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  1. @Leo Gura Welcome back Had lots of notes/insights from this video alone What is the note software that you use now? Please remember to have several back-ups, across various systems, hard drives, flash drives, etc. For both the old software, OneNote, and the new software, even if it is on the cloud.
  2. Were you physically and sexually attracted to her? To what degree? How did it feel? Did it feel physically pleasant? Why do you think it was difficult to have an erection (in the moment)? Were there similar occurrences in your past (in casual relationships as well as serious ones)? How certain are you that it would be different in a serious relationship? What level of sexual interest / libido do you usually have? (Basically how horny are you?) Do you want to be able to enjoy casual sex? I'll offer an opposing perspective here. Be open-minded to, or consider, possible ED, sexual dysfunction, low libido, or this being a "bad" thing, to different degrees depending on the answers to the questions above
  3. @Michael569 Lmao @Michal__ Your not slick @Michael569
  4. What's wrong with playing video games all day?
  5. It seems currently impossible to do them all at once. There are two keys to help you pick Prediction Experimentation Try to predict which activities are best, both considering what is optimal "objectively" / in general and "subjectively" / personally. All you can do before experiencing the activities is predict which ones you think would provide the most benefit. Also aim to experiment with all these different activities to discover which ones are best. For example, Have 2-3 x 30 Min Daily Slots for experimentation, and 2-3 x 30 Min Daily Slots for established activities You can have the experiment activities in those slots for as long as needed to sufficiently experiment their benefit/validity Have 5-6 x 30 Min Daily Slots for experimentation, go through all the top activities you predicted over the next weeks to months, then pick the best ones to start as established activities Or you can even continue to have a few slots for experimentation to reconsider certain activities or for new ones
  6. Cause you're a little bitch if you don't... Haha Just kidding ...? Experiment if waking up early provides you any tangible value You can even do one day wake up early, one day do not wake up early multiple times, and directly split-test any difference If there is no difference then there is ZERO point in waking up early, if you do feel a benefit then there you go. Intrinsic motivation, no need to motivate or psych yourself or do any gimmicks 👍
  7. @kag101 I thought that was basically the point
  8. @Flowerfaeiry I'm not sure that's how it works
  9. I would disagree with making the game into a couple of stages, or just one stage as that would basically take away the whole point. Having a game that includes all stages, or the development through all stages seems to be the core of this idea. While I do agree that the game shouldn't be too focused on Spiral Dynamics™, having it as a significant or major element of the game is compelling. It can just be alluded to What are some other components, themes other than spiral dynamics that you could include? What would be the primary overarching objective, idea, or theme of the game? What are some name ideas? (Or some sort of synopsis that informs the main vision of the game) Vision (2022) Systems (2022)
  10. @How to be wise If you mean, talented as in complete mastery, than of course However, if you mean talented as in talent then Being naturally conventionally smart ----> Talent at mathematics, logic, reasoning Being naturally confident ----> Talent at socializing Being tall -----> Talent at basketball Being shy ---> Talent at getting no bitches I could go on all-day Just concede
  11. @How to be wise Wrong People have natural inclinations toward certain skills, abilities, personalities, and even ideas @Value
  12. Hmmm I have a feeling the main takeaway may just be everyone's favorite Nike slogan... And if it isn't, then I would think twice before buying this...