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  1. Habits: { Quit Alcohol Nov 22 [7 day streak]; Quit Coffee Nov 16 [13 day streak]; Quit Smoking Sep 10 [80 day streak]; Exercise Daily Nov 14 [16 day streak]; Meditate Daily Nov 26; Quit Ejaculating Nov 29; Schedule Next Day Nov 29; Up By 5am Nov 28; In Bed By 9pm Nov 29; }
  2. That which was emaciated was replenished and turned into gold.
  3. Even the evil was turned into good and good was made out of the use of evil. Everything transformed by the power of Goodness intention and empathy. That which was dead and gone was brought alive and rose upwards from the dead like a Phoenix from the ashes. That which was left dying and incomplete and miserable and unhealthy was restored back to health and beauty and perfection. The Power of Goodness overcame the power of destruction and despair and overcame despair and misery to bring light and recovery and happiness even in deep sorrow making the happiness even sharper and brighter and more satisfying. Peace was brought onto the craving soul.
  4. In this world desires are not fulfilled. When they don't come true dream about them. Let them come true in your vision. That which was incomplete in reality was made whole in the dream. The incomplete was made whole The ugly was made beautiful. The imperfect was made perfect The desire came true and was fulfilled at last in a vision. Let the desire be not held back. Let it pour out and let it be done Then all the restlessness was turned to peace All the dissatisfaction and despair turned to hope and fulfillment and tranquility.
  5. When God came and saw and his heart was filled with empathy and love for all both strong and weak. The Power of Goodness changed life of every cell, the doors opened to new light. That which was ugly was made beautiful That which was weak was made strong That which was imperfect was made perfect And the light of love and empathy spread through and shined bright through all the imperfections to reveal a translucent inner beauty unmatched even by any existing beauty. It all turned inside out. That which was considered ugly became beautiful as light and cast a shadow on the naysayers and proved them wrong. All because God saw the beauty of the soul and the purity of the spirit He never forsake even the ugly ones. By his love he maketh them more beautiful than the praised ones. That's the power of his empathy and goodness.
  6. There is light.
  7. What effort was put towards achieving one goal today Charge the phone
  8. I am on a health roll lol
  9. Just say to yourself I will work hard... I will work hard... I will work hard. I will win it
  10. Work hard on yourself and for your Life every second and every minute of your life and motivate yourself to do better. All the time.
  11. Work on each goal per day
  12. Everyday check up
  13. There are just too many problems hogging me right now and I'm not feeling sure
  14. @chuoiit30@chuoiit30 you are a troll.