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  1. @Arcangelo It has nothing to do with the "cancel culture", which is btw the american "thing" and i don't accept that, like i don't accept many things from the american empire. It is about me being gay and about blaming and demonizing us, the LGBT people. I live in Slovenia, in rural area, and all i can see is heteros judging and blaming us,telling us we are sick, dangerous and that we should either stay between the four walls, to get "help", or to die. So when we, LGBT people, try to live our lives free and openly, "sudenly" we are somehow dangerous to heteros. Well, to hell with that! I will always, as much as possible and safe, stand up for myself and LGBT people, and also i will always call a homophobe a homophobe. And i will not apologize and explain myself for that! And for all the homophobes out there-we, the LGBT people, want to live free and safe just like the heterosexual people. No more, but also no less then that! And another thing... Since i came on this forum last year there were homophobic people here and they were very upset when i disagreed with them. To be honest i didn't came here to deal with homophobes, but to learn some new informations about spirituality. More and more i am thinking to just leave this forum and to ask some moderator to ban or delet my account, becose i have enough of this.
  2. These summaries are wonderful! Thank you!
  3. @Blackhawk Some Christian fundamentalists have predicted the end of the world every year for thousands of years, but civilization and the world are still here...
  4. @Eternal Unity Thank you for sharing with us your story! It is inspiring and encouraging☺️🙏🏻💚.
  5. @Husseinisdoingfine It is important to talk about this issues becose people there are suffering. Can you imagine how it is for children, woman and lgbt people in Afghanistan and Iraq who are opressed, abused and often killed? When people are writing about Usa it is ok and nobody is complaining about that. But when people are writing about other countries, then sudenly their mind is stuck on this issue?! There are other countries on the planet Earth other then Usa and this forum is a fine place to talk about them.
  6. Why does someone have a need to show off their body if they are enlightened? Narcissism is NOT enlightenment.
  7. @WaveInTheOcean When people proclaim all the things that you do, i always ask them about their shadow, their painful unresolved stuff they have. So how do you see yourself as a relative person? Do you have some more wounds to heal? Or do you think you are done with it?
  8. With all do respect, i just don't understand you. There is always more to heal. Are you trying to say you've healed all your wounds, resolved all your traumas and now you're a whole and integrated person?
  9. @kray The MASS migrant influx hasn't done any good for the American countries either. Just look what they have done to real Native Americans. Genocide, war, illnesses, opression and destruction... Horrible! And after centuries of opression the First Nations still didn't get back their land and they are still discriminated by these white Europeans. Unpopular opinion, i know...
  10. @LambChop I am so happy you're getting better and for your positive outlook on life🙏🏻☺️! You're going to have a wonderful life! And it is really difficult and unfair for the poor and homeless people. How will they pay thousands of dolars? They just can't... I really hope your country finaly finds some solution in terms of health care... All the best!
  11. There are 4 possible origins of our shadow. 1. The first origin is in our childhood. Parents and other important people in our early lifes have already their own shadow and with upbringing by fragmented psyches of the adults the same pattern is replicated in children. The disintegration of our mentality or the splitting of its components into "layers" with different emotional charges and levels of vigilance and stability is in fact the result of the action of repression. The factors contributing to the origin of our shadow are of course bio-psycho-social and very complex. 2. The historical origin of the shadow could be many thousands of years ago when people started living in the caves. The traumatic experiences in the caves, especialy at night and when encoutering predators, could be the historical cause of shadow and extreme fragmentation of the human psyche. This is only hypothesis... So these two factors are the "earthly" causes of the origin of our shadows. 3. The third origin can be from the previous lifes manifested in this one... 4. The fourth origin of the shadow is the deepest. It's source is the "begining" of the world of form, when the Absolute seemingly denied Himself for the purpose of the Play. He Himself became a shadow to Himself, fragmented and dispersed, and this can be the primary source of the world shadow on the deepest ontological level. He lost Himself, He hurt and traumatized Himself, and he is healing His Shadow to Selfaccept Himself again to express Himself fully in the manifested part of Himself as who He really is. There will come the time( it is already now) when the Shadow will be healed and gone and the world will be the pure manifestation of the Absolute Love. No shadows in the dark anymore, only Light and Love, forever and ever💚...
  12. @vladorion Why are you being so nasty, if you disagree? You can choose the words that actualy explain something.
  13. @StarfoxEpiphany What do you do when people really are sexist, racist or fascist?
  14. It is typical of people, who used new age or even just as a blanket to cover up their inner wounds and didn't do a proper inner work of healing their shadow, to return to their previous religion in more fundamentalist way. I hope you realize that. But no matter what, it is your life and i wish you good luck.