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  1. @DJ Comaschi Because God is essentially a Mind. A Mind has Intention and a Purpose. Dumb physical objects do not have intention or Purpose. Suffering is okay but it just becomes too much for my liking. If i was God i wouldn't allow for torture, beheadings and etc.
  2. @jimwell What about the millions of human beings who have lived a decent life full of Amazing Experiences for decades? Even if life is so sh*tty that many people end it, it's still not the majority of people who kill themselves. What about your heart, your kidneys, your eyes and everything that works so well? Isn't that evidence for a God who actually cares? Also why God wouldn't give a fk about his Creation? This doesn't make any sense whatsoever. If God didn't care, we wouldn't even have this conversation right now.
  3. @Ishanga When people create stuff, they care about their creations to a certain extent. Why an Infinite Intelligence who has created Everything with Incredible Detail just not give a fk about It's Creation?? What does it actually mean to say that God doesn't care? Also you haven't explained why God wouldn't care. Even if people kill themselves, they still may go live in another plane and ultimately all pain and suffering doesn't last forever. Life has its ups and downs. A God who cares doesn't mean that everything will go our way. But it means that in the Big Picture there is always hope and beauty to be found. A Random Universe would be totally indifferent. But God would not be totally indifferent.
  4. @Leo Gura I didn't realise that LSD was such a powerful stimulant. I won't trip more than once in a single day, otherwise the overall stress just becomes too much. Evening should be for your body to rest and come down of a drug, especially when dealing with stimulants. What's funny is that i have taken 2 tabs of acid once in the morning. And i didn't have any negative physical issues whatsoever besides becoming mildly psychotic. And when i took 2 tabs of acid, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, it was just too much. So it's not only the dosage that matters but also how you space it throughout in the day. Have you had any bad experiences when re-tripping (IF you have re-tripped) with LSD in the same day?
  5. @Grateful Dead Thank you for the positivity. I needed to read this. Sometimes Reality gets very very dark..
  6. @RendHeaven I think i was over stressed with high blood pressure because i tripped again in the afternoon. But nothing serious has come out of it. And only once i have felt this. Maybe it was also due to too much vasoconstriction.
  7. @Staples Nothing is really obvious. I have drank coffee multiples times a day and even sleep deprived with 0 issues. Same with magic mushrooms and many many other substances.
  8. @Thought Art Have you taken LSD in the context that i described? I have taken 1 tab of acid 3 separate times with 0 symptoms aswell.
  9. @Unlimited I took the same dose. I did feel some mild effects. But i was definetely not near as high as the 1st time. What i felt mostly was my body being over stressed. I should not trip in the afternoon but rest instead. LSD is a very strong stimulant and i think shouldn't be taken multiple times a day.
  10. @Razard86 I also believe that God cares. It doesn't make sense to be Infinitely Intelligent & create all this stuff without giving a damn about what happens to your creation.
  11. @Breakingthewall So you mean that God has no Will ultimately?
  12. @Razard86 What do you mean God is Love? Do you mean that God accepts whatever arises within it?
  13. @Leo Gura You've said in other videos that the Universe/God can have feelings & etc. Doesn't that make it personal? You don't explain why God has to be that way. Why God has to construct such an animalistic and vicious Universe where ''he'' doesn't give a fk what happens to you? If God can do whatever, he could create a world where he can incarnate and not need to kill other beings to survive. Also How would you feel living through the lives of the terrorists below? Talk about Living Hell ...
  14. @Thought Art Why doesn't it serve? I don't understand the reason why. Also opportunity for what?
  15. @vibv I wish i could access this WIll but i can't in this state of Consciousness.