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  1. Big up Amsterdam, let me know when you're in Europe. Amsterdam is a nice central spot and it will most likely attract people from belgium, germany and austria. Europe isn't that big lol, so travel is easy.
  2. Block in your time to focus too. Don't expect pure focus all day when you come from a society where everything is unfocused.
  3. Yhea it's the same kind of technique that is described in the 6 pillars of self-esteem. Create your own mental world. Create your own scale, every evening way yourself on your own scale. Not the scale of society.
  4. Climbing, Animation, Music, Socializing with friends playing pool and stuff and reading. And in very rare times, I play Skyrim.
  5. Upvote, lol. No I think it's a great idea. Remove all the stupid reputations!
  6. @NicAndStuff Well I had the exact same problem a year ago. I never had a relationship and it was gnawing at the back of my mind, made me feel like a lesser person. Went onto some dating app thingy, got into a relationship and all that great stuff. If you don't have the right girl its really over-rated bro. Sex isnt even as good as you think it is lol. After half a year I got the hell out of that relationship and now I have waayyyy more time to do other stuff. So to get to your relationship point the plan here is to make it a non issue. Find a venue for meeting girls, either social circle, dating app/website, cold approach or any other thing you can come up with. and put a good amount of focus into it for some time. Eventually you'll meet someone and you will quickly see that you were deceiving yourself like we always do. For meeting new friends and stuff I highly recommend taking on a hobby. I took a shot at climbing about one and a half years ago. I go to the indoor climbing wall and just chat with people there. Great folk hang around there smart people tend to be into climbing, even some nice girls. Same thing here choose a activity and go for it. Also if you're chatting with a lot of people you can ask if they want to hang out. But then again what would you do...
  7. Look how this activity helps you. Cut the subject you need to study into little pieces. Then when you sit down say to yourself, this little piece I'm going to do now and I will not move from here untill its done. After you finish take a short brake and start with the next little piece.
  8. @Phill It could be that meditation is purging some of your past traumas. I'm no expert tho.
  9. Lol it's non-duality happiness would be just as groundless as sadness. trust me you should be scared.
  10. @Hafiz Well the whole grounding for all your actions now is your self-image, ego. When that disappears there's no grounding anymore for any of your action. From the outside it won't effect your behavior in any way if you want to stay the same. However when we try to change with our ego's still in action it is quite hard. Once removed change will be much easier because there is nothing to comply with anymore. Your behavior doesn't have to be checked against your ego every time. So all the barriers of change will break down. At that point if you want to poke peoples eye's out you could do it with no ego backlash. Now of course you will still have the ability of sound reasoning so that option will probably be crossed of but it would't make any difference. So it totally depends on your intention. Want to be a healthy and fitness? you would just do it. Want to write a book? you would just do it.
  11. I highly recommend you read the books from Jed McKenna if you are interested in enlightenment, especially: Spiritual Enlightenment - The Damnedest Thing. He really shows you a down to earth, realistic view of enlightenment. The many analogy's Jed McKenna makes in the book helped me to wrap my mind around this complex topic. Basically he rants about the mainstream view on enlightenment. We'll all go to the party high up in the sky blissful chill type of view. He says that that is where a lot of people go wrong they take a mystical experience as enlightenment but it's not. Enlightenment isn't any type of blissful vision or something that makes you enter in an eternal good state and stuff. It is just straight up the uprooting and destroying of your belief system and ego to the point that you die and don't identify with anyone or any role anymore. It is about the realization of the fact that EVERY BELIEF IS FALSE. I made a video about it on my channel of you want to check it out link in my signature Have a great day
  12. Spiral Dynamics? surprised nobody mentioned that yet. Probably we would slowly grow more into green and yellow.
  13. Well you can do all the affirmations you want. if you still believe you're bad at relationships it wont change anything. Your personal image has taken a stance, a belief of "I'm bad at relationships." Now you're telling yourself I'm good at relationships but positive thinking only helps when you believe what you say. So you're not getting to it at the root cause you're just covering it up with affirmations. My advice: Try to identify the exact reason of why you're bad at relationships. Try to either re-frame the belief until you're sure that you are actually good at relationship your belief was just flawed OR Work on yourself until you get to the point where you're good at relationships.
  14. Happiness is the exact same. not good, not bad. without ego happiness cannot exist.