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  1. Do you also feel a qualitative difference in state of awareness generated from psychological methods of meditation, whether it be self-inquiry or mindfulness, compared to more physical or energy based practises like Kriyas and Yogasanas? For me it's almost as if the sense of self and sentience is much more present via mental processes, on the other hand with Kriyas while the system is energised and the body awareness increases exponentially, it feels as if the thoughts are suppressed, thus the same level of alertness and a kind of sharpness is absent.
  2. Overall, I really can't tell for which way it is for me*, cause there are many other factors at play. But definitely post the Kriya, when you finish with the practise, it's gone.
  3. I see this coming out a lot, there are individualities to be broken beyond the body and mind. That's the whole point of attaining liberation,Moksha, so that you don't have to do this again and again. Else if you were to just die and that's it, then it wouldn't have been a problem, lets just happily wait for death but that's not so. Sadhguru is a sorta a trusted source here so if you were to just go by what he says about himself and his life and lives, then you would know what's this is about. Dhyanalinga was all about this, Sadhguru had to take birth 2 times for him to complete its consecration. See this video, sadhguru talks about this very often and so does Advaita. About Dhayanalinga.
  4. Everything set up as said. Started, after about 5-7 minutes I started having a lot of tingling in my hands, by 10 minutes I had severe pain and tension in both my arms(particularly in wrist and palm) . But I continued till like 20 min when I could no longer bear the pain. It took 10 minutes for the pain to fade and about an hour for me to return to normal motion, my hands were trembling a lot. Same thing happened today. Is there something I can try? Also I've been reading about hyperventilation and how it stops blood flow to brain, is there anything to worry about?
  5. Indeed, he really is beyond, the subtle things he says, subtle statements which we can just take for common good old wisdom at first have such profound meanings. Yes I intend to really go deep into Karma, but for now I have limited my theoretical intake, it's just been too much. Thanks for the insights.
  6. Yes, very well put. Also the thing is in all of Spirituality, as in a traditional sense the only goal is Moksha, Liberation, and the way sadhguru explains about Karma, it looks like its way more than just your mind, and I believe there are levels of individuality beyond your body and mind, as the 5 Koshas that Sadhguru explains, and to transcend them you need to do the stuff, the necessary Sadhana. Nonetheless we don't know what exactly is Sadhguru's perspective in its totality on this matter, all we can do is maybe have both and see for ourselves.
  7. Yesterday Sadhguru had a Mahasatsang in Delhi, I was present there, towards the end of the questionnaire, a meditator asked about psychedelics and ayahuasca retreats. Sadhguru made 3 basic points as far as I can remember (when comes to naming he just named LSD, I believe its very well possible he isn't aware of 5-Meo's existence) 1. The high is always on and off, what you seek by psychedelics is just the high and you try the justify it in the same way any alcoholic would, "see I'm always high, no chemicals". He was very much against chemicals in every way and said that its all physical no matter what. What we're talking of is transcending it. 2. He said there will be consequences of this, he didn't mention what though. 3. And lastly he said if you think you're going to get Liberated by psychedelics, Best of Luck. So yeah, thought I should share this. Edit : He also said another thing and he says this many times that if you use chemicals the next generation is going to be 'lesser' than you, which is a crime against humanity. Now I don't how what exactly he means but probably he's referring to some kind of genetic changes I believe.
  8. Ahh, that's good to think of. If only just being was that easy. Yes, I've come to the same. I think now the best I can do of fasten my pace and involve myself more to make up for what's gone. Thanks
  9. OK time wasted is time gone, no problem nothing can be done now, more you'll think about that wastage more you'll waste and so on and so on. But when I make good choices, when start working on, in very subtle ways and very subtle decisions do so, everything is fine. Then this Immense wave of regret kicks in for me, that things are working good now and maybe the decisions I made now could've been made a month, 6 months, an year ago. Its really, simply depressing and no matter what logic and explanations I impose on myself I just can't stop this. What should I do?
  10. Now this is just a intellectual conclusion from my side from all the stuff I've come across till date. As God is infinitely loving, infinitely good, infinitely ecstatic. Maybe, we like these qualities over their "negative" counter parts, because that's our nature, love is our true nature, its what we are, when we experience these emotions to their fullest, maybe we are experiencing our true self, we're resonating with it, that's why we value them over the negative stuff. Now that's just something I've come up with, after questioning the same thing.
  11. Let's see. I'm on the path.
  12. I believe for the same reasons that all physicists, mathematicians don't. And one more thing I would like to say is that please never think that scientists want to know the truth, they just like what they are doing, if someone wants to become a physicist, it doesn't mean he is seeking existential answers of life, he just loves the subject as it is.
  13. And what if I die before that? And what exactly is being Spiritually gifted?
  14. Nope, I did IE in a center near me. I was being truly true and serious, maybe, yes, I was serious, right? ?