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  1. We gotta start with understanding that reality is a mirror, so in each moment you change your vibration, your mood, you're receiving a different reflection, and that is you shifting in each moment from reality to reality.
  2. I believe we're shifting constantly in each moment as consciousness including this very moment. Now in nondual dogma there are some automatic responses, but all those responses still are it.
  3. Are what Abraham call vibration, the vibration of everything is an interpretation of vibration, and what Rupert Spira calls the dimensionless which is what everything actually is and perceived by us as objects and thoughts and so forth the same thing? That the entire existence being a zero dimensional "thing" which is experienced as space and time and objects and the qualities of objects and all of that.
  4. When we say life is a dream, literally a dream, i think we're not kidding.
  5. Yeah i think it is not about waking up, it is about sleeping. Being in sleeping mode.
  6. Wait a second, im really in a dream now.
  7. I'm God and all is my imagination. So no more listening to any downers.
  8. I think everything we can imagine exists in vibrational form.
  9. Vibration of "Knowing" then as Abe says. Not cursing the mirror ish.
  10. Hmm saying "i forgive you and sorry if i did something wrong without knowing"?
  11. These thoughts help me: 1) As Neville Goddard says everyone is me pushed out, so it actually was my own creation because of my dense fearful and anxious thoughts it those times. I really was pretty fearful about some stuff back then, so those fears probably gathered momentum and got reflected to me in the form of that. 2) Everyone is myself. Everything and everyone is consciousness, a mirror, and myself in the deepest truth. 3) There is no assertion and everything is manifestation. 4) I've seen many times that when I'm in a happy and high mode i see that very same woman in a positive ish mode. Hearing her talk with her husband in a sane ish way. And once she even kindly thanked me about something. So I'm able to manifest her as kind and nice also. 5) I also kinda understand that noone who feels good and content and peaceful behaves in that way. So she probably was feeling very bad for whatever reasons in those times back then also. 6) I more and more understand that my mind is infinite power and my thoughts create and mold and all is me. So i can even like make them move out etc. I've heard many success stories about similar situations and it makes sense. 7) It in a sense was "normal" for me to have manifested something like that because me creating something in each moment is a given and if i was in a negative momentum then of course it would manifest in some form anyways.
  12. Forgiveness, secureness, love.
  13. About 3 years ago my upstairs neighbor, out of the blue, attacked us with very negative words with a knife in her hand even though we actually had no problems with her. I got so shocked that i told her things like "im gonna kill you im gonna kill you you b*tch" and so on out of that shock of mine. Later on some other neighbors said that don't worry about her, she is just mentally disordered etc, and she clearly is in a sense. And i was learning about oneness and all that is is my creation and there was something in my consciousness that manifested her in that way, so i didn't go to court etc, and since then she's not done anything negative again. However i still have a very hard time in forgiving her and i still feel disturbed emotionally and like insecure even though she hasn't done anything like that since then and even one time i stopped worrying and feeling anxious about her and i manifested her in a kind and nice way where she even said thanks to me for something. I know she's my creation, my manifestation, but still there's something which i cannot resolve within me like what should i do with this. I wanna hear your views on this. I feel guilty and afraid and angry and rageful and confused and and and about this you know. I don't know what to do. I follow Abraham's teachings and she says feel better, focus on feeling better, and in that way you'll tune to your inner infinite intelligence self who knows the answer and it feels logical and sometimes i feel like clear minded ish about this also. But i don't know, this is so weird.
  14. There actually are infinite number of infinities, and infinite number of these, and infinite number of these, infinitely. And this goes of forever ? But i think what you meant by infinity is absolute, "infinite-est" infinity.