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  1. Another staff member response to my traumatic experiences I experienced in my Math teacher school:
  2. My grade 6 school:
  3. I already read The Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck. I will reread the section II of it again which is about love in order to get a refresher.
  4. @Emerald Thanks for the advice.
  5. I have decided to stop doing lesser jihad which is stalking and creating evil to my Math teacher thus began to do greater jihad which is fighting my own ego. This is the end of my this journal.
  6. My chat with the school in which my Math teacher teaches:
  7. My friend message to me in regards to my Math teacher. I posted it here because my friend powerful words help me to heal a lot.
  8. Throughout the day, I have been messaging my Math teacher multiple times to get in touch with him. However each time I message him with a new facebook account, he blocks me.
  9. Some of my chat with him today on facebook: Then he blocked me
  10. Today, My Math teacher current studen reached out to me and gave me his facebook account name. I hope I can contact him my Math teacher from facebook to heal me:
  11. If I can just talk to my Math teacher then I will no longer be traumatized.
  12. Today, I lost the support of my Math teacher current student. He left supporting me on my quest to talk to my Math teacher, which is all what I want, after replying me the below:
  13. I provided feedback to my Math teacher in one of his videos. He deleted my feedback however it seems like he forgot to delete his comment. So I will jounal it here so that it can get remembered.