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  1. I just want my account to be deleted since that outburst.
  2. @Inliytened1 Becose i don't want to be here and i don't feel well at all.
  3. @Inliytened1 I hope i will be banned soon or at least my account will be deleted.
  4. Twerking adults are very shallow people. No hotness there! And children shouldn't twerk at all.
  5. Years ago he became famous with his transphobia. For some weird reason he keeps poping up on my YouTube search, otherwise i wouldn't even know about him.
  6. @Leo Gura Please, delete my account. I would PM you, but i accidentaly deleted messenger. This place is so toxic and many of your posts too. I don't want to have anything to do with Thank you for everything and be well.
  7. This is insane. Just delete my account already, please!
  8. @Leo Gura I don't think it's an accident. It's just part of a human life. And where i live, there is no woke BS. I didn't even know what "woke" means untill few years ago.
  9. You can eat fruits and vegetables. There is a garden and a lot of apple- trees around my home. No polution, no chemicals, Just pure nature. But most of the people don't have that...
  10. @Leo Gura You're mixing together the unrelated stuff. I've never tried baby formula in my life, but i'm still gay. Although i admit i ate a lot of sausages?...
  11. All That Is Ain Soph ParaBrahman Primary Energy Gestalt
  12. Yeah, i've heard mental health care sistem in USA is bad.
  13. @Danioover9000 My mom got the jabs, but her covid simptoms were a little bit more serious (dry caughing). The doc said to her she would have to go to hospital, if she were not vaccinated. Anyway, we were vaccinated by our own choice, not because of government mandates.
  14. @Rafael Thundercat I am so glad you are here to tell your story??! I did take the jab, got the virus, but the simptoms were mild, except the first night when i had a high fever. It's funny how life works. Back then we've had a right-wing government and they were enforcing very strict regulations, mandatory vaccinations, limiting travel across the country etc. Many of their decisions vere unconstitutional. While on the position of power, they banned protests, using police violence and supression of the press etc. Now we have a left-wing government and the rules regarding covid are gone. Everything is more relaxed and free. It's so imteresting to me that for example in the USA the situation was oposite to that in Slovenia.