
  2. find something you like doing example writing a book, animation, video games, just find anything employers appreciate people who do work in their spare time, they are comparing hundreds of people with degrees and experience what they want is a dedicated, disciplined reliable worker. you don't stand out with experience or a degree trust me, look for apprenticeships you get paid less but you a learning a new skill good luck
  3. @Bojan V Thank you, hope your dreams come true too
  4. @Breakingthewall I never thought of it like that I'll keep that in mind thank you, iv been slowly reading the nine levels of ego development, it's crazy how your ego takes over, hope your keeping safe
  5. If I buy a small house outright I can spend more time on my life purpose not having to worry about paying a monthly mortgage or try to buy a couple houses to rent but then I will have to keep a steady job. Thoughts?
  6. I am 22 just finished University last summer the job market is not the best so I am currently working for Amazon delivery driver listening to Leo and other spiritual teachers all day, I am avoiding everything I hear as an ideology and I will use this knowledge as a roadmap to my own path. I have a insurance claim that will give me enough to buy a flat that I will rent out, and from me working I will be saving to convert a van into my home. All I know is that I love climbing mountains, so I'm going to be traveling around Europe, while I'm doing this I will be reading most books from the book list and doing the life purpose course on top of meditation, yoga, contemplation, psychedelics extra. This is my rough plan what do you think? Sending Love to everyone
  7. @Hardkill just manifest a simple job you wouldn't mind doing for now while we are in a pandemic, save then you have capital, I'm working as a Amazon delivery driver listening to Leo