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  1. Today I met with a realized master. She could tell I practice Kriya just by looking and me, and I have been practicing for only a month. Keep going, guys. It's working even if you don't know it.
  2. Dealing with a guru This is a video a watched some time ago. Explains the immense benefit a genuine guru can bring to a person's spiritual journey, as well as the traps that the seeker can fall into in the presence of such a being.
  3. The eyes of a guru Today I met a special person. She is being called a satguru. The time with her was so relaxed and friendly. Above all relaxed. Everyone was sooo chill. In the end of the meeting she gave what she called a darshan. People would aproach her individualy, give her their hand, look into her eyes for a while and recieve a hug in the end. When it was my turn, I was a bit nervous. But as I sat in front of her, all stress was gone. What did it feel like? Like melting. Afterwards I went to have a talk with her. She was so natural. So natural. It seems like I only met fake, terrified people until now. Miracously, the words she said made every bit of my doubt about my life disappear. It's like she new exactly what my heart longed to hear for a long, long time. I left the place grinning and laughing on and of like a mad man.
  4. Healthy self-improvment A healthy way of self actualization cannot start with an egoic desire. It starts (at least in my case) with a big dose of fruatration. I am so frustrated of seeing that more action brings no desired results, just the opposite. There comes a certain giving up on neurotic action and an internal, spontaneous commitment to being and feeling comes. In the past I have tried to keep mindfullnes going throughout the day, because I figured it would be beneficial. More self-judgment and self-critisism followed, because I could not do it. After giving up on ego driven action more and more, mindfulnes is all that remains more and more.
  5. Neurotic self-improvment Only after doing self actualization for over 2 years, I am starting to understand what Leo is saying in this video. I am starting to see what the real work is about. It is not about discipline. Not about force. Not about strict rules. None of that works in the end. That is why meditation is so basic in order to get anywhere. It is the yin side of life. The allowing. And as far as I know, all of us could use a lot more of it.
  6. @pluto Amazing. It's very inspiring to see what possibilities are out there. Thank you!
  7. I did a 7 day retreat and would recommend at least that much time if not more. With every day it went deeper and deeper.
  8. must be this one
  9. Caring for your temple 3 Notes: explores dairy and the horrible industry behind it. Explores vegetable protein sources and the option of vegetarian diet.
  10. @pluto how do you experience these downloads? Thoughts, images, or just pure insight?
  11. Don't be fooled. It is not back there in the past. This high feeling, the feeling of it passing, the depression - that is it! That is life!
  12. Loosing control The thing is, that when I started out with personal development, I thought it would be different. I thought, that I would develope a strong will and conquer the world along with my own self. It worked to an extend, but I have seemed to reach a limit. It is scary to let go of the strong, actualized identity I formed in the last few years. A healthy individual! Very wise and mature! Very calm and spiritual! Disciplined! And now it has to go. It ultimately stems from fear. "...to let go of the idea - me against life - which is what victim consciousnes is. There is me, I need to guard and defend myself, cause I don't really fully believe in God."
  13. Concerning the belly I don't know about others, but I don't usually feel my belly area too much. What is happening in my stomach? In my intestines? How does my liver feel? It's a bit of a dead zone for me. This is a good guide to liven up your gut area and bring awareness in there.
  14. I'd guess he might be turquoise. He is back to the collective mindset a lot.