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  1. This is related to your science point but I’m generally quite sceptical when I hear spiritual teachers talk about health. Especially when they present their health as a result of their ‘consciousness’ rather than their lifestyle. Things like you only need to sleep x hours a day if you do this etc. I don’t think a lot of them are very expressive of their own physical vulnerabilities and tend to present an aura of ‘I am above modern medicine because of my spiritual prowess’. They could totally just get cancer and die like anyone else but I don’t really see him presenting that image. It has more of a ‘lost in holiness’ , ‘I can mentally manipulate my biological processes with the power of my mind’ kind of feel then it can be quite disillusioning when he actually ends up in hospital and requires modern doctors to save him. Then he will say things along the lines of ‘I am very well and recovering faster than the typical patient’ but I didn’t see anything mentioning like he could just die from random medical issues beyond his control. At least this is the impression I get from watching him
  2. This is a partial perspective but when I was in your position many years ago I heard a phrase ‘everyone out a relationship wants in, everyone in a relationship wants out’ it struck a chord in me and I remembered it, but didn’t have the life experience to go with it. 10 years on…. I’m like this is so fucking true again it’s a partial perspective, but I found as a man you want a relationship, only to find once you have it you want some variety, a few more relationships, then you fear being tied down and you want to be free of relationships altogether, then you want to become a bit like Osho its unsatisfactory at all stages but that doesn’t mean you don’t walk the journey. Keeping that in mind helps alleviate suffering a bit (but it won’t eliminate it totally). That desire you feel right now stays with you so the key is learning to become aware, manage, enjoy the fruits and use it intelligently rather than expecting it to go away at the next stage. I would say, enjoy your freedom. You interpret it as lack but one can also interpret it as opportunity. There is no rush
  3. Yup I do. I dump it all into the S and P index they have there
  4. thankyou Leo!
  5. Why do I feel fear when I see/imagine that video on the blog post? Almost like it’s so Alien and weird, it feels like I am not sure if I want to experience something like that
  6. Yes. often I pair this question with - And what the fuck am I doing?
  7. I tend to take n,n DMT orally. I’ve had 7 trips so far but never encountered any beings. Never done 5 MEO or any other psychedelics either. My dosage is 125-135mg, this is currently my upper limit on having the motor control to type on my phone as insights hit me. Any higher and I am pretty much incapacitated, slightly traumatised and recall isn’t so good since I’m relying on memory. psychedelics impact people differently, but for my understanding are people saying you tend to see other beings on higher or lower doses of n,n DMT? On my trips I monologue/speak to myself but I only ever recognize it as myself as God. As a newbie I tried 200mg once which was way too much but I don’t recall seeing anything other than myself
  8. How does one differentiate between a voice in their head posing as a demon vs actually being possessed by a demon? how do you know it is a ‘demon’?
  9. Thanks for this. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to which type of pure extract to use? Or are these three types more or less the same? Just wondering if there was a preference there
  10. yup always on empty stomach. Yea I will try up the dose thanks
  11. Hi everyone, I usually boil 3-4g Syrian Rue as MAOI, wait 30 mins and then take DMT fumarate. This method is proven for me and I got solid trips off it. The tea is gross so I'm trying to find easier alternatives. I found this x5 Harmala extract off eBay (powdered capsules) which I was hoping to just be able to substitute for my Syrian Rue tea. I took 2 capsules (should be ~3.5g Syrian Rue seeds equivalent) and followed the same procedure. I saw some light shapes, good relaxation but the trip never really 'took off'. The only thing in question here is if I am taking the right amount of Harmala extract and if the timing (using the extract) is correct. Next time I can try to take 3 capsules of Harmala extract (~5g Syrian Rue, but I would never make a tea with this many seeds) but otherwise I'm a bit confused why this didn't work for me. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks everyone.
  12. So I recently got into synthwave, love the spaced out and chill vibes it gives you. It was a pleasant surprise to see some of those songs on Leo's playlist too hahah Love this one - could drive all night to this Also check this out if you don't know it already. The sounds remind me of my DMT trips lol
  13. How does one administer 5 meo malt? Does plugging still work as with 5 meo DMT?
  14. How does the Universe decide what to do? I've heard this expressed various ways, although nothing quite scratches my itch. I've heard Leo say 'to Maximise love' also the Universe is just 'being'. But I mean like how/why does the Universe decide to move the leaf from point A to point B and how does that relate to my individual free will/control? In the sense God does it all, but how does that even fit together? Not sure if it is a bit off topic but kinda related.
  15. Can I please ask what the aim of this is? do you actually sleep shorter hours? or do you sleep the same number of hours but feel more refreshed after the same amount of sleep? Does that state count as sleeping or not? Do you spend all night there or is this supposed to be more ‘do for a few mins then go to real sleep?’ thanks