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  1. @Mad Max I have no suggestions, I'm merely pointing out the wieght of your existance.
  2. [Breathe of a Dragon] What does one think of when he thinks of a Dragon breathing? Majestic, mystical, terrifying, destructive? Dragons are completely beautiful in their own way, they are so capable of providing warmth and defence with their breath yet can simultaneously burn whole cities. Now let us talk about something much more destructive yet in its own way constructive, the breathe of a human. How much hate, suffering, ignorance do you think you cause to the people around you? Sure you probably have somewhat of an estimate, a little negativity here and there, some blunt hate once in a full moon; What about the real cause of suffering you cause, your ignorance. How much terrible advice have you given out? How many people did you lead to believe you're doing well? How many of those fools are following your trail of tears? None of this has to be conscious decisions, It's almost a byproduct of your very breathe and frankly indirectly it is. You thought the suffering you cause family and friends was bad?? Please! Your every breathe causes literal ripples of hell across the globe. How many bled for chocolate you ate? How many slaved for the gadgets you consume? How many melted for the minerals you play with? How many trees fell just to be thrown away at your whim? How many oceans lay fallow because of your greed? How many concentration lead lives of chicken did you inflict? How many were shot for the oil that sustains every aspect of your life? How many fishermen sat hungry from the pollution you caused? How many hurricanes were caused from your trail? How much did it cost to sustain your breath? How many burned from the dragon's breath?
  3. @Joseph Maynor But if you realized it was monkey chatter to monkey chatter why would you increase it 10 folds plus a barrage of video links? Also its an assumption I would respond with a barrage of chatter, I tend to make my replies short and precise as much as possible.
  4. I would over the years amp up your meditation to at least an hour a day. Go out do experiences, write about. I was going to say go into philosophy but it I prefer articulating insights from your day.
  5. @Serotoninluv Quite frankly I don't know if theres a difference.
  6. [Source of an Issue] Insecurities are an interesting thing I try to avoid in my life. Also I'm sometimes fervently curious about them so I play into the trap. Its this paradox that ultimately loops me into them. Not too hot, not too cold, just ripe for loops of suffering. I/my mind likes to believe that the answer lies by solving what the insecurity is. What do I mean? Ex: If someone is stabbing you, Knife them. Problem solved right? However that never really solves the insecurity. Why is someone stabbing you is the question you keep avoiding. This is the hard questions that should you realize the problem is not the problem itself but why it is; then you have to deal with all the massive detective work on why you have the problem. If you do manage to stop the man stabbing you, Is someone going to send another? What if the problem manifests itself as a bomb? or an "accident?" There could be various whys. You owe money, you crossed someone, you knew too much, you snitched, you cheated, you mixed into the wrong crowd etc. Ultimately you have to face that it was your fault, you reaped the karma of your actions. Responsibility, we all hate it sometimes.
  7. @Serotoninluv I write "I" in third person much like they, it them. You is consciousness, beyond the concepts. Well this is as far as I gotten, It is a relatively minor insight or series of it but I think it has larger ripple effects.
  8. That was overly defensive, I'm sure he didn't mean any harm.
  9. Note- I in this article should be read as "I" in third person. It will allow you to see more clearly what I'm speaking of. In the third paragraph, It is relatively written in first person due to convenience as "I" is still an illusion story consisting of the body, mind, itself, the past and future. Just after a short meditation and as a byproduct, an inquiry, Consciousness has been noticing the ensnarement of Mara. The tricks used to entrap consciousness in vortexes of illusions. Mara's greatest trick is having consciousness believe in the illusion of first person. I being the "first person". For what is I? I is a pattern recognition mechanism of what was socially drilled to be "you." So when I says "I am suffering" how can I possibly suffer? It just like Trump on the television, is a sound, an energy passing through. Yet what is the difference between Trump screaming on the television and I screaming in your mind? I would have you believe that you are it. So when I says "I am suffering" you believe you are "I" and therefore you suffer. Like a self fulfilling prophecy. How can sounds possibly suffer?? Thats ridiculous. Then who does? The only one who possibly can, Consciousness itself. The only perceiver of these foreign substances.(senses etc). It was during the inquiry that I started talking out loud, Saying what consciousness realized subtly but not so fully. This is a great technique to break through the illusion of I, at least for a bit. It makes consciousness realize how truly absurd what I am doing. Such subtle intuitions such as "You think you are I but that is absurd, I am a voice in your mind, How could I possibly be you?" "Isn't it ironic that I am helping you defeat me but at the same time, you can't trust what I say because it is a trap within itself." "Therefore every olive branch I give you is also a declaration of war, It can't be any other way." "For it is through me you process much of your knowledge and wisdom, an illusion." "I am the sword you must use against me as the path to realizing the illusion requires illusions as well both directly and indirectly." In other words as Leo was saying, scaffolds. Somewhere during the inquiry, an interesting insight came up as it was further realized that 3d doesn't exist and the default is living within a painting. So within that regards, the body reached out for a cup across the room. In that moment, It truly did feel like the illusion could be broken or at least destroy itself into another illusion where I would have the cup in my hand. Unfortunately the illusion did not break however it reminded me of childhood. How I was obsessed with magic, I realized why I was obsessed with magic. To break the illusion. That was why, all along. That was what made magic so magically.
  10. [The economy that is our mind] Recently I've been diving into the blackhole of theory that is economics. I always found the modern economy to be fragile yet remarkedly held up so stably. So many conflicting schools of economics and ideologies, It would take one fool to crash the whole thing should they be the head of Federal Reserve. We are at a delicate sustainable balance, threatened only by the environment. The more and more I read into it, the more and more I realized it's mostly a thick layer of ideas engulfing a tiny ball of real products. The economy stems from real products being produced yet credit allows even more to be produced. Credit isn't real, It is just trust in future repayment. Credit is really just concepts. It is like a lie that becomes a self fulfilling statement. However, the more credit becomes bigger and bigger than the actual amount of items, The closer the lie is to popping. All the credit(aka promises to reimburse) eventually becomes exposed to how there isn't enough products to fulfill all the demand artificially created by credit. The lie collapses in the face of cold reality. Our minds are much like this, If you think of ideas and thoughts as credit. The ideas and thoughts must be rooted in reality(experience) however like credit, It can expand faster than rate of real experience. Thoughts become self fulling statements on their rise as the idea you have is essentially a credit to purchase something real(experience). Think about it, every idea you have, you want to more or less happen in reality but it isn't reality; simply a trust that investing in this thought will create that reality. Isn't credit the same thing? You give out credit, trust to acquire a product(concept). Your thoughts create your reality when you invest in them more or less. However once there is too many thoughts and conflicting ideas, The trust in yourself much like the economy collapses. The depression begins, either in economics or psyche. Sorry that was long and drawn out but if you think of your mind as an economy, It may serve a better way to manage the affairs of the mind. The similarities are shocking. On another note, the economy may actually be a direct manifestation of society's mind. At least indirectly, it is not possible to have a modern economy without concepts. Also for those who had the courage to read through so much, I just gave you a lesson in basic economics and perhaps now basic psychology. Your time wasn't wasted, thank you
  11. Start writing short articles about anything you want, Its just important you constantly write and fill your minds with brand new experiences and ideas.
  12. Psychedelics are like checkpoints in your spiritual journey. You can go forward or you can check in and rest a bit.
  13. {This is a series of thoughts and feelings on the guests and the topics I have on my podcast} I always did try to have interesting persons and most of all topics on the show. This one was an interesting catch. So many phases, so many dimensions in such a short span of time. From kpop, to goth, to veganism, to drawing and trying out all the flavors of the rainbow. It really bought one burning question to the front. How many cultures and tastes does one have to try to find themselves? Are there those that constantly swim in the blackhole of this? Of course those that swim in this blackhole are more respectable than those who swim in the blackhole of pretending to be normal that is society. Even those who seemingly found themselves tend to stick to one or two odd activities. I have great respects for the pioneers of the extremes of culture. Some travel the physical world, others travel their personalities. It was a pleasure to have Danielle on, To sample the mind of such a culture pioneer is a priviledge not many have or simply fear to have.
  14. A look into how we are the Daedric Princes of our realm, recent happenings in the country, what core values are held by political partiesm What a trip to Chicago was like, and some thoughts on religions. This is a new format which focuses on tackling hard questions with an amusing outlook. How well does this style get the point across? Was it entertaining? Did you learn something? What could be tweaked? Would you share this with a friend? This was a essentially a test run, I hope to discuss more philosophical topics from my blog/group(In the signature)
  15. Meditation is a purge and should be treated as such.