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  1. Hahahahahaha Maybe it is....... Social.... democracy?
  2. Yeah... Who the heck wants Yin when you can only have Yang?
  3. Erroll was such a lovely soul
  4. Pure beauty
  5. Charly...
  6. @Danioover9000 Dude this forum is deep, deep into ideology. I don't even take it seriously anymore. Dating forum = Pickup forum Politics forum = Left progressivism forum And if you're not into those things basically you're not a cool kid. There's not even room for healthy debate and trying to find middle grounds between different POVs. So much for radical open-mindedness.
  7. Clicking a dislike button when you genuinely didn't like a video = Spewing negativity. Flawless reasoning. Can't argue with that.
  8. And yet, you still welcome their move.
  9. @Preety_India You're still not tackling how unreasonable it is to not have made it optional, and honestly I don't really think you want to lol...
  10. @Preety_India It doesn't matter Preety. No reasonable argument can be made as to why it couldn't simply be an optional feature that each creator gets to decide for themselves.
  11. @Preety_India Oh jesus.... Please don't be so naive. If that was really the reason the coul've easily made it optional, as I said.
  12. @Danioover9000 They somewhat explain it on this video. Basically it's like groups of trolls getting together to dislike a youtuber's content cause they personally don't like them. Which honestly is something that i RARELY see happening, which is why I say It's a LAME excuse.
  13. And they supposedly did it to prevent "targeted dislike attacks", which is like the lamest excuse ever. They could've easily made it optional for each creator, but they didn't. These big tech people are not even trying to disguise their censorship anymore lol. LET US ALL WELCOME THE FACISM!!