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  1. @Leo Gura Have you tried a fruitarian diet?
  2. Smoking cannabis out of a dry vape is much healthier right?
  3. Update: I eat a fruitarian diet and don't consume the skin of anything ?
  4. @Leo Gura Can you please share your detox protocol?
  5. @Leo Gura I saw a video where a guy said soaking vegetables for ~30 minutes in water and baking soda or vinegar removes virtually all pesticides on the surface of produce compared to hand washing which removes virtually none.
  6. @Vipassana how do I avoid glyphosate?
  7. Almost all produce is sprayed with pesticides even Organic foods. Do yall soak your produce in water and baking soda to remove the external pesticides? And what about the pesticides that enter the produce from the soil? Any tips on reducing pesticide intake would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Your mind, if you have one, is not inside your head. Your head is inside your mind!
  9. Nutrition is by far the most important thing for high energy and over all a disease free life. Make sure you're eating high quality animal products.
  10. @Gabriel Antonio Eye dont think so. In fact, eye stopped cutting my hair about a year ago. Wear your crown, man! (Jamaican accent) ?
  11. Is there a link between hair, and health or spirituality? Some say hair is an extension of the nervous system. That it acts like an antenna and affects things like intuition, psychic abilities and overall health. What are your thoughts on hair?
  12. Why is there something rather than nothing? Is it pure magic with no possible explanation?
  13. Is it common to feel like you're going crazy and dying at the same time once you glance at the truth of no self for the first time?
  14. Some fruits and vegetables as we know them today are actually heavily genetically modified, for example bananas and carrots. (Bananas naturally have seeds and carrots are not naturally orange but rather white or purple I think). I know in Leo's smoothie video he uses a gm banana in his recipe, so my question is are gm bananas actually healthy, even though they are genetically modified? I would hate to stop using them in my smoothies.