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  1. When I was a kid I saw what was in my experience a ghost. He was just standing in my living room where I was sleeping. Never since then has anything like that happened. I don't consider myself a big ghost person, and don't even know if that was a ghost, but that is what it seemed like to me. Most of my family also thought it was haunted, as did the new residents living there when I visited like 20 years later. Also what is weird, my parents then moved into another house which turned out to also be haunted. My parents seemed to be really into this kind of stuff, as was one of my sisters, me not so much.
  2. For some reason I found the title of this post very cute and endearing
  3. I actually did do this for about a year, listening to music maybe once a month. When I did listen to music it was amazing. Now if you notice, even if you watch a video about how to do your taxes, there will be music in the background. Everything has music just for the sake of having music, I would like to avoid bad music, but that is difficult. I feel like there is no point in an ok song. An ok song is fun to play, and fun for the person playing, but there is no point in me listening to an ok song. Give me an amazing song or give me quiet time
  4. Everyone always wants to have the answer, instead of of admitting that they also feel this way at least sometimes.
  5. I haven't hear this mentioned much, but consider: When someone looks at you usually they look right into your eye region. This creates a phenomenon I call the implied observed. The implied observed isn't really observed though. People have been looking into your eyes when they talk to you, well most of you... for your whole life. This creates an implied entity that is being looked at, located in and around the eyes, maybe behind, you get the idea. This is all just implied though, it's not really happening. If someone looks at your eyes, we all know they are not really seeing you, you see eyes looking at you, you felt looked at, but really just your eyes and face region are being looked at, which seems to be the place you look out from. No one is actually seeing you, by looking at you, I think we all get that part, but what goes sometimes not noticed is this: when someone is looking at you it creates this entity of you that is being looked at. This entity can be observed as a feeling combined with the sight of someone looking at you and other thought stuff. None of those things are a self being seen, however, but they all come together to create that feeling. This implied observed is a phantom, no one has ever seen it, its a really slick anchor for the ego, really it's usually seen as one an the same with all the other ego stuff. It is a really strong "me" feeling, This mole is a really hard one to objectify, but it can be done. That feeling of being something in/around/behind the eyes being looked at, crazy how when you really think about it, it doesn't make any sense.
  6. They might be, but I feel many people describing it probably don't have it all figured out. I made a post about an idea I had about coral once, but I really think it might just be a part of turqoise I was talking about rofl. I felt that coral would become very powerful and uncompromising and redefine everything, making stage reds shenanigans obsolete. Gaining the power to declaw stage red completely. You see people below green aren't going to care about anything you have going on in tier 2. They're god is currently money, status, and survival. Nothing stage turquoise or anything we talk about here is real to them, money and power struggles are real. Until you show them a higher power they won't care at all. Their paradigm has to be shattered. It has to be like they instantly know beyond a doubt the power lies in this path, in a very real and undeniabe way. It as to be that they instantly know what they want comes from the path. Stage red is like a fire raging, but coral might be like a bright sun shining nonstop and in no way yeilding, but doing so in a way of pure love. it may be yielding in it's actions, but not in it's presence and truth. This is scary and dangerous, and not a hippy thing, this is a balls type thing. This level instantly gains the respect and following of stage red, because it now eclipses it, and it has all of the valuable things of red such as courage. Any stage red person will feel immense respect for a coral even if they don't know why. Reds will also respect turquoise somewhat, but everything between yellow and blue is a victim they can still enact bad influence upon. Finally at this point power returns to one with an understanding how to wield it. No longer is the spiritual being able to be oppressed, this is like the Martin Luther king day of us spiritual people, and all the persecution ends. Again just a thought though, I'm not really sure. It seems to be necessary, or a very slow coming to sensibilty will come to humans through higher consciousness influences over a very long period of time.
  7. I am referring to digital entertainment and the like. There are probably shows you somewhat enjoy, but they don't hit your buttons and really enrapture you like they do those whose minds are much more in sync with the wavelength most entertainment is in. The box that most entertainment takes place in is very small, there really is no limit to it. I get that we can be entertained going for a walk, sitting and looking at nature, but I already did that today I now feel like sitting on my butt and vegging out to something. I am not really referring to shows that discuss or are about sd tier 2 values. I am talking about shows that are just for fun and entertainment, not for learning, but have a quality to them that is appealing to yellow/turqu mind. For me I would like something with more slow pace, outside of any kind of society, not a power struggle, not heavy, sort of a flowing adventure. Not forced feeling, authentic, not preachy, funny but not meanspirited, not a lot of editing. Not even dramatic lol, just a fun thing to observe and get invested in and be curious about. i would like to see scenes where the presence of the scene is important, even the texture of the walls, etc, and you feel sort of with the characters and they do their thing. You see something like this would be fun for me, but I have never seen anything close to it. The closest would maybe be Mr bean but thats still pretty far off.
  8. What I have noticed is that most people put any unknown stage into whatever stage they are in. IE, stage turquoise take every stage past it and really just make it another part of stage turquoise. Not every stage ever is going to be about enlightenment, if most of us are not past turquoise, we aren't really going to know. The guy who invented spiral dynamics had met a handful of turquoise people, and he tried to describe and understand them. Had he not met them, I don't think he would know what it would have been like.
  9. If you try to assume the position that materialism is not true, and make yourself believe that, you will only strengthen your belief in materialism. If you accept whatever reality materialism has and not fight it, then your perspective can relax and then shift.
  10. Randomness is impossible, at least to my current understanding of reality
  11. Realizing how profoundly stupid human beings are. Whatever a human thinks about you or anything else, it is highly unlikely to be any real understanding.
  12. Ok sorry I think i was just venting here lol
  13. How about like if you get annoyed at the attitudes/beliefs of those around you for the following reason. You understand how your mind gets conditioned and determines everything that you do, and you are afraid through constant exposure to sources of bad conditioning you will end up experiencing an existence that can't embody the principles that lead to enlightenment. You have like tasted the beauty of being in grace, and see no reason not to spend your life like that, but the bombardment of ingnorance around you is having an effect on your subconsious mind and it is hard to just override that all the time, so much is happening under the surface. Then you decide to surround you self with good influences, but your bad influences have conditioned your mind to not be able to do that. All of this is because there is no free will. So as consciousness you are just experiencing suffering and not able to know yourself as consciousness in a real enough way to set yourself free of the suffering. This is because whether or not that even happens is not determined by you. The situation is have just described is horrible to go through, I don't understand why it is continuing.
  14. A soul would just be another body of some sort, on some level. Nobody wants to bound as this body, but being any other body would end up being the same thing. It may seem more appealing cause from our perspective the body of a soul seems more subtle and less bound. If something got reincarnated, it would have to be something. If it wasn't something, you wouldn't say it got reincarnated, you would just say there was this thing and then that thing. If you were something that was beyond being any particular thing at all, on any level, it wouldn't even be able to be said that it was reincarnated into something else. There wasn't ever really a soul that could be called an individual, a soul would be only slightly less transitory than a human body.