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  1. What would happen if it was killing your family or the Truth?
  2. Hi All. We set up a little Love experiment, a little Love project. It was inspired by the occult idea of servitors, which are mostly used in those circles for the purposes of acquiring money, fame, etc. We thought, why not make a servitor with the purpose of Love? Why not use these occult principles and create a specific, group intention of Love to help us come together and give. This is an experiment. You are welcome to join in and bring in your views on this, ideas, etc. I will now share a little explanation and the "data" for Balovealo. Again, feel free to comment, ask questions, etc. Explanation: The data:
  3. Oh and this also - A tough workout for your mind/intellect. Edit: Ok you can go far beyond your mind/intellect with this. It is basically Krishnamurti trying to wake up Bohm. And you, if you like.
  4. Read Walt Whitman's poems!
  5. In Sanskrit tapas means heat. In Eastern traditions, tapas meant spiritual striving. Tapas occurs when there is a deep, deep need for a deeper Love, Connection, Wholeness, for God. When this need is felt and acknowledged, there can be an inner decision, a powerful bowing to Reality. There can be a - 'Yes! From now on, whatever happens, whatever takes place, however impossible, however difficult - I am committed to Truth and Truth ONLY!' This deep inner commitment reverberates across time and space and does not allow us to live as we have lived so far. It is time for a full surrender. Are you willing to take that on?
  6. Check this out: "Jean’s Journals – Being with Nisargadatta Maharaj"
  7. ok more on this...
  8. Reading this and thought it might be relevant. https://isha.sadhguru.org/global/en/wisdom/article/muladhara-chakra
  9. @Villager Albert That's cool. Glad it proved inspirational!
  10. I guess you can use this to inspire yourself (get ideas?) also?
  11. Meditation is supposed to make you feel. That's it. If it is terrible stuff that is surfacing up, it will make you feel that. If it's time for bliss and love, it will make you feel that. Go with it. Good luck
  12. This is basically like a Leo's video about spirituality This is awesome. This guy seems to be much more conscious than 95% of the people I know, even though he is homeless, never went to school etc.
  13. Letting Go by David R. Hawkins