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  1. what will it feel like?
  2. “The winds of God's grace are always blowing, it is for us to raise our sails.” ― Ramakrishna
  3. Take up a sport
  4. Culture is fine, but when it comes to culture or love, we must choose love.
  5. amazing
  6. You are looking for yourself. The rule is, anything you are aware of can't be you... Get it? Make sure you get it. Now that you understand, start looking for yourself. Anything you come across - feeling, sight, thought... - anything and everything, you negate as not you and move on. Keep seeking and negating until there is nothing left.
  7. Sounds really tough. Don't settle for this, it could even be dangerous. Maybe you could ask your school for scholarship explaining your situation? Is there anyone else who could help?
  8. Do some energy building excercises (work-in) like qigong or taichi before setting out to do the work-out. Eat well and sleep well too. Release your emotional hindrances.
  9. Consider that much more knowledge might not be helpful. You don't neccecerily need words, you need consciousness. Wherever consciousness "appears", healing follows. One great book on healing is - Letting Go by David R Hawkins.
  10. It's about faith. It's about knowonh for sure that you can do it and 'just doing it'. If for some reason you cannot do it now, you can read about it, do vizualization and that might help you. But in the end, all that stuff will only bring you to the faith of "smiply healing".
  11. No, I'd recommend to go with what I told you. Try not to know how to do it and just experiment. You don't need to know how, really. Just heal.
  12. Psychedelics as a spiritual practice I have been doing psychedelics for years, but only recently I think I hit a really nice way of working with them. It's a mindset thing. The important point I see is - look at psychedelics as a spiritual practice. What does that mean? Don't do it once. Do it again and again. Make a habit out of it. Just like mediation. Strive to be good at tripping, just like any other skill. Be smart about it. Make it a practice. An idea of how this could work: 1. Choose a substance to experiment with. 2. Get enough for ... let's say 20 strong doses. 3. Try out a light, medium dose. 4. Dose up until you hit a point were it is really going deep into the mystery, but you are still conscious and clear - you don't pass out or loose your track totally. 5. When you get that dose, do it repeatedly. Let's say, every week. 6. What will probably happen is this - you will be busting through a lot of baggage and very soon (if not right away) you will start hitting mystical states. 7. Keep at it. Keep at it. See where it takes you. Be open. Be curious. This is a post to myself.
  13. Via intention. Via imagination. Via faith. Play with it.