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  1. Shinzen's system seems really broad and well thought out.
  2. I find that, paradoxically, when you surrender totally during unhealthy activities (any activity actually), a new perspective comes up that gets you free of that activity or recontextualaizes it.
  3. I don't have experience in this, but the tantrics (I read in some of Mantak Chia's books) do more than mindfulness only. They basically don't ejaculate, but channel the sperm energy inside their body etc. Is that what you do also? If not, that might be another level you could take it
  4. @Aeris Ever thought about studying tantric sex? These practices are designed to increase your pleasure, health and spiritual growth while having sex.
  5. @Mada_ You know the disgusting state you get after/before/during binging like that? That's where you gotta self-inquire. The binge is a gift of great consciousness gains.
  6. @Synchronicity Thank you. This had a deep impact on me.
  7. dyad your way to awakening. Please do it, mate.
  8. @Fkdel Hi, don't worry too much about that. Lot's of stuff will happen as you do consciousness work. Don't get distracted by it trying to explain it, make sense of it - that's not the point. Keep doing the work
  9. This book is what you are looking for: This book explains how to disassemble your emotional self - that is where your energy is trapped. Fortunately, it's quite easy to release. It just takes patience and commitment.
  10. You probably have no idea how much better. If you really knew what kind of impact it has on your physical health, energy levels, self-image etc. you would stop immediately. Yeaaaah, I would not really take that attitude. It's kind of dangerous. It allows you to tell yourself this story and excuse yourself from really doing the hard work of stopping this. If you are willing to, I suggest you take an hour or two to really contemplate or journal about this habit. About all the implications, all the beliefs around it, possibly all the lies you tell yourself. I am not saying stop the habit, just saying maybe look into it really deeply so you are sure you know what's going on I have a lot of experience with this type of behavior and trust me, there is a lot of self-deception potential here
  11. search ornline. RC are just drugs that were developed recently (mostly) and are not illegal (mostly). You can find online store selling them. 1P-LSD is easily available and is basically identical to LSD, in my experience. 5-MeO-DMT and DPT are some of the ones Leo mentions a lot - these are also available online. These stores ship to most countries, some are restricted though. This is really funny. You are basically describing my life when I created this thread and wanted to go to a monastery. I had such a strong and consistent ego backlash, that all my progress was thwarted. I struggled a lot, tried it all... it was hell. Finally I somehow got through it with outside help - sessions with an awakened master. Maybe you could use a kind of therapy also? Someone could help you get out of this rut. thc? You mean weed? I used to combine these quite a lot before I got into self-actualization. This was the time of my unconscious spirituality Weed will totally enhance it, greatly, but can also make it really really confusing and send you to some very weird places. It's a risk.
  12. Oh man, I know so well what you are talking about. That was basically the reason why I wanted to go. I didn't really want to become a monastic, I wanted to be rid of my bad habits and be able to focus on awakening. Imagine... what if you somehow could get rid of your distractions, become really focused by yourself, maybe gain access to psychedelics, maybe find a job that would allow you to share your love and understanding and also would start you of on your journey of financial independence? Isn't the real problem your bad habits? Isn't it so that you want to escape from them - from yourself - into a monastery? Come on man! Life is bringing you these for your greatest spiritual evolution. If you can solve these somehow and be able to focus totally on enlightened mastery even though there is porn and junk food and weed and video games around, that is real growth! Anyone can meditate in a monastery. The real challenge is to do it where you are. I know it seems like I am talking you out of the ashram/monastery path. That's because I have seen in my own experience that I wanted to use it to run from my difficulties - which in fact were precisely the opportunities for awakening that I was searching for! Still, this might not apply to you, might be the monastery is your path. Again, consider, if you could get rid of your bad habits and go full force in your desired direction, would you still go into a monastery? If not, maybe look into your issues and make short work of them Research chemicals are great and easy to get