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  1. I think too high a dose. I sort of did. For me, it was getting more and more intense and suddenly I realized... and boom - nothing. I am back.
  2. Stabilize in the body. There is a very distinct sense of stability when you actually drop down into the body as consciousness. By stabilizing in the body, you stabilize in matter. Consciousness finally finds its true anchor.
  3. Asking yourself what you would enjoy doing at that moment and quietly listening to what comes up
  4. Well, to be fair, you probably have no idea what his meditation programs do. It is kind of possible, that using a steady, non-psychedelic approach produces a completely different awakening, (let's say a really embodied one) that you have no clue about, since you didn't go through it (same as you claim that they have no clue about the states that 5-MeO produces).
  5. Here is a view on psychedelics, that discourages the usage of them. -they bypass the body -they are tamasic (sattva-rajas-tamas) -they exhaust the endocrine system What do you think?
  6. Intermittent fasting solved this for me (omad specifically).
  7. @Edan That's a really good video.
  8. Realizing the Self (Nirvana) allows you to enter back into matter (Samsara) as that Self. That is compassion. Coming into matter as your own Self.
  9. Anyone here can feel this?
  10. not there yet, if I remember, I'll let you know when I finish
  11. @Leo Gura lately I heard you mention 5-MeO, but not DPT anymore. What's your opinion now? Did you have any further experiences with these that made you stick to 5-MeO? Anyone else here worked with DPT and had some good results?
  12. You don't trust blindly, but you are always willing to see the One Self in the other, even if he was false twenty times. You see that the One is there, untouched - so there is a possibility of change. Always.