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  1. watching this did make me feel sort of naturally high
  2. Kind of a blunt post here. It has always been thought that we as humans had abilities and did things that made us special. Even on the spiritual path we all have held a deep desire for it to result in some sort of specialness for us as an ongoing being. To consider yourself no more special than anything else, to give up the dream of being a separate thing that could somehow be better or more significant than other things, doesn't happen often. Now, for everyone, it will no longer be avoidable, why? Very soon every activity that requires a type of skill or intelligence will be done better by technology. The skill based ego will have no where to stand. The intellectual ego will have no hope. If there is something within ourselves to be found to set us apart from technology, you would have to find it in the domain of the mystic, and even then, who knows. This is why it was always so important to know our intrinsic value as simply experiencing life as the one who knows life or whatever can be known. It was always a trap to put your trust in being something else, because it would inevitably be taken away. So therefore a massive ego death across the planet will happen soon, I am not sure how fun it will be, but it will be really nice once it's done. Really, it was always a mistake to take credit for something you made or did. Really, reality did it the whole time. Intelligence and creativity is a phenomenon in life, not something you possess. It was always all of life making and doing everything. Doing things with identity as the motivation will cause them to lose interest in that activity if it doesn't make their identity feel special anymore, if anyone can do it. I enjoy going for walks, I don't care if other people can run or even drive. I don't need to think of myself as a walker to enjoy a walk. the enjoyment of being is where we are best suited So ya, nowhere left for the ego to hide.
  3. I still have to go with the Cohen version of Hallelujah even though both are great.
  4. Funeral by Band of Horses, just to be really literal.
  5. Ya it's a good one
  6. R.E.M. Fleet Foxes MGMT David Bowie Pixies I think R.E.M is the most underrated band of all time. Not because people don't think they're good, but because not many people would say they are the best band of all time. They are the kind of band somehow you sleep on. You never really connected the dots that you like about 50 songs by this band.