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  1. Hi, the ACC FB group seems pretty hostile to the provoked urine test, can anyone direct me to how I can interpret it? The lab analysis seems quite useless. I've taken the equivalent of a round of DMSA 25 at once, sampled it over the next two days while also directly doing my first round. I've done all the research and all the symptoms are there, mostly cognitive. Side effects during and off round were there, mostly sluggishness, intense tiredness, but also glimpses of euphoria and bliss. So i'll definitely keep doing it. If anyone has experience it would be greatly appreciated. Seems like Aluminum (72 ug/g), Chrome (0.9ug/g), Nickel (4.54 ug/g) are high, not sure about the Mercury (1.1 ug/g). Thanks Leo for sharing this stuff, and anyone who can help.
  2. @SamC You're right, it is a strategy. It may have seemed that i am dismissing the value of investigating it, but i do think it is great that society is looking into it. The more we know about these strategies the better we can be aware of them when they happen. But personally i feel that the boot and the brain are ultimately the same - ego. The pleaser and taking blame in my view is still a form of narcissism, only on the negative polarity. "I'm negatively special". I know i could see both happening in me.
  3. I agree that a narcissist is also someone who doesn't want to hear that they're at fault. Same coin, different side. Sometimes you jab, sometimes you cash in. How do you know when you've transcended it? You see the whole dynamic, and just know. And don't get triggered - or identify with the trigger. I also agree that until you've become enlightened/awakened/mature everyone's got it to some degree and in some situations with different people. It's just ego, in plain old spiritual terms. Calling it narcissism is just the therapist catching up with the monk.
  4. Hey guys, i really trust your advice so before i dive into google/youtube research full on, any personal recommendations for basic setup to record videos? I'm thinking of recording my creative processes and more. I already own tripods, a full-frame Canon camera, but have never really used them for video. Recording/microphone tips both indoors and outdoors would be great. And your preferred software? No budget really for that so free would be great. I may be able to work it with MovieMaker. No effects needed aside maybe adding text. Yes yes i'll google it too P.s.: i'm thinking of creating a channel where i would talk both in english and in another one of my native languages. May be confusing but it may also strengthen the brand as a whole for those who can speak both? Or would you advise against it, and create separate ones? And perhaps just reference each other? Thanks <3
  5. Rick Rubin actually co-founded Def Jam with Russell Simmons. Here is the above cited interview between him and Kendrick Lamar. Nothing groundbreaking but still a cool perspective for any creative or hip-hop aficionado. To me, it's beautiful and inspiring to realize how ultimately those who nurture a calling, sort of create a global family of their own. Gives me big time FOMO, but not in a materialistic or status sense.
  6. Ok I see. The actualizing/spiritual ego is still ego. Like in the engraving, my head is able to peek into your words, while the (emotional pain) body into which the ego is rooted is still inside having convulsions. "I" "need" to "close" the "gap". ?
  7. @Nahm I'm getting the feeling this is pointing to the idea of embodiment of the "Absolute", without manipulations. It makes sense but I just don't see how awesome I am, I mean I kind of do as actualizing consciousness but not in such a way as to shatter the mental lies fully, especially when it comes to relationships. Will have to meditate on this for a while - in the meantime thank you... for the sofa king awesome insights.
  8. Is your diet and eating schedule in place? Are you drinking enough water? Are you eating any junk food (soda, sugar, fried, etc.)? How is your exercising routine? Do you meditate at least once a day? Are you consuming social media/TV excessively? If these are not sorted all else is very difficult in my view.
  9. @Nahm <3 It could be that i substituted merely noticing with ruminating at a certain point. And yes, I am seeing also what you say about the cover stories, that we look anywhere but here, so in a way I am looking at the world through some basic limiting beliefs that I never even realized/questioned were simply a pair of glasses, and pulling the mirror straight onto my face literally feels like a sloppy muscle to be practiced. So after I see that, you say not to dwell on it, so perhaps here we are moving also into "law of attraction"/subconscious programming principles? I.e. the second step is then to shift my awareness onto a more empowering vision? My body/breathing? I kind of do both moment to moment but am curious to hear what your thoughts are on this. I think sometimes the biggest hurdle is that whenever I try to perceive and enter a more abundant vision, especially of good and happy things, that would be defined as currently out of my league, I feel a reaction/constriction in the body, and it's so automatic I feel I have no say in my "manifesting" without first fully feeling all the pain and tension - which works, it's the letting go process, but it also may end up pulling me into rumination without me realizing, so back at square one like mentioned before.
  10. @UNZARI Nevertheless I think the most important question is what are you going to do with your art that you said you already had going? If we assume that was the kind of art that you felt most connected to. Like someone mentioned, ultimately your life purpose is what matters most, more than any opinion or relationship (some may disagree on the latter). If you're working there just so you can support your true calling, who cares what others think. Absolutely unimportant. If you know in which direction you want to go, you're gonna get used to people passing you by, whether it's their approval or the relationship itself. As long as your current situation is serving a function to what calling gets you excited
  11. What makes you interpret his words as indicating he has a problem with women? @UNZARI I think it is in most cases true although there can be different areas in which this balances out. Maybe your girlfried does better professionally, but you balance this out by coloring her life in some other way she finds fulfilling, emotionally, spiritually, creatively, travel, household, socially, kinky sex - whatever. Of course we're still in a world where income and macho roles are still lingering in our subconscious but that's a sinking ship so I would not mind it too much. Self-humor is a good ally.
  12. It could be that you are trying to solve the problem on a mental level, through spiritual notions, but like you said you may need to look into the underlying emotional component. I would focus on learning how to tackle this anxiety and any pent up emotions head-on. The rest will likely follow!