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  1. ill be saving this one for future use, thank you good sir
  2. @Dodo yea i see what u mean, that wasnt at all my experience. i think what made me lucid was that when i looked at my hands, they looked just as real as everyday life, not at all like in a dream. almost more real than real tbh. id rate the experience pretty significant, on par with some of my psychedelic trips
  3. no i became lucid the moment i looked at my hands and they looked completely normal and real. my hands triggered the lucid dreaming basically
  4. @Dodo interesting. however during the only 2 times i experienced lucid dreaming, i "woke up" inside the dream, by looking at my hands, and i remember distinctly i was amazed that my hands looked so fucking real, they werent distorted at all
  5. i first realized this during an acid trip, where i spend literally 12 hours just staring at my hands, baffling at their existence. since then ive always been able to put myself into kind of a mini trip just by looking at my hands. i dont know what its about, but there something magical about hands. ive heard several people on here mention it, including leo in some of his videos, and yesterday my friend had his first mystical experience on lsd, and all he did was stare at his hands the entire trip why are hands magical?
  6. @Princess Arabia as i just stated, absolutley no phenomena what so ever. i sense your stance will be "well then thats what your conscious of", but if this is the case you've ran into a contradiction
  7. this makes no sense. im simply refuting your first statement; deep sleep proves you dont need time and space and something to be conscious of. because you are in still conscious in deep sleep, in which time and space does not exist, nor does any other phenomena what so ever,, so no consciousness is not a thought
  8. @Princess Arabia i agree there is no thought. however if there were not still consciousness / awareness, how would you ever be aware of the fact that there was a cessation of phenomena / thought during deep sleep? the fact u can contrast waking state to deep sleep proves theres still an experience. and that experience is conscious of absolutley nothing at all, so no, consciousness doesnt require an object to be conscious of
  9. what are you conscious of in deep sleep?
  10. @Princess Arabia im not gonna lie i literally understood 0 of your paragraphs and how they relate to my argument, except for the fact that u disagree with me. im open for a discussion, but would u care to elaborate? No proof of any creation? what does the fact that nothing that appears is permanent proof? what intelligence is obvious? okay i see what u mean by the last paragraph lol, we can use any word we want, but lets not confuse ourselves more than necessary
  11. @BipolarGrowth ill be taking a closer look at the article. however im still curious as to how you would ever verify the "existence" of something non-experiential? Even in deep sleep, there is the experience of total nothingness or a complete void, some would perhaps label this as non-experience or unconsciousness. However something is still aware of experiencing the non experience, otherwise deep sleep would just be a literal time skip until you woke up again, and you would never had known there was a cessation of phenomena, in which case the non experiential would not exist neither. when you wake up, you are aware that there was a period in which all phenomena ceased. you would not be aware of this period of "non-experience" if you were not still aware during the period it happened my point is that you can never verify something "unconscious" or "non experiential". you can experience the lack of all phenomena, which would be something like deep sleep, however even that is still an experience. the fact that you are able to contrast experience to so called "non experience", is proof that even "non experience" is in itself an experience EDIT; also im fairly certain you're misinterpreting the article. hes talking about physical consciousness (vinanna) and metaphysical consciousness (chitta). this video clarifies it quite distinctly (if u dont have time for the whole video, he talks about it specifically from 18:00 and on) Chitta basically means the same in hinduism, sadhguru quote; "Chitta is mind without memory – pure intelligence. This intelligence is like the cosmic intelligence – simply there. Everything happens because of that. It does not function out of memory – it simply functions. In a way, what you call cosmos is a living mind, not in the sense of intellect but in the sense of chitta." (this is the guy who wrote the article)
  12. @BipolarGrowth how can you "see it" without any experience or consciousness at all? EDIT; quickly scimmed through the pdf u linked, interesting stuff, but i dont see it supporting your argument that the highest state is non experience / unconsciousness, quite on the contrary, the article refers to "chitta" or mind as consciousness. its refered to as immortal and unconditioned. (note that i just quickly looked through the article so i might be wrong)
  13. An experience of being an infinitely intelligent creator EXISTS. An infinite intelligently designed creation EXISTS and thats all the proof you'll ever need