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  1. @Petals @Meta-Man Thank you!!! @Javfly33 You mean that no one is feeling suffering if I stab my mother in the other room (lmao I dont have mental issues - just hypothetical) @Nahm You mean that there is no "entity" or "me" that is aware of a body? Or that the idea of a "body" is just a concept?
  2. @JakeyAwakey Appreciate that man
  3. @Epikur Ok got it - but doesn't Maslow's hierachy have some mentally constructed meanings (becoming the best, esteem, the great self-actualization - even if they are influenced by genetics or human nature). I might have already transcended those. I know my sex drive is currently practically zero (already deleted the meanings of wanting to be alpha, important because I fuck girls, etc - although this might be cause quarantine). Is the idea of "play" like in computer games or sports, more like you allow these meanings to exist so that you can enjoy them? The meaning you assign to hobbies is why you enjoy them? How do I start assigning meanings to make myself think hobbies and other shit is actually (and objectively) important? And basically is what I am pursuing enjoyment (or play) through the tool of meaning? Just pursuing and assigning meanings for the sake of enjoying them?
  4. This is a thought / belief and its false as you found a way to get equipment and frankly there is plenty to do. Nah your thoughts and beliefs about the borders closing are impacting you emotionally. Scenario --> Perception & Thoughts ---> Emotions. "Wasting your life away" isn't a feeling - it is a perspective and thought. Obviously the facts are you have limited funds and your equipment is in Vietnam but you "wasting my life away" is a thought. The question is are you going to choose to see it that way? Is this an opportunity to prove to yourself you have what it takes to become a musician or an opportunity to give up? Figure out what are the exact thoughts causing your emotions? Like STE style (Scenario - Thought / Perception - Emotion). It seems like your problems are I can't pursue music I lost my income I don't know what to do It may be that the path moving forward is acceptance and improvement. It might be to try to let go of the emotions that arised based on the assigned meanings and endeavors you would like to pursue in your life. Just like the mini - you gotta find a way to either get to Vietnam (I don't know if this is safe so don't quote me) or get money for new equipment. Also this situation is hard but these type of situations are exactly the strenous hurdles that will arise in your path to become a singer & composer. So you gotta ask yourself - are you going to rise to the occasion or bitch & moan?
  5. @Joshi3 Ok interesting. I feel negative thinking I am and will have reduced joy from lack of meaning. I feel negative thinking that there is nothing to do, everything is for nothing since there is no meaning. It is more like I am suffering from the lack of meaning reducing my joy. So it might be from my drive for enjoyment. Its feeling saddening thinking I lost the meaning. I understand what you are saying but its hard to escape it. I will keep trying. Please help though. What should anyone do if there is no meaning (or absence of meaning)? How does one create meaning?
  6. Yes the distinction between caring and worrying about it is important. More concisely I would say it is considering how other opinions affect your life vs feeling emotionally attached to others approval and disapproval. If its caring what certain people think isn't causing any suffering or reducing joy then why stop doing it? Is it because you think it is wrong to care about what other's think? Would you care to elaborate more on your situation? Like who are the specific people? Maybe a little more understanding to the thought process that causes these emotions and you wanting to stop caring?
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  9. @AtheisticNonduality Is it mentally constructed though? I thought the pure love of absolute infinity is not? Or are you talking about regular love? Yeah that I can see as atleast partially being mentally constructed (although it seems some of it is semi-natural to humans like wanting approval, to feel safety, etc) @Joshi3 Lmao would you all care to add more than a couple of sentences. Its hard to understand the nuances. So are you saying you must actively frame it as a positive thing? How does one do that? @Epikur Thank you - do you think his philosophy is superior to all other philosophies? Do you think it will provide the best life? Also I'd make sure your not building an identity around him in case his shit happens to fall through and so that you can see other perspectives
  10. @Epikur I can't find that online. Sounds interesting and valuable. Where can I read up on it? What do you mean by "not super heroic"? You mean like not grandiose or "who has the biggest dick" self-improvement type shit?
  11. @Serotoninluv Wow interesting how so little words can convey so much. Simple and concise. Ok but how do I create meaning? What do I have to look forward to with the absence of meaning? Just pure survival + hedonism? Like what is there to do? Is it just Being™? Also for others please continue to reply - the problem is not solved yet
  12. It feels saddening and negative thinking everything is meaningless. It feels uninterested to do anything in life with me understanding (or perhaps thinking) it is meaningless. For example, with watching TV, it feels uninterested in anything that is happening. With playing video games, it feels bored thinking there is no real meaning, purpose behind playing the game. With drawing, it feels uninteresting thinking what is the actual point, thinking there is no absolute, objective purpose. And with altruism, it feels bored thinking there is certainly no point to actually helping others. It seems (or is the case that) all meaning is mentally created and therefore not objective. And created meaning is "meaningless" and arbitrary. Life has just dropped to survival needs and pure hedonism. Any resources or really anything I can do to fix this problem. I should have asked on here months ago. It feels saddening thinking there is no reason to anything. I also can kinda see that there is nothing bad or negative about there being no meaning in life - it just still feels saddening thinking that the enjoyment or fulfillment or "feeling of meaning" is gone and won't come back. The illusion has been shattered. It is kinda a feeling negative thinking that "ohh life is meaningless" but its also feeling saddening thinking "meaning is gone = I have less enjoyment of life" (which may or may not be the same thing). Its still feeling negative based on a scenario of meaning being gone and of there being less joy in my life. My only goals now are just seeking financial freedom (so I can avoid the suffering of having to work), enlightenment (bliss, true happiness and understanding of life so I can know what is best, what to do, how to solve this and all my problems) and becoming a super powered being (lol don't ask). How to cure nihilism based suffering? And on a side note, is joy (like the pure pleasure of eating ice cream) connected to meaning in anyway? Someone please just explain meaning. What is meaning? (And yes I already watched Leo's video - that is what seeded this. Also just be straight up no bullshit or sugarcoating)
  13. @enhance Care to elaborate @mmKay Yeah seems like that video seeded a fucking nihilistic based depressed state in me. Been trying to understand its material deeper to this day. @EnlightenmentBlog Any recommendations on specific reads relating to meaning, nihilism, purpose, value, etc? @fluffy Appreciate it - will try to check it out. Do you thing those resources are helpful in curing nihilism based depression? I think I will need more of a "spirtual / enlightenment" based perspective
  14. Haha I don't think you can get sued for this. Just look at how many people use other people's face and content all the time. Leo is basically a public figure, the most that could happen is a copyright claim / strike but this is close to a impossibility.