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  1. And Hawking and Hertog also worked on another idea and claimed that the past is not fixed, and history is basically being rewritten at the quantum level with every quantum event.
  2. Stucknessinaweirdloopwithinloop. Fearofeventakingonedarnstep. Understandingandconfusion. Isitjustsoveryinteresting. Whatshouldibedoing. Shouldibedoing. Knowingwhat. Andifitisso.
  3. Amen. Let God bring to you those who are ready for you.
  4. Depending on who you're talking to, you can study and receive help from people, like, the idealist philosophers perhaps, like Berkeley or Hegel, if referring to them would make you feel less weird haha.
  5. The answer and the problem are the two sides of the same coin.
  6. God is love, so when I experience love, it is me being in tune with God, mmm.
  7. Yeah I understand, and I also have a huge new age lingo, so it is even harder with that lingo sometimes haha. But I think the point is mostly about being centered ourselves, unconditionally, and let the conceptuality that makes sense be, like, inspired in us.
  8. Yeah, I think it's because consciousness has a mode, or a habit, of creating, and that's why it looks like we are experiencing a continuity.
  9. Well haha, I'm trying to do that also, because many people tend to call the new age language woowoo, and I think the way to do that might be by analyzing each "woowoo" concepts, understanding what terms really refer to in the "normal" language, and translating those concepts into that language.
  10. Yes, you're right, at the deepest level it looks like change is an illusion, like the philosophers of the Elea school talked about it. I can even say that, perhaps, at the ultimate level, there even is no such thing as universe, but just the awareness that is eternally still and aware.
  11. Yes, and I believe that it does, actually in every moment, but we, probably, don't realize it for the changes usually are so small, from our perception, and that it also, kinda, seems to be paradoxical in itself, and, perhaps, it looks like it is paradoxical because of our state of being and perception that does not allow us to see the logic of what seems to be paradoxical, in a sense like the idea of the realm of noumena that Kant was talking about, in a sense, hmm.
  12. It looks like we are all in our own universes, but at the same time we are in the same universe, because we all seem to be the same one "person", if that makes sense.
  13. We are in a different reality in every moment, for reality is consciousness. With every slight change in consciousness, the entire reality, the entire timeline even, seems to be changing.