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  1. 1 Important thing. Being a bitchy little mean-spirited person, which is what so many people seem to think is cool, is not the way to go. That is a different thing, that is even worse. All of the people trying to be more cynical and mean-spirited for fear of seeming wholesome or innocent or sincere, or whatever is getting to be a bit much. Getting more brave is good, maintaining your current level of bravery and become less nice is not good.
  2. This is Midjourney though, still my favorite.
  3. Wait, so instruments are currently at a different tuning than they used to be. So with how out of touch a lot of people are nowadays, I'm wondering if none of the notes we commonly hear in popular music resonate at the same tone as our chakras? If someone is playing the guitar or doing pitch bending or singing in an interesting way and not using auto-tune, we will hear all sorts of frequencies, but if you're listening to basic music your mostly just going to hear the notes that are currently considered to be in tune.
  4. Oh I just watched some of her interviews and she seems really interesting and insightful. Some of her books sound pretty cool so I may get around to reading them at some point.
  5. You sent me down a good rabbit hole here
  6. You might like the movie Koyaanisqatsi
  7. Well our prisons are abusive by nature. And an abusive environment is conducive to violent psychology and behavior. It's hard to argue with the results they are getting.
  8. This gave me an "aww" feeling, at how sweet it is.
  9. Oh ya and while we're on Mel Gibson all of the Mad Max movies are great movies and all about stage red stuff.
  10. The move "Apocalypto" depicts spiral dynamics more clearly than any other movie I can think of. It focuses on the coming of stage red to a stage purple environment. It also features another stage in spiral dynamics that I won't spoil. I'm not sure if Mel Gibson thinks or cares about spiral dynamics, but he seems to get it in his own way.
  11. I agree with this when it comes to almost everything in the world of entertainment. I can already imagine things that could exist and will when it becomes much easier and cheaper to create movies and shows, and many of the limitations we now have are removed. It blows away anything we have had up to this point.
  12. I've been watching some streams of this game. All of the players I've been watching seem to be going for some sort of stage red escapism, whereby they avoid stage blue-green by moving back down into red. It seems like a cool game, it just has a really nasty vibe to it. Then I wonder, should I be getting into more of these stage red things, my instincts tell me it's not the way to go.
  13. Why is everyone so obsessed with hell and demons lately. Not just here, but like everywhere. It's bizarre.
  14. a lot of time looking into your mind with an open... mind, just seeing what's hidden in there is good. A lot of time daydreaming and pondering is good. Oh ya and get good at not knowing, by knowing that you don't know. Accept the infinite nature of life, be open to anything existing.