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  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing.
  2. God in form, formless God I just posted this quote in another thread. I really like it and think it is worth putting it here. I think it is very important to understand that although we may pursue God in our own way, a different way all together might be very well legit also.
  3. @Outer I am sorry for projecting my stuff onto you, friend. And thank you for being the instrument that helped me to see my own ignorance.
  4. Well ain't you a know-it-all.
  5. I am glad you found your way @egoless . Thanks for sharing with me the video, I am always open to challenge my views.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Monk-Who-Sold-His-Ferrari/dp/0062515675 The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma A very cool book explaining basic concepts of personal development. Simple. Written like a story, but is brutally practical. The points it focuses on: Thinking in positive terms Following your purpose Continuous self improvement Discipline Time management Selfless service Mindfulness A practice presented on improving willpower, which I loved: Daily repeating of mantra: "I am more than I appear to be, the world's strength and power resides in me." Daily visualizing yourself as a strong-willed person (e.g. Ghandi, Mother Teresa) This is a book I would give to a total newbie to self-actualization. This is a book for a teenager that wants to see a change in his/her life. This is a book for a person in stage orange (spiral dynamics) who is fed up with career obsessed life.
  7. @egoless As I understand the video, the man advocates worshiping God in his formed aspect as opposed to his formless aspect. Both seem legit to me. If you look around religions around the world, some focus on the form, some on the formless, some even on both! From what I hear, all of these methods ultimately lead to the same place. Ramakrishna's words on the matter:
  8. Nice! Keep the insight coming, enjoy it and don't cling to it That's all I have to say.
  9. I don't get it. If I stop trying to make something happen for a while, how is that a self hypnosis?
  10. Here is another example how meditation can get you in trouble. I was driving my parents' car to town, being mindful and peaceful. Suddenly electric like sensations shoot up my spine into my head and create ecstasy at the top of my head. Needles to say, becoming high as fuck in a matter of seconds while driving is a bit disturbing. Fortunately I was able to restrain the sensations and focus back on my driving. Still, think twice before you meditate, kids! It might get you in trouble!
  11. I'd say ground yourself. Take a walk in nature. Exercise. Forget about the whole spirituality thing and go have a burger with friends.
  12. Ain't nobody got time for regret!
  13. The zen master's message He says: "You can be happy in the-here-and-the-now. " What an incredible message! Do you realize what it means? After all, it is always the-here-and-the-now!