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  1. The basics: sleep, food, exercise. + energy practices : qigong, taichi, reiki, kriya (kundalini) yoga
  2. I'd propose let's just pray each one of us individually, as we can. Maybe if @flowboy wants, he can ask and we can organize a thing for him
  3. @Preetom Are you familiar with Rupert Spira's 'Yoga Meditations'? He claims, that staying as awareness is just one part of the journey (in) and going into our perceptions, thoughts and sensations (out) is needed also to go full non-dual. What do you think?
  4. Oh! One more thing! A cool thing one teacher told me is, that spiritual practice (and this commitment also I guess) is not what leads to awakening, but rather it's the symptom of awakening. It's just what happens When we see there was never a doer, it is obvious that this was the case. But yes, these stories and paths of committed masters are epic, no doubt about that.
  5. I don't think this kind of commitment is something you can muster. It's not really a matter of personal will, I think. The path is such, that at some point truth becomes all you crave. There is nothing more important and every moment away from truth is just too painful. It's a natural feature of awakening, I think.
  6. Chris Bache, a psychonaut who regulary took heroic doses of LSD for 20 years, talks about the consequences and why he stopped. His energy systems were fried, body really messed up. He could not stand coming back down to mundane existence. (56:40) Take notes from a fellow explorer!
  7. Hi! I guess you are aware that Leo proposes 5-MeO-DMT as a great path to enlightenment. The idea seems to be, that if you experience these deep mystical states induced by the substance many times, eventually you will reach enlightenment. What do you think about it?
  8. Every time you read, notice that what is happening is an interaction between the book and your mind. Like this, reading is not only receiving information, it is also a process of watching your mind reacting to that information. It becomes deep consciousness work.
  9. dmt is fast and strong. Hits you like a train. Still, big doses of LSD, especially in a darkroom setting, can get you to a similar place I think.