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  1. I think my vision, my communication skills etc are good. But right now Im a scientist and I need to get my degree. whoever studied science will understand. I need to become a machine really, wake up on time, eat well, manage my small budget, clean my room , attend all classes , keep notes, do self-study, work part-time, have a girlfriend, attend social events/parties, exercise and also get time to chill, and read philosophy/politcs etc. That's basically my days and weeks right now. Most of the time I can't achieve all but if I was acting like a machine I would. like with 0 procrastination and distractions it works. At least act like that till I get my degree and then move to my Masters which will be more interesting and focus more on my purpose (still requires studying).
  2. @Nightwise Ι actually agree with you. Maybe from text I seemed liked a megalomaniac, I know I can't change the world or whatever but I figured that I have to dream big to accomplish something valuable for the society in the long run. So my plan was basically finish my BSc in Food Technology do a Minor in Physiology of Consumer Behavior and then do a MSc in Food Law and at the end work somewhere like Food and Agriculture Organization or some EU organization that there I can actually have an impact on policies and regulations that impacts the food people eat. Its a very possible scenario actualy. The problem is that now in my BSc I have to learn this basic science stuff and I mean, I like science ,but when I dream this big I get demotivated and lose my patience. That results not putting my 100% on classes and fail some courses (they are genuinely hard tho). So how the fuck I should stay grounded and discipline myself when my mind is travelling.
  3. I post this here bc I know it's the only community that provides healthy criticism. Some background info. I'm 19, growing up in Greece of the economic crisis from a working class family I didn't witness a healthy social environment around me. I saw social struggle, false promises, uncertainty, protests, killings , fascist parties, destroyed families, famine and immigration and poor education. By family savings and a part-time job I managing to be at the Netherlands studying Food Technology, something that I like. I live in Wageningen, one of the Greenest cities of the world I would say, small city only with progressive/green future scientists living inside and I have met people of all kinds in 2 years. I grew up in a relatively orange/blue family and since I moved the more open-minded I have become. I would like not to hold ideologies but I think as a neo-Marxist lets say. Lately I have been feeling an anger. You know something? The world is unfair, I want to change it, I want through my science to really push the food systems to more sustainable. We really don't have a second planet and billions will need food. If the world is about to transcend to green I want to be one of the people who will bring a significant change. Capitalism is dying or basically is transcending to Techno-feudalism. I want to try as much as I can in my field put I will not be afraid to join a revolt, we have to reinvent democracy here. I don't know how you people feel in the other parts of the world but as I see it the "Green" bourgeoise hippies (most of the activists in Netherlands and western world) are not willing to change drastically. We need drastic change here and we need to unify for that. My problem is that sometimes I fall myself in this trap of idealism. I tend to dream and plan and follow the media and smoke pot and be like a loose person. I'm really believing in my purpose but I think due to my teenage years in Greece I became Green (because of obvious inequality) kind of fast and kind of ignoring some orange/blue values. I came up with this thoughts after watching the Jordan Peterson video. Lately I'm trying to quit pot and try to pass some fucking exams. Sometimes it sucks thinking about politics ,philosophy, social revolution and the only thing I can do about it is pass my Statistics exam ( I'm not touching the part that even my Green university teaching philosophy is how to find the most profitable production ways for companies) Does anybody have similar experience or comments. Please hurt my feelings, I will not change the world if I act like a potato.
  4. I was also thinking that maybe I have to start with Tony Robbins style self-help, would that help?
  5. @Nahm This is achieved through meditation and awareness right?
  6. @PepperBlossoms Thanks for you answer, it was honest and compassionate. I knew that this forum could help unlike my friends and family cycle.
  7. Thank you all for your nice thoughts. I really appreciate that some ppl understood and put the effort to help my lost mind from the void. However wants to add something please go ahead.
  8. Hi everyone, So I'm 19, and I'm watching Leo's videos since 16. It changed me as a person I can say , my perspective and everything, and Im so grateful that I am growing up with an open-mind and as a "more" conscious person than the typical teen. Till I graduate highschool I was a Preformance-Swimmer in Greece, lots of trainning , hard working at school etc.( although I always had problem with procrastination). Now I moved in Netherlands and study my passion Food Science in one of the greenest and most progressive Universities in the world. Wageningen UR. So from swimmer I went to a full time student, matured by living alone, trying psychedelics, met tons of inspiring ppl but also started some bad habits like habitually smoking weed, and stopped exercising . This year was life transforming from all perspectives. The problem is that I was lost in my thoughts for a big part and judging myself a lot for not being very productive in uni work. But also I felt very disconnected with ppl, I feel no one can understand me , my problems and my thoughts. Everybody has their own agenda you know... ( and yes Im pretty social). I even thought of starting writing a book in order to express myself and maybe touch some ppl that feel the same and give my perspective to the world. The main questions are How I fight unproductivity to the root, achieve real passion for my studies? I feel Im interested in tons of things and not focusing on food science. How I stop being on the phone and instead build healthy habits? Why am worrying so much that I don't connect with ppl as friends or with my partners? Am I to young for self-actualization? Careful , I've done big research on unproductivity through Leo, others , my therapist and a student trainining cosultant. But still the problem is there , and that disappoints me the most. I can't trust myself anymore. I hope someone in this forum can give me his/her personal experience and inspire me to grow this summer and see finally a radical change. Thanks to whoever puts the effort, peace and love.
  9. I'm not very experienced as others in the group but , I understand things. For my perspective you over stressing the topic and it backfires to you. Try just accepting that you have an ego and there is a reason to be there. Socializing is nice with all types of people because it gives you other perspectives. Take life as journey and live it with passion. Your opinions right now sound narrow , cold and all this denial it brings me negativity/arrogance vibes. Try to work more with your psychology. Do you think Leo and others are stupid to discuss in this forums? Socializing and helping is good because we are still humans. Live your Life bro! Peace and Love , don't misunderstand me , I don't want to sound offensive.
  10. @Dragon Liege I cannot put him as orange , he has a lot of yellow values. The egoism he provokes its not the bad term of egoistic character who does't give a damn about humanity. I believe his points are very deep and is very easy to paraphrase him or demonize him about being egoistic. For me is a lot of yellow.
  11. What's your opinion on Max Stirner's thoughts? Do you believe it helps ones self-actualization? Ofc we don't fall in dogmas but what do you think? Do you believe this egoistic point of view has to offer sth? Is anarcho-individualism high consciousness?
  12. I read somewhere " Everyone's ego is moving through his perverse repentance and self-invents ways to wonder with other egos (or yous)(ego also means "I" in greek), creating an infinite braid" What do you think?
  13. What could be the answer according to philosophy , spirituality or just personal opinion? I don't mean if its bad or good to do it!
  14. All your comments where great, I can really understand where the root of violence is coming from, resisting BY will to commercial and violent goodies I dont think it works, better to elevate through spirituallity so at one point you won't need those things around you. For now as an 18yo full of hormones I dont think is bad to enjoy some goods here and there, watching a little bit of Martin Scorsese movies, play some Call of Duty or watch some soccer. Like once an a while with friends. Everything is part of our Experience anyways. "Everything in Moderation" as Cleobulus used to say.