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  1. Perception is the veil we hold on for dear life - it is the self. When all of perception is let go off, when the core of the mind is released, Beyondness is realized. The structure we call mind starts cracking - the history, the way of seeing starts falling off. It is total Destruction. When that "central" part - me - falls of, for the self it is as if reality skipped a beat. Awareness sees that. And that's the beginning of the End.
  2. Real nice, enjoy! https://clairvision.org/books/altmc/a-language-to-map-consciousness.html
  3. I also see the body side of things as a blind spot of Actualized.org, which makes the teaching quite one-sided and unholistic (granted that Leo has a specific niche, which is philosophy and mind). I don't necessarily mean extrem sports like @samijiben, but rather the opening of the body - the physcial body, the energy body... all that jazz. This actualy is related to spirituality very much. As much as we need awakening, we need the container (the body) to hold that consciousness from moment to moment. Otherwise awakening is simply an experience that comes and goes. Even such notions that I heard Leo speak about somewhere on the forum like (I paraphrase) - "Don't try to heal your body with consciousness, go see the doctors" - while they have some validity, there is an enormous misunderstanding here. It's as if we are anyhow apart from the body or a victim to it - exactly that attitude gets demolished by progressive entering, relaxing and embodying. It's a huge piece of work that I think is not given the due credit here.
  4. @Goldzilla you're right. I don't know what your experience is.
  5. Seems to me like @Goldzilla and the rest are talking different language here. I don't think you would even agree on what awakening means. From what I hear, Goldzilla speaks about complete coming into the Ground (the body). As he says, making the subconscious conscious, total transformation and embodying of the human being. Here, yes, gender is central and absolutely real. (frankly, basically nobody else on this forum speaks about this ascpet of awakening lol) The rest that post here speak about deconstructing of the mind. Where gender and even the body is seen as conceptual stuff. (this is the aspect of awakening basically everyone is involved in here on the forum) I strongly believe that however paradoxicaly opposite these aspects may seem, they are not mutualy exclusive.
  6. Also had that. It's a whole new awareness of what it is to be a man after you've been a woman Might be that the gay men are women on the inside just how you became there for a second?
  7. Good to see you here I AM GOD ON GROUND
  8. This is what I found yesterday as I was realizing how other moments in time and other places in spaces are precisely here now.
  9. I was recently psychicly contacted by a group of beings. It's great overall, but sometimes it gets really difficult. When I am with another person that they want to get in touch with "through me" it gets more intense and messy, as know there is myself, this being (or even beins) and the physical person I am with. It sometimes got really confusing and I was feeling like I couldn't tell who was who, what was imagination and what was reallity. Seems to be a part of the proccess of gaining clarity around these new levels of perception. I had these emotional disturbances a couple of times, but every time I would emerge victorious on the other side with a greater depth of understanding as to how to relate to these interactions. You coud probably disregard them as just voices and go to the "it's all imaginary anyway" paradigm (which is true btw), but you could also go through the emotional disturbance of distingushing what's going on there on a relative level and possibly becoming psychic
  10. Cool, I hear you. Agreed, that's what I mean. Well, the words are not absolutely true, but I agree. Only by realizing you realize Agreed.