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  1. Kael read this thread it made me smile and I agree with a lot of what you are saying: In-between incarnations there is infinite bliss and you can reside there for an eternity, until you are ready to take on a form again. I don't know why Leo doesn't console people with this part of his teachings more often.
  2. I made a thread called "here's why God won't experience everything" check it out: I reached the same conclusion as you that you get to choose your incarnations or atleast what happens in your incarnations. Do I know if I'm right? No I don't. I can only go by direct experience of my own life. If it's just me here and I'm God then it would be idiotic to subject myself to torture, but torture must always exist otherwise there would be missing dualities/fears. Really what you fear is infinity because it's infinite uncertainty and that is terrifying.
  3. My bad, he doesn't say bubble he says "solipsistic self obsessiveness"
  4. "on my own I go mental, I fall down a hole into the solipsism and nihilism" Later he says "my own solipsistic bubble". Perhaps everyone is waking up?
  5. I had a dream that I'd turned in to a lightning bolt / pure electricity. Ego is the part of you that wants to say "look at me", "look how beautiful I am", "this is real, and I'm really doing this!" I burst out crying at this because ego just wants to impress. There's nobody out there to impress. Nothing is real. It blows my fucking mind.
  6. @Leo Gura do you agree with this video?
  7. Super fun read which I found on the Solipsism reddit: "It’s a lot of information to swallow, it’s one thing to hear about it or get told about it, and then form an opinion and belief about it. But to experience it, to know it, and then have to actually let it sink in, and realize it as truth, accept it as truth, thats the hardest pill to swallow, it will change your life forever. Here’s a list of Pros and cons I made based of of this theory of oneness. Since this is like the theory of everything and so broad I can’t possibly fill all deatils but will do a brief summary of it. I’ve got mixed feelings about it, a part of me feels like a happy kid on xmas who just received a blessing from above, and another part of me can’t help but feel slightly scared and sad at the same time realizing the implications of this theory. Anyways So if this theory is true, which it seems like, based on what we can conceive of right now, the pros and cons of being everything and nothing at the same time would be the following: PROS: Infinite positive attributes From the limited, constrained, vulnerable little competing ego animal we are, constantly fighting for our survival in this reality, from the egos perspective to become god would be The ultimate goal to gain the massivest ego boost you can get, becuase if you are god which is everything, that means that you are all the infinitely positive attributes you can imagine. Like if you LITERALLY are GOD. That means you are infinitely awesome/perfect/proudest/handsome/sexy/cool/powerful/strong/perfect/beautiful/winning/lucky/rich/cute/fast/charming/funny/genius etc. You the trues OG GOAT LEGEND EVER. You have and will experience every single ”most positively pleasureable and awesomest” experiences possible, things that are so good that you would NEVER want to die, for something that feels so good, you WOULD want to live FOREVER, in PARADISE🌞🔥❤️ no matter how negative or meaningless or lonely or confusing or whatever this mystery of a reality is, as longs as u feel good, and enjoy the masterpieces who gives a fuck about the negative shit amirite? #bliss you simply are the best of the best king🏝🎡⛩💸💸💸 Being something. You’d rather be something forever rather than nothing forever right? Imagine infinite nothingness compared to this infinite somethingness. What if existance never came to be and we never were born? Wouldn’t that suck ass? Well guess what, existance either always was somehow. Or it spawned from nothingness, in a miraculous event, like a blessing, like magic, just like that. From nothing to everything, that’s the miracle. HOKUS POKUS BOOM now we’re here, lets take a moment to appreciate and be grateful for this gift of existance , and for reality being. Infinite control and power You have infinite power and freedom to manipulate reality and live your dream and do whatever you want whenever you want. Imagination is the limit. You get to enjoy infinite positive things such as Superpowers, magic, cashflow, fame, infinite love, drugs and sex, pleasure, entertainment of all categories, euphoria and laughter, all magical worlds you can imagine. To enjoy the best feelings ever and from the bad ones you learnt to appreciate the greatness in a new dualistic perspective, to grow stronger and evolve from. The comedy of it all The cosmic giggle, you the best comedian ever, who wrote the funniest joke in existance, the joke is so good, it never gets old, and it’ll have you rolling laughing til you pass out or think about something else 😂 The so reassuring realness You are real! Well.. Atleast you feel real and this REALity feels real, thats all that matters..right?! And all the people around you feel real, your body feels real, all your senses feel very real, your emotions and thoughts feel real, and if you enter DMT world it even feels ”realer than real”, so I mean can it even get any realer than that? What even is real? Did we make that term up, does it exist independently from us? Or are we it? Atleast we seem to exist, so that must mean we are real to some degree! If you can’t tell the difference between illusion and ”reality”, then does it even matter if its fake or not? What if fake reality is as real as it gets, then couldn’t you label that as real? It would still feel the same🌞 What if there is no such thing as ”reality”, and the closest thing we can come to ”reality” based from the fundamental laws of existance is a ”the most ideal ultra perfect simulation/hallucination/dream”. If real doesn’t exist, than a high quality simulations is as real as it gets! -You’re immortal bro!! So guess what, no more fear of death! You get to feel fearfree