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  1. This Forum (what it actually is)
    This Forum (what it actually is)
    Forum. n. 
    a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. 
    There are many types of forums on pretty much every subject available. They can be helpful... you may even make "friends" or learn a lot about a particular subject. But the subject matter of nearly every forum is relative, and I don't necessarily mean grounded in physicality. You can have philosophy forums about IDEAS. But the common thread of a forum is that it's centered around a construct of the human mind, whether it be cars, psychedelics, cooking, or abstract concepts. 
    This sub-Forum, however, has a subject matter of an entirely new quality. This is a rare forum that is centered around consciousness, enlightenment, and nonduality, and these happen to be the absolute. THE nature of existence! METAphysics! Strange loops! 
    So why is this important? Well, I have noticed some things by participating in the forum for a couple years or so. I've noticed that everything this forum claims to be about is not being served by the forum itself. It is NOT an aid to your development in these topics; in fact, it's a trap that only a few of you can see. This is not a fault of the people on the forum, but rather a fault of the forum system itself. A forum is limited by the dualistic medium of the English language, which cannot in any shape or form grasp the absolute. The purpose of a forum is to share information and help others to learn, but it's just a fact that you can't learn the absolute. The vehicle of "words" only communicates with respect to your body of experience. You can't communicate the color blue to a blind man any more than you can communicate consciousness and nonduality to a seeker. 
    So what ends up happening is that many non-awake people get lost in the words on this forum, and create vortexes of meaning (traps) for other seekers. The delusion swirls around. The idea of coming to a forum to debate consciousness is absurd! And yet here we are, thinking we are growing by essentially mentally masturbating. You're talking with yourself, thinking you are "helping others see the light." You and I come here because we are like-minded, and maybe we don't have anyone else in our lives to talk about this stuff with. I get it. I honestly think the rest of the forum is pretty great. However, when it comes to nonduality itself, anything that can be said about it is already stepping in the wrong direction. Truly, that is the case.
    You know what would happen if a bunch of enlightened masters had a forum only for discussing the absolute? They would shut it down, knowing that all answers can only be found within. If the only thing to be said about consciousness and nonduality is to NOT get lost in thoughts, words, and concepts, then what the fuck is this sub-Forum here for? Trip reports? Again, more mental masturbation about something that can't be explained. Did anyone here gain a deeper understanding of their trip from someone else on this forum? I didn't think so. 
    In this field, language can only be used as far as a tool to circle around on itself, and make the logical brain submit to the actual uselessness of language and thought in pursuing awakening. In a moment of implicit understanding, the "aha!," you will understand that this entire endeavor was a distraction. You wasted so much time on this forum, time you could have spent doing the work or finding real-life, like-minded friends and mystical experiences. The goal of this particular forum should be to render the forum useless. 
    Of course this brings into question why it exists in the first place. Does anyone need this roundabout path? What if this sub-Forum was changed to a few pages of recourses instead, with a description of why an interactive forum on these topics only creates more delusion? What if we stopped debating consciousness and saved others and ourselves from further distraction? What if the forum evolved?
    For the record, I think the forums on life purpose, relationships, government, spiral Dynamics, etc. are great, as these are relative topics. This site must continue to be a high consciousness beacon of hope. But I think it's time to reconsider how we treat certain topics that transcend logic, reason, and even words themselves. If anyone can log in and be the pointer, then what message is that sending to newcomers and seekers?