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  1. All I meant was it'll free you from attaching to any 'ideas' of anything 'benefiting' you, or that there are people who are 'mentally unstable'. These are filters that you're seeing the world through and questioning them make an ego fearful and defensive. I didn't say anything about 'objects not existing'. They do and they don't, everything is relative if you haven't noticed it already. You choose how you want to see them, but ultimately, everything is One, and all dualities collapse if you look and question hard enough.
  2. It'll free you from needing any benefit in life, and from thinking there's such thing as a dissociated mentally unstable person.
  3. @Elham @Gesundheit @Nak Khid @ivankiss @dimitri @James123 Thank you. You guys have been a big help in me seeing with a positive perspective. Much appreciated ❤️🙏🙂
  4. Exactly. Notice this. Think about it deeper. How is she feeling? How does it make her sense of self feel? How does it effect her whole life construction and survival strategy. He's pretty much telling her that everything she cares about is an illusion. Nobody will want to look at that in themselves and the ego is going to do everything it can to to prevent her from looking inward. She's going to laugh at him, and think he's crazy, and probably feel like she's superior. These are all defense mechanisms. And you're projecting your own ego and uncomforability onto how she feels about the situation too. Look at why you feel this way. Just questioning it will tell you all you need to know. Jim is just playing the game here. He sees the meaningless behind everything that everyone is caring about. He's just having fun with it. Toying with the absurdity of it all. Sometimes he's more restrained, but he just felt like being more playful here, that'll all.
  5. I've been contemplating this morning about human senses and perception and I keep coming to the realization that everything functions as frequencies. Light, electricity, sound, time, touch sensations, etc. Everything that we can perceive can be deconstructed to frequencies, and we are just 'tuning in' to a very limited part of the frequency range (which is Infinite for all of them). We only see 'certain' things, only hear 'certain' things, only feel 'certain' things, but the potential is limitless. The frequencies go on infinitely. I think we are seeing a limited part of Consciousness itself when we measure these frequencies. They only become relative when we 'look' at them, just like Quantum Fields. There are most definitely Energies and frequencies that we cannot even feel or perceive in anyway. We just don't have the tools in limited form. Can thoughts and emotions be seen as a frequency or wave that just happens in Consciousness similar to Light. It's just a frequency of Infinite Intelligence (thoughts) and Love (emotion) that we 'tune' into? Is this what teachers mean when they talk about 'attunement'? There are frequencies of energies that we have to become more conscious of?
  6. I do too, I'm just trying to figure out what notes the maestro wants me to play. Could you expand on this?
  7. @seeking_brilliance @Artsu Thanks for the advice 🙏 See this was my understanding before I started listening to LOA teachers. Like in the Absolute sense, everything is perfect and God doesn't care what choice I make because God Loves all of it and wants to experience everything. But in a Relative sense, if I choose to quit my job and become homeless, there is no devine power that will stop me from doing that. And on the other hand, if I decide to go for my wildest dreams, there's no guarantee that it'll work out either. There is no 'plan' for me right? So in a sense no LOA either, because either way every decision, it's a flip of a coin, God doesn't care how in lands, it's all good. I've been trying to figure that out for 15 years. After high school I didn't know what I wanted to do and I chose to go into a career that my parents approved of 'just cause'. But there's been this nagging feeling all these years that I'm never going to be fulfiled doing what I'm doing, and every year I go through the same pattern of rethinking my life, never being able to come to a conclusion. I'm interested in Music, Film, Photography, Philosophy, Psychology, Physics, and (of course) Spirituality. These are the things I learn about in my free time. They're strong interests, but I wouldn't call them passions, as in, being able to devote my life to just one, I don't have a 'stand out' talent in any, I just enjoy them. But I do like helping people and I would like to be of service to humanity some how. I know man. It's an incredible gift and I'm grateful to be here in this dream. But at the same time, we're stuck here. 🤷‍♂️
  8. There seems to be a variety of perspectives on whether it's possible to make a 'wrong' choice in life. (I know right and wrong are relative) but many people say things like 'You're right where you need to be' or 'Trust that the universe will show you the way' or 'there is no wrong path'. This seems to be the consensus of spirtual teachers, but I just have a hard time seeing it in my life. I feel like I've followed intuition a lot in my life, and I led me down a path that I know is not right for me. (or not the plan for me?) . It does seem to me that life has had a 'one step back, two step forward' kind of flow to it, and all the decisions I've made had lead me to being a more conscious individual that I was 5 years ago. But my 'outer life' has been stagnant for a while now. After 5 years of meditation, self-inquiry, and contemplation, I haven't moved forward at all in building a life that I actually want. I don't even know what I want. I've been learning skills (Music, Filmmaking, Editing, Photography, Computers) all that have nothing to do with the career I have now or the path I'm going down in life in general. I like all these things but don't feel enough of a passion to change my whole life over. I know I want a different life than the one I have now, but I can't follow my intuition, or even know what I'm looking for. I'm sort of spinning my wheels wondering if this is right where I need to be, or is the universe going to give me a sign of what path I should head down next. I feel sort of 'in limbo', and I can't figure it out. Am I just wasting my time or am I right where I need to be? Is there a plan for me?
  9. Oh man. That's awesome. lol He almost made her look at herself for a second. 😅
  10. Exactly. I really resonate with that. I grew up with a very weak sense of identity, and I would watch movies and act in real life the way the characters in the movies did. I really wanted to be an actor and I remember people even commenting that I reminded them of so and so from this or that movie, but I would always ask, who am I really? Which led me to Psychology, Philosophy, and eventually Spirituality. I get the impression the Jim Carrey, who also did Method acting for 'Man on the Moon', spent a lifetime of playing character after character and not knowing who he really was, which led him to be the seeker he is today. When you study acting, they always talk about being present and in the moment. And the best actors have a certain level of authenticity under every 'mask' they put on that I'm starting to think that many of them are "unintentionally enlightened" or just highly "spiritually gifted" beings. It's quite an amazing thing that they can do if you think about it.
  11. What do you mean by this? I wasn't aware he was preaching. I just see a man that saw through the illusion and now he's having fun with life. Nobody thinks of Jim Carrey as a guru. Or I should hope not. 😬
  12. @Leo Gura You should really watch this if you haven't already. Sounds like he went just as deep as you did during your 30 day 5-MeO experiment. It would be really interesting to hear if this resonates with you, or if you've heard of other Near Death Experiences. This guy seems to really get the role of Love in all of this. The longer version of the interview is fastinating also.
  13. Generally, for me: Weed = More Aware of the ego. Psychedelics = Surrenders the ego. Being aware of how the ego does it's devilry is important if you know what you're looking at. But many people don't, and they go deeper into the ego. Psychedelics can show you what it's like if you didn't identify with the ego. But some people aren't ready for that either, and backlash against it. 2 sides of the same coin really. Pick your poison, you're gonna have to face yourself either way. 🙂🙏