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  1. Absolute Eternity by definition cannot repeat because that would imply that Eternity is not Eternal therefore contradicting the original definition of Eternity used. Reality is so infinite that it always has more, to imply that it repeats is to say that it reaches the End of itself but Reality is Endless. Sure we can reach relative ends, but these are not really the 'End of Reality' but rather the 'end of reality'. Reality is Endless = Reality has No End = The End of Reality doesn't Exist = The End of Reality Non-Exists By putting the End of Reality outside of Reality (making the End Non-Exist), it allows Reality to be Absolutely Infinite. If we assume Absolute Infinity contains its own End, then it would be limited and no longer Absolutely Infinite by definition. So Reality as a totality doesn't repeat, A = A
  2. In the context of collective human civilization and culture sure, we don't even really have a SD Yellow country yet. But SD can also be applied to individuals and other areas. Also, even if there are no solid yellow countries, that doesn't mean that you won't find traces of turquoise/coral/teal there, after all, each culture is not at one single stage but rather a spectrum of the various stages so to completely dismiss theorising what coral and above could be would be a mistake.