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  1. That sounds like sublingual absorption not oral
  2. As someone who reached a level of awakening that involved quite literally enjoying intense physical pain, I can fairly confidently say no. Awakening will not Absolutely get rid of suffering, though it may recontextualize that suffering such that it is simultaneously felt as bliss. Still, suffering is a spectrum and there are levels of suffering biological humans are not capable of "Awakening beyond", Absolute Infinity necessitates this. Even then, think about what truly awakening means, it means you no longer have a desire to not suffer, therefore you will eventually find yourself in a form that suffers, a form that isn't awake such that the suffering is recontextualized, a selfless form that is willing to suffer, even desiring to suffer. Awakening is good for recontextualizing present-moment suffering such that it is less sufferable however.
  3. I guess I'm fairly sexist, but equally for both sexes, does that make me not sexist? For real though, these tests are stupid because the questions are not clear enough about what they ask. For almost every answer I could easily interpret each question in various ways and come to opposite answers based on which interpretation they meant. Also, I really don't like the idea of being factual being considered sexist. There's a lot of data and studies behind some of these things and trying to homogenize the sexes and treat them as identical when they're just not, is already bad, but to then call people who stick to the current evidence in any way sexist, is just asking for societal trouble and it's giving conservatives way too many reasons not to grow into stage green and to demonize the left. In the future, people will look back and see those who were actually sexist as unconscious victims who lacked development/whatever else, and needed education, support and love. Not as evil-doers who actually know everyone is equal (or according to this test, identical), but refuse to not be selfish and decide to be sexist anyway. Sexism is usually not a decision.
  4. You can actually smoke 4-HO-MET as well, but you need the right chemical form of it
  5. If all 3 teachers hare fully awake, that means they're all at exactly the same level of awakening? Consider that no one might be "fully" awake (unless your definition of awakening is narrow and excludes things one could still awaken to)
  6. It could be but this statement doesn't distinguish the relative and absolute interpretations of "right trajectory and improving". We could say Ultimately, in the Absolute sense "the world is headed in the right trajectory" by definition, and we could still want kids to contribute to that Ultimate Truth whilst still thinking the current (relative) world isn't headed in a positive direction (when looking finite steps ahead). The decision to have kids can be an extremely complex multi-faceted topic and someone like Leo, as absurdly conscious as he is, might not even know if he wants kids yet! Personally, if I were Leo I would most likely see as my kid hehe
  7. Check your dm's 3-MeO-PCP to me was like mixing ketamine and Adderall, very stimulating and manic dissociative experience but it doesn't take away from its profoundness. I've found it very psychedelic like ketamine, especially if mixed with weed (like ketamine lol). It did seem to have a greater euphoria than ketamine too but it's hard to say since each trip varies so much.
  8. Thanks for such a great response! I've never had a nicotine addiction and don't smoke so we're good on that front, I was planning mostly to experiment with it with various psychedelics (and maybe even other hallucinogens like ketamine, etc) and see if it produces similar results as people describe with ayahuasca. Like any other substance I will treat it with the upmost respect, you don't trip hundreds of times and not learn the importance of that
  9. I haven't tried Rapé before but I've got some on the way and wanted to hear about people's experiences with it. How were you best able to use it? (for maximizing health, enlightenment and comfort to some extent)
  10. I had similar experiences with 4-HO-MET though where I was different is the higher doses (anything above 30mg for me) became almost indistinguishable from a breakthrough dose of mushrooms (other than the wider distance between visuals and headspace). Still, at higher doses it was incredibly powerful, I met various entities, and had many life-changing experiences on par with other psychedelics. One of my favorite psychedelics and my girlfriend's personal favorite! Also snorting it (if you have the right chemical form) was amazing, it was super easy and gave me an amazing 2-3 hour trip! I'll DM you my heroic dose 3-Meo-PCP trip report (35mg + lots of weed) since I don't wanna share it here. It was probably one of the most intense experiences of my life!
  11. Isn't changa weaker than freebase DMT powder? Unless you're taking the same dose of DMT + the MAOI. If we keep the quantities the same DMT should be stronger, someone please correct me if I'm wrong
  12. In a metaphysically ultimate sense all suffering is healthy but it is not experienced that way through the relative lens. I'm definitely not saying we can't further distinguish between healthy/unhealthy suffering in the relative!
  13. I used to hold the view that awakening can be used to transcend suffering. Here's what happened to me. A few years ago I was so awakened I had NO addictions, NO vices, I had 100% control over my mind, my body, my soul even. I could INTENSELY ego death from 5 minutes of sober meditation, and taking 50ug of LSD was a powerful 12-hour breakthrough experience. It's worth mentioning I have insane genetics when it comes to spirituality and have had many many spiritual experiences since before I was 10. I could even enjoy (very) intense physical pain because it was recontextualized as love and a service to God (myself) in my mind. I reached a level of awakening that's honestly unnatural and unrealistic, every second of my life was like being on heroin. Nothing could hurt me. I only realise now this level of awakening required an insane level of privilege and luck as well as a willingness to suffer that I only realize now I was taking completely for granted. Something really terrible happened to me, one of the worst things that can happen to someone. I don't want to go into the nature of this, but it was so horrifically evil it made me suicidal every day for months (even as someone who identified as God and who had an incredible life purpose). I had multiple horror nightmares every night for months and even years after the event: therapy and multiple powerful psychedelic trips have still left me less than 10% of where I was at in terms of my embodiment. Sure I got to keep many of the insights, but if anything that makes it hurt more. I have high hopes I will return to where I was one day, but Reality is brutal and sometimes you get smacked hard enough to set you back 5 years. Actually, I got lucky, because it could've just as well been 10 years, or my whole life. I think 99% of people in my situation would never recover, so yes I do still believe enlightenment can help you become much more resilient to suffering, but let's not get ahead of ourselves that we'll become completely "invincible" to the tangible (or even intangible) existence we live in. Don't expect Leo to be some blissed-out always on heroin guy JUST BECAUSE he's awake, infinity will always go beyond your awakening.
  14. It doesn't show the limitations of the psychedelic approach because we're not comparing to non-psychedelic approaches. Many guru's who never used psychedelics have suffered similar problems so you really can't extrapolate. Of course, it's easy to extrapolate if you live under the assumption that suffering can be absolutely solved by awakening, but this is obviously not true when we look at WHAT'S POSSIBLE as opposed to what's actually the case. Leo has his health problems that cause suffering, but you'd be naive not to think there are problems 1000x worse. Or 100,000x worse. I don't think it's realistic to expect a human to enjoy that state no matter how enlightened they are. Even if they did somehow enjoy it, they're enjoying it DESPITE suffering, it's not like they're just not suffering at all.