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  1. Since you cant comment on blog posts I just wanted to give some feedback and or start a discussion about the "blog" style talk video's about the retreat. Personally this is some of the best content I got from Leo in a while, I don't think a lot of people get the psychological aspects of the journey. Thanks Leo.
  2. http://www.dosenation.com/listing.php?smlid=8856 For research purposes... But be warned it may shock you lol
  3. Felt like sharing this poddo. Really opened my eyes to the potential dark sides of psychedelics that don't get a lot of attention.
  4. Bro, please work on production and flow. Your voice sounds separate from the song, like you had a beat and recorded it on your phone and pasted it on. Also your flow does not stick to the beat. Most of the times it does but then it doesn't it makes me cringe. I do appreciate your courage, hard to put this shit out.
  5. @BjarkeT How are you going to get really good when there is no underlying vision or fulfillment in what you are doing? Becoming world class means being in constant pain and fear. Try writing a book you will get a lot of doubts and fears, you will unconsciously push it off and save it for later eventually not doing it. Straight up brute forcing it will in very few cases work, I think. Especially in creative work. I totally agree with Cal Newport and believe in the concept of Flow but the mindset from which you tackle your work is also really important.
  6. Hey there beautiful people, made this topic to share some videos I made on the topic on Career/Work/Life-Purpose. I used a lot of the books Leo recommends in his book list and that are recommended in the LP course. If you haven't read them this is a great introduction to some of the concepts and if you have I think these three videos will help you refresh your memory. A couple of the books I used are: Talent is overrated - Geoff Colvin The Talent Code - Daniel Coyle Deep Work - Cal Newport The One Thing - Garry Keller & Jay Papasan The 80/20 Principle - Richard Koch Flow - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi The playlist goes in-depth on how to optimize the process of getting great results, not really finding your purpose or best career. (You have the course for that ) Would love to hear your opinions on the topic! Thanks for reading!
  7. There are many facets to life. Consciousness may be the most important one but many people think have more urgent matters. Changing your core beliefs ain't easy.
  8. Do what feels the most urgent If you can't choose I'll pick one for you: Authentic Communication and Relationships & Unconditional Love
  9. @thehero Here is a story from my own life that may help: I was working(programming) in a software house. Fulltime the whole week 9 to 5. I had to travel 4 hours everyday to and back from work. The strangest thing happend in the 3 free hours I had every day. I just started my animation stuff, a lot of learning was happening and in those 3 hours I did more than I currently do the whole day. I finished video's every week even while I had almost no time. I think I was able to do so damn much every day because tho whole day I was sitting at work literally thinking: "I can't do this my whole life, if I don't find a way out I will go crazy" So everyday I worked my ass of when I was home. But now I'm back in school and everything is just fine. Life is layed back I have way more free time but I don't get shit done. Moral of the story, it depends on how you yourself interpret the events how you interpret the situation you're in. So you can definitely work while doing your passion, I did it. My advice if you have 6 months fully focus on building your skills, read books be in constant deliberate practice, few people do this. In 6 months you will probably have sufficient skill to get a Job in your field. From there you can build up your own thing. I got a playlist on YT - check it out it may help. New video coming in 3 days.
  10. A video on how to implement Deep Work into your life. If you got any tips hit me up!
  11. The problem with a backup passive income stream is that it still requires a lot of time and effort to sustain, or will dry-up quite fast. There is another problem with that, you can always fall back and this will most likely result in not 100% effort in game design. (If you are developed this would be no problem though) Why this question tho lol. Are you trying it? Edit: in Leo's case I guess (not sure tho) he has enough cash/passive incomes streams already to just stop. (LP course, Book list, Video's)
  12. Still going hard with the video's
  13. @Alt3ia I totally get it. But remember you're never wasting time when you are doing things you enjoy doing! Also consider as a option that somehow combining the two can possibly create a great niche. Maybe put one on the back-burner while you are studying, but when you are done integrate the two. Gamification in medicine for example (a very crude one of course I'm sure there are better options) Hahaha how ironic, check out the video. If you got any pointers for me post them in the comments on YT or just personal message me on here!
  14. I do it sometimes, nothing better than facing the world by yourself with no one to fall back on I think you can gain a lot from such experiences.
  15. There is a fine line between making content you like and making content people enjoy. That is why marketing and niching down is so important. How are you going to impact the world when nobody pays attention. When you break the world record running but do it somewhere in a field when nobody is watching, lol okay you're proud of yourself and you get satisfaction. BUT why not move your ass into a arena where there is demand for the thing you are doing. Then break the world record, this way you'll be able to inspire and touch other people too. I guess you will have to look inside yourself too see what you want to accomplish with all this YouTube stuff. If it's just satisfaction, go ahead and just put content online it may even blow up. But why not look into marketing and SEO too while you're at it.