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  1. What do you think? This is the Foreword to the book "The Book of Mirdad" by Mikhail Naimy. The mysticism he describes is something completely different from what I generally see people engaging in, and frankly, I probably saw only one or two persons on the forum, about whom I though they walk this path. What's your view?
  2. I've done an in-person enlightenment intensive as well as online one. I'd say that both were just as powerful (given that I lived alone during the online one and there was nothing to distract me). Yes, I recommend enlightenment intensives very much.
  3. I'm really sorry guys, I thought it would work. I thought I could write from this and share it with you, but it seems like this writing just doesn't want to come in English. I'll keep writing in my native language, but it's not for this forum then. Thanks for checking out the thread Here is some of the writing in my native language: and here is the dearest M.: END OF JOURNAL!
  4. THE BIG JOKE The joke of it all is, that we live as if something actually was real. We plunge into the ‘realness’ of our struggles, living fully and nobly, giving it our all, only to - sooner or later - come out the other end and admit it was all a joke. It was a play. And here we are, resting in seeing the illusion of all things, knowing it full well to be only one side of the coin of Existence. The coin is turning, the other side coming again. Welcome.
  5. THE TRANSPARENCY OF EVERYTHING However heavily we might believe in all the things that we claim exist, the fact remains that they are a transparent apparition. There is no solid realness to anything. The flow of things, one after another, is what we point to as the evidence, when we say that there is a solid ground. The same flow of things reveals that everything is just a movement in pure space, or even less then that. It’s all good, I as a person, have nothing to say. Cause I’m encompassed by the Big One, and I am its play.
  6. TOTAL FREEDOM As this Total Freedom, I am free from everything. I can never be touched as I have no body or point, by which I am defined. I am pure space, but when looked closely, not even that. People and circumstances act as if there is an entity inside this body (or anywhere else) - all that is an illusion. No-self is bigger than a thought could ever think. Allowing, giving in, dissolving are all the play that is hardly noticed. There is nothing anywhere at all. Total freedom is freedom from life, ultimately. Resting into death - as the freedom from anything whatsoever.
  7. in my exeprience, the only way an endless thought-stream like that can keep running, is if I am not aware of what's going on in the body - in the feeling system. Start translating the endless thought streem into the feelings that keep it running and deal with it there. If you can start feeling, you've found your levrage to set yourself free.
  8. woh, good job! thanks
  9. yeah, they are the same. If you are not conscious of the pain of your pain body right now, it means that it is uncosncious.
  10. Check out Peter Ralston's body-being teachings. Zen Body-Being Principles of Effortless Power
  11. I think this video might answer it for you.
  12. @Imponderable I am not denying perceptions, just their status as absolute. That is what these states I'm pointing to reveal.
  13. @Javfly33 no man, perceptions are like a mirage - you can drop them. Kinda like when you go to sleep (but in this case Wide Awake).
  14. @Vibroverse lol, yeah, I give no guarantees @SQAAD dissolving that "I" will do just as well
  15. End your perceptions and your body - instructions on dissolving into the Void These instructions are meant to guide you into dissolving your perceptions of the world and of the body into the Void, which is non-objective and prior to them. That process of dissolving perceptions into the Void will result in the complete destruction of belief in their inherent solidity and reality. Start by witnessing all the activity of the mind dispassionately, non-reactively. Unify all that is perceived into one field - sights, sounds, feelings, thoughts - realize it is all mind. After a while start wondering what is all this activity revolving around. Start honing in on the core of your mind. Build up a strong (strong! Like a needle penetrating your brain) felt sense of the core of your mind. Explode from that point - let go of everything. If this is done correctly, you will find your awareness dwelling somehow unexplainably beyond everything. Start surrendering ever subtler perceptions of the body and the world into that Void. Slowly come back.