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  1. Enlightenment feels like love.
  2. Awakening is not a mental thing, it is an emotional thing, you feel it deep within you, you know.
  3. I was listening to my lighter a few days ago and it was telling me what its experience is like haha.
  4. There was a talk of some person that i listened to and he said something that was pretty eye opening for me, in a sense, about this infinite power that God must have. He said "in order to create something out of nothing, no matter how small that something is, it can even be, like, an infinitesimal something, in a sense, the power you need is an infinite power". And i think it also is pretty similar to Zeno's paradoxes that actually say that it is impossible, in a sense, for something to exist, and therefore it requires an, in a sense, impossible degree of power, haha. So, in that sense, I'm thinking like if "it" can do that, then it would, perhaps, in a sense, be the same for "it" to create infinites of infinites of infinites of infinites, like that, like being able to create what i said would, perhaps, in that sense, be "nothing" for "it", if you know what i mean.
  5. Thinking to myself whether consciousness can create an entire timeline with billions of years of history in just, like, one second, and I'm hearing a deep deep deep voice in my head saying "not only consciousness can do that, but it already is doing exactly that right now, and therefore, yes, it can create endless universes with their endless perceived histories, just like the perceived history of this universe, in, like, one moment, yes, it, of course, have infinite power and imaginativity and creativity, literally, not as like a metaphor or something like that".
  6. Whatever happens when you wake up from a dream is what will happen when you die, you will just keep dreaming something else.
  7. If anyone can explain this convincingly, they will get a Nobel Prize in Spirituality.
  8. It is all a belief that is a true fact haha.
  9. All of that is just an illusion, but, in a sense like when Einstein says :D, a very stubborn, persistent, illusion.
  10. You, right now, are imagining that yesterday an earthquake happened near your city and that you've started a thread about it and now talking about it and reading this comment. It is all happening in imagination, and no matter what explanation is given to you about the "why" will also be another imagination in this moment which is the eternal now moment. And, therefore, be in the moment feeling satisfied and create your socalled past experiences and so forth from the here and now in a way that is satisfying to you.
  11. You can, perhaps, start by understanding, more deeply and viscerally, that every information you believe you are receiving from Google in truth is your imagination, powered by your belief that it is, highly probably, true.
  12. It is about being in tune with your true self, that is God, right now, and move in alignment with that intelligence. If at some point you can truly begin to believe in those ideas, then you can experience them also, but it would be a smooth transitioning, if it is really relevant for you, in that sense. Don't try to do these things if you are not truly aligned with these ideas yet, or you will, probably, hurt yourself.
  13. Anything you can imagine is possible, that's not the question, because this is all imagination RIGHT NOW anyways. So you can experience whatever you can imagine like you're experiencing THIS. The question, in that sense, is not if it is possible, the question is can you really, truly, believe that you can experience those things you talked about. If you can truly and fully believe, like you are believing in this reality of THIS, and i mean experientially, not cognitively, then you can experience anything, anything, you can imagine.
  14. Google is a permission slip to omniscience for you don't believe that you can directly tune to it, just like your car is a permission slip for your journeys from place to place for you still believe in the realness of space.