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  1. Guess who's back Wake at 5:15: 1 Animate: 2
  2. I travel every day for four hours so should I do self-inquery, meditation or concentration? What do you all recommend?
  3. Personally I just can't stick with one thing. I'm always wondering if this is the right thing to do and then eventually I quit and concoct a new plan. So it is lack of focus and indecision.
  4. Shit man this is some good motivation right here! Just like everybody else I got a couple of questions too. 1. What do you think about the effect of psychedelics on mental health? When you get really fucked up because of it is it just the subconscious coming up. Because if you are not able to face it you will be fucked up forever so how do you know you can handle that shit? I want to do it but I'm scared I won't be able to function anymore because of distorted thoughts. 2. My life purpose is also within computer science, studying for that too. I'm still pondering if I should go for app development to raise awareness or machine learning/big data. But all that aside, how did you manage to do so much inner work, study and meditation and still do your life purpose effectively or did you but that on the back burner for 2 years? Your an inspiration, I hope you keep raising awareness. PS: you have to look into quantified self, it's like big data on humans. Here is a good resource http://online.liebertpub.com/doi/pdf/10.1089/big.2012.0002
  5. I'm not able to focus on one topic. I decide something and then 3 days later I forget about it. I'm in constant distraction. The first day I'm like yes lets do this, the second day too, the third day I just do it, the fourth day I just do it, the fifth day I get distracted. 5 days later I remember that I wanted to do something. Then I say fuck it. Concoct a new plan and repeat.
  6. I would just be straight to the point, saves both our asses time. Just 5 minutes in the conversation I would say this. "I know where this is headed, and honestly to save us both some time and effort. I'm really not looking for anything right now. I'm sorry. I'm sure you will find someone else. "
  7. I also get into really deep territory on weed. Once I saw that life was like some kind of loop, every day again. I started to question wheter I could be happy if every thing stayed like this forever. I had to surrender to death and the fact that life will always stay like this inside. It gave me a whole new perspective. I was really panicy tho. Have to work on my anxiety that came up to. Social anxiety, it comes up every time I smoke. It shows that I sill have some blockages although I never realize it when sober.
  8. @Franz So I should first do more inner work? Or handle my surroundings and mindset better? Or should I just always stay away from it, I mean I want to do it but I won't untill I know I wont go mental.
  9. I feel the same way, every time I do an attempt of changing my life and I look back half a year later everything is just the same.
  10. Yhea I'm also really interested in this topic. I'm a little bit hazardous of taking strong psychedelics because in the past I have had some psychotic episodes on marijuana. So I'm wondering what will happen if I take for example mushrooms or DMT. All my psychotic episodes were up to the point I lost track of time and didn't know if I would ever be able to get back to my normal thinking. My rule's of daily life fully dissolved and it felt like I was stuck in a loop. But every time I recovered and got back to my "normal" state of mind. So is there anyone with some more knowledge on this topic?
  11. @Dan Arnautu Thanks for your feedback really appreciate it!
  12. @Dan Arnautu Thanks for your in depth reply! So I'm just making excuses, but what about the reality that people don't listen to 19 year olds without life experience? ........ after some thought ..... So what do you think about the idea of setting up a software business as a tool of getting more life experience in order to leave that business and create a personal development business?
  13. So I have a question: Do you think it is a viable option to develop apps and websites plus at the same time developing understanding of self-development to become a life-coach? This is my situation, I'm 19 and still studying computer science. I know I can't be a self-development coach of some kind because I lack life experience but I know this is what I am most passionate about and what I mostly enjoy doing. Still I need to get life experience, so I could set up a career in software development and then later in life when I have more leverage because of life experience, status, money and already mastered a skill people will listen to me more because I have more "value" switch to full time self-development. Now I know that when you do 2 things at the same time it doesn't really work so I could also put my development career on autopilot, get a reasonable paying job and focus all the rest on self-development. But this will inhibit me from really becoming the best at software development and I don't know if self-development will ever become profitable. So it comes down to: should I first master software development (which I still love doing) and do self-development only in free time. Or should I try to master personal development (which is what I really believe in can change the world) and as a side job do programming to support my self-development? Thanks for reading and replying
  14. DayToDay So I got myself an internship, quite cool to see a big corporate building from the inside the first time. Started school again and worked on that. And realized that Leo is just telling me to stop everything I'm doing and only do consciousness work. Well I want to do it but first I need to fullfill my orange needs. Get some money and go hermit vanning, yes that is still the plan. Already worked out the money so managing that currently and working as much as possible
  15. DayToDay Habit Streak (2): Meditation (30 min) Woke up and applied for some internships. One called me two hours later so I have a meeting on Friday. I'm in a analytical rut again. Saw the new Elon Musk interview on ted, straight up inspiration: