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  1. That is becoming clearer and clearer because if I stop watching your videos or thinking about you, then you disappear. There are many people from my past who I ditched as friends and barely think about again. God is not loyal 😂
  2. I sometimes imagine Leo just laughing to himself about playing the messiah character in a cosmic drama set in the year 2021 (since Christ, but 7 billion years actual 😂😉) He's there like ok God I am your vessel today and you are using me to wake up a 27 year old white male living in Utah into realising that he's God. This is my life's purpose. Like "why couldn't you choose someone else" and all he wants to do is go out and approach holographic women, but God wants to watch a video about "Quantum Mechanics debunks Materialism Part 3". Then Leo sees the intelligence that God is speaking through him, and falls in love with his current avatar, because it is God who is behind all of it. And all you can do is flow with What You Are. And the icing on the cake is that it's perfect 😉
  3. "THIS IS PURELY ABSURD!" - something the mythical English humanoid might have said
  4. I LOVE IT THE UNIVERSE IS APPARENTLY TYPING RIGHT NOW TYPING IS A MYTHICAL ACTIVITY NOBODY EVER TYPED ANYTHING Yes the universe is haunted, but there's nobody to be haunted. It just is itself. Just being itself it can do effortlessly for eternity.
  5. There's not even anyone to get bored 😂
  6. So yeah this is actual. It's just the appearance. Your character is not you. None of what you see is you. You are what gives rise to the appearance. That's why it doesn't matter what happens to the apparent character in the movie. He was never you to begin with. Yes it seemed like you were this seperate body amongst others, and you had control of that body. But sorry bro, it was just an appearance 😂 And yep, it's just a movie. There's no meaning to any of this. There's no suffering. There's just what's happening. Now go out and watch the magic unfold. P.S. no need to suffer, it's just a ride!
  7. Exactly. These are just black and white squiggles in the void which vibrate in different ways. So pretentious hahahaha
  8. Brahman is wild 😂 Who would even think of this shit?
  9. ... although the idea of a real thing called the "ego" dies, there will still be voices in your head. Thinking will never die because it makes something out of nothing. This is heaven because it becomes anything you want, but can also be nothing at all.
  10. Why would anything make sense? This is the realunreal
  11. The apparent peeling back of the layers has been so, so, so, so, satisfying. There is value in this rollercoaster. You are perfection just being itself. Ungraspable perfection. If there was a seperate doer with free will, no way he creates a story as good as this. Woah-ho-ho it's magic. You knooooow. Never believe it's not soooo ✨