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  1. I had a lot of problems with sony vegas in the past. I reccomend using adobe products. It crashed while rendering and stuff. That is a really nice take on it tough. Think really deep about the story. I'm currently working on that a lot.
  2. Well good for him and you if you decide to do the same. I'll just stick with a non average change the world type of thing. Have to admit he looks woke...
  3. @egoless Lol than just work at the local grocery store...
  4. I just read the book two weeks ago. It's amazing how an intuitive understanding he had. Some of his work has so much depth and he is so eloquent in the way het puts things. Just like leo's qoute above, to say something like that in that time period is amazing. I wonder how deep his understanding really did go. He had some deep grasps with the infinite for sure.
  5. You're happy doing it, but do you truly believe in it?
  6. @Jhonny Actually just ventured out and learned that so I have some resources. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0fkVBJi6MsuqMI0EaZb8HBmXGOty3UMN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNZJ-NTLAp8&list=PLvj2JHlsUsaS-nQbqrNpZJ_9ObI1YFABF This is for learning how to do 2d animations like on my YT channel. I still keep it simple tough. To learn 3d animation I recommend using Maya or Blender. *Personal Message me anytime if you have questions
  7. @egoless Already have 3 years, some people already have 15 years and still quit. If you believe in the finance industry you should stick with it. If you think it is not doing much good you should seek something else. Or you could find a way to bring the good side of finance out. I think being so good they can't ignore you is really important. But you first need something that is worth it to you to get really good at.
  8. Yhea I feel the same. It's like we're bought into Leo's vision and that automatically makes our purpose go in the same general direction. But then again personal development has been the only consistent thing I love doing over the last 3 year's. My spin on it is that I love the video format so I really want to master that. It has done so much for me personally and I get absorbed while making it. I also feel it's a growing market. As we distance ourselves more and more from nature our mental get fucked up. People are realizing this, but then again maybe I think that because I'm involved in the community. What I do know for sure is that more and more people are getting burn outs and things of that nature so their forced into this type of work. There a coach comes in handy And what are my other options, lol becoming a banker or lawyer, no thanks.
  9. Always take in to consideration the viewpoints of the other person and value them. Never talk down on people.
  10. @egoless Sick! after 10,000 hours you could probably do it whenever you want. hehehehe
  11. @egoless HEY! That was what I was thinking! How did u do that?
  12. I think most books, video's and audio's can be glossed over. It's more about the core concepts and has a lot of fluff around it. Some products do require full attention for me. Deep dense information flies over your head when you hear it at 2 times speed. Like reading a book and getting lost in thought. You read a page but totally forgot what was on it.
  13. @Vitamine Water Hahahaha thanks . No sorry, our post-pigeon unfortunately got shot down so we will have to deliver it via the interwebs.
  14. Of course enlightenment I think emotional work and shadow work is essential to be able to enjoy the ride.
  15. New Video | Mastery! The Cornerstone of True Success - Mastery Mastery is such a foundational mindset to achieving anything in life. It is so amazingly important to keep this in mind at all times because it is so easy to forget nowadays. Mastery state's that to achieve excellence requires massive amounts of deliberate practice and studie over and over and over and over gain. It requires you to choose a path and commit to it. a fact that is easily stated but hard to do in practice. Everybody knows that to become good at something requires a lot of practice, latle the rumour spread that to achieve international status in a skill requires 10,000 hours but rarely is this kept in mind while on the journey. It is only golssed over and quickly fades into the background. But mastery is a mindset that needs to stay in the mind long term to really be assimilated and used to it's full potential. This is hard especially in the western culture we currently live in. It is really on the opposite side of mastery. with quick-fixes, constant climax, shortcuts and excitement. The ads on tv that show you an apparatus that will magically give you abs, just wear it daily while doing things around the house. Of course with a ripped guy using it, to show that it really works. nha that guy didn't really use that thing. He actually went to the gym daily for years, had a strict dieting schedule and read countless articles and book about muscle growth and dieting. It is sad that we rarely see the hard grueling work behind the successful people portrayed in the media. In our heads the process is distorted and this badly affects our approach to any new skill in life.