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  1. Have you got a disease? Physical ailment? Pain? Great! You are most fortunate! This is an amazing opportunity given to you by the Lord himself! The jackpot to claim here is the freedom from identification with your body! And when the whole strenuous process is complete... you realize with a joyful laugh, that the sickness was only a silly joke
  2. If I remember correctly, Leo made a blog post about it way back. What he basically said was, that you want to meditate when you are at your peak (midday) although it's very counter-intuitive to sit and do nothing at that time.
  3. Oh man, @ivankiss , this is some great stuff. People are trying to manifest a sexy girlfriend or 10,000$, and here you come with an entire comsmos! This is really amazing. How does it really work? Do you release the fundamental beliefs you hold about current reality and replace them with these? Do you do it systematically, regulary? Do you actually see changes in your day to day reality that correspond to your imagination?
  4. Also, whenever there is great emotional turmoil
  5. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/576362.Eastern_Body_Western_Mind This one explains the chakra model wonderfully comparing it to our western models. It also gives you a lot of practical exercises.
  6. Like a good, little, boy, I ask life to let me go. Life says - alright, young man, the wish will be granted... but not in your way. Your way will have to go... and so will you. So hold on tight... or not. Anyway your time is due.
  7. Maybe it's like this one?
  8. The very moment you wake up, there you are. Just like that. In a very short while, you perform a body contraction and identify with it. Ever notice that? If not, it's worth looking into. When you see it a couple of times, self-inquiry becomes much more clear, as you sort of remember, that you are not this very basic bodily feeling that you take yourself to be. How do you do it? Happened to me spontaneously, but I am sure that a sincere intention will do the trick also The very moment you wake up from sleep! Watch it! Watch as you create the I-feeling in the body! You CAN see it, actually. You can see it tomorrow morning. It's nothing difficult
  9. Every time I forget myself and selfishness creeps in, life comes with a big slap in the face of suffering and yells: "Let go, fool!"
  10. Yes.! And sleep and take cold showers
  11. We are living this life in order to experience our fullness. To experience joy and sorrow. To experience stillness and movement! Yes, dear Stone-Buddhas! Movement! Our bodies! The joy that comes from a vital body, pumping blood and sweating glands is incredible. The profound states of consciousness that you can come to through a good workout are mind blowing. This is a call to movement, call to Shakti! Explore your bodies, Stone-Buddhas! Get of your meditation seat, the throne of Shiva, and test out if you can hold onto your awakening while sprinting, playing volleyball, swimming, wrestling and generally being a human being... Here is a cool bodyweight program I follow. No need to have any equipment. Just about 30 minutes, 3 times a weak. I can really recommend it. https://breakingmuscle.com/fitness/the-ultimate-90-day-bodyweight-training-plan I think Leo, could think about this / advocate this a little more also B)
  12. something like Dr. David R. Hawkins - Letting Go. It's a wonderful book. It can get you all the way to... nobody knows...