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  1. [Through the Lens of Image and Sound Editing] Through my times of learning to edit, create and distort imagery and sound, I've learn quite a bit not just about how to distort such but more existential truths. If we compare photoshop, imovie and audacity to reality distorters, It brings out a certain perspective about how the thick layers of reality come together by backtracking the steps. You see to the average person, All there is in a photo is color, shape and perhaps lighting. You can't truly fathom the depth of a imagery until you played with such an intensive program. The blurs, shapes, shades, effects, ripples, crispness, fonts, symmetry and a thousand other distortions. You'd have no idea how heavy lighting or selectively lighting plays a role in the environment of an image. Yet there are so many possible combinations of images that would qualify as "normal" looking albeit perhaps a high quality version. Yet as you explore even a slight change in shades, a completely brand new perspective is put into place. It makes you not only realize how limited your literal view on life is but how much more appreciative you are of its depth. Those who watch videos or google some images have little appreciation for the depth of an image, the many possible edits it could have, or even what the original image was. Photo and Sound Editing are one of few skills that fundamental perspectives of reality are really put into place.
  2. Well I went through a phrase where I would just want to talk about the deep stuff mostly as almost a spite against how little people were taking hold of their lives let alone their reality. As time went on, I just appreciated people for being people and can just enjoy talking to them about more "mundane" things. It also helped to develope a talent for getting others to talk about their real thoughts and feelings. Theres only really three ways you should go about socializing- Do you appreciate either the topic, the person, or people.
  3. @Little Plant Thank you!!!
  4. [Horse before the carriage] What is more important, the horse or the carriage? What is the carriage without a horse? What is the horse without a carriage? Possibilities, freedom and potential. Many times when someone starts a project they obsessed over the goods in the carriage. These are the little and the big goals, This is what people measure their success by, logical and safe. Then what is the horse? The horse represents the process itself, the power of persistence and raw strength. The hardworking. The process itself. Those obsessed with the goods in the back pay no heed to the process itself, They don't realize the true goods are the horses! The horse is the process, the machine, the efficiency, the possibility and the bringer of fortunes. A greedy man thinks about how much items he can stuff in the back, The wise one thinks about how to make the horses faster, stronger, and more persistent paying little heed to the items in the back. It is those that enjoy the process, obsess and hold it as the true goal that survive the race. It was Leo Gura who bought up the thought “You’re putting the carriage before the horse”. The goal before the work. The goods before the machine. Isn’t this how we humans get in our own way? Look how little home runs you hit, or how much you have hit; No matter, hit harder, hit better, hit with more persistence, hit with more joy, hit for the moment of it. Hit for the spirit of the process, Hit because you understand why you do what you do.
  5. @zenjen Start with Why is a great book! It is relatively unorthodox but pieces all the pieces of the business puzzle together. How else could overpriced Apple macs succeed? Also if you're looking for a headstart, I have 2 facebook groups that could use more content, I'll pin your post for a week. (140 members) members) Also learn how to use reddit and Facebook to your advantage, It is the two easiest marketing tool but they're still a bit tricky in their own right.
  6. @Echoes Video was the best answer so far but it could be a more indepth topic.
  7. @Hero in progress Do you think hate is some derivative or love?
  8. @Mad Max Can you go more into depth?
  9. I wish someone would answer this.
  10. Hate can be percieved in so many ways, I wish to know all of the perceptions. Why is it here? Why does it stay? How does it perpetriates itself? How does one break it?
  11. @Mad Max I have no suggestions, I'm merely pointing out the wieght of your existance.
  12. [Breathe of a Dragon] What does one think of when he thinks of a Dragon breathing? Majestic, mystical, terrifying, destructive? Dragons are completely beautiful in their own way, they are so capable of providing warmth and defence with their breath yet can simultaneously burn whole cities. Now let us talk about something much more destructive yet in its own way constructive, the breathe of a human. How much hate, suffering, ignorance do you think you cause to the people around you? Sure you probably have somewhat of an estimate, a little negativity here and there, some blunt hate once in a full moon; What about the real cause of suffering you cause, your ignorance. How much terrible advice have you given out? How many people did you lead to believe you're doing well? How many of those fools are following your trail of tears? None of this has to be conscious decisions, It's almost a byproduct of your very breathe and frankly indirectly it is. You thought the suffering you cause family and friends was bad?? Please! Your every breathe causes literal ripples of hell across the globe. How many bled for chocolate you ate? How many slaved for the gadgets you consume? How many melted for the minerals you play with? How many trees fell just to be thrown away at your whim? How many oceans lay fallow because of your greed? How many concentration lead lives of chicken did you inflict? How many were shot for the oil that sustains every aspect of your life? How many fishermen sat hungry from the pollution you caused? How many hurricanes were caused from your trail? How much did it cost to sustain your breath? How many burned from the dragon's breath?
  13. @Joseph Maynor But if you realized it was monkey chatter to monkey chatter why would you increase it 10 folds plus a barrage of video links? Also its an assumption I would respond with a barrage of chatter, I tend to make my replies short and precise as much as possible.
  14. I would over the years amp up your meditation to at least an hour a day. Go out do experiences, write about. I was going to say go into philosophy but it I prefer articulating insights from your day.