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  1. @Galyna Agreed, seems like a very general overview. Extroverts simply have more choices and from that perspective, are more in a position for quality people. They also have the energy to sustain maximun numbers of quality people. Introverts are a natural filter for people but not a tourist trap. Extroverts have to learn to filter while Introverts have to learn to attract.
  2. Do you think 500 years ago, people thought that materialism could defeat piety? Progress grows slowly but exponentially,
  3. @Leo Gura Elder Scrolls are a higher level of consciousness
  4. You'd be suprise the amount of people interested in spirituality, but just like you they hide. There are also alot of non spiritual people that have a natural interest in it that is untapped. Learn how to get people to talk about real conversations. Most people actually have an inherent love for it, that is also untapped. The process and methods of getting people to talk are complicated and really a recipe per person. It generally consists of charm, body language, authenticity, socially aware, a bit of arrogance, and some fun.
  5. hahahah, You're going to have to eventually realize the thoughts holding you back are bullshit, just a story. It doesn't matter if its "real" or not, You are the writer of the next page. Sometimes, you need to step back to see the whole picture. Do whatever it is you fear, no matter the cost.
  6. This guy is a psycopath or was it sociopath? Either way, one or the other. Maybe you can relate, he had me thinking I was a narcassist for a month. Hahahah enjoy
  7. Don't get rid of them, hide them. Make them only known to that particular user.
  8. @AleksM Money isn't exactly created out of thin air in actuality. Yes they can print as much as they like, but it has devastating consequences globally. Money is essentially an accounting system of real product. The central banks have a hard enough time maintaining this illusion of money, that is where most economically problems occur, when something cracks the illusion. The first world sustains such excess by essentially being indebted to their future self. Since the future self can't force payments or really exist, They are free to borrow as much as they want to produce as much as they can. "Can" is the key word, what happens when you have all this artificially induced money yet there isn't enough production to actually fill the demand created by taking debt from the "future". Also giving everyone a monthly allowance doesn't nessecarily mean they'll use it wisely, It is largely based on culture what happens to it. We could however, easily feed everyone on earth. First world countries' food prices as relatively low as they are, are artificially high. This much can be easily done. Raw capitalism would've destroyed food insecurity if not for government interference.
  9. The most experience I ever got about systems thinking, politics, sociology and governance was actually building a fully functioning city in minecraft. You wil reap the most with this one. Just keep being passionate and creative, even add an economic system at one point
  10. @egoless Perhaps, but it is not nearly as complex or intricate
  11. Try Europa Universallis 4. You'll know the meaning of strategy!
  12. I sometimes like to sneak subtle remarks that sow a seed. People are overthinkers, why not use it for good. Tell a story and people obey it. Say a poem and people start scratching their heads. But even the subtle remarks can do little short term.
  13. @BobbyLowell First off, Thank you so much, this really made my day!! I could write a book about how I became more authentic, It takes some philosophizing, action, exploration and open mindedness.Life has thrown me so many different experiences and perspectives that I can vibe at many different levels. Explore, explore, explore but most importantly watch the little things. Some go out to catch the big whale, I set my thousand traps for the minos and wait. Since I can't tell you the whole process of being more authentic here are some tips and tricks. 1. I don't even believe I'm authentic, The world is always morphing and evolving, as much you. Therefore don't ever let yourself or anyone tell you you're something, that includes being authentic. Yes you can secretly emotionally realize it but don't ever proclaim or brag about it in earnest. 2. The average human is anything but average, what people say about you is sooooo very false, unfortunately most people don't understand the extreme depth of self fullfilling beliefs they cause upon themselves. Most people make grand assumptions about me, Proven false over and over, on both sides of the field. Your image is an illusion, maintain it as you will. Let me stress that again, Don't ever let anyone tell you what you are or can't do. It burns me inside when people believe what others think of them. How little they understand the world and themselves. Even the spiritual people will make comments and such about how you should act, what you are. Don't believe them, not even the enlightened masters. One must find out for oneself with greatest earnest and perhaps as a byproduct insecurity. 3. Not all masks hide, some show character. It must be morphed with a piece of your authentic self, what you feel naturally. Unfortunately most people havn't found all the abilities of their persona. 4. Become a people watcher. Watch the interactions, how people speak, the actions, the politics, the game. Watch the systems, the cycles, my god the cycles! Watch where others have fallen and question why, what and how. It is hard to look at one self, use others as your mirror. See where others have fallen and ask why. You must be inherently interested in people for this to befallen. 5. How can you walk through a closed door? How can you walk through others with a closed mind? I have basically a diary of the little things I notice. I say little things but I really go into depth and develope elaborate theory about seemingly insignificant things. This is where the posts are made first than archived(This has alot more shorter posts)
  14. Hey so I originally had this talkshow to talk about deep topics with humour which is still relatively true however it also twisted into a deranged psychological experiment about highschoolers. This could give alot of firsthand stories which may relate to you and how people thought or dealt with situations. I have gotten everyone from nerds, psycopaths, emos, wierdos, popular kids, dealers, rappers and various artists. We cover everything from drug, sex, depression, sexual exploration, personality exploration, movies, hobbies, philosophy, spirituality, social politics, art, finance, life purpose, career, psycopathy, dictatorships and everything in between. This will be extremely informative for students, future and current teachers, parents and all those who are interested in the study of humans. As a bonus, these episodes aren't lectures and are riddled with jokes, roasts and sarcasm. Fair warning,it will take a significant degree of social intelligence to decipher through everything. Some Video Samples. Psycopathy/Narcassism/Treatment of others/Lack of Empathy/Ego/I discover I am a narcasist/Reading Peoples Mind/ People Reading/Does everyone have masks/Arrogance-Confidence/Social Hierachy/Speaking different vibes Art/Emo/Phases/Discovering yourself/Social Politics/Health/Fitting In
  15. @egoless This was a fascinating thread. As an Enfp I can hopefully advise or at the very least inform you of a few things. The feeling of being mysterious and hard to communicate is simply immature understand of yourself. Although the communication part is immaturity based on extroversion which you may or may not choose to pursue. As an Enfp, I have many distinct parts of my personality that have relatively morphed seperately as a matter of environment. Some say its masks but some masks show the character rather than hide them! (Think Batman) The way I learned about the many downright contradictory personalities was through interaction with others. Each person magnifies an aspect whether it was insecurity, narcassism, spirituality, business, adventure, philosophy, and childhood. Now you may be thinking, this is more extroverted methods. Most of my understanding of myself yes was extroverted but it was 90% from one on one conversations. Inate in most people is a desire to explore the deepest questions of their lives, even in introverts, this is to a large extent desired through other people. You don't have to learn how to communicate with big groups or lecture, the real question you should ask is "How do I connect with other people's deepest questions about themselves?" I can't say for certain but I don't believe introverts inherently dislike conversation but rather meaningless ones. This is why even amongst introverts, they have one or two friends they pour their hearts out.