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  1. The piano has the fundamental frequency, but also other harmonics above it, as does pretty much every sound. I think when they say pure sound they mean just the fundamental frequency.
  2. Yarco and Bohan you have cute profile pics
  3. Mitch Hedberg, a really original guy
  4. Ya it's weird how serious people get. the whole way they are looking at life is couched inside the more expansive child mind. We are not really that serious, we are innocent. Why are we striving so hard, what about being happy, and fun. We don't know we are as innocent as a baby or an animal. Sometimes life is just play. Life actually is magic, but we don't see it that way when we think we understand it. Kids see the world more truthfully than adults, adults usually only see their idea of the world.
  5. INFP's, seem to be pretty misunderstood. Being my chosen people, I hate to see that. When someone calls us wimps, I find that very odd. The depth and intricacy to which my heart has so completely been broken by this experience of life, going through that is not easy. Flash that into the mind of someone calling me a wimp and watch them curl up in a fetal ball. Being blocked off from your emotions is life on easy mode, that seems wimpier. Facing your deepest feelings, that takes balls. INFP power
  6. My parents loved me so much and I feel like so much of it came from that. It had an effect in the surrounding environment. They really unconditionally loved and appreciated me existing. There was a sense of freedom space and life in our neighborhood. I have memories of sitting in a dirt patch in my front yard and just chilling there looking around at everything. Every feature of our yard had some type of deep connection with us. Like each tree, a rock wall, a area of wild honeysuckle and all other types of wild plants. the nature was left somewhat uncontrolled and natural and beautiful. All the neighbors new and loved eachothers pets. It was sort of innocent. All of us kids would go on adventures all over the neighborhood and down into the creek area. One time my dad told me to clean up my room and make it "neat". I piled my toys up and made a cave because I thought it was "neat", my dad just laughed. there was space and presence in everything, people were paying attention not just to each other but the physical surroundings, the scene they were living in. It's like we were present and in life and we felt alive. A great sense of the freedom that came to the adults came from the kids, and that gift was given to the parents as a reward for allowing their kids to feel free. We all mostly behaved pretty good but the adults were pretty forgiving and understanding. nobody demonized or moralized. One time an older kid stole some parts from my bike. My dad, himself being sort of a rebel as a kid, was very nice and understanding with the older kid and that taught me and others patience etc. It seemed like there was not so much trying to control going on, and a sense of real community in the area. Kids sort of naturally seem to be on the wavelength of love and really you just have to not mess with that. You have to let it keep shining because that love empowers the whole family.
  7. Wouldn't god have to dream up the mechanism of loneliness to be lonely. Wouldn't it be easier to just not dream up loneliness.
  8. Even though you only experience your experience, it doesn't mean things outside your experience don't exist, is just means you don't experience them. When I'm away from my house, every experience I have of my house is imaginary. But it doesn't mean that my house doesn't still exist, it just means any experience I have of my house is imaginary. Really every experience you've ever had is imaginary in a way, but that doesn't mean that experiences outside of your experience don't exist, it just means any experience you have of them would be imaginary.
  9. Sometimes I have this weird somewhat twisted hope that everyone who doesn't understand me will live my entire life to. Then I think wait, what if that's why I'm here living this life. But ya I don't know.
  10. Someone get this man a copy of Age of Empires, the new one. Or one of the Civ games, maybe even Some Call of duty. He can do all this stuff he's into without hurting anyone. The historical Ego can be such a damaging thing. It's like you want to be a character in a history book, so you want to do something eventful and big. Your wasting your life being a character. You won't know how people remember you after you die, because you will be dead. The enjoyment of the fruits of pursuing the historical ego is something that can never happen because everyone you read about throughout history is dead, they don't exist at all. Kurt Cobain(and I do enjoy his music) Doesn't get to enjoy how beloved he is, because he is dead. So now all these real people are suffering at least partly because of this historical ego mechanism which is something no one ever gets to truly enjoy. Even gamers have ego, they can feel just as mighty winning a game of Starcraft 2 as Generals when they conquer a territory. But nobody gets hurt, someone send this man a really nice gaming PC. let him masterbate in a way that doesn't hurt anyone.