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  1. @Zeroguy this guy gives me hope
  2. What God looks like! 2023-05-27-202420616.mp4
  3. @cetus Silence is the space in which the code appears.
  4. In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. This "word" just means the code of existence.
  5. If you smell cigarettes; tell them to stop and go somewhere else lol. Don't sacrifice holiness.
  6. "Your awareness is the creative power behind all that you experience." - Neville Goddard Hey guys, I have become a Sage and have been following Leo since the beginning. I started creating my own content and would love and appreciate any feedback, encouragement or connections! My IG is @paulkoudinov I talk about spirituality, God, manifestation, metaphysics, philosophy etc, All while using beautiful, original, AI Artwork!
  7. Psycadelics show you that you have been sleep walking your whole life! I took one small hit of weed. Incredible fear of death arises. Take an even smaller hit next time. Lol!) I have never felt this level of fear before. I have never felt this conscious before. Everything is instantly a miracle. Huge increase in intelligence and contemplation abilities. I see why Leo put such a huge emphasis on psycadelics! This is crazy amazing and good! Lol
  8. Enlightenment is the realization that you are GOD!