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  1. @Shiva @Arthur Thanks, guys. I have very modest ambitions so far, and I think Python will be a good start.
  2. The ones I met where massively dogmatic. It's not a non-dual path. You can still a lot about bhakti with them, if you can manage not to get pulled into the dogma.
  3. Hello all programmers. I know nothing much about programming, but I am considering creating a very simple video game. What would be a relatively easy language to start with, to get going with this? Would it be possible with bash/python? Thanks in advance!
  4. Kriya Supreme Fire is a beast! Go for it guys!
  5. I am more than I appear to be, the world's strength and power resides in me!
  6. Sounds like unprocessed emotion... or inner fire! Really, it's probably just emotion. Try breathing into it and see what wants to come up
  7. @Preetom @Rilles Thanks guys. I don't think I will get the 1000 page one, but I'll check it out
  8. @Shanmugam Awesome quotes. Can you recommend a book by Osho? There are just too many to choose...
  9. If there are any Eliott Hulse fans out there, check out this talk!
  10. Watch Leo's video on contemplation and go about it in that kind of way. Pick a topic/subject and focus on it with the intent to create something related and amazing. Have a timer and keep at it. After 30-60, there is no way you won't have created a piece of art
  11. @Future GOAT Good luck with these goals! I will check on you
  12. Just hoping to make this great thread go alive again.
  13. @VioletFlame Wow! Love this!
  14. @SoonHei Great! That's exactly the problem of our ignorant state. We don't even know what we are looking for.
  15. This is 3 hours and 18 minutes of pure wisdom. Thich Nhat Hanh's poetic teaching is as always incredibly simple, practical and profound at the same time. If you ever wondered how to help your loved ones, who were not as fortunate as you to discover personal development or consciousness work, here is the answer. The practices Thich Nhat Hanh empathizes are deep listening and loving speech. Throughout the days in which I was listening to the audiobook, I was also practicing what it taught. Some amazing, breakthrough communications were made possible and a lot of love and compassion flourished in the community around me. It does work. No one can resist. Everyone craves love and understanding.