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  1. @RendHeaven Thanks! I use the Adobe programs, so Premier, After Effects and Illustrator. Yhea I guess so, but with editing you combine a lot of different skills. Composition, Animation, Compositing, Typography etc. Each has their own mastery curve. But focussing on each one separately, you can get very good, very quickly.
  2. Cool to see everybody expressing themselves. I find YouTube is a great way to express yourself and think clearly. When you talk on a subject you really have to understand it. So it pushes structure into your self-development. I have a channel but it is just a side project to get better at editing and motion design. Also it grew me personally a lot.
  3. I would reccomend first growing your YouTube in other ways before presenting it to people in your direct environment. When they see your video's are actually being watched they will maybe be interested but otherwise it just not good for your social dynamics. But the choice is up to you. It's not like you will suddenly get 700 subs, most likely a lot will think it is weird because you challange the status quo and some may like it but you shouldn't lean on that to grow your channel. Try to tap into online communities that are already thinking about this stuff.
  4. Bro nice video! editing is on point.
  5. Lately I have been thinking how a 9 to 5 might be a good thing, I mean you have a structure and people around you things get handled for you. You don't have to pay attention to creating a structure for yourself. You don't get as lonely sitting at home grinding away at a mighty goal. Not having a 9 to 5 brings a lot of extra psychological strain, which you can't put into other things. Not that escaping wage slavery is not good, but give props to how a job actually gives you a lot of free mental space and structure. I think people have this halo effect around working for yourself. But I been doing it for a while and came to the conclusion that the grass is always greener on the other side. Something I still have to work on.
  6. @XYZ At campsites, the gym or in Europe we have showers and toilets in petrol stations. It's going to be interesting for sure lol.
  7. Climbing/bouldering and skate-/longboarding are hobbies I enjoy
  8. Work and do not spend, live in a car and hustle. That is my opinion and my plan lol
  9. A good book on art in general is: Art & Fear I would also be interested in a book on marketing vs art, however I do think everyone has to strike their own balance. If you really want to make art you should not do it for monetary purposes.
  10. If you're talking videoscribe almost any laptop will do honestly, altough I don't know if it works on macOS you should look into that. If you use adobe premier it runs a bit better on windows but mac will do fine. I'm also buying a new laptop, will probably go for the DELL XPS 15 but thats for hardcore possibly 4K editing it's around 2000 euro's. I prefer the DELL machines because they have a good price/quality ratio in general because they produce on such a large scale and focus on online sales. Good luck with your choice
  11. Download the adobe products that way you're building the right toolkit from the start. There are thousands of tutorials online... I do actually recommend searching online for what you want to focus on and actually buying a good book on it. It will save you a lot of hours seeing the same things in different tutorials. My personal booklist on this stuff: Drawing: Finish the learn drawing in 30 days book Graphic design: Read: the Mollybang book, Finish all the 50 tutorials on the site, Read: Color and Light, A Guide for the Realist Painter Read: Dream Worlds, Production Design for Animation Read: How to Draw: Drawing and sketching objects and environments from your imagination Read: Interaction of Color Adobe: Read: AI classroom in a book Read: Vector Basic Training Animation: Read: Animated Storytelling by Liz Blazer Read: Design for Motion Read: Moving Image Workshop Read: AE classroom in a book Read: Creative Motion Graphic Titling for Film, Video, and the Web Read: Motion Graphics: Principles and Practices from the Ground Up (Theory Only) Read: Transforming Type: New Directions in Kinetic Typography (Theory Only) Read: Motion Graphics in Branding Read: The Animator's Survival Kit Read: Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects (Out Dated) Read: Motion Graphic Design: Applied History and Aesthetics