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  1. Yes, a soul is born into a given caste in correspondence to their karma.
  2. Hi, I'd like to know how I can block the posts & comments by a given user (some of the user avatars creep me out), I don't see this function in the user profile page.
  3. Got it. I thought about that aspect too, that's the major problem of Reddit.
  4. One major problem with this forum is that when one looks at a thread, it's hard for him to pick out which comments have real value and therefore worth reading. If you read for example thedaobums.com (example thread), you'd notice that some comments have reactions, these are usually the high quality ones worth reading. Same mechanism was also true for the old rooshvforum (before Roosh became Christian and wiped it out), it was very easy to sift for high quality comments, so browsing it was joyful. Let's face it, in a given thread, at least 50% of the comments are low quality and not worth reading. So I suggest we have something like that in this forum to increase its readability and utility. We don't need a full set of reactions, a single like button for each comment and something like "xx, yy and zz liked this" should add a lot of value. I should probably tag @Leo Gura on this.
  5. For me it was "Wait, did you call me?" That was during a very high dose mushroom trip. I thought that sentence was the ultimate truth during the peak of the trip. That was many years ago. I know it makes no sense, but this sentence still sounds trippy to me now.
  6. When I woke up on Ayahuasca during a ceremony, I was offered a chance to exit the game of life now that the whole jig is up. I declined it due to various reasons, and I believe the vast majority of people who were offered this option made the same choice. But I do believe there were brave souls who accepted the offer and got out. These are not the people who would write trip reports. First, as Leo said, they wouldn't exist to write anything. Second, they wouldn't care to. I think these are the ones with extraordinary mental capabilities. When one is on this level, he wouldn't be interested in impressing people on Reddit or Erowid. Re: Reading 1000 trip reports. You can read a million reports of people's meditation for example, but calculating by probabilities, you likely won't find a single one of them describing enlightenment. That's why a lot of the psychic experiments failed, because for these kind of things, you can't go by quantity, only people who are extraordinarily determined or gifted or both will have meaningful achievements in this realm.
  7. If solipsism is true, why would the Buddha bother teaching? I had realized solipsism in an Ayahuasca ceremony long before I encountered Leo’s content, so this post is not an attack on it. But hear me out. If you, the Buddha, is in a dream, and you go through all sorts of ordeals trying all kinds of techniques and finally attain lucidity and realize that you are in a dream, and that you are not only the dreamer but also the dream itself, and that other figures in this dream are just a part of the dream, therefore a part of you. At this point, why would you bother to teach these dream figures how to become lucid? They are just dream figures. Here are the possible explanations I can think of: 1. The Buddha didn’t reach high enough realization (I highly doubt this. If someone who goes through so much suffering and efforts in the pursuit of enlightenment still didn’t attain what we could attain via drugs, that’s very discouraging to any serious seekers) 2. Solipsism is not true (This goes against my personal experience. It actually goes against Buddhist teachings too if you look into it. Buddhist teachings are fundamentally solipsistic) 3. Each person is having his own mind stream (solipsism) and the shared Reality is merely an overlapping of these streams. In other words, everyone you see in your life is a figment, but there is a separate reality where he is the main character. The Buddha was preaching to that figment in hope of getting through to the main character behind it. (But doesn’t this go against solipsism which indicates that whatever is going on right now is all these is in the entire universe? If there’s a separate reality where you are not the main character, then that would mean whatever is going on at this moment in your mindscape is not all there is to Reality, therefore inferring that solipsism isn’t fundamental, doesn’t it?) 4. There was never a Buddha. You invented him so you can be pointed to the path and get the fuck out of Samsara