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  1. @Someone here What happend with your solipsism realization?
  2. I have given up on my life in the past. I remember i was walking in town nearby my village. I had many mental issues and i decided to die. While walking i observed cars, people and buildings. There was some strange sense of peace in me, knowing i will die soon. Somehow i returned back home and something in me compeled me to keep on living, even do i knew it will be so hard to confront my demons... I am still alive, still have many troubles, but i don't want do die by my own hand. It is a mystery how all this happend. I think that i am here to accept myself, to heal my traumas and to help maybe only a few people to do the same... To be integrated and wholesome human being in physical existence and to demonstrate that to a few other fellow human beings and animals ... I think that is the reason i am still here...
  3. @LSD-Rumi You want for Leo to be your spiritual master? Why?
  4. Welcome back! This is a very important insight of yours! Thank you for sharing it with us. My question is: what it means to you to be "spiritually neuro-diverse"? This is the first time i hear about this concept. Can you, please, explain it?
  5. @vizual No, he is not. I also don't want to have sex with almost any man on this planet, and i am gay.
  6. In my opinion majority of lesbians are not transphobic, but some of them are. Same with straight woman. It is important to say, that rapists and manipulators are present in all groups of people. There is a danger to label all trans woman as abusers. Many trans women are in fact the victims of such crimes. I am sorry for what happend to that woman. I hope the rapists end up in jail. Many transphobic people are using such cases to justify their transphobia.
  7. This is just terrible. And it seems many people don't care if this happens. Even on this forum. They like to chat about celebrity slap, but war crimes? Nope. I personaly hope these murderers will be put in jail. To all the victims... rest in peace🙏🏻.
  8. A Course in Miracles. But i admit i have i bias toward it, because it is my spiritual path...
  9. @KoryKat Well, you certainly are an inspiration for me. Much love, Bojan
  10. @vizual You cannot be payed for just being transgender (or gay, or straight). It will be better for some transgender people, not for the whole world.
  11. @Epikur I don't live in Usa. And you cannot hide yourself behind some american videos.
  12. @vizual Speak for your self! Lgbtq is not used as a "shady business model"! It is you, homophobic heteros, who are doing that! I am gay and i just want to have a nice and peaceful life, without heteros like you.
  13. Wow. What an interesting life-journey! Your life will be better every day, even if sometimes doesn't seem like that! I know there are many homeless people in Usa. I am so sorry for all your hardship you've experienced🙏🏻. I am from Slovenija, rural area in the middle of nowhere, forest all around. It's a beautiful nature here. I wish for you too a life in a wonderful place, wherewer you prefer to live. You can do it! All the best to you🙂!
  14. @JosephKnecht True. People mention only those mystics who are world-famous or popular, as well as those who are not mystics at all. Usualy they are from India, Usa and maybe Germany, as if other countries do not exist...