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  1. The main paradox is if reality is imagination, and the psychedelics shows that to you, then it also shows you that you having taken the psychedelics also is an imagination, so it is an imagination that is showing you that reality is an imagination. If you take a psychedelic in a dream, then it is the same thing as taking a psychedelic here in this reality, then.
  2. Imagination which you believe to be true.
  3. 1st and 2nd views are actually the same at the ultimate level for nothing, something and everything are the same, one, at the ultimate level.
  4. We can expand forever on what the nature of language, or anything else, is, but ultimately it all boils down to nothing. I've studied excessively about all this shit, but it all boiled down to nothingness ultimately.
  5. Language is nothing, it does not actually exist.
  6. I think, actually, life being absolutely meaningless might be the very thing that makes it absolutely meaningful simultaneously, for you, the consciousness, are the only "thing" that exists, then you are the very definition of what is real and meaningful, and in this way, it is, like, a "path" to absolute freedom and existing. If you are that powerful and glorious to be able to create such a glorious universe with infinite depth in just one frickin moment, in the here and now, in a true way, then imagine how more beautiful and magnificent can it get when you discover your true nature, in that sense. You stopping seeing yourself as a mere mortal, a mere human, and seeing yourself as the totality of all of this.
  7. The words and language and meaning are nothingness, and all the mental and physical mechanisms and structures are nothingness. The only thing that exists is the nonphysical awareness, the nonphysical consciousness, that is able to appear as infinite forms and realities. There only is the here and now that is nothingness that forms and constructs itself as the socalled physical reality. That's the point where we are talking about the consciousness becoming, and simultaneously being, infinite realities that are all here and now as infinite possibilities that becomes realized depending on the state of consciousness, and that is what the experience of continuity even is. It is becoming spacetime realities and guides itself through its... All existence is the absolute meaninglessness. It is not any different than the experience of you taking some psychedelics and then, for instance, experience a parallel universe as a parallel version of you in that universe for some decades, while all of that has happened within only a few minutes in this... All the history, and the world, and languages, and meanings, and so forth, are being created by consciousness in the moment with the idea of the experience of space and time etc built in within itself for the experience, otherwise there would be no experience of a continuity. Otherwise there would be no world, no people, no minds, no experiences, no languages, no knowledges, no selves, no individualities. There would just be the deep sleep, the void, without any content or meaning or meaning of meaning or meaning of meaning of meaning, ad infinitum, and there would just be nonduality, both conceptually, and physically.
  8. When you read these words, you aren't creating this on the conscious level, you are creating this on the subconscious level. When you go out and come across a person, you have not created all the details of that person on the conscious level, but you do have created it on the subconscious level. Or when you see a tree or a cat or a blue WV Passat etc, you have not created, imagined, it on the conscious level, but you do have created it on the subconscious level. And that is the sign of how you are creating, imagining, for you are the One, the creator, imaginer, of all.
  9. Wow, I knew that Michael Jackson wasn't dead, I knew.
  10. I've not been listening to Mooji for a while now, but when I'm now thinking about I'm feeling he actually never said anything but "You are God".
  11. Are there any Muslim friends here, I wanna have a chat about how Islam and nonduality are related.
  12. Both. It is like asking "is the world real or imagination?". It is both real and imagination. When you discover something, you are both discovering and imagining discovering it. There is nothing outside of consciousness. Maths also is in consciousness. A creation of consciousness. And is consciousness. Strange loop. Mind. Yes.