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  1. Happy birthday ? ??
  2. @MokshaBut the loss of identity gives you the ability to express more openly and freely. So you don’t lose anything in a are more of a spontaneous expressive shapeshifter which includes but also transcends any expression Or way of being. So identity is still there but hold loosely which is done through the knowingness of your nature.
  3. Law of attraction is real but it doesn’t work how it is portrait in society. Ime, being fully presence and just basking in gods creation is the way. And by raising your vibration through letting go beautiful things will magically happen . And if not it doesn’t matter because everything you could attract won’t be better than THIS. But there is also nothing wrong with playing around and visualising good stuff without being attached to it or thinking that this will make you happy.??
  4. I really started to resonate with Adya in the last few months?? he’s is great nice collection ??
  5. @Moksha what is the correlation between being free of thoughts(letting go) or just being and allowing thoughts to be there .. is aligning thoughts with feelings still an act of the ego?. Most of the time when I just feel the bliss of being present , creative or positive thoughts pop up after a while. Should I let them go too or play them out. I have the sense that , especially in the traditional spirituality, thought in general is seen as bad.
  6. But this is also your statement within the dream.. everything there is is the dream. Even when you awaken to your infinite nature you won’t leave the finite dream.. so at least dream consciously.. or not. Use your freedom wisely… or not.??‍♂️
  7. @Leo Gura do you think it is because of your genetics or because of your 200+ trips… I had also deeper trips on weed than on other ,,drugs“ but they were rather smooth. that’s also why i don’t smoke with friends because its another level of high when I’m high?
  8. @Carl-Richard True!! Just because you don’t understand ,,his‘‘ teachings doesn’t make them wrong.
  9. I have seen him once on the street talking to us in cologne ( where i come from )and felt the Energy but maybe it was just me being excited because of seeing him ?? nevertheless, he is great ??
  10. @Leo Gura i understand your point but yet the stuff they teach is still valid and implemented in your life changes the quality of life and raises your state of consciousness when deeply realised for oneself.. of course this is still dreaming… but what choice is there on a day to day basis when everything that is, is dreaming.. to neglect the wisdom of these teachers even though its not god realisation would be false if one can validate non duality and other insights about reality etc for him/herself..obviously i had no god realisation until yet so i am just curious.
  11. I had the same problem. You can strengthen your pc muscle which will eventually help you having an orgasm without ejaculating and if done right you can have multiple orgasms. Works for me. There are many resources on the internet. Give it a try
  12. Which spiritual teachers/ gurus had the most impact on you ?
  13. Awesome ❤️ Very inspiring thread... There is literally no end to how beautiful life can be .. you are creating your own boundries and you yourself can see through these illusions and set yourself free ??