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  1. I think maybe we're just so used to number systems and currency that it's hard to wrap our minds around that not existing.
  2. I didn't read through every response but isn't the answer to how it would be possible be through AI, robotics, and other technology? I don't see a need for everyone to do Mahasamadhi. People can just learn to handle their own existence in this changing world where they are human-beings rather than human-doings. They can explore life and the universe after they overcome the difficulties that come with freedom to choose what they do with their time. It is funny when you look back at the past and see everyone's certainty that a type of change is not possible, and then it happens. Then you look around at the changes happening now and see how many people just can't wrap their heads around the completely new paradigm which is almost inevitable.
  3. I'm not saying there isn't or can't be seeing without eyes, but on some level most of us do tend to use our eyes to see. I had more trouble when i tried to not acknowledge visual sight, it became a bigger deal for me, and I had more tension in my eyes.
  4. This seems reasonable that you would be looking visually from there as the eyes are what's used to see visually. You're consciousness might be spread all around but still visually you see with your eyes.
  5. I actually sort of checked out like that several years ago. But then I realized I paid a price for it. there is something going on with my heart that does love women, and it's not just horniness, it goes much deeper than that. I think most of us are like that, we don't want to admit it. Once I admitted that to myself, I felt all this repressed stuff open up in me, I felt a lot better. So I returned to hope again, even if the hope is sort of hopeless lol. I can't deny a part of my self does still have it's hopes about romance, it doesn't matter what I choose, it's there.
  6. Oh ya I forgot to say though that it can be forgiven, everything can be forgiven.
  7. I would say it means the same thing as "don't attack the heart". Don't attack what some might call the inner child of someone. I remember Osho mentioning something to that effect in one of his books, and I never forgot it. I always knew it was the most important thing to not do, and was surprised to see how common it is.
  8. I started watching UFC in the early 90s when it first came out. I sort of miss how it used to be a bit classier than it is now. That is what I enjoyed most about boxing as a kid, it had a sense of class in it's presentation. The UFC ring is filled with advertisements, and the screen is full of all sorts of pop-ups lol, about betting odds and twitter reactions. Some of the fighters carry themselves in a classy way, but often it has an overall trashy vibe. In the same way playing bad music at a loud volume won't make it as good as a song rendered from true meaning, Bruce Buffer screaming will never have the same impact as Michael Buffer effortlessly channeling the presence of the moment. The fighters are great, but the style is not doing it for me anymore.
  9. There were other equally qualified spiritual gurus, but because they didn't have long beard, no one took them seriously and they faded into obscurity.
  10. 1 Important thing. Being a bitchy little mean-spirited person, which is what so many people seem to think is cool, is not the way to go. That is a different thing, that is even worse. All of the people trying to be more cynical and mean-spirited for fear of seeming wholesome or innocent or sincere, or whatever is getting to be a bit much. Getting more brave is good, maintaining your current level of bravery and become less nice is not good.
  11. This is Midjourney though, still my favorite.
  12. Wait, so instruments are currently at a different tuning than they used to be. So with how out of touch a lot of people are nowadays, I'm wondering if none of the notes we commonly hear in popular music resonate at the same tone as our chakras? If someone is playing the guitar or doing pitch bending or singing in an interesting way and not using auto-tune, we will hear all sorts of frequencies, but if you're listening to basic music your mostly just going to hear the notes that are currently considered to be in tune.
  13. Oh I just watched some of her interviews and she seems really interesting and insightful. Some of her books sound pretty cool so I may get around to reading them at some point.
  14. You sent me down a good rabbit hole here
  15. You might like the movie Koyaanisqatsi