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  1. @King Merk In your opinion, what would be his diagnosis?
  2. Perhaps try to read books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton. And i'm sorry you have troubles at work. It's ok to cry if you feel that way. Hugs...
  3. @mamad I don't know what to do, but please stay safe🙏🏻.
  4. @Meta-Man The Truth indeed IS the Truth, eternal and infinite. However, to claim that we cannot discover anything new is false. Discovery is never ending, there are always new Absolute Vistas to encounter and to explore. Please, check up Sri Aurobindo and his books. For example, Aurobindo discovered that Nirvana is just one of the first steps of spiritual Realizations, and there is much much more then that. Don't get me wrong, to realize Nirvana is something very astonishing, but it is not a culminating finale. We shouldn't lock ourselves up in some small thought system. If we do that, we can miss Eternity...
  5. In your country people should be payed more. Minimum wage should be a living wage, nothing less. We don't live to work, we work to live.
  6. In Western world, after the year 2050. Globaly after 2075.
  7. @Haloman We WILL BE able to surpass human biology with spirituality and Truth, however it will take a long time. Please read Sri Aurobindo's books. He described what is possible regarding human biology and psyche and their radical transformation.
  8. Wonderful🙂.
  9. Viruses do exist. We can see them with an electronic microscope. We can see atoms and subatomic particles, but viruses are much bigger.
  10. @LSD-Rumi I don't care about left-wingers or right-wingers. I am neither. Why should transgender people live as we tell them? Gender disphoria is a construct made by transphobic people and their standards, which is ironic considering that they contributed to their problems.
  11. My favorite place is a place where i live most of my life. Very rural area away even from the village, in Slovenia, near the border with Croatia. Around my home is forrest. Lots of wild animals walking outside. Almost no people nearby. There is zero polution. The air is fresh, grass is green and trees are wonderful. The river is also close if i want to swimm. Lots of woods and hills for hiking and contemplation. In a big garden there is lots of fruit-trees and i plant potato and other vegetable. And what is also very important: i can piss outside without being watched or arrested😌. If i'll ever live elswhere, i will live in a simmilar area.
  12. @LSD-Rumi I will repeat again: Transgender people are transgender regardless if they accept their body or not. You cannot compare being transgender with being ugly or beautiful. These are two separate issues. Trans-people are trans-people regardless if they are "beautiful" or "ugly". Same with us: We are cisgender regardless if we are "beautiful" or "ugly". The unacceptance of their body does not make them trans.
  13. @LSD-Rumi @LSD-RumiTrans-gender people are not trans just because they don't accept their body. Many do accept their body, but they are still trans-gender people. If we, cis-gender people, don't accept our body, or parts of your body, we are still cis-gender. Those are two different issues.
  14. Why am I dreaming this figment of my imagination which i don't understand🤔?