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  1. @Tim R That's a very comprehensive and complex way of putting it! I'm not even sure I myself know what I mean by "your mind" but the average individual firmly believe's they are a separate entity from all of existence and so they associate the mind with something personal and whatever they perceive through their senses cannot be experienced by another (it's confusing). What you described, many would call a "Universal Mind" which I do believe in. And Yes, everything that one experiences is Consciousness (which is used interchangeably with Mind). The YouTuber known as "Nexus Void" came up with a theory in his video about the DMT dimension. He states that while one is currently experiencing the effects of DMT (or any Psychoactive Substance), one can send a message to another person who is experiencing the effects of the hallucinogen at the same time as the person is (a Collective Unconscious, if you will). He's deeply into the work of Carl Gustav Jung and well-versed in the field of Psychology as a whole. He stated that Adam from "PsychedSubstance" experienced this phenomenon with his girlfriend (something along those lines). You can encounter Autonomous Entities by taking any Hallucinogen (not just DMT). It can range from Humans, Gods, Demigods, Demons, Aliens, etc.
  2. This is a highly debated topic within the Psychedelic Community! Some have stated that the Beings/Entities encountered while tripping on DMT (or any other Psychoactive Substance) are part of one's own mind. And then you have those who disagree with this statement! I recall watching a video on YouTube explaining the matter at hand which I will leave a link to but won't claim that the information spoken in it, is true in any way (in the video a man by the name of Andres Gomez Emilsson states that these entities are part of one's own "Superintelligence"). It's unclear to me and I'd like to know what everyone on here thinks, thank you! Video Uploaded by metaRising:
  3. @Batman Thank you very much! Yes, that's what many say, the inexperienced should start with LSD. Between the two though, I'd rather start with Psilocybin Mushrooms. @fridjonk Seriously?
  4. Because I'm naturally a wakeful person and it's difficult for me to fall asleep. I don't drink caffeine or take any stimulants simply cause I don't need them. I want to consume a substance that rather as the potential to put me in a sedative like state. You seem to make a valid point there! Never thought about how unbearable DMT can be, thank you.
  5. Hello Everyone, For a while now, I've been having a difficult time trying to decide which hallucinogen I should take first! I've heard DMT effects don't last as long as LSD or Psilocybin Mushrooms and considered trying it first. Many suggest I should start with LSD, although I'm not so certain that's such a good idea for someone like me. Not long ago, I began a topic called "Should I take Psychedelics if I'm struggling with Insomnia?" for the purposes of sharing my struggle with sleep and asking those who have consumed hallucinogens, whether it's wise for someone like me to consume mind-altering substances. Many on the internet and elsewhere have stated that, one of the effects of LSD is wakefulness and I'm looking for a substance that can sedate me and causes hallucinatory like effects, simultaneously (if that's even possible). I firmly believe I should experiment with DMT first, due to it's effects not lasting as long as the other commonly known Psychedelic drugs. I'd like someone on here to verify that for me, though. Post your comments down below and let me know what you think, thank you!!!
  6. @Brandon Nankivell Definitely!
  7. @Nahm Great Advice! Thank you for clarifying everything for me (more or less). About negative emotions (or what the average person might consider negative), are you so certain it's wise to express such emotions (some 'feelings' or 'ideas' are just too inappropriate or embarrassing to share)? If I were to have suffered something traumatic within my childhood, say not getting along with the opposite sex (even though I'm still attracted to the opposite sex), I'm afraid I might be seen as a "sexist". I'm by no means a sexist but rather it was a process I went through from a very young age (having negative encounters with women, even certain disapprovals with relatives who also happen to be women) and I feel like I didn't receive the love I needed from the opposite sex. It's something about me I don't want to embrace!!! I don't believe it's wise for me to share or express such a thing (especially to women).
  8. @Ry4n Thank You! @The Blind Sage Very informative, Thank you for sharing!
  9. @mandyjw Thank you but I'm afraid that won't work for me. I need a more powerful and sufficient method! As I've said, my phobia is what makes it difficult for me to fall asleep. The fear of entering a delirious state and a decrease in mental capacity. I've read a few trip reports on of people who've experienced the effects of sleep deprivation and almost all of them are insidious (or just bizarre in nature). So I figured, maybe the solution might lie within the realm of hallucinogens, although there is a chance I'm wrong and my issues can intensify.
  10. @Blackhawk Consciousness is synonymous with terms such as GOD, Nothingness, Infinity, etc. Unless of course, you believe Consciousness is something generated or produced by the brain? "I don't believe consciousness is generated by the brain any more than television programs are made inside my TV. The box is too small." - Terence Mckenna
  11. @Kalo Well, if that's what you choose to believe, then alright. I disagree, though!
  12. @Kalo How else would you be able to understand it?
  13. @Kalo Yes, in order for GOD to be infinite it must have no properties, if it did it wouldn't be infinite. In the video "Understanding Absolute Infinity Part 2" (I believe) he states that one can not understand Absolute Infinity (GOD) through Conceptualization or thought process but through Direct Experience. There was a Mathematician (I don't remember his name) he mentioned that landed in an Insane Asylum because he was trying to understand what INFINITY was through Mathematics (instead of Meditation, Yoga, Self-Inquiry, Hallucinogens, etc.). In other words, He attempted to understand the absolute through natural means instead of incorporating spiritual practices that lead one to experiencing GOD directly.