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  1. Maybe you should start with A brief history of everything. The Religion of Tomorrow is a book where states-stages and structure-stages are described in detail, including the shadow aspects of them. So if you're interested in the highest levels up to the Supermind, then The Religion of Tomorrow is the right book for you.
  2. @Holygrail Yes, we can say it becose we don't live in the middle ages, where ignorant catholic church invented the flat earth and creationism delusions in which some people still believe.
  3. This is all very interesting but it doesn't consider the american imperialism, killing people in other countries. This happens more or less constantly.
  4. @Blackhawk You are to sexy to die prematurely.
  5. In my opinion killing and eating animals doesn't have any place in conscious society. However that being said there is the issue with our pets and their food. Dogs and cats need meat in their diet so in order to completely stop killing the animals means we shouldn't have any pets either. I think killing animals for food will be necessery until the artificial meat is invented.
  6. @Loving Radiance Thank you so much!!
  7. @Kalo You didn't have the experience of oneness with God, so you don't have any context or reference point or any ground for your claims that we are not God. I am happy about you having these type of experiences. Dreams and imagination are also the experiences, but at the end i prefer something that transcends them.
  8. What is so interesting and sad to me, looking at the american cops from my country, is how easy it is for these racist cops to kill black people and also how many people agree with that.
  9. @Kalo You don't have any direct experiences or realizations for your claims. A God conspiracy is invented by priests and by some parents to control you and for you to obey them, and you're doing a wonderful job on that. I feel compassion for you.
  10. @IamMystic Your writing is confusing. I thought your mental clarity is better now then it used to be. It doesn't show up in your writings, sorry.
  11. I have my own spiritual practice which suits me, thank you, and i don't need to try another practice, especialy not from Sadhguru.@Guru Fat Bastard
  12. Bad parents always get a pass, an excuse or rationalisation...
  13. "Naturaly born psychopath" is just an excuse for bad parents.
  14. One option is this are only mythic stories. But if true, then that means only high initiates can do that. H.P.Blavatsky, the founder of the original theosophy, wrote about it and it is certainly a fascinating topic to ponder about. But the only way to know this for certain is to do some serious inner work. Everything else is just a speculation.