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  1. @Vrubel Wow. The colonisation and murder of Native Americans was NOT "just plain human progress and evolution"!
  2. As one psychologist said, the anti-vaxxers are mentaly ill, delusional, and they need help.
  3. I don't see that happening... There is no post-Covid era here in Slovenia! Only half of population has been vaccinated and virus is spreading. Anti-vaxxers and the government are in war. In our case it is the right-wing government and anti-vaxxers. I just hope i won't have covid a second time, even do i am vaccinated. People just don't want to see their shadows. I think we will have to wait until next year...
  4. My father was abusive and i have no contact with him almost 20 years. I saw him few times (at the store etc.) simply becose he lives few kilometers away, but i simply ignored him. I don't miss him and to be away from him is awesome! I don't regret it at all.
  5. This is horrible! And it is even worse, considering that DR Congo is a world "capital" of rape! I remember very well there was a 2014 report about the rape in that country... The age span of rape victims was from 2 years old(!) to 82 years old! And of course almost no punishment for the rapists... And now this... WHO members were raping and molesting in this country which is already a living hell for so many people... Terrible!
  6. @JJfromSwitzerland You've made other inappropriate comments as well, not just the racial ones. People know when you're using your right wing propaganda. So please don't make any excuses.
  7. Hi I have to say i don't understand what exactly is going on. I see you are living either in Bosnia and Hercegovina, or in Serbia ( btw i'm from Slovenia). The banks there can be tricky. It's a known fact. Anyway i'm just offering you a moral support and i wish you resolve your problems with your bank and your mother. Just please be careful you don't start to perceive everything from the perspective of paranoia.
  8. @Arcangelo It has nothing to do with the "cancel culture", which is btw the american "thing" and i don't accept that, like i don't accept many things from the american empire. It is about me being gay and about blaming and demonizing us, the LGBT people. I live in Slovenia, in rural area, and all i can see is heteros judging and blaming us,telling us we are sick, dangerous and that we should either stay between the four walls, to get "help", or to die. So when we, LGBT people, try to live our lives free and openly, "sudenly" we are somehow dangerous to heteros. Well, to hell with that! I will always, as much as possible and safe, stand up for myself and LGBT people, and also i will always call a homophobe a homophobe. And i will not apologize and explain myself for that! And for all the homophobes out there-we, the LGBT people, want to live free and safe just like the heterosexual people. No more, but also no less then that! And another thing... Since i came on this forum last year there were homophobic people here and they were very upset when i disagreed with them. To be honest i didn't came here to deal with homophobes, but to learn some new informations about spirituality. More and more i am thinking to just leave this forum and to ask some moderator to ban or delet my account, becose i have enough of this.
  9. These summaries are wonderful! Thank you!
  10. @Blackhawk Some Christian fundamentalists have predicted the end of the world every year for thousands of years, but civilization and the world are still here...
  11. @Eternal Unity Thank you for sharing with us your story! It is inspiring and encouraging☺️🙏🏻💚.
  12. @Husseinisdoingfine It is important to talk about this issues becose people there are suffering. Can you imagine how it is for children, woman and lgbt people in Afghanistan and Iraq who are opressed, abused and often killed? When people are writing about Usa it is ok and nobody is complaining about that. But when people are writing about other countries, then sudenly their mind is stuck on this issue?! There are other countries on the planet Earth other then Usa and this forum is a fine place to talk about them.
  13. Why does someone have a need to show off their body if they are enlightened? Narcissism is NOT enlightenment.