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  1. When nothing else works - try brute physical methods.
  2. You can watch it from "insights" page, but you can't watch it directly from Vimeo.
  3. For stuff to be deleted here it usually takes smth more intricate than «awake people, this forum is a cult».
  4. Need to stay openminded, MAY BE there is smth to it. But honestly, there so more things to invest your time in, so why choose astrology.
  5. I'm sorry, but are you trolling or what? Cause if not - then this is the most depressing thing I ever read on this forum. Dating is a challenge for introverts, but girls do GET WET around introverts. You know, Bruse Wayne character from Dark Knight trilogy is introvert. Seriously, your way of thinking is definition of close-mindedness. "I will never have a gf, so I should chase enlightenment". Ah, for fucks sake, this is simply retarted.
  6. OK, thanks for the info.
  7. I'm here to simply watch and enjoy how moderators will punish you for brining up topic, that is against forum rules.
  8. +1 NOT JUDGING if not, but it'll be nice to know.