limitless euphoria and pleasure! the reassuring feeling that whatever happends, everything will be okay. so fear not, worry not, becuase you’ll survive and go back to source, and get to enjoy gods most powerful feelings of bliss and unconditional love that is the highest most positive thing that exists and ever will be, its what makes living worth living. -get to be fully present and enjoy the moment to the fullest cuz why not its all we got so make the best of it! Infininite experience and wisdom, and infinite non-loneliness. through lessons and experiences and playing and meeting avatars, you would experience all relationships between avatars and the emotions that come with, aswell as all experiences and the knowledge that comes with, what an adventure! Best way to learn is to experience it directly! If you’re alone that means there are no enemies outside of you! The only enemy is you, so know you have a reason to be empathic to other people and have peace ok earth, now it suddenly makes sense and even is selfish to help other people other than you becuase they literally also are you! Treat others as you would of wanted to be treated. Please yourself and make yourself feel loved! Be an angel to yourself! CONS(warning may trigger people): Being nothing. While being everything can be awesome, you are also somehow nothing at the same time. Pure void being awareness, eternally was and eternally will be. But wait, so is the somethingness an illusion? Or is the nothingness an illusion? What even is nothing? Are we more something than nothing, or more nothing than something? Or same of both?Hard to get your head around.. Non-linear insanity. when you live in a linear reality timeline, in a confined space with rules, things make sense and things feel logical and full of purpose. But when you are everywhere and nowhere at the same time, there is no destination anymore, it’s like game over, no goal to orient yourself towards, nothing to fulfill becuase you already are fulfilled, being infinite, can you truly be that in one instant, or is it a constant state of novelty experience never ending, or are you all that is encompassed into one thing? Either way you feel ironically calustrophobic knowing that even if you are infinite, there is nothing outside of you which makes you feel trapped inside yourself, in a place with no time, space, rule, meaning or instruction until you create it. You are alone. This hits me the hardest, this makes me emotional tbh. You realize the fact that you are alone in existance. It’s a cold fact to accept as truth, that it’s only you, all about you, all this time, there was no one else but you. It’s beautiful but sad at the same time. That intense feeling of loneliness, and that feeling of never ever being able to escape that loneliness once you’re god again. Remembering why you made yourself forget, realizing why some people chose to stay asleep and didn’t want to be awakened or simply won’t and can’t accept the truth and therefore stay sleep to stay sane and stay in the dream of a reality were you are not alone and feel love from other than yourself. Does god have limited power? they say god is almighty, can do everything, but the thing with god is that god is. And can god stop being? Can god create himself and destroy himself? Can god make it so he is not alone in existance? Or is it/he simply bound by some kind of existial fundamental law that is beyond him/over him that says: he is and always will be, and he is alone. But besides that he can create illusion hallucinations of space and time to stay sane and distracted from boredom of being? Becuase he can’t escape himself (being) so he makes himself forget he is god and goes about dreaming time and space into existance to give a sense of meaning to the meaningless existance he is forced to endure and can’t ever escape from? He invents, defines and creates meaningful MASTERPIECES. Like painting on an empty canvas. He creates reasons to wanting to exist, becuase if there is something that forces him to exist, and he has no power over that, then he must simply accept it as truth and simply make the best of it becuase there is nothing he can do about it. So after endlessly dreading about it and being bored and miserable god thought hey why not try to enjoy this instead, and created a reason to wanting to exist for example #lifehack So god wiped his own memory and started a new birth and death life dream. When we are limited egos, we long for god, for the answers to all the mysteries, and want to experience and come closer to god. But when we are god and know everything, we want to forget, and become a limited human, and I see why, but in some lives we want to remember though to have that upperhand in the game, and to remember if you lived this life before. Everything is fake Your ego is fake(this hits hard), your friends and family is fake, your avatar is fake, this physical reality is fake, nothing but a simulated/dreamy illusion to distract you from your ever existing dread of loneliness beingness (real fundamental reality). Love and relationships. what hits me the hardest is the fact that when I see something or experience something, and want to write it down, or record it, maybe take a photo or record it on cam. To later show someone. That really I am just showing it to myself. So why am I even trying to capture it? Or the fact when I perform on stage, or in front of people, or whenever I am having a deep and meaningful conversation, or loving moment with someone, I am talking to myself, I am loving myself. Love is real but, I made it, I am it. It’s my dream? I’m the main character. Gods wish he never had was he wanted to have someone else to love, and have someone to receive love from. So he created this illusion to experience that dream. To create something that felt like ”other” or outside of himself. Tricking yourself into a dream. Suffering your own tricks, while at the same time laughing your ass of at yourself. There is no one else to blame or to be mad at or to debate with, or take responsibility for except yourself. Its all on u and only you, and you playin yourself. The worst part is when you realize that all this time you had been talking to people, building relationships, hurt people, all those memories, trying to convince them of things, or prove something to them, argued with them, and gotten into fights, not to mention falling in love with people.. but all that was really a trick on yourself, tada🎭 tricking yourself that there were such a thing as ”other”. Who is all this for? Me, so enjoy the eternal moment! I mean what choice do you have? Mohahahahamanic laughter Can god choose to stop being? Maybe not? Can he not exist? Can he exist? Is anything real? Why and how is? That is the mystery that we may know, but chose to forget? Or will we ever know, does god even know? Is having all control in existance really that exciting when there is nothing that is not controlled by you? I mean besides the awesome aspects of it, the negatives is that if all is controlled by you, you are simply the puppeteer puppeting your life talking to yourself. No surprises, no adventures, just controlled creations.. dull, predictable, overpowered. Existance can seem nihilistic, meaningless and tragic. There is nothing new, becuase you are absolute infinity, you encompass everything in an instant, all goals are done, this means the second you begin existance you are also done with it. The bad thing with that is that life and goals then can seem meaningless since they have already been achieved and nothing new exists that you haven’t already done. But the good thing is that if this is true, it means that a gigaton of stress and pressure just got lifted of your shoulders. This means (thank god hallelujah bless the heavens feels good to be alive baby) that you don’t have to worry about the past and future and enjoy the present to the fullest!! Knowing that you already have done everything so be proud over yourself and start to chill and enjoy life, just be and enjoy being to the fullest, nothing is lost, all shall remain and be svaed for you to enjoy and look back upon, this masterpiece of a creation you made, enjoy! Game over = game on! The good thing with being everything is that it removes jealousy from the ego, it makes you proud seeing yourself being successfull in another lifetime outside of your ego and you get to feel happy for them instead of threatened to compete with them. Jealousy becomes a gift, a privilege from the perspective of god, becuase it is an emotion that can only be felt from ego. Ego feels real so lets enjoy the feeling of being ego for real. In the state of god consciousness you are everything, non-duality, and even if this may be true, this altered consciousness of being the ego is a gift for you to experience duality. The bad thing with being everyone is that everyone outside of your ego who is suffering right now in the world is also you, that’s a lot of suffering to go through.. now you really start caring if you can feel what they feel. Still the mystery is, how can god be? That is the question.. the mystery."
  8. The horrible things going on in the world are part of the illusion. Its a trick of relativity which helps God cope with infinity. It's like "wow my first world life is so comfy compared with being a Jew during the Holocaust - lucky me". But that's just part of the dream. You think: "why am I so fortunate to have been born in such a calm era" - but that's how God keeps itself asleep. Ever complained about your life and someone says "we're lucky, think about starving children in Africa" and then you could say "but that's not in my direct experience right now" but that argument makes zero sense to normies because they believe in "others" so deeply. God is ETERNAL LOVE FOR ITSELF. It's literally idiotic to put itself through horrible suffering unless it wants to. You must want it. It must make sense. So yes rape and murder and everything exists, because life is basically GTA V ONLINE. It's a wicked dramatic game to play. But all the horrible gore and torture - there is nobody experiencing that. This is your dream only! Wake the fuck up! There are no animals with their own individual consciousnessess suffering away. God dreams the 21st century and it happens. Do you get it yet? It's solipsism!!! All you have experienced is your own life. How was your life? Pretty good? Yeah it's gonna be that FOR ETERNITY. It's infinite okay-ness for itself. Everything that happened to you, you got through just fine. Right now in this moment you are chilling. It will be more of the same. (Unless you want to experience the pain of bullet ants, then go ahead, nobody is stopping you, book a flight to Brazil and experience 10/10 pain. But you get my point, it's all up to YOU. That's freedom baby!)
  9. What's happening can be pretty significant to what will happen in the imaginary 'future'. For example, imagine you took salvia and became a girl, or a wild animal, or a table. That's a radical shift in consciousness and you now know that it's even possible. Yes that's still "just what's happening" but it's more of a paradigm shift than non-duality speaker's repetitive message which make it sound like it'll just be "this" forever.
  10. Leo keeps trying to persuade everyone about solipsism. But solipsism is no fun at all. What's the point of being everything? That means everyone I talk to is basically an NPC. I'm an NPC. I preferred it when I thought other people had their own consciousnesses. Everything was way more fun. I could troll forums and imagine someone on the other end getting wound up. I still use Reddit, but the spark has gone. Everybody is clearly me. Leo, you broke the illusion, I hope you're proud of what you've done.
  11. This is what I needed to hear.
  12. How do I get rid of my tension headaches without taking drugs?
  13. Right now it is minimal suffering. I've engineered it in a way I don't have to work. I do have to live with my parents though. I've lost desire for basically everything except movement, food, shelter, and being taken care of by my parents. Despite all this I'm still miserable and experience very little happiness (not sure if I was ever really happy tbh).
  14. Leo was right about a lot of things, that's the problem. I pray to God he's wrong about this.