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  1. Another staff member response to my traumatic experiences I experienced in my Math teacher school:
  2. @StrangeloopDid you check out anger videos from Leo?: Personally, the first video which is,"How to control anger-The Shocking Truth Behind Your Anger Problems" (Part 1) has helped me a lot to overcome anger issues.
  3. Business, sales and marketing.
  4. @Noahsteelers34 Good luck to you brother!
  5. @Raphael Hey, this journal was helpful. It help me to heal from my trauma which I experienced in elementary and middle school. Thank you.
  6. @Noahsteelers34 I am curious, is engineering your life purpose?
  7. I feel betrayed and terrible. This should not happen to anyone else.
  8. @Preety_India Did this happen in India or America?
  9. Unhealthy food tastes so good because it’s high in sugar and fat which are biologically addictive, and often has food enhancers like MSG to make it tastier. Hence, they are full of flavor enhancers and unhealthy food changes your gut Flora.
  10. I got scammed by a black man who was a thief. I was walking towards my home from a market. I was a child back then. Just when I was near my home. A black man showed up. He told me that he wanted to be my friend. I accepted the request. Then he asked to show me the 100 dollar bill. He said, he just wanted to see how it looks like and he will return it back to me. I naively accepted it. He took the 100 dollar bill and ran away. Thus, he stole it. Lesson learned: Don't trust people blindly.
  11. @Preety_India Don't feel bad about yourself, you are the best person ever!
  12. After you do basic spiritual work for a while such as meditation. It would also be useful to learn the dangers of spiritual work in order to avoid traps in this work.
  13. It really depends on your motives to share journal on this forum. If your motives are high quality such as to keep track of your progress. Then I would not really worry about it. If your motives are low quality such as to seek external validation. Then, I would purify the quality of my motives of sharing a journal on this forum.