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  1. I've been trying to improve my diet fo the past many years with little to no success. Now I know that milk products are terrible, although I forgot exactly why. Yeah, they have a lot of choresterol, lactose and casein which are said to cause health problems, but I'm still not entirely convinced. Also, it is not ethical to drink milk meant for a baby cow. I don't buy milk products, but when I'm offered some cake or cheese at home, I rarely say no and stick to it for long. Life is such that I probably won't be able to stop consuming the wrong food articles for the rest of my life. Do you have anything to add on this topic? If not, it's fine. Saying that something is unhealthy isn't gonna make someone stop consuming it, even with all the evidence and reasons laid flat on the ground for you. There are actual physical obstacles sometimes.
  2. Absolutely, didn't mean to say that it is bad for everyone. Just for those that have POIS and who already mastrubated too much for years, so you gotta find the right balance and sometimes you have to do the complete opposite of what you have been doing/thinking to achieve that balance. ♡
  3. DMSA provoked urine test for heavy metals
  4. Because SF, porn and mastrubation are not what the body craves. Dopamine hits like that three or more times a day can rewire the brain, leave you sexually unsatisfied and lead to depression and other issues.
  5. You're not your thoughts, your body, etc. All this changes so in the end you are basically nothing and everything. There is no boundary between you and another person. This dream is like a moving picture. The distinctions are imaginary. You make the other person as much as he/she makes you. There is no difference between people. Just different positions and apperances on this canvas of reality. As previously stated, there is no soul that you are, which is different than someone elses soul and will get reincarnated in another womb. Okay, we have various kinds of animals, humans, bugs, microscopic organisms and aliens. Am I missing something here? You can't be serious that there are Gods.
  6. Sexual Fantasy or Porn ---》Mastrubation Cut out the root cause of the problem. Try not imagining sexual things in your mind. I don't know how long I am gonna last. My mind has already started seducing me with images of love, relationship, kiss, and then slowly into tantra where I had to stop. I wish I could stop this mental mastrubation and accept my lot in life, which is such that I cannot get laid properly. Ever. If you are fantadizing, you are not getting the real thing. It is like being hungry and imagining food. It will get worse and worse. You will start thinking of unhealthy food the most, even though vegetables will also be appealing as fuck.
  7. I'd eat this in one go. Cooking peppers is like wasting vitamin C. Add some pinto beans, cause I think they are the most bioavailable vegan source of proteins and other good stuff. Also, maybe try giving the water some kind of a color as well cause it would be more aesthetically pleasing, like try adding some red beets
  8. Yeah, this is healthy, but for me personally it doesn't work because it takes a lot of willpower and food is my escape hatch in difficult times. Plus, it is all around and there is nothing else to do in life but eat right now.
  9. I think my eyesight and overall health worsened a lot from that, but there are many other factors as well.
  10. I'm not able to. He has a lawyer, money, experience, an IT police officer and his wife were ordering from him, as well as some politician. So I'm a small country compared to him. I would be burned and crushed even more. I knew that it is unsafe and I tried telling this to the worker who I basically wanted to be good with and the other guy as well. So I was kind of pressured and tricked into it, kind of lured. I thought who am I to complain when these people had even worse lives. I was there for the people and wanted to help them one day. But it's a mission impossible and again, it appears some are loyal to that boss and don't give a fuck about the fact that I want to help. But I could be wrong. That guy might have just been ignorant or manipulated as well.
  11. I worked at a sweatshop around two years ago. My boss was very ruthless and cruel, but did not show it directly. He was outwardly calm, polite and I don't know how to describe him. He was short. So there was some emotional abuse, and basically I did everythimg there. I didn't get just one specific task. So in the end I was sanding painted doors for a week or two and you basically get a mist of paint that you breathe in. I would be all white and come back home coughing i the shower for hours, not being able to breathe, basically it all got into my lungs. I was not registered, but I could find some witnesses. How damaging is it to breathe all that paint in? Is it my responsibility or his for not giving his workers gas masks?
  12. I like how he says that nightmares are just healing dreams. But how can you absorb fat soluble vitamins on a diet without any fats?
  13. My diet always changes so there are no certainties in here, but I'll tell you about the last couple of weeks I guess. So I was mostly vegan, but I tried some eggs, which were actually rotten and smelled bad when I didn't cook them properly. But I thought it's ok until I noticed the expiration date. At night, when I can't sleep I would cheat and eat a pate or a jam or honey that was in the fridge. Ate lot's of sugar, unfortunately. If the world made replaced meat with green peas and beans, many of our problems would be solved, I think. Plus, green peas would be cheaper than they are here in the EU. I love green peas, so that's what I ate. But honestly, every time I eat something, I feel fatigue after that, even after eating just green peas and oil and supplement with vitamin D3